Oops, she did it again | Open

*Belle walks out of the Great Hall, a letter open in her hands. She stops in her tracks as she reads it. Blinking once she reads it again*

Dear Miss Moore,

This is a notice outlining your temporary ban from the Hogwarts library. Following complaints where the above student left books in an open aisle. As stated in the school’s policy, 'A student is subject to punishment according to the staff involved’s discretion if the student in question executes behaviour that impedes upon, or potentially places other student(s) in the way of harm.’

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to come and see me (in the staff room) I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Madame Irma Pince.

“You have got to be kidding me.”

Chyort voz'mi!

[he heard footsteps approaching, his own pace increasing in speed as he quickly turned the corner. He managed to run into someone, shove them entirely has he fell backwards from the collision. His hands immediately covered his face, trying to protect himself from the fire. The fire in his mind when he took a long deep breath, forcing himself to stay calm.]

.. I - I mean, shit. S - sorry. [he leaned away, quickly grabbing his textbooks. He had to be away from people – away from the ashes.]


This mysterious car has been sitting in the same place on my street for the past few months. I’m almost certain it’s an abandoned vehicle.

Upon closer inspection, I find that the former owner of this vehicle attended BYU and graduated around the same time that I arrived there as a freshman.


Anyways, the car’s a piece of junk and I don’t blame whoever dumped it for doing so. I wonder how long it will sit on the side of my street before the police realize it’s there and tow it. My guess is at least a year.

*Angel stood laid out near the fire side of the library glad to be alone knowing fully well none of her roommates would think to step into the library and bother her. Shaking her head she was bothered by how upset she still was a James’s words