guys. if you never want to sleep again – please continue to watch this gif without diverting your attention elsewhere, for like 5-8 minutes.

something ain’t right with dat man….and i hope to god he never fixes it.

Heartwarming: When This Terminally Ill 6-Year-Old Wanted To Run For President, Thousands Got Together And Made It Happen

Life hasn’t been easy for Donald Trump. Though he’s only 6 years old, he’s already faced a lifetime of hardship as the result of a rare terminal disease that has left him in hospitals for much of his young life. With disturbingly yellow skin pigmentation, a prematurely deepened voice caused by thyroid abnormalities, and a grotesquely enlarged head due to cerebrospinal fluid accumulation, he will never have a chance at a normal childhood. And, sadly, doctors believe that he won’t live much longer.

But Donald doesn’t want you to feel sorry for him. Nope. What he really wants is for you to vote for him.

Believe it or not, little Donald is running for president of the United States, and thanks to thousands of kindhearted people around the country who are committed to helping him live out his dream, he’s been making a big splash on the campaign trail.

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Science and Astronomy turned 3 today!

Thank you everyone for making tumblr a special place - here are some awesome space gifs what I posted in the past!

I never thought that I would be able to share astronomy and scientific literacy with over 150,000 awesome people! I started this blog when I was a senior in high-school because I liked space and Carl Sagan… now I study Astrophysics & Computer Science and work for NASA. I never thought any of this would happen the way it did. I really think it’s because of the support all of you have provided. It is because of you I was able to believe in myself, so:


I’ve had several giveaways in the past and I’m considering having another one:

Possible Giveaway Ideas, what do you want (we can have multiple prizes)?