Potential writing prompt: Monsters

New creatures/monsters you want to see in botw. Or revamped monsters (like what they did with Lynels).

For instance, I love Vires. They were one of my favorite enemies. I would love to see a large 4-eyed bat monster hopping/flying around messing things up. It would shoot an occasional fire/electric/ice/bomb ball from it’s mouth. It would break up into Keese after you beat it.

P.s. You always post after I have a huge cup of coffee so I get very ideaphoric hahaha

X thank you, @zeldafanartyasilly for the prompt!
I’m Dedicating Every Day to You

Daveed Diggs x Reader

Part One | Part Two

Hamwriters write-a-thon day five

Note: This is a sequel to Don’t Drop Him! Because you guys seemed to like that one a lot, plus I wanted to write Daveed as a dad. Also the baby’s name is from the book Sula by Toni Morrison, mainly because Daveed loves that book and I couldn’t figure out a name. 

Warning: swearing, water breaking (do i have to warn you about that?) 

Word Count:1,115

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“Daveed!” Daveed hears Y/N yelling from the couch but he doesn’t move straight away, for the last couple weeks of her pregnancy she’s been calling for him every few minutes to grab something for her that at this point he know’s it won’t be something urgent. “Daveed Diggs get your ass in here!” She yells.

With a frown he quickly gets up from his desk and rushes out to the living room where Y/N is standing, with a pool of water on the floor between her feet.

“Babe wha- oh shit” he says, his eyes wide as he realises what’s happened. Y/N’s water has broken.

Fuck, fuck, fuck what the hell do I do? She’s a week early, He thinks to himself as he continues to stare at her.

“You gonna stand there all day or are you going to take me to the hospital?” she asks.

Daveed snaps into action, grabbing his keys, wallet and phone from the bench before coming over to take Y/N by the wrm and lead her towards the door.

“Why do you look so terrified, you’re not the one that is about to give birth” She points out as Daveed leads her to the elevator of their building.

“I am not delivering our child on in the elevator Y/N” He says, his fingers drumming against his leg as they wait for the elevator to reach the ground floor. 

“You’re not delivering this baby period” she says. 

“Agreed” he mutters. 

The elevator doors finally open and Daveed helps Y/N rush towards the car. 

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People you don't need in your life:
  • Peope who use mods to make brown/black character look white.
  • People who use mods to make Sera and Dorian straight. 
  • People who remove Dorian’s mo so he can look ‘younger’.
  • People who hate female characters for things that they love male characters for.
  • People who hate female characters only because they get in the way of their 'otp’.
  • Solas.
Einsame Männer

Für mich sehr interessant zu beobachten sind die vielen Bilder und Videos von nackten Frauen, die von Männern gepostet werden. Was ich daraus schließe ist, daß die Männer sich so etwas wünschen. Im Umkehrschluß bedeutet es, diese Männer haben feine Frauen, die sich für sie ausziehen oder sind unzufrieden mit dem was sie haben. Bzw. Wünschen sich mehr!

Ich nehme mich zum Vergleich. Ja, große Dinge gefallen mir und ich würde gerne so einen haben. Mein Freund ist normal bestückt. Ja, ich würde sehr gerne geteilt werden!

Aber, ein Kerl der sich auszieht? Wrm sollte ich mir das anschauen? Das habe ich doch daheim und bin äußerst zufrieden!

Fazit, der Großteil der Kerle hier hätten gerne Frauen, an die sie nicht rankommen! Das mag an ihrem eigenen Körper, aber auch ihrer Art liegen! Vor Allem die Art spielt da eine große Rolle und wenn die Männer so auf Frauen zugehen, wie ich das hier erlebe, sry, aber dann wird definitiv weitergewixxt!

Ich bemitleide diese Männer! Einsame Kerle die sexuell nichts haben, außer Frauen auf Videos und Bildern. So könnte ich nicht leben!

What Really Matters | Puckurt

When Kurt had woken up the day after his text argument with Puck, he couldn’t really get the altercation out of his mind. It was perplexing to him. Why did he even care whether or not Puck took the whole ordeal seriously? He couldn’t care one way or another whether or not that neanderthal passed his classes and graduated. At least, that was how he felt he should think after everything that Puck and his friends had done to make sure Kurt did not feel welcome amongst their peers. Thinking about it was really giving him a headache so while he was getting ready to go to school he decided to just not bother anymore. He would explain the situation to Ms. Pillsbury, apologize, and move past it. It wasn’t until he had pulled into the school parking lot that the weight of his words hit him. He managed to piss of Noah Puckerman, a guy that could pretty much beat him to a pulp without breaking a sweat. His mouth had signed him a one-way ticket to the afterlife.

Taking in a breath, Kurt mentally smacked himself. Why was he acting like some kind of defenseless victim? He was a Hummel, and as his father would say, Hummel’s don’t back down. With a boost of self-assurance, Kurt stepped out of his car and headed inside the school. Avoiding anyone on the team might not have exactly been the idea of ‘never backing down’, but it did save his face from an impromptu make over. Between classes Kurt ducked in and out of the hall, not caring if he looked bizarre while he did so. By the time school had ended, he had felt accomplished. He managed to avoid anyone that even looked like a jock. That of course, would make it the first day in a long time that he didn’t have to change clothes during school or go home with bruises from smashing into the lockers.

He needed to stay after school to work on an assignment with one of his teachers, he wanted to make sure he understood what he had to do. It had taken longer than he thought because he wasn’t the only student who had questions. He waited around until it was his turn to talk to the teacher and then afterward he spent some time in the library before finally deciding he should head home. Looking at his phone as he headed for his locker, Kurt checked the time to plan ahead on how he was going to spend the rest of his day. Maybe he would organize his closet or something.

Olson (Wrm Remix)

Boards of Canada

Music Has the Right to Children

-Excellent remix, Wrm’s got a good amount of them, all bass-heavy. Boards of Canada is a fantastic ambient electronica duo that produces haunting soundscapes that compelling in their own right. The remix puts a dub bassline and downtempo beat in that complete the picture, giving a bit of structure to a characteristically free genre.

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“I was over the moon [when I got the call] as it’s every kid’s dream to play for England. It was fantastic news. Wembley is an amazing stadium and making my debut there made it all the better really. I had all my family and friends there and it was a dream come true. It was a little bit nerve-wracking when I got on the pitch. It was just excitement, I just wanted to get on there and kick a ball. I took it all in and really enjoyed it - it was a really good day for me.” - Calum Chambers on making his debut for England.