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U-umm do you mind doing some headcanons for Kirishima and Bakugou of a flirty reader singing a suggestive song (of your choice) in the middle of class but since she just likes the beat she thinks nothing of it??

Bakugou Katsuki

Song: Dead Girl Walking- Heathers The Musical

  • At first, he doesn’t really pay attention to what she was singing, he was just kinda listening and enjoying her voice
  • When she gets to “Spend these thirty hours gettin’ freaky” he fucking chokes
  • She has his full attention at this point
    • “Sorry but I really had to wake you, see I decided I must ride you ‘til I break you”
      • And there goes his imagination, welcome to fantasy land, home of the awkward boner
    • “Slap me! Pull my hair! Touch me there, there, there no more talking! Love this dead girl walking!”
      • Bakugou.exe has stopped working
        • He done
        • He has that full body blush while he fantasizes about them
  • Immediately yanked out of fantasy land when [reader] looks his way and asks him about his expression
    • Embarrassed yelling ensues
      • [Reader] figures it out p quickly, the boy exposes himself in his rant 
        • “It’s your own damn fault with that fucking sexual ass song you wanted to sing! Straight up talking about riding a guy, I’m only goddamned human!”
        • Merciless teasing from [reader] and various classmates
          • My boy wants to die

Kirishima Eijirou 

Song: Touch my Body- Mariah Carey

  • Kirishima is paying attention to [reader] immediately after the singing begins
  • He was mainly interested in just hearing [reader]’s beautiful voice
    • Then everything changed when the chorus lines attacked
      • Touch my body, put me on the floor. Wrestle me around, play with me some more. Touch my body, throw me on the bed. I just wanna make you feel like you never did.”
        • It isn’t manly for a guy to get worked up over a song, but he was definitely feeling some type of way
  • [Reader] 100% notices the light flush on Kirishima’s face and will take advantage
    • They may have only been singing it because of the tune, but the opportunity to fluster the boy was too tempting
      • They make eye-contact and sing directly to him: “Touch my body, let me wrap my thighs all around your waist just a little taste”
        • Kirishima swears this is what a heart attack feels like
        • His quirk may make a lot of things hard but the spot between his legs was definitely doing that all on his own
  • At the end, Kirishima is beyond embarrassed and has a new issue to take care of, but on his way to the bathroom the reader’s punk ass has the audacity to ask if he needs any assistance
    • Hey, don’t make any offers you aren’t willing to keep [reader name].”
Friendly Competition [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: snow day aka seduce seb day (or i had an idea) /requests closed right now/

WARNING: Seduction…?

Mr. Shue’s idea is so…ugh. The glee club invited the Warblers to do some performances with each other. Some kind of ‘attempt to reach good terms’. You stand on stage next to Britney, arms crossed over your tight black crop top, glaring at Sebastian. “Okay, Y/N, you can present first. Is there anything you need before I leave to talk to Miss P?” Mr. Shue asks, hands on the edge of the stage.

“Why, yes, Mr. Shue, I need Sebastian…” you pat the plastic chair, “Right here.” you grin, legs moving in your leather shorts. Nodding, Mr. Shue points to the stage; the Warbler sneers, hopping on stage and plopping in the seat, crossing his arms. Shue exits and you peer at Britney and Santana, who are also in black.

The music starts; Santana begins. “What it do babyboo?” she nods at her girlfriend, rapping, “Yeah, little mama you lookin’ good, I see you wanna play with a player from the hood. Come holla at me, you got it like that, Big Snoop Dogg, with the lead Pussycat. I show you how it go down, yeah, I wanna go down. Me and you, one on one, treat you like a shorty; You look at me and I look at you, I’m reachin’ for your shirt what you want me to do?” she freestyles.

You strut towards Sebastian, singing the chorus, “I’m telling you loosen up my buttons baby (Uh huh), but you keep fronting (Uh),” you squat in front of him, rubbing your hands through your hair as Brit and Rachel sing backup. “saying what you goin’ do to me (Uh huh), but I ain’t seen nothing (Uh).”

