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i fucking died this comeback killed me the music vid is dope af and the album is amazing and i dont even know to articulate my thoughts into words right now i am just so proud of them ??? xoxo, jooheons hair is so cute and fluffy tho ??!?? i just had to point that out p.s.: i have no idea what even was happening in the mv (other than the fact that changkyuns got dat 💰💰💰) but i enjoyed every god damn second of it amen 🙏🙏🙏

ahhh yess they really outdid themselves;; they were so excited for this album they spoiled so much lol :’ ) i think this mv was more symbolism than story but idc it was an aesthetic musical masterpiece!! and the dance wowowoow 

jooheon continues to slay (him during the cb show :OOO)! im rly proud, always was… and waiting for the day he becomes big in the music industry as one of the top producers :’ ) boy has so much talent

Ando necesitando que algo pase... Es que siempre pasa lo mismo xD después de cada cosa como WOWOWOOW (en este caso Venecia) viene la sequía, nunca pasa nada, salen rumores de que no es real, muchas pierden las esperanzas, las que quedamos nos alimentamos de fics, dibujos, fotos y vídeos wigetta antiguos... Hasta que cuando el fandom esta en plena crisis, llegan ellos y nos dan de comer para que después el ciclo se repita xD

taylorswift HIIIII.
First of all, YES that is me with ZENDAYA!!! Yesterday I was in Central FUNDON (my home btw) when I happened to realise how close I was to the precious gem that is Zendaya! I was so elated and stoked when she let me take this photo with her (yes I know I look gross and chubby but I was halfway through my McDonald’s burger anD ZENDAYA ASDGJMKFVBN). I was like RIP ME whilst yelling internally, and was like since you’re close friends with Taylor please can you tell her that I love her so much and that I follow her on tumblr etc etc. And she was so incredibly kind as to video me saying that. But yeah Zendaya’s honestly such an awesome human being and it’s so great to see my role model and favourite person, that’s you taylorswift, being surrounded by people as wonderful as her.

Taylor, I know that you may never even see this post, however I’d still like to take this opportunity to express how much of an impact you’ve had on my life and my decisions for the past 6 years, when I became a huge Swiftie, after listening to Love Story for the first time aged 11 and jamming to You Belong With Me EVERY. SINGLE. ‘Typical Tuesday night’ which is FYI my life story. I’ve NEVER been able to see you perform live but I hope that one day I’ll be able to. Obviously, becoming a Swiftie was one of the best things I’ve done as I’ve realised that flawless people like you exist, which has given me more hope than I had ever imagined. You’ve helped me with your songs - The Outside, A Place in this World and Shake It Off, especially during the last 4 years, at times where I felt invisible and that no one acknowledged the war that was going on inside my mind. I’ve had times where I’ve had to fake smiles and try my hardest not to cry in front of everyone due to the attention that would ensue. I’ve never been one that has felt comfortable discussing my feelings due to the general lack of trust I feel towards people unfortunately due to past experiences and lack of confidence so this is perhaps the first and last time I’ll write them down so explicitly. Taylor, thank you for helping me deal with a friendship that ended on a bad note and still affects me to this day with Bad Blood, my few crushes with Enchanted, The Story of Us, Style, I Almost Do and countless others. The song Mine reminds me of my childhood days and how it’s shaped so many of my thoughts and actions now, after my dad left. Of course there’s a hole in my heart 'cause of that but Mine has helped me heal over the last few years and realise that not everyone ends up that way. You’ve helped my fear of being judged dissipate over time greatly as I’ve realised that the opinions of others don’t define me as they don’t know who the REAL ME is. The truth is, I guess that even I don’t know who the real me is, but I hope that someday soon I’ll be able to find myself again, just as you have. Your quotes, replies to your fans and actions have all helped me through so much, from making me laugh hysterically on a bad day to motivating me, which is why when people ask me why I adore you so much, I simply cannot give them a simple answer because you are so much more than that. So, thank you and I love you and seeing you happy makes me so happy because you deserve 'every little peace love’.

Forever lovelovelove -
A careless man’s careful daughter, Inayah xxxxx

P.S. please can you tell ZENDAYA that she’s flawless and beautiful both inside and out and that I’m sorry that I didn’t get to tell her that when I saw her due to how in actual awe and shock I was in at the time!