We broke the record for most raised by an online sweepstakes ever. Not just by Prizeo. Everrrrrr.

So you’ve made my mom the coolest board member on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. To that I am always grateful. And you’ve done an amazing thing and supported an incredible organization in its time of need.

Thank you video from Lin-Manuel Miranda for contributors to the December 2016 Hamilton Across America Prizeo benefiting Planned Parenthood

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Hello! Anon from Brazil again xD I actually started learning english bc I couldn't find any good sterek fanfictions in portuguese (yes, I'm aware that it's a HORRIBLE reason to learn another language)... 5 years in school and the teacher couldn't teach me what "good morning" means, i really hope that she never find the truth about my -not so- suddenly good grades XDDD

Oh my god….you learned English… read Sterek……

That is, without a doubt, the best thing I have ever heard AND I SAY CELEBRATE IT. EMBRACE IT. I swear, whenever I think of the countless things the Sterek fandom has done, I am never not going to include the fact it encouraged someone to learn a whole other freaking language!! 

You are too cute, nonnie. TOO CUTE.

imagine this: it’s the the start of the 2017-18 season, staal and holden are gone, the rangers have an ACTUAL defense, brady and jimmy still have an unfurnished apartment, half the team is off to vegas, brendan fucking smith is resigned and we have a coach that actually has a heart


I’m so addicted to this song and Wa

Loulou Microbe tout perdu, tout tétanisé pendant son premier discours.

Loulou Microbe qui traverse la cour comme un enfant apeuré, dans la solitude la plus complète.

Loulou Microbe devant la foule, après tant d’efforts, après tant de mois, après tant d’énergie dépensée.

Loulou Microbe sous la pyramide du Louvre, dans un plan parfaitement étudié.

Loulou Microbe avec Brigitte.

Loulou Président.