Standing up, you stalk around him, licking your bottom lip. He shifts uncomfortably, mossy green eyes following your every move, dress slacks becoming tight. “Typical, hardly the type I fall for. I like when the physical.” you pull his striped tie, causing his arms to fall at his sides. “Don’t leave me asking for more. I’m a sexy mama (Mama).” you smirk, watching his pouty mouth open wide, “Who knows just how to get what I wanna (Wanna). What I want to do is spring this on ya (On ya). Back up all of the things that I told ya (Told ya, told ya, told ya)…”

Sebastian swallows harshly, feeling your fingers run up his white button down. His dick is throbbing at the sight of your breasts in his face. Oh god…. “You been sayin’ all the right things all night long, but I can’t seem to get you over here to help take this off. Baby, can’t you see? (See) How these clothes are fittin’ on me? (Me)” Roughly, you push his navy blue blazer off his shoulders, making him gasp. “And the heat coming from this beat (Beat). I’m about to blow. I don’t think you know…” you sing, letting the other girls sing the chorus again.

As his blazer falls to the floor, you back away, unzipping your black hoodie, exposing your crop top fully. “You say you’re a big boy, but I can’t agree. ‘Cause the love you said you had, ain’t been put on me.” you smirk, sashaying up to the snarky Warbler. “I wonder (Wonder), if I’m just too much for you. Wonder (Wonder), if my kiss don’t make you just…Wonder (Wonder) what I got next for you. What you want to do? (Do)” you ask, batting your eyelashes, hands running up his thighs.

Sebastian squirms, scoffing, eyebrows furrowing as if silently asking ‘are you kidding?’. You smirk, showing off your breasts, “Take a chance to recognize that this could be yours.” you point to yourself; his eyes darken. “I can see, just like most guys, that your game don’t please. Baby, can’t you see? (See) How these clothes are fittin’ on me? (Me)” you toss your hoodie of the stage. Kurt catches it, laughing. Sebastian breathes heavily when you yank him by his tie. “And the heat coming from this beat (Beat). I’m about to blow, I don’t think you know…” you throw your head back, going into the chorus again as the other girls dance.

Puckering your lips, you get ready to rap, moving to the back of the chair. The Warbler groans, feeling you mess up his hair. “Now you can get what you want, but I need what I need, And let me tell you what’s crackalackin’ before I proceed.” you grab his chin, forcing his head to the side; his jaw tenses. “Ima show you where to put it at. PCD told me, yeah, I thought I saw a Pussycat.” you smirk, seeing him glare at you. “Now roll with the big dog, all six of y'all on me, now tell me how it feel babydoll. Ashley, Nicole, Carmit, Jessica, Kimberly, Melody, you feelin’ me?” you muse, letting of his jaw.

“Ha, ha…hot!” Britney smirks, fanning herself and pausing.

Santana laughs, leaning on her girlfriend, “Ha, ha…loosen up!”

“Ha, ha…yeah…” Rachel and Quinn say together.

You step toward the front of him, face to face, “Ha, ha…I can’t take this…” you mumble, stomping to the beat as the chorus returns.

Suddenly, he stands up, knocking the chair back with his foot. The music stops and the two of you stare at each other, making the New Directions and Warblers uncomfortable. “Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me.” Sebastian smirks, gesturing to you and him, “Let’s talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be.” The rest of the Warblers join him from below the stage as he corners you to the wall. “Let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about se-”

“Throw your clothes!” you cut him off, grabbing his arms and placing them around your waist. “On the floor!” He harmonizes, shaking his head slightly. “I’m gonna take my clothes off too; I made plans to be with you.” you sing together, hitting the note perfectly. Your eyelids screw shut, “Girl whatever you ask me, you know, I could do!”

Sebastian picks you up, ignoring the other people in the room; hands under your thighs. “I’ll make love to you, like you want me to. And I’ll hold you tight, baby all through the night. I’ll make love to you, when you want me to. And I will not let go 'till you tell me to…” he sings, eyes darting to your lips.

