The search for gravitational waves in the cosmic microwave background, a discovery that would serve as proof of the universe’s earliest moments of supposed hyperinflation, has been full of upsdowns, and even death, but that’s just part of the circle of science.

Let A Capella Science wow you with this Lion King-inspired tune that tells the story of "The Surface of Light."

I would say more, but I’m just blown away by how awesome this is.

10 things I learned from having the right group of friends:

#1. They can take the sadness away even when you’re sober.

#2. It’s okay to sing louder than the radio.

#3. It’s fun to laugh at yourself.

#4. They will respect your decisions as long as it doesn’t hurt you.

#5. You can be annoying and idiotic but they’ll love you anyways.

#6. They will take care of you in multiple ways.

#7. They will meet you half way or all the way on the occasions when you can’t.

#8. You grow in different ways together.

#9. They’ll widen out and do new things/meet new people with you.

#10. They drive you crazy half the time, but you can’t live without them.

—  10 ways you know you have the right group of friends (via kiss-my-bumper-peasant please don’t remove via or credit)

This time, on Design-a-Nelf…  Rogues!

Rogues always end up wearing some version of red, or black, or green, or blood, and the theme revolves around them being sinister, poison-wielding beings.  A number of them are, but there are some rogues who desire to portray a dancer feel — who flit about and play more tricks than they cut…anything.  I wanted to try to fill that gap.

Plus, I’d really love my rogues to be sparkly.

My answer:  Faerie Dragon armor. (and my priests would wear this. and my warriors. and monks.  and pandas.  ….even my undead would wear this.)

(decided via my Patreon campaign) 

PLL Spoilers!!!!!(ooeahh)

1.Marlene said that there exists the reason why Spencer was carrying the shovel back.

2.Melissa and Cece know something, but only one of them is 100% right.

3.We will see Lucas soon and he will explain a lot.

4.We will also see the case of Toby’s mother (Marlene said its important).

5.The girl Dr. Palmer was talking about was Cece.

6.Jason will be called to testify in Ali’s trial.

7.No one will like what will happen in 5x25 except one person.

8.We can’t even imagine what’s in the barrel.We will find out in 5x22 or 5x23.

9.A has been in almost every episode.

10.Something bad will happen to Ezra in 5x25.

11.Jesicca will be in 5x25.

12.2x25 and 5x25 will have some similarities.

13.Alisson’s middle name is a HUGE clue.

14.There will be a suprise witness in Ali’s trial, It’s rumored to be Jenna Marshall.

15.It’s rumored that Toby have a brother named Chris Cavanaugh.We saw his name in the guest register in 2x25.

16.Mona Vanderwaal is alive and A kidnapped her.

17.The real Read Coat will be in 5x25.

18.Mona’s murder tape will be shown at Ali’s trail.

19.There will be a wedding episode in season 6.

20.Alison is Varjak.

21.All the liars will get arrested in 5x25,

22.Colin will invite Spencer to theatre to watch a Shakspeare play.

23.In 5x25 there will be a scene with Ali outside the DiLaurentis’ house.

24.Aria will be a patient at Radley in season 6.

25.It’s rumored that Ali will be in the theme song in season 6.

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