i need u to pretend to break up w me -kuroo

i didn’t even get to date u yet :’—((( -bokuto

bo will u date me


thanks will u fight and break up w me in front of the brony oikawa set me up with

oikawa set u up with a brony??? lmfao

this isnt a lmfaoing matter bo im desperate he’s talking to me about rainbow dash


Bokuto takes a deep breath before entering the cafe, putting himself in the shoes of a scorned lover. He marches in and scours the room before he finds Kuroo eyeing a plastic spork as a man in a fedora makes elaborate hand gestures.

Babe?” Bokuto gasps as he walks over, an appalled expression on his face and a hand clutching his imaginary pearls.

Kuroo doesn’t even have a chance to play his part because Bokuto is too far into character and continues on, “What the hell is going on? I go to the bathroom for two months and when I come back you’ve found yourself a new guy?”

“Two months is a long time to poo, you couldn’t have expected me to-”

“I’m lactose intolerant, you insensitive bitch, I trusted you-” Bokuto interrupts before whipping around to face the neckbeard, “And you? You think you can make my strawberry cream puff happy? Do you even know the first thing about him? What’s his bra size? Huh? Do you even know the fucking basics? No matter how hot his body is, he doesn’t look good in a rainbow dash cosplay-”

“How would you know?” Kuroo slams his hands on the table, eyes glinting with unconcealed emotion (no one is sure what that emotion is, exactly, but it’s obvious it’s a strong one). “He treats me better than you ever had! And he looks way better in a fedora than you ever will-”

“I should have killed you while I had the chance.” Bokuto spits and Kuroo shakes his head, the tears streaming freely down his face. They hold their intense eye contact until the man silently slips out of the booth and walks away.

“You think I have a hot bod?” Kuroo asks after a few seconds, genuinely touched.

“Yeah.” Bokuto nods seriously, “The hottest.”

“…babe..” Kuroo whispers.

“Sweetheart…” Bokuto whispers back, slipping into the newly vacated seat across from Kuroo to fill in as his date. They live happily ever after.

the (not so) awkward game // calum hood smut

   request: can you write a smut with calum playing the awkward game? (( ps if you don’t know what the awkward game, it is a game where there are two people and one person has to touch the another people until one of the player feels too awkward))

   a/n: so um ive heard of the awkward game but im not sure how it exactly works so i feel like i did not make justice to the point of the game here, so pls be prepared and dont be too hard on me bc i havent written in a while again (this is really long beware)

   word count: 3.6k

   “Watch where you’re going bitch!” You heard someone holler after you as you tried to scramble your way through the mass of teens scattered all over the makeshift dance floor.

   Frat parties had never been your thing. The first time you went to one you knew, you just knew, that you did not like them and that you did not want to take a part in them again. But somehow your room mate and, considered to be, best friend always managed to drag you with her into those stupid get-togethers. Dozens of students packed up in a small, almost windowless, space, humping each other while drinking their asses off so they wouldn’t remember anything of the night anyways, yet every single freaking Monday they kept buzzing about “the party last weekend”. No, you definitely did not like frat parties.

   The worst part about them were the frat boys. More like frat douches if you ask me. Hitting on every single girl they land their sleazy eyes on and acting like they own the world and making sure that everyone knows how fucking “cool” they are. Fucking hated them, from the bottom of your heart.

   You were so caught up in your train of thought that you didn’t even notice a presence behind you until it was too late. A pair of large hands snuck around your waist and pulled you backwards into a large figure, a way too strong scent of cologne mixed with the smell of alcohol and cigarettes invading your nostrils as you cringed, attempting to push yourself off of the douche.

   “Baby”, you heard a husky voice breath in your ear, sending another cloud of the disgusting smell on your face. “stop resisting, I know you want me.”

   “Get off of me you prick!” you shout over the music, finally freeing yourself from his tight embrace. You quickly scrambled as far away from him as possible, and as you took a glance back, you saw him already pinning another girl down with his strong arms, but this time the girl actually seemed to enjoy it. You rolled your eyes and kept making your way to the kitchen, where you’d noticed yourself drifting towards in your anxious state of mind. The hatred you had towards the party had only grown in the past 10 minutes.