“Touch my body, put me on the floor… Wrestle me around, play with me some more. Touch my body, throw me on the bed…” you hum, hands flying to his hair, “I just wanna make you feel like you never did. Touch my body, let me wrap my thighs all around your waist. Just a little taste. Touch my body, know you love my curves-”

Sebastian presses his lips to yours, surprising everyone. (Kurt screams in horror and Blaine covers his mouth.) You groan, tugging on his chestnut hair. The door squeaks open and  you jump down, looking at Mr. Shue entering. “Guys! You do your song yet?” he asks cheerfully.

“Yes they did.” Sebastian smirks, gazing at you, “It was…electric.” he winks, picking up his blazer from the floor and swinging it over his shoulder. “I gotta go. Can’t stand this public school smell…” he sneers, peering at you quickly before heading off stage.

Huffing, your shoulders slump. Britney touches your upper arm as the Warblers pile through the double doors. “It’s okay, Y/N, maybe you can have sex with the mean molerat another day.” she says hopefully.

Your eyes go wide, “Britney, shh!”

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Can I get scenario/ headcanons for Akaashi, Yaku, & Kuroo of their crush singing some suggestive songs while they were practicing but she didn't seem to know, or care rather, that she was singing inappropriate songs out loud?? (You can pick the songs btw!!)

sure! this seems interesting lol plus finally some more haikyuu!! thanks honey bun :’) enjoy!


> Everyone knows that he’s calm and collected pretty much every time anyone sees him. It’s just the way he is. He’s normally not one to show too much emotion unless he’s really getting into something. 

> It’s very hard to tell that he even has a crush on someone let alone know it’s on the person that drops by everyday to help out just because they can. The only person who knows is Bokuto and that’s only due to him watching his friends mannerisms around them because something would change ever so subtly.

> After a particularly exhausting practice one day, he would have zero tolerance for anything. He’s normally blunt but to a certain degree but at that time he wouldn’t hold back a single bit. And then he hears singing which makes him want to tell whoever it was to shut the hell up but 1. it was his crush and 2. they were singing something unusually suggestive wait what you want me to do WHAT

> He would stare. He’s dumbfounded from it all because if he heard them correctly the lyrics were, “Touch my body, put me on the floor. Wrestle me around, play with me some more. Touch my body, throw me on the bed. I just wanna make you feel like you never did.” and he’s not sure what to do anymore. He begins to think it over a bit and his teenage mind goes a little too far and suddenly he’s leaning against the wall with a pure red face.

> “Akaashi are you okay?” “I need a moment.” The moment was pretty much him still standing in front of the wall then asking why his crush was singing that song. They said they didn’t realize it and laughed at how embarrassed he got. He rushed away after that and never talked about it again.

the song lol

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> Unlike Akaashi, he’s normally quick to have small outbursts (mostly with Lev) but he is a dependable, straightforward, and all around good guy to be around and he’s not afraid to show it fiercely.

> The entire team knows about his crush and tease him about it from time to time until he swings his leg around to kick the shit out of them. He’ll tell them to shut up but acts like it never really happened in the end. Around his crush he is nicer than to his team which leads to them complaining like children. He doesn’t understand this one bit.

> Yaku tends to help his crush whenever they need it because cleaning up after a bunch of sweaty boys isn’t the easiest task and actually kinda gross so he did the best he could to lend them a helping hand. 

> When he hears them singing when they’re cleaning one time he would honestly find it too cute and thinks they have a nice voice but the song seems odd. When he gives a closer listen he hears, “Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby? Let me know. Girl I’m gonna show you how to do it and we’ll start real slow. You just put your lips together and come real close. Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby? Here we go.” and honestly he’s real close to screeching.

> He wouldn’t even know what to do at first and just looks around at his other teammates a bit frantically but they don’t understand what’s so wrong with the song. It takes some longer than others to catch on to the meaning and they all burst into laughter. The shorter male would drag his hands down his face as he glances to his crush who doesn’t know what’s happening in the slightest. “Let’s just leave it that way-” He tells them with an embarrassed smile.

another one lmao

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> He has the most laid back personality for sure but he always seems to have an underlining scheme, well, that’s how others perceive him at least. He normally just looks that way and doesn’t have a problem with people who think that of him.

