Wanted Plots

  • the summer road trip
  • bad boy / good boy
  • TA / college student
  • penpals that become best friends and maybe more through letters
  • rich ceo’s kid / rich ceo’s beleaguered employee
  • actually, rich ceo / rich ceo’s beleaguered employee
  • people on a movie set who are love interests in the movie but hate each other irl
  • arranged marriage
  • enemies to friends to lovers
  • popular kid / nerd
  • breakfast club style all day detention
  • blind dates
  • friends with benefits
  • rich guy / trophy husband
  • bonnie and clyde plots
  • the goody-goody and the juvenile delinquent that are actually best friends and will fuck u up if you mess with the other one

We may know a lot if things, like what is right and what is wrong, but we often forget or fail to take it seriously. God brings about the certain circumstances for us to experience and learn. It’s not always easy, but Jesus is always ready to teach, asking us, “Have you understood all these things?” - again and again until we really and truly do.