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baby it honestly crushes me when you say your insecure about yourself! you are too gorgeous, i recently added you on snapchat and cannot even find the words to say how beautiful you are! Not to mention that you're unbelievably nice and one of the sweetest people I've come across, also your writing is goals and your smut makes me hot every time I read it!! You continue to inspire not only myself but hundreds of other people to pursue their writing dreams. You're a gem babe, never forget that xx

Wow. This is insane. Thank you, thank you, thAnk you for being so kind and actually thinking these things and putting them into words. It helps. I love you and I’m so so grateful. Bless you💗💗💗


Today at JB HIFI. My daughter finds yoga. #wow #yoga #jbhifi #amazing #tv #bendigo

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I tell ya. The peeps from misfits production is already a legend in upm considering the fact that I’m already being contacted to be recruited for other plays now. Wow.

weird but nice encounters ive had lately:

i was walking down the street to meet my friend and theres these two guys waiting at the crosswalk, and one of them goes “hey how you doin” and im like “….fine” cause i wasnt feeling too good that day. then he gave me a fist bump and started talking about how across the street (and he literally said “that building, what does that building do”) there were fire alarms going off earlier but nobody was evacuating even though there were tons of fire trucks outside. then he and his friend had to cross the street but he was like “ok gnight have a good one” and i was like. wow weird but it was nice

then i was at the pizza place down my street and the cashier was so nice and they said they liked my hair. and i gave them my card to pay and they said they liked my nails! and they said pink was their favorite color along with blue and green and i was like “I LOVE BLUE AND PINK TOO” and they gave me a high five they were so sweet


Wow! This is amazing! I can’t believe 400 of you want to follow me haha :)

Please continue to share all the Colin/Percival things with me forever. I LOVE talking with you guys, and I love seeing your reactions on my one-shots. 

A new fic is coming out later tonight! (I’m in EST in case you were wondering xD)

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:) With pleasure.. Yeah I crush, I think you have a pretty face and (by blog of course) I assume that a great personality as well.

Oh wow! You’re a rare one

Wow. This bitch really told me she gave a nigga her number so they could play iMessage games….. 😐😐😐😑😒🤔 Gotta be the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.

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Wow. You weren't kidding. That story was everything I wanted and more. From Makoto's struggles to him mustering the energy and courage to how understanding, supportive, appreciative and how in-character Class 78 was. I couldn't believe it. It actaully made me remember how love and support to a depressed person feels like. I actually cried while reading it. Thank you for showing me "So Smile!", I'll never forget it. (Uh, I hope I still get to see your take on this... if you don't mind someday...)

I knooooow. It’s my all-time fav fic! And I still reread it every now and then because depressed!Naegi is such a relatable character there and how fully supportive the rest of the class is. It just makes me so happy. I could point out all the reasons as to why and how well they handled/reacted to his symptoms. I kind of wished I had read this during my own period of weakness back then… but it still brings comfort to me now.

Oh, and I too am looking forward to my take on this. Ever since I read “So Smile” it has been one of my writing goals to write a depressed!naegi (with supportive friends) and I might want to try a depressed!nanami (with supportive friends) fic as well. I just really love these types of comfort fics and “So Smile” is the only one I’ve read in the dr fandom which does justice to this sensitive topic.

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I want to create something (aside from what I’ve already done so far) that will bring comfort to readers especially those who are going through struggles such as ours. Ultimately, I just want to make someone’s day better even if only by just a bit. Because honestly, it’s those little things that get us through the day.

Right, I have bought my Christmas presents for myself for the year.

Should be a good Christmas!

omg i definitely have a crush on one of my teammates, like i have no interest in actually getting at her, but i am just amazed at how pretty she is LOL. wow. i cant even explain it but its that small crush idk im just ‘wow ur so pretty and a great dancer’ lool