> Not everyone knows about his crush, really. He doesn’t go around bragging about how he feels about this person but would gladly tell anyone he likes someone if they were to ask. He only trusts a few select people with the person’s name itself. As harsh as it sounds, some of his teammates really don’t know how to keep their mouths shut. 

> Whenever he can he’ll lend an extra helping hand to his crush whenever they need it and for whatever he can possibly do because he wants to look good in front of them plus, no one should have to do that stuff alone. 

> If his crush were to be singing an inappropriate song, he would catch it immediately. He listens to the lyrics and laughs as they go, “Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it! Sex in the air, I don’t care, I like the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.

> Kuroo loses it and bursts into a laughing fit that goes on for several minutes. His crush, along with the rest of his team, is definitely confused but he explains that the song they were singing was so sexual and yet they had the most blank look on their face while singing it.

> He continues laughing, thoroughly embarrassing his crush thanks to it and they punch him lightly in the arm to get him to shut up. Once he’s finished he gives them a little smirk before starting to continue the lyrics, singing the rest of the chorus they had gotten halfway through before going farther with the song. He gives them a look and a little nudge to show that he wants them to continue with him. Kuroo finds it cute that they’re so embarrassed at first but after a few seconds they’re both screaming the lyrics and dancing around like idiots.

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the last one lmao

But I wake and take this fighting anyway

The road grows longer with the hour

Back on my own with a idea and nothing to lose

Leaving the past away from my mind it doesnt mean a thing

Opening a door in front of me bring my tears out of the sea

Salty as voices ive never heard before once

Im finding love to be wrestling around with me

A fight of pride courage is a peaking trident

Running from life with a curious injection of surreal serenity

Knowing of the unknown makes no logical sense

So i go and leave the idea to find the truth of death

Looking for questions in the light of eternity

Only to have the unknown look upon and and scoff

A moment is ninety seconds its already over as i write this poem

Rush to the place i feel free among words desperately needing me

Are you still listening to me? Reading these moments i breathe?

Leaving this body to babylon end of laughter and the dark night

Place your eyes upon me

Touch my body~

Put me on the floor~ Wrestle me around~ Play with me some more~

Touch my body~

Throw me on the bed~ 

I just wanna make you feel like you never did~

Touch my body~

Let me wrap my thighs~ All around your waist~ Just a little taste~

Touch my body~

I know you like my curves~

 C’mon and give me what I deserve and touch my body~

Candy Wrappers(P.4)

Title: Candy Wrappers(P.4)
Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Warnings: fluffy moments.
Summary: Her candy wrappers are a consistent distraction in his life.
A/N: This begins a bit before Isaac is turned when he’s basically a blended in background character that no one knew about. 

It was Wednesday morning when my uncle decided to take the time to drop Allison off at school, making his way from her, straight over to me as I walked away from my car. 

I hadn’t seen Isaac since Sunday, he’d missed school both Monday and yesterday, I was starting worry that somehow he’d gotten in trouble again, but I was trying to pretend that he was just sick. He wasn’t responding to my text messages though, I tried not to send to many. 

A part of me wanted to swing by and check on him, but without a reason to do so, I worried his dad would get mad. I decided that if he wasn’t in school today, I would pick up his homework and drop it off, just so I had an excuse to go by. 

Chris finally made his way over to me, giving me a stern look as he waved goodbye to Allison. “You’ve missed training three times in a row now.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been busy with school. I took on tutoring a few students…” 

My uncle raised a brow. “Is that really what you need to be focusing on?” 

“School?” I snorted in response, smirking some. “Well, yeah Uncle Chris. I need to graduate, can’t spend my whole life hunting things that go bump in the night.”

He rolled his eyes at my sarcasm. “No. I meant schooling others. You should be using that time to get training in.”

I raised a brow. “Yeah, I guess, but at what point do you plan to start training your own daughter?”

He cleared his throat. “She’s not ready yet. You’ve been ready for awhile. And your almost completely trained. Don’t throw away the progress you’ve made, Y/N.” 