   Finally stepping into the kitchen, you took a look around noticing how empty the space was compared to the other rooms. It was completely empty, except the couple in the corner, making out fiercely and already moving towards the door, leaving you alone in the kitchen. Not that you minded.

   Grabbing a glass that looked fairly clean you filled it with cold, fresh water. You were not in the mood of getting wasted off your ass tonight. Gulping down the cool liquid, you set the cup back on the countertop, sighing loudly.

   “Bored?” You suddenly heard a voice speak up behind you. You gasped lightly, turning around to face the person the voice belonged to. You wish you hadn’t.

   On the entrance of the room stood no one else but Calum Hood, the boy known as the frat king that took girls in the back of his car every chance he got. Even with all the bad qualities you thought he had there was one thing you couldn’t deny and it was the fact that he was smoking hot with his jaw cut so sharp and dark hair quiffed to perfection, built form and those plump, perfect lips.

  Taking a deep breath you turned away before you could let your mind wander further, tapping your fingers on the counter anxiously.

   “Just never been very fond of these parties”, you replied, trying to sound as calm and confident as possible in front of the troublemaker. A small chuckle could be heard from the boy before he spoke up again.

   “I could make you fond of them”, his voice had dropped an octave as he shot back, a hand suddenly grazing your shoulder lightly, just enough to make you shiver in anticipation. No, you could not give in. “I know you want me, I saw you checking me out earlier.” You felt quite offended by his words and cowered slightly away from his touch.

   “You know, a big dick doesn’t count if half of it is in your personality”, you fired back, brushing your shoulder as if trying to get rid of his lingering touch. Rushing past him, you caught a smirk spreading on his face and found yourself scoffing at his cockiness. Right before you left the room you heard him shout after you:

   “Feisty, I like you!” That earned him another roll of eyes, that he, unfortunately, missed, and a middle finger pointing his way, another loud cackle following your actions. What a douche he was.

   Three hours flew by fast, and somehow you found yourself enjoying your stay even the slightest bit. Dancing with some of the not so pervy guys was fun, until they offered to take you home, which you, politely, turned down. Politely as in slapping them as hard as you could and storming away dramatically.

   The party had started to die down lightly, the time being almost 2am already. No one was really dancing anymore (except the one blond girl on the table in her lingerie) and the music had turned from upbeat dance music to slow and sensitive. You found yourself chatting away in a loveseat with a boy with fiercely red hair, which, at first, had thrown you off quite a bit, but he turned out to be a nice guy after all.

   Just as the conversation between the two of you had gotten interesting, there was a booming voice hollering in the back of the room.

   “Who’s ready for some truth and dare?” A guy with a lip ring and slightly slurred voice suggested loudly, making the slut, sorry, girl, giggle beside him, her hands clinging onto his shirt almost desperately.

   A few “why not”s and “sure”s erupted around the rather large living room area and people gathered around the table you were sitting beside, basically forcing you to join the stupid game. But just as you were about to sit up and leave, a hand was placed on your shoulder and you turned to meet the boy with the crazy hair.

   “Please stay?” he almost pleaded, a look that you couldn’t quite catch crossing his bright green eyes.

   “Yeah, Feisty, stay”, you heard an all too familiar voice call you across the table. You weren’t very fond of the little nickname he had christened you with, but supposing he didn’t know your name, you just went along with it.

   “Fine”, you huffed, leaning back against the cough. A smile was spread on the face of the green-eyed guy, Michael you remembered, and the small gesture he made with his hand touching your thigh lightly brought a small smile on yours too. But as you looked back up from your thigh you saw something you couldn’t quite put a finger on.

   Calum’s eyes fixated on the hand resting on top of your leg, a look of despise crossing his hardened features shortly before his brown orbs shifted up to yours, looking away quickly. What the hell was that all about?

   The game was quite boring. To you at least. Not to Calum or the lip ring guy or Michael or any of the other players. Calum had been dared with seven minutes in heaven with at least half of the girls in the circle and some of the people were half naked because of the body shots that had occurred on top of them. Another round and someone got a blow job in the closet.

   You picked at your fingernails, bored out of your mind as your name was suddenly called. Well technically not your actual name, but you knew you were the one they were looking for.

