wow I rlly wish I had never gotten baptized bc like I’m rlly not Catholic or Christian and I don’t want to associate any part of myself with that and I willingly got baptized like 12 yr old me wyd??? stop that ???

The Berenstain Bears and, yes, even more weird ass covers

This is going to be a relatively short edition, covering only 2 covers, but It’s midnight and I’m lazy, bite me.

The Berenstain Bears and T-wow, look at that cheeky fuck. It looks like some dangerous criminal in a Santa suit has broken into the Berenstain residence and is currently mocking the possibly deaf bear family as he steals their toys.

In unrelated news as I typed toys, one of the autocorrect words was toyyyyyyyyyoda, so make of that what you will.

Honestly, I hope that is a criminal, because if that is in fact the actual Santa, he’s doing a pretty shitty job. All the Bear family has to do is take on sideways glance in his direction and he’s fucked.

God, he didn’t even bother wrapping the toys, he’s just dumping them on the fucking floor, unless he plans on wrapping the presents as he delivers them.

Let’s hope The Night Before Christmas is a lot longer than I remember.

The Berenstain Bears and the reason Brother and Sister live somewhere else now.

Seriously, Papa looks like he’s about to unleash a serious can of whoop ass.

Now, keep in mind, I don’t actually know the plot of most of these books, I derive most of my information from the cover. I assume this book follows the plot of brother and sister breaking a window and proceeding to blame the other for it, the book probably ends with some half hearted message about lying being wrong, or some other generic childen’s book moral.

It was probably sister who broke the window, in which case Brother’s blame is perfectly acceptable, how to fuck was he supposed to know sister was going to bat it into the fucking window?

Or, who knows? Maybe Brother’s to blame, I mean, somebody did it, it can’t have been BOTH of them that broke the window.

Jesus, that ball must be made out of goddamn metal, I can understand the window being broken, but it took off some of the FRAME.

Fuck it, I’m doing 3 covers, NEXT!

Not much to say about this one, it’s a mostly harmless cover, depicting the Cubs sitter walking towards the door as the children watch on in ominous doom, while moma stands behind them, stoned as fuck.

Again, not much to say with this one, except that the bird in the left is checking out that bear ass.

Yes, I hate myself for typing that.


thank you worst nightmare I’ve had in memory

which I don’t even want to describe here because it involved a friend who has pretty bad anxiety and might see it


wow brain


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"Wow. You look amazing."

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   ELEGANT, fine &&.  dangerous.  The demon had such a portrait it was  h a r d   to tell this man was once Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail the only trail left was a mere ghost . Clothes would remain in place &&. never would he have a need to tug  them or strip , that was an habit that was long dead &&. so was his (sanity )  humanity.

  Later would he wonder why he was talking so calmed with the blue haired women who he saw die more than once;  two, three, four, ten? , how many times does he have to keep seeing his precious ones die? Over and over in a infinite cicle he was prisoner of. 

  ❛    ━━  Complimenting me won’t get you anywhere young lady. ❜  

thebreloomroom replied to your post “thebreloomroom replied to your post “me: wow that post i read a while…”

what was it about, if I may ask? :0

ahhh i don’t particularly want to get into it. it wasn’t like a Bad Post™ and i didn’t even completely disagree with it, it just rubbed me the wrong way i guess? i’m also not completely sure my opinion is a Good Opinion, if that makes sense.

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And we're back 😋 7, 23, 62, 74, 75 & 82 🐶

7: What would you do if you found out you had been cheated on? - Wow. Cry a lot, probably. But I guess it depends on the severity? I mean if he’d made out with some chick but it turns out it was really meaningless, I’d not talk to him for a while but eventually forgive. If I find out it’s a long time thing with legitimate romantic motivation I’d freak. I mean the least you can do is have the balls to break up. So I’d go full throttle music video style, smashing the Playstation, burning his clothes etc. Then again, I’m pretty sure he’d tell me before it ever got that bad. It’s fun to imagine the scenario of destruction though! (Hope he never reads this, yikes.)

23: Were you happier four months ago than you are now? - Exactly four months ago I was in the middle of graduating, which means I was partly happy, but also stressed the fuck out and worried about not having booked a job. Now I have three shows running and am no longer obligated to talk to people I don’t want around (aka dumbasses at school). All in all it’s an improvement I’d say!

62: Who do you text the most? - My boyfriend, then my close friends.

74: When you kiss someone for the first time, is it usually you who initiates it or the other? - Ahahaha I’d rather die than taking the first step. I’m never certain that people are really that interested and basically blind to flirting and hinting. Most times I sit there and try to read the body language but I’m never entirely sure I’m not making it up in my head.

75: What part of a person’s body do you find most attractive? - Depends on the person entirely. I’ve fallen in love with people’s faces, breasts, collar bones, whatever it is that captures my attention.

82: Do you tell a lot of people when you have a crush? - Nope. The gossip among actors is insane and most of my social interactions take places around actors. I’ve learned to choose wisely…

98: No, though I would really like to. There are a few mutuals I’ve talked about this to that I’d love to hang out with!

I’ve always had a #fascination for #lightning #storms . Isn’t this photo amazing? It literally shows the #heavens #photography #photo #pic #picoftheday #stars #star #night #sky #nightsky #magical #brilliant #stormcloud #clouds #wow photo from @jasonweingart over Ormand Beach, Florida (at Ormond Beach, Florida)

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Let's say Chris & Trilby between 5days and notes was (kinda) canon. After notes STP and Ministry became one thing and Trilby was send on mission, but got into trouble. Chis rescued him and that's how they re-united. He also won't let Tril forget this

“ (wow characters limit sucks) What i mean is, when Chris wants something he often goes like “Hey Trilbs, remember who rescued you back then? :3c” and Trilby is like “..MMMMM okay, but just shut up”. “

Like, Chris would get real snarky about it all “gee mister thief you can’t even take care of yourself”. Like, he wants Trilby to go see a movie w him or something and Trilby is like “absolutely not” and all he has to do is bring up “hey remember when i saved u from death i won’t be doing it again”.

trufax though it would really hurt him. like chris just CARES SO MUCH and he can’t stand the thought of his soulmate being in trouble. QUOTE ME ON IT.


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Oh wow, I wrote this tonight in very tiny print around my doodle so it was difficult to read.
It seemed to flow more in written cursive words.
Well, blundering and fumbling is Human nature and so I’m going to keep this entry from my Diary tonight anyway.
It’s a bit sloppy though minus well of read to you guys The Fox in Socks lol.
Oh well:
“Rad Rubic’s Cube Relation,”
Haha did it to myself with the stumbling Suess'n on ‘em.

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As a middle schooler I was a huge weeaboo. Not to the extent of claiming to be "born the wrong race", but it was pretty embarrassing. I'm ashamed of that time period. I had someone explain to me that my mindset was wrong and wanted to (1/2)

- [“(2/2) thank you for making this post. Back then I didn’t know I was being offensive and when someone pointed it out I was like "oh sht, you’re right”. I stopped that and all similar behavior. Thank you for educating people. Have a nice day"]

wow thank u so much for being open-minded!! im glad that u liked my post and changed ur weaboo ways. ur very welcome and bless u!