I gave him a short nod, but my attention was drawn away when I saw someone slide to a stop on a bike. Isaac. “Right, I’ll do my best to make it tonight.” 

He nodded. “Don’t make me force a training session on you, Y/N.” 

“I’d prefer you didn’t. I’ll be there. I have to go though.” I said, tossing a goodbye over my shoulder as I pushed passed him and hurried over to the boy. 

“McCall.” Chris said, making the boy flinch as him and his friend were striding past. The teen hurried over, glancing at Stiles in confusion. 

“Yes, Mr. Argent?” He asked carefully, wondering what the man could possibly want. 

“Who is that?” The male asked, pointing over to the taller boy getting off his bike as Y/N sauntered over to him. Stiles and Scott both glanced over, a look of confusion and a bit of shock crossed their face when they watched Isaac allow the girl to hug him lightly, smiling carefully when she let go. 

“Uhm…Isaac. Isaac Lahey. He’s on the Lacrosse team.” Scott answered, shooting Stiles a look before he turned his attention back to Chris. “Is there a problem?” 

“Not at all.” Chris responded, smiling at Scott. “Have a good day boys.” 

“Where have you been?” I asked as soon as I pulled back from the hug I had given him. Instantly, I searched him over, as if looking for any signs of him being hurt. 

His lip was still a bit swollen, but other then that, he seemed okay. Isaac sniffed a bit, clearing his throat. “I got sick. Probably from the small bit of time I spent in the rain on Saturday when I was working.” 

I sighed softly. “Well, not that being sick is a good thing, but I’ll accept it. I was a bit worried.” 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

He grinned. “Oh really? And why would you be so worried about me?” 

The way he gazed at me, awaiting my answer, made me blush lightly, a smile twitching at my lips. “Oh you know, I was worried one of those wolves you heard got a hold of you. Then I’d have no one to get me candy or beat at Mario Cart.” 

Isaac laughed, swinging an arm around my shoulders. “You beat me once and that was because you jumped into my lap. So cheating doesn’t count.” 

“It worked! You were distracted. I won.” I joined his laugh, smiling up at him as we made our way into the school. I gave him one last smile before my expression got serious again. “In all honesty though, Isaac, I’m glad you’re okay.” 

He searched my eyes and then nodded quietly, as if we had some quiet understanding at what I meant. I figured he was starting to understand that I knew more then he wanted me too, but he was accepting it. “Yeah, never better.” 

The two of us walked a bit down the hallways before the sight of Stiles and Scott walking towards us made Isaac pull his arm off my shoulders. “See you in class, Candy girl.” 

Before I could respond, he ducked away down the hall and left me to the two boys. I raised a brow when they stopped in front of me. “Why does it look like someone just stole your puppy?” 

Stiles raised his brows in mock surprise, turning his attention to Scott. “Weird, I was pretty sure that the one who always looked like a hurt puppy was just hanging on your shoulders.” 

My eyes narrowed. “Can I help you two?” 

“No…Not at all, we were uh…we were just wondering if you were busy…” Scott looked at Stiles as if searching for the rest of his sentence, which made me roll my eyes and to no ones surprise, his sidekick jumped right in to help. 

“Tonight! Busy tonight cause, you see…Scott here…” Stiles slapped a hand onto his friends shoulder and shook it. “Scott here was told by Mrs. Argent that he could go on a date with Allison tonight, as long as she had a friend going. Well you know how boring it is to be a third wheel so…” 

Scott caught on, smiling a bit. “Yeah, yeah so Lydia turned down the invitation and so now all that’s left is Stiles, but that throws off the boy girl ratio.”

Stiles nodded. “Mhm, and Mrs. Argent won’t like that so…Do you maybe wanna join me? Us? Wanna join us tonight?” 

I don’t think I could raise a single brow any higher then I already was at that point, my arms crossed and I look at both their expressions. The innocent, I’m up to nothing, grin on Scott’s face and the adorable, please don’t punch me, smile on Stiles’. I sighed. 

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with my uncle seeing me hug Isaac this morning, would it?” I finally asked, watching the shocked expressions on their face in amusement. 

