The End of the WSJ (I hope)

I used to read the Wall Street Journal. They used to be pretty damn good. In comparison to all the other big newspapers they were almost right wing. 

But now, they have stooped to the level of Buzzfeed and Jezebel and all the other clickbait shit holes that claim to serve up “journalism”. 

Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) is not my favorite Youtuber. I didn’t really watch him at all until now. I didn’t care until the WSJ and almost every single media outlet on planet earth decided to try and destroy him. 

The slander is insane. Unbelievable. But it’s not just slander. The WSJ pressured Disney and Youtube to drop their projects with him which is a direct economic attack. 

No one is safe anymore. Political. Apolitical. Left. Right. If you pose any sort of threat to the media they will try to destroy you even if the threat is simply being more successful than them.

So, I hope the media burns to the ground as soon as possible and I think it will. 

I have a special message to the WSJ too: Have fun losing and…