   “Feisty!” you looked up to meet a guy with huge biceps and caramel brown hair, a goofy grin plastered on his face making his dimples pop out. “Truth or dare?” Everyone’s eyes were on you, for the first time of the night.

   You thought about it for a long time. You didn’t want to seem like a pussy and choose truth, but then again, you never knew what you’d be dared with. You couldn’t trust these people.

   But the small boost of confidence the only small cup of beer you had devoured earlier that night had gifted you with, you chose the one you shouldn’t have chosen. Oh, how stupid you were.

   “Dare”, you replied confidently, erupting a round of hollers from the circle. Your eyes found the chocolate brown ones gazing at you from distance and the sudden boost of confidence made you drop your left eye to a wink, seeing his jaw clench at the action. He definitely had a problem with his attitude.

   The dare you were assigned with left the curly-haired one’s lips so fast it was like he knew what you were going to answer.

   “You’re gonna play the awkward game”, he started off and you could feel yourself tensing up, anxiously waiting for him to point you an opponent, “with Hood.” You felt your heart drop to the pit of your stomach at his words and your eyes were quick to follow your thoughts, focusing on Calum. He had a cocky smirk grazing on his features and just the look on his face made you frustrated. You wanted nothing more than to win this game.

   You got up and climbed over the legs of the people gathered around the table and sat beside the dark haired boy on the couch he had completely invaded.

   “You can start now”, you heard a voice behind you, but the only thing you could focus on was making him uncomfortable. You were determined to win.

   You started off by trailing your hand around his thigh, but seeing as it made no effect on the boy, you cleared your throat, already feeling awkward. But you weren’t about giving in. You knew that when it came to sex, he was a hell of a lot more experienced than you, but there had to be a way to break him.

   Your hands made their way up his stomach, testing the waters to see if that made a difference. The answer was no. Leaning in, you let your breath fan over the right side of his neck and feeling him tense up slightly, you knew you had done something right.

   You let your lips ghost over his jugular, feeling him gulp as you planted your lips on the spot right under his ear, trailing kisses along his jaw. You heard him groan slightly, but he quickly covered it up by clearing his throat.

   Without a second thought, you hitched your leg up and slung it over his lap, straddling him. Your sudden action brought up a few gasps from the crowd behind you, but when no one noted you about it, you supposed it was allowed. Continuing your torturous actions in his neck you let your hands travel down his front towards the hem of his shirt, toying with it teasingly when they reached it. You could feel him tense up and you smirked, liking the effect you had in the usually so confident boy. Bringing up some hollers from the viewers behind you, you ground your hips down against his as you connected your lips dominantly, stirring his hands that came to rest on your hips immediately. Guiding your movements on his hips forcefully, you sighed contently against his lips, feeling him grow harder under your core.

   “I don’t think this game is going to end any time soon”, you heard a mumble behind you, and that’s when you remembered that you had audience.

   “They don’t look exactly awkward”, someone else cut in and that’s when you pulled away, stilling your hips on his. Taking a look at his face, you had to bite your lip to keep yourself from smirking (or moaning, whatever); his lips were swollen and close to bruised and eyes dark with lust, hair disheveled and cheeks flushed. You didn’t even begin to think about the fact that you looked probably the same, getting up from his lap to face the wide-eyed group of unknown faces. You could feel Michael’s eyes bore through the side of your face and as you turned to face him, there was a frown painted on his face, barely covering up the bewilderment that shone under his hard expression. Shooting him an apologetic look, you turned around and walked away, too shocked to utter a word to anyone, especially the red-headed boy in the corner of the couch.

   Your head was spinning, the events that occurred only moments before blurring your mind. The only thing you could think about was his lips on yours, slotting together. How soft they felt, how plump they were, how dominantly he pressed them against yours. You shook your head as you stumbled into the kitchen again, bumping into a few people on your way. It was as if you were drunk, reflexes slow and mind hazy, unable to focus your eyes to anything in particular.

   Your hand grabbed onto the first cup you could reach, the other one going for the nearest bottle of who knows what to pour it into the red solo cup. You downed the contents of the plastic cup quickly, almost choking immediately as the strong liquid burned its way down your throat. The glow after the pain was a lot better. So much better it made you pour another glass and down half of it.