They instantly tried to collect themselves. “What? No…not at all, we just uhm…You know, Stiles has had a crush on you for sometime now.”

Stiles’ eyes widened as he glared at his best friend, clearing his throat with an embarrassed grin. “Well, you–” 

And he ran. The boy actually took off down the hallway and left Scott on his own. He gripped the straps of his backpack and rocked on his heels, giving me a worried laugh. “So…is that a no?” 

“It’s a no.” I said firmly, watching Scott turn to walk away. “And Scott.”

He paused, glancing over his shoulder. “Isaac isn’t someone you or my family should be concerned about.” 

The boy frowned, nodding once more before he went to go find his friend. 

I walked into Chemistry later on to see Stiles and Scott sitting on either side of a very annoyed Isaac, they both gave me the same smile. 

Instantly, I turned my expression into a glare, pointing at Stiles who sat up a bit straighter. “I think there’s an open seat next to Lydia.” 

It took a single second for the awkward teen to rush from his seat to the back of the class to sit next to the red head. My attention turned to Scott and he slunk away from the other side of his seat to return to his usual place by Allison. 

With a single brow raise, I took the empty place next to Isaac and gave him a worried smirk. “Sorry…” 

“What’s their problem?” He replied, his tone grumpier then usual, his eyes refusing to look over at me. 

I sighed. “My uncle. I’ve skipped a few training sessions and he saw me hug you this morning so he must think that my skipping has something to do with you.” 

Isaac raised a brow. “Stopped playing with guns have you?” 

I pulled a piece of candy from my purse. “Not entirely.” 

With a roll of his eyes, the boy reached out, grasping the piece of chocolate between his thumb and index finger just as I had pressed it to my lips, which caused his fingers to press up against the plump flesh. “Maybe one of these days I can watch these training sessions of yours. I’d like to see someone toss you on your ass a few times. Might be amusing.” 

Originally posted by teenwolfict

I sat still, letting him hold the candy, I could feel the sides of it melting between the warmth of his fingers and my lips. I didn’t respond until he let the candy go, bringing his fingers to his mouth to suck off the melted chocolate. 

I smirked, sliding the piece all the way into my mouth to suck on it until it melted away. “I don’t get tossed on my ass. However, instead of me showing you my training. I could just give you some pointers.” 

Isaac raised a brow. “I don’t need to learn how to fight.” 

“I’m just saying, it’s an opportunity to wrestle around with me a bit. You know you want to toss me on my ass yourself.” 

He smirked. “Can’t say the offer isn’t tempting.” 

“Well, when is our next tutoring session gonna be?” I asked, tilting my head to the side. 

Isaac leaned forward, his eyes shifting to the side so he could watch Stiles and Scott’s reactions. I almost thought he was going to kiss me because of how close he got, my breath caught in my throat until he pulled back, a piece of candy now in his hands. “How about tonight? I’m not working…I could come over to your house.” 

“Tonight sounds good.” I said, a bit breathlessly. I gathered myself as he unwrapped the chocolate. Glancing over my shoulder, I caught the angered expression of Stiles and the worried look on Scott’s face and I halfheartedly wondered why they were so worried about Isaac. 

I turned my attention back to him, smiling as he popped the chocolate into his mouth and winked at me, his attention turning to the front as the class started.

Touch My Body
Mariah Carey
Touch My Body

This song is giving me life right now.

Touch my body; put me on the floor, wrestle me around, play with me some more. Touch my body; throw me on the bed, I just wanna make you feel like you never did. Touch my body; let me wrap my thighs all around your waist, just a little taste. Touch my body; know you love my curves, come on and give me what I deserve and touch my body.

