Gravitational waves: everything you need to know

Ripples in spacetime, a bit like ripples on a pond, that propagate out at the speed of light. Throw something really big into the stillness of space – like two black holes colliding, or two pulsars merging – and gravitational waves created by the event should spread not just across the galaxy, but ultimately through all of spacetime.  || Read more in The Guardian


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Hannigram #4 please!

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things you said over the phone


He pushed ‘call’ by accident. He may have typed the numbers in himself, but he maintained that he didn’t consciously intend to call him. Conscious thought had never really stopped him before though.

“Will, what a pleasant surprise. Three years of your absence and now I see you and hear from you all in one day.” Hannibal was not purring. But that was largely because his anatomy was human and not feline.

The last time he had heard Hannibal’s voice over the phone, there was a moment of perfect clarity. This… was nothing like that.

“I um… I was calling because I thought of something,” Will stumbled, “about how he’s choosing them.” He had never told Hannibal a more bald-faced lie.

“Did you?” Hannibal returned, inflection-less. And Hannibal knew it too.

“Yes… yes, I think-”

“This phonecall has nothing to do then with hearing my voice in real time for the first time in three years?”

Will pulled the phone away from his mouth to swallow, “No.”

“Did you have a pleasant conversation with your wife before calling me? I assume by this hour of the evening you have called her.”

“I want to talk about the Tooth Fairy.”

“No, you just want to talk,” Hannibal’s breath was almost warm against his cheek, “like old times.”

Will’s eyes closed, reflexively picturing Hannibal’s office, sitting across from each other once again, Hannibal in his bespoke suit, himself in his flannels and dog hair. Everything as it should be.

“You’re picturing it now, how we were. You’re sitting with your legs crossed, perhaps, one across your lap, looking at me with that keen, intense stare I know so well. How do I look, sitting across from you?”

Will swallowed again, but did not draw the phone away this time, “…bored.”

Hannibal chuckled, low and quiet in his ear, “You have never bored me, Will.”

Will’s lips twitched and spread, irrepressibly, in the first full, genuine smile he’s felt in months. He was glad smiles have no sound.

“You’re less bored now. You’re… thoughtful, you’re considering me. You’ve tilted your head, like you do when you have an idea.”

“Do I?”

Will opened his eyes at Hannibal’s amused, playful tone, “You know you do. You just want to hear me talk about you.”

“And you just wanted to hear my voice.”

In a rushed growl, almost too soft to hear, he said, “I’ve missed you, Will.

Will pressed ‘end call’ almost before Hannibal finished.

Me watching tonight's episode
  • Me:*crying because Sam and Dean were having a brother moment*
  • My dad:*walks over and looks at Dean* "that guy is so gay"
  • My dad:*looks at me like he wants to send me to a mental hospital and walks away*

Important News for the Winx Club Live Action Movie!

Warner Bros.-based Hollywood Gang has partnered with Italy’s Rainbow Group to develop and produce a live-action movie inspired by the animated and popular global Winx Club TV series. This comes after Netflix recently announced it ordered two seasons of programming this year for an animated Winx Club spinoff series from Rainbow called Winx Club Wow: World Of Winx. 

I really want to do higher rated RBGs, but they obviously require me to go on voice chat. But after getting so many awkward reactions when I’ve been on voice, because I’m a woman. I get really put off to go on voice chat because I’m already shy as it is. Another thing is that some people always say “don’t expect to get any special treatment” which really annoys me. Because first, why would I expect that just because my gender? And secondly, acting differently just because I’m female.