   Almost screaming as you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist, you gasped loudly, dropping the drink from your hand. There were a pair of lips ghosting over you neck before a cloud of familiar cologne hot your nostrils, making you inhale sharply and close your eyes.

   “You shouldn’t have left me there, baby girl, all hot and bothered after your little show”, a gruff voice breathed into the crook of your neck. The need in his voice made shivers flow down your spine and you could feel yourself leaning back against his body, already breathing heavier.

   You had promised yourself not to get included with the all too famous frat boy, but under his experienced lips working on the length of your neck and his hands rubbing on the bruising flesh of your hips, nearing the place you needed him the most, you couldn’t blame yourself for wanting him.

   “I think I’m going to have to show you how to behave”, he whispered seductively into your ear before nipping at the lobe, erupting a groan from the far back of your throat. Your back was now glued to his front, and wiggling your ass against his crotch, you earned a choked moan from him and with the alcohol rushing in your blood you kept circling your hips against his.

  In a flash of an eye he turned you around and pushed you roughly against the nearest wall, knocking down few glasses from the shelf on the wall to your right, making you gasp. The glare he gave you was ice cold, jaw clenched in annoyance.

   “Enough”, he spat at your face, and you could feel his hands gripping into the flesh of your hips so tightly you were sure the bruises would be there forever. “I’ll make you scream so hard you won’t be able to utter a single word in days.” The affection of his words went straight down to your already soaked core and you moaned, biting your lip and leaning your head back in bliss. “You’d love that, wouldn’t you? You naughty little girl”, he smirked cockily, noticing the way you were reacting to his words. He just loved seeing you like this.

   “Yes, Calum”, you sighed, forgetting about the stupid, but mostly reasonable, promises you had made yourself, as his hands went for your ass, groping at the flesh so deliciously it made you want to rip his clothes off right there and then. Suddenly his hands were gone and attached to yours, pulling you towards the stairs to the upper levels of the house. You knew where he was headed, and you couldn’t be more excited to have him all for yourself.

   You couldn’t help but notice the dirty looks from the girls and the whistles from the boys gathered around the staircase as you followed the dark boy upstairs. All the attention made your thoughts swarm, and just as you were about to back out from the opportunity to sleep with the hottest guy in the house, you were pulled harshly into a room. You heard the clicking sound of the door closing and before you could object, your lips were attached to two soft ones roughly, two hands making their way down your back to your perfectly round ass. The moan that rose from the back of your throat was inevitable as he kneaded the flesh so skillfully and before your mind had the time to catch up with everything that was happening, your dress was pulled off your body.

   “Shit”, you heard a groan from above you and letting your eyes trail up to the brown ones that were checking your, now, bare body with no shame, you let out a small whimper and attempted to cover yourself with your arms.

   “What the hell are you doing?” Calum snapped at you and took a hold of both of your wrists with one hand, pinning them above you. “You are beautiful, (Y/N), and you have nothing to hide, okay?” The sincere look in his eyes took your breath away and instinctively you bowed your head down to a nod. Maybe there was an actual heart inside that toned chest. A smirk washed over his features and in a flash his lips caught yours again in a lustful kiss. Tongue and teeth involved, you kissed back as harshly as you could, letting him know how much you wanted him at that moment.

   The only times your lips would separate were when he pulled his shirt off and those small moments that you needed to catch your breaths before diving in again.

  Before you even realized it, you were both completely bare and for the first time in the past fifteen minutes, not sucking each other’s faces off. Your eyes were on his swollen, red lips and in the corner of your eye you could see him staring down at your body.

   “Never thought I’d get to see you like this”, he mumbled, breaking you out of your daze as your gaze shifted back to his eyes.

   “Huh?” you let out a small questioning sound.

   “All flustered and lustful, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to get you all alone with me like this”, he sighed, bringing his lips down on the skin of your neck.

   “Wha-what are you talking about?” you furrowed your brows at his completely changed demeanor. Ten seconds ago he was all over you and now he was getting all sentimental? This boy was getting your head even dizzier and although you’d never admit it, you quite liked him like this.