Naughty Teacher Chapter 7

Thanks for reading hope you enjoy ! Feedback appreciated ! xx

Previous Chapters

Fear. I never actually felt it or knew exactly what it was until that moment. Could you imagine how it felt? Sitting on your knees with your teacher’s cock in your mouth and the boy that you aren’t sure how you feel about walks in. Fear is what I felt, maybe even a little more than fear. Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Mike was just that. Mike was a threat and I knew he’d use this against me and Niall for as long as he could. I couldn’t believe we were caught. I kept trying to convince myself that it was just a bad dream and that it’d all be over when I woke up. It wasn’t though, it wasn’t a dream at all. This was real. This was really happening.
Niall was the first to speak or stutter shall I say. “M-Mike…-” Mike finally spoke up, “Is this really happening? Fuck I didn’t know you were like this (Y/N)”. I put my head down and stood up, feeling awkward in that position. “I…” I tried to say something but I couldn’t find any words to say. “So are you guys like a thing?” “Sort of.” I mumbled before Niall could because I wasn’t sure what he would’ve said. “Mike please don’t tell anyone.” I begged a bit glaring at him intensely. He paused for a moment but then he smirked and I wondered what he had in mind. “Your secret’s safe with me…but only on one condition.” He moved closer to Mr. Horan and pointed his finger at him. “I won’t have any detentions at all and my grades better be no lower than a B-.” Niall sighed loudly and sat back in his chair. He didn’t want to make this offer but he knew he had to. “Fine, but no one better find out.” “No one will.” Mike winked at me before he turned around and left the classroom. We just sat there in silence for a moment. We didn’t know what to say or what to do. I was starting to build up anger actually, I knew this wouldn’t work and I tried telling Niall this before. “Are you okay?” He spoke softly and sincerely, making me regret my anger. “Yeah, I guess I’ll be fine. Are you?” “Yeah, just feels a little awkward don’t you think?” That’s when I started laughing because I was trying to hide my fear. I was trying to mask what I really felt to make the situation better. He was confused I could tell, but he started laughing right along with me. We just kept laughing until we decided that our laughing wasn’t helping. The bell rang signaling me to go to my last period of the day. I sighed and started walking to the desk that I set my books down on. Niall got up from his chair and walked over to me. My arms were bent holding my books against my chest. He placed his hands on my elbows and rubbed them gently. “It’s gonna be okay. Alright?” He kissed my cheek and I smiled and kissed his lips in return. “Did you drive here this mornin’?” “No my mom dropped me off.” “Good then come here after class, I’ll drive you home since we have tutoring tonight.” “Sounds good.” He kissed my forehead and the tardy bell rang. ”Shit, I’m late.” “I’ll write you a note.” He went back to his desk and got a piece of paper. He wrote quickly and then handed it to me. “See ya later love.” “See ya.” I smiled and walked away.
Later that evening we were at my house just messing around. We studied for about an hour and half before we couldn’t take it anymore. Niall kept teasing me, wrestling around with me, making me blush. It felt good to feel this way. The way I feel with Niall is incredible, almost indescribable.   “You’re just so cute.” He said, poking my dimple. I blushed right away and smiled at him. “Thanks. Hey Ni…?” That was the first time I’d ever called him that. “Yeah babe?” “Can we cuddle.” His smile grew wide and he nodded his head. He stood up from where we were sitting on the floor and held his hand out to me, helping me up. He laid on the couch and I cuddled up against his chest. Our bodies were intertwined. I could hear his heart beat. I pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and laid it across us. He kissed the top of my head. “My parents are out of town until Monday morning.” “And why are you just now telling me?” He pinched my side and I giggled. “I wasn’t going to tell you at first because you were acting like a jerk the past couple days.” “And I’m sorry about that.” “If you want you can stay here until Sunday.” “I’ll have to go home and get clothes for school tomorrow.” “That’s true.” “I don’t want to go now though. I’m too comfy and I don’t want to let you go just yet.” I smiled to myself and buried my head back into his chest. I soon fell asleep to his soft heart beat. We dozed off for about thirty minutes before he decided he was going to run and get his. “Wait since we’re already here why don’t you just pack a bag and then you can come to my house? At least for the night and then we can come back here after school tomorrow and stay here.” I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head. “Yeah that could work. Mom only calls my cellphone to check up on me so we should be okay.” He kissed my lips. “Should I pack one now?” “Yeah that way it’s not too late when we get there.” I kissed his lips and smiled at him. “I’ll be right back.”