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Coffee shop AU's?

Okay, I’m finally done with the first AU in my inbox and honestly?? I don’t know how it turned out because I was half asleep while writing most of it but I like coffee shop AU’s and I just went for it. Hopefully you still enjoy!

On Ao3 

Pairing: Solangelo (Nico Di Angelo/Will solace)

Words:  5,333

Summary: Will is in charge of hiring a new employee. Things go unexpectedly.

Will had worked at the same coffee shop for over a year because paying for medical school was a real bitch and he’d be lucky to be out of debt by the time he’s fifty. But still, it was his passion and he’d be damned if he let money get in the way of that.

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tomorrow is promised to no one (but darling, we’ll face it together)

Summary: When Rose smashes into the wall a fraction of a second after the Void closes, the Doctor’s world stops spinning. (A Doomsday fix-it)

Note: So I promised I’d write a Doomsday fix-it this month (my first!) and here it is! I PROMISE it has a happy ending, no one dies.

Note #2: This is also dedicated to @chocolatequeennk for being amazing and masterminding Doomsday Month and also getting me to write a fix-it. ♥

Word count: 1016 // Rating: K+ // Warnings: non-explicit medical situations


The Doctor gently smoothed his hand over Rose’s hair, moving slowly to try and soothe her into sleep. His shirt was damp from her tears and he knew she had to be exhausted. It had been a rough day for everyone.

He exhaled sharply through his nose, the closest he could come to laughing derisively at himself without moving. Calling the day “rough” was probably the biggest understatement of his lives.

He knew he should probably leave so she could get some solid rest but nothing short of a universal crisis would even make him consider leaving her side right now.

Even that would require careful consideration.

The day had started out brilliantly. Flirting and a visit with Jackie that had made Rose happy and by association made him happy. but now every time he closed his eyes all he could see was her falling towards the Void, screaming while he watched, helpless, unable to do anything, unable to save her.

The Void had collapsed in on itself closing a mere 0.573 seconds before Rose hit the wall with a sickening thud.

He’d run to her, barely aware of the fact that he was still calling for her, saying her name over and over even though his throat was raw from screaming.

She was here, she was here, she was here, was all he could think, was the only thing going through his gigantic brain.

She was still here but she wasn’t safe.

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Damien & Rina

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You do realize that they didn't write it tho?? Like a group of people sat down and wrote it for the movie and 5sos just recorded it. They aren't listed in the writing credits and probably had nothing to do with the sound

They played it? And sang it? They altered their normal singing voices and normals guitar playing styles to make it work, to capture a totally new genre. Do you actually think composition is the only thing that makes a song good? Do you think it doesn’t take talent to play/sing something you didn’t write? If that’s true I’ve wasted a lot of my vocal career on stuff written by composers that have been dead for hundreds of years …

{ -slides tf in here-
i’m free to spend the entire rest of the night writing and ffs that is what i plan to do. gonna get some replies and stuff up so i can stop missing the hell out of this muse. (i’ve only been away from my trash king for a couple of days and i’m lost i stg) 
so yeah. as always, hop into my IMs if there’s anything u want and i’ll be on skype also. \o/ }