   “Nothing, now shut up and let me fuck you real good”, he chuckled and before you had a chance to protest, he was already on his way down south. He left kisses all around your inner thighs, feeling the soft skin under his fingertips as he got closer and closer to your core. The anticipation in you was building up high, your hands gripping the sheets so hard they almost fell apart under you touch.

   “Relax, baby girl”, he cooed as he noticed your frustration, but the feeling of his breath fanning over you core was too much for you and you let out an impatient moan of his name.

   “Please Calum, please”, you almost begged, detaching one of your hands from the mattress to ring it down to his hair, gripping on it slightly. A low groan emitted from his throat and in a matter of seconds his mouth landed on your swollen clit, causing a loud, surprised moan from your mouth.

   To say he was good with his mouth would be an understatement: he was working wonders with those pretty lips of his, so skillfully lapping at your core and slipping in and out of you as if he was born to do it. You were falling apart under his touch and he was only getting started.

   “Shit- Calum I’m gonna- Shit”, you panted helplessly as your back arched from the bed and your hips started bucking up to his mouth, desperately looking for your release. “Please, oh my god, Calum, I’m so close I-“, you couldn’t keep your moans in as your high started approaching faster than it ever had. You could tell just how much the boy in-between your legs liked the way you were begging and started working even faster, if possible, to throw you over the edge. And in no time, he just managed to do that.

   You were almost screaming out his name as he forced you to your climax, a wave of euphoria taking over your body until it went numb. You were a panting mess on the bed as he gave your core one last kiss and crawled up to your face, planting another one on your lips.

   “Tired already?” he chuckled amusedly, drawing patterns on your stomach with his fingertips. “Honey, I’m only getting started.”

   a/n: wow okay wow yeah that was just horrible but if you want a second part (which im ready to write) just hmu in my ask and i’ll do one for you okay

 anyways i hope you enjoyed even one part of that bc this took me a hella long time to write so dnt h8 appreciate if u pick up what im putting down huh

  im so lame love me

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one way or another

by makesmewannatsss

24/24 chapters || word count: 208,478


Harry contemplates life in another universe where things aren’t the way they are. Wouldn’t it be nice.

Or the one where Harry’s contemplation becomes reality as he navigates his way through his first year at the University of Manchester with an intolerant roommate, karaoke nights with an ex-reality TV star, and an overwhelmingly obvious attraction to the closeted captain of the school’s football team. Clearly, what goes around comes around.

Honeydew and balm. Roads tar-black, rolling in front of us, waves and waves of heat & mist. The sun, gold pouring across the plains. Sky an open palm, swallowing, cradling. Every night was wind, bonfire, looking into each other’s faces. No mirrors but a million reflections. I remember the night we thought we would die – lightning exploding in front of our faces, the rain luminescent, endless, everything cowered and small. In the afternoon, a boy stabbed a snake. The next day, we found a bloated frog in the pool. Every morning, the mosquitos loved us ferociously, kissed splotches into our brown skin. Cracks of light in the wet grass. The mountains bigger than our gods.

“Babe! Oh my god, it’s happening!” Calum practically screamed as he tried to control his driving. You groaned as a contraction rumbled through your body and squeezed Calum’s hand hard. “I think I know it’s happening!” You countered, giving your ridiculous husband a side eye look he’s grown to love over the past 3 years of marriage. Calum was speeding down the road trying to get to the hospital fast enough for you to actually have your baby in a hospital bed instead of the front seat of his car. To make things worse, his rushing was entirely your fault. You had been stubborn about waiting until the very last second to go to the hospital and while he had set you a 5 minute no contraction time frame before you had to leave, you waited until 3.  

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anonymous asked:

tenxrose pretending to hate each other au?

#9 The One Where Donna Finds Out

1000~words, Teen, #45 - Pretending To Hate Each Other AU

“Saw you talking to the Tyler girl earlier,” said Aunt Sylvia over dinner.

“Eh?” His head shot up, and a smile spread across his face of it’s own volition. “Oh, you mean Rose?”

Her mouth made a grim, displeased line. Behind her, his cousin Donna shook her head, her expression clearly telegraphing abort, abort.

Uh oh, he thought.

