Ok but lounging backstage playing on your phone while luke idly plays songs on his guitar and he’d make up a really dumb song along the lines of ‘why is my girlfriend ignoring me’ and you’d look up from your phone and call him an idiot bc ‘we’ve literally been talking this whole time’ and he’d sing his reply of 'why do you hate me’ and you’d roll your eyes and lock your phone sighing, 'you’ve got my full attention now, teach me how to play?’ and he’d light up with a proud lil smile bc not only did he win but now he gets to sit with you even closer than before and share one of his favorite things ever with you and you’d mess up a lot but he’d just smile and tell you how good you were doing and you’d be like 'i know im terrible but thank you for lying to me’ and he’d get all blushy when you give him a kiss and the boys come in hollering little teases at you two