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your eyes are the oceans i’ll never cross, the stories i will never tell, the sky after a rainy night that let’s you breathe freely in the morning

your mind is all the books i will never read, the adventures untold, the forgotten dreams we so rarely speak about

when i look at you, i see age-old bones withered by lost wars, scars that paint pictures of galaxies far, far away.
(you are an undiscovered constellation)

please, show me the way. i am lost in space and i need to fill the hole inside my heart.

my love, you are like a old, unread book
and i can’t wait to rediscover you

—  (i touch your face like pages weakened by rain)
tomorrow is promised to no one (but darling, we’ll face it together)

Summary: When Rose smashes into the wall a fraction of a second after the Void closes, the Doctor’s world stops spinning. (A Doomsday fix-it)

Note: So I promised I’d write a Doomsday fix-it this month (my first!) and here it is! I PROMISE it has a happy ending, no one dies.

Note #2: This is also dedicated to @chocolatequeennk for being amazing and masterminding Doomsday Month and also getting me to write a fix-it. ♥

Word count: 1016 // Rating: K+ // Warnings: non-explicit medical situations


The Doctor gently smoothed his hand over Rose’s hair, moving slowly to try and soothe her into sleep. His shirt was damp from her tears and he knew she had to be exhausted. It had been a rough day for everyone.

He exhaled sharply through his nose, the closest he could come to laughing derisively at himself without moving. Calling the day “rough” was probably the biggest understatement of his lives.

He knew he should probably leave so she could get some solid rest but nothing short of a universal crisis would even make him consider leaving her side right now.

Even that would require careful consideration.

The day had started out brilliantly. Flirting and a visit with Jackie that had made Rose happy and by association made him happy. but now every time he closed his eyes all he could see was her falling towards the Void, screaming while he watched, helpless, unable to do anything, unable to save her.

The Void had collapsed in on itself closing a mere 0.573 seconds before Rose hit the wall with a sickening thud.

He’d run to her, barely aware of the fact that he was still calling for her, saying her name over and over even though his throat was raw from screaming.

She was here, she was here, she was here, was all he could think, was the only thing going through his gigantic brain.

She was still here but she wasn’t safe.

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Oliver laughs - the full-bodied kind that has him clutching his sides. It’s gummy and toothy and too loud. He snorts, then covers his mouth, face turning pink. He blinks away a few tears. When he lowers his hand, he’s still smiling. Still blushing, too.

Connor has forgotten whatever he said that was so funny. He struggles for any thought at all, any words but, “You’re beautiful.”

“What?” Oliver’s smile wavers slightly as he looks up. But a brightness flashes across those widening eyes. Hope, maybe. 

“Nothing,” Connor says too quickly.

Oliver bites his lip and looks down, eyes dimming. Connor’s heart grips tight.

“Beautiful. I said you’re…” Connor coughs. His cheeks are on fire. “You’re beautiful.” The words are usually a lie whispered to strangers in the dark. But with Oliver, he’s scared by how real they are.

He forgets his fear when Oliver smiles again, eyes sparkling.

Invincible, he adds, “I love you, Oliver.”

Oliver jumps forward and covers Connor’s face in kisses. It tickles, both inside and out.

Connor laughs and says again, “I love you,” just as Oliver kisses an eyebrow.

By the time Oliver gets to the other, he’s whispering back, “I love you, too.”

the sun bleeds liquid heat. the air is thick with the sweet mingling of freedom and sea salt, and you wonder how you ever could have lived shackled to the earth. there is something divine about flight, but this is not the closest you’ve felt to divinity.
—  icarus and apollo were gay all right (via @diomdes)
Aperture Desserts

AU where Aperture is a bakery

GLaDOS is the mysterious owner/baker whom customers have never seen bc she never leaves the back to come up to the front

The cores are the employees who work the counter/register but they’ve been there so long that they know how to bake everything

Chell is a part of a program that sends baker interns/trainees to Aperture so they can gain experience but when she starts working the owner is? never? there?

And Chell is just like “wtf how am I supposed to learn” but luckily the owner left her some handy dandy instructions

in the form of voice recordings

(It’s a habit she picked up from her dad who she inherited the bakery from)

So Chell just works every day with nothing but voice recordings and whatever core is working that day to help her out

Meanwhile she spends time trying to figure out what kind of person the owner exactly is bc wtf? Who runs a program for training bakers and refuses to be there for the training? And everyone does their best to help her out but all the cores are afraid of the owner even after so many years of working for her and for some reason no one can really pinpoint what she looks like?

Bonus: Black Mesa Bakery is their rival down the street. Even though Black Mesa specializes in bread and Aperture specializes in desserts so no one really knows why but it leads to crazy antics like Black Mesa starting to sell cinnamon rolls even though Aperture JUST added cinnamon rolls to their menu a month ago

Superman (Kinda)

I wrote a One Punch Man thingy because I was bored and I wondered what it would be like if Saitama learned how to fly. (/.\) Ye. Hope you guys like it. Btw, there’s some OOC. These two are tough to write.


The bag of groceries was placed on the counter. The cyborg began taking the items out and putting them in their appropriate spots in the cabinets.

“Genos!” He heard. The sound was coming from the balcony; it was Saitama, and he sounded and, to the loyal cyborg, he sounded a bit worried. At a speed that could put that creepy ninja to shame, Genos quickly made his way to said balcony and opened the glass door.

The sight in front of him made him freeze and widen his eyes. “S-sensei?!”

Saitama was floating in the air a few feet away from the balcony. His face was as plain as always; bored, even though he was floating in the air at a height that would normally kill people if they fell. “Yeah, uh…I don’t know what happened.”

Genos’s right eye almost twitched; leave it to Saitama to take everything lightly. “Can…can you tell me what you were doing beforehand, Sensei?”

“I was watering the cactus.” He said, gesturing. “I was thinkin’ about the time you thought I could fly and then…this happened.”

A second of silence passed between them as they both realized what was going on.

A big grin spread across Saitama’s face. “I can fly.”

“Saitama-sensei, I believe-”

“This is so fucking-” Saitama suddenly flew backwards at an incredible speed and crashed into the abandoned building in front of their apartment, making it collapse.

“SENSEI!” The cyborg yelled, jumping the balcony and landing gracefully on his feet. He ran into the rubble, looking around frantically.

“I’m okay!” A laugh came from underneath the rubble and dust. Saitama popped out a second later, his bald head covered in dust. “I guess I just gotta learn to control it.”

Genos quickly pulled Saitama out of the rest of the rubble, despite the man’s insistence that he didn’t need any help.

As soon as Saitama was done dusting himself off, he was back to grinning. “So uh, you still got those booster rocket thingies on your back right?”

“Not at the moment. I left my battle arms in the apartment.”

“Oh, well then,” He picked up the cyborg bridal style. “This will have to do for now.”

“S-Saitama what are you-”

Saitama launched into the air, laughing. Genos, meanwhile, gripped Saitama like a lifeline and screamed.

It happens slowly, but he is specifically fine tuned to notice it.  The distance stilling and slowly freezing that she has shoved between herself and everyone else who has bothered to see it.  The chill settling as jagged icicles in the depths of the green of her eyes.  The bitterness that begins to bite into her tone.

He knows that learning of the prophecy has affected her ever since it had slithered back to the light of day from wherever her parents had been keeping it safely hidden away; and though her newfound belief in all things magical ought to have been reassuring, it has been anything but.

Because now she truly believes she is fated to darkness.

It is dangerous, really, what belief can do to a person.

His heart seems to fade in time with the color leaving her.  Every time she kisses him she is further from him and herself and he can feel it.

“I know it is easier, love,” he murmurs into her hair. She is curled to his chest beneath the sheets of his bed at Granny’s that they share now more often than not, fingers blindly playing a gentle pattern over the scars he has finally revealed to her.

“What are you talking about, Killian?”

Her voice is still thick with sleep and she does not look up at him.

He buries his lips deeper in her golden locks, leaving her a tender kiss before sinking back away from her into his pillow, searching for her eyes that he finds actively avoid him, watching her fingers trace his arm.

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Pairings: Nicomaki, Nozoeli

Word Count: 5243

Summary: Nozomi has feelings for Eli. Her snapchats make it obvious. But sometimes, no matter how confident of a person you are, it’s hard to get your feelings out. Nico’s insistent on giving Nozomi the push she needs.

Note: Due to multiple requests, I’ve written a sequel to my snapchat fic. This is the last part though. No more after this.

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