A Snowbaz Fairytale

AN: This fairytale started to from in my head, and then I realized it would make a lot of sense as a snowbaz fairytale. It’s been boiling up in my head all day so I finally decided to write is down. Here it is, I hope people like it.

Once there was a young king that ruled one of the greatest kingdoms. 
He was known as King Snow. 
His name might be Snow, but he was as shone like the sun. 

King Snow was a good man though he had vicious powers. 
His heart might had been pure and good, but his powers weren’t. 
His name might be Snow, but his power was like fire. 

King Snow was a king who put his people before himself and his riches.
King Snow was a king who was meant to made the right decisions.
Though, King Snow was a king that was flawed and broken. 

His good mind and the love in heart started to contradict the power rushing through his body, which drove the king to madness. 

He knew there wasn’t much choice in the choice he had to make.
King Snow, the king who put his people before himself and his riches, gave up everything he had and ran.
He gave the title of power to his wife Agatha, he knew she would do right.
He gave his people the safety of not having to fear a king with more power that he could handle.
And he ran. 

King Snow left the kingdom and went into the mountains.

He became nothing more than a man with a story. 

Now the interpretation is up to you. Was it a coward who ran from his fear of controlling what’s inside of him, or a brave man who gave up everything he loved to save his people?

Days, weeks, months went by. 
Most people made up their opinion; their king was a coward. 

Queen Agatha stood strong, she had always been a woman who could stand strong without the man she loved by her side. 
She married a new man, but kept the title of power to herself.
She remained queen. King Snow left this land to her because he trusted her to serve it right. 
People might believe he was a coward, but she had always seen him as a brave man.

Penelope thought the same way. King Snow had always been the bravest man she had ever knows. 
She was his right hand and had seen him made harder decisions half of the kings in this realm would be able to make. 
He was a good man and a good friend. 

Penelope and Queen Agatha missed King Snow. 
No one knew if he was really okay. All they could do was believe.
His name might be Snow, but he was golden and a miracle to this realm. 
He could save himself. They believed.

This they did until word came from the mountains. 
Rumors told that a furious beast had awoken there.

Queen Agatha and Penelope knew that that was where King Snow had located himself. 
King Snow who now needed to be saved from this furious beast.
They owed it to him, the whole kingdom owed him since the day he left. 

The quest was a dangerous one, but both Queen Agatha and Penelope trusted the quest to the most fearsome knight of all knights.
Young knight Basilton. 

Basilton traveled for days until he arrived at the foot of the mountain.
That was where his climb started.
A climb that would be the start of his glory.
He would kill the beast, save the king.
He would be a hero.
He wouldn’t run.
He wouldn’t be a coward.
He would be praised by all the land. 

When knight Basilton was high up into the mountains he started to hear the beast.
He heard roars.
Not roars of anger; roars of pain. 
Roars that were more like howls. 

Basilton followed the noises the beast was making.
Louder and louder the noises became.

Then Basilton saw him.

It wasn’t the beast.
Or maybe it was.
It was the king.

His name might had been Snow, but he was all fire now. Bursting in light like the sun as golden as he was.
He had red wings and a devils tail.
He was roaring and howling. Fire bursting out of him.
It looked as if he had a devil inside him, trying to come out. 
He was the most beautiful thing Basilton had ever seen. Though he might be broken.

King Snow asked Basilton if he came to kill him.
Basilton told him no. 

Basilton could not kill the king. 
Not even if he was also the beast. 
He didn’t care about his glory. 

King Snow told Basilton he should kill him. He was a monster the king believed.
Basilton told him no.

The king was a beast but the king was not a monster. 

King Snow looked at the knight. 
The knight with hair black as the night.
Eyes fierce as a storm. 

Basilton told the king he was not a monster.
The king didn’t believe his words
The king did believe that the knight believed the words.

Maybe that was enough.

Basilton came closer to the king.
He was not a monster. 

The knight was a beautiful man.
King Snow knew he had to have a beautiful heart as well.
King Snow knew the knight believed he wasn’t a monster.

King Snow asked the knight what his name was.


The King let Basilton come close. 
Basilton believed the King was not a monster.
The King would never hurt his own people. 

Basilton was brave.
Basilton was brave because he believed. 

Basilton came closer to King Snow.
The flames might burn him.
The flames did hurt King Snow. 

All King Snow could do is look at the brave knight Basilton.
The knight who believed. 
All King Snow could do is look into the eyes of Basilton.
All King Snow could see there was the was Basilton looked at him.
How Basilton looked at the king.

Then the king believed.
He was not a monster. 

Basilton came even closer and the flames grew smaller. 
All the king could think was that Basilton was beautiful and he believed. 

The flames stopped coming out of the king. 
Basilton was only inches away.

Basilton told the king he was not here to kill him.
He was here to save him. 

With that the brave knight Basilton took the hands of the king and kissed him.

Basilton kissed his king. 

King Snow kissed his knight. 

The great vicious power inside of King Snow seemed to become overpowered by the force of what the King felt for this knight.
The knight who had came to save him.
The knight who believed in him. 
The knight called Basilton.

When the kissing stopped they looked into each other eyes. 
The King realized that his darkness had been comforted by the love Basilton had showed him. 

The love Basilton had showed him by coming for him.
The love Basilton had showed him by sparing his life.
The love Basilton had showed him by believing in him.
The love Basilton had showed him by kissing him.
The love Basilton had showed him by seeing, truly seeing, that King Snow is not a monster. 

And King Snow loved him. Loved him in a way he never loved.
King Snow had never been able to calm the vicious power inside, but Basilton could. 

Basilton traveled back to the queen and told her the monster was gone.
Basilton was praised by all the land.
The queen told him he could have anything he wanted
Basilton told her he wanted to go back to King Snow.
And so he did. 

Basilton went back to be with his King Snow because he loved him.
Their love was the only think that could protect the king and the kingdom. 

King Snow had always tried to kill his vicious powers by overthrowing it with the goodness in him. But goodness wasn’t strong enough.

He needed the power of love, true love, to calm his darkness.
Love that was not good nor bad.
Love was always love, not more not less. 

Love is love.
And it’s the strongest power that there is. 

Happy Birthday Phil!

Summary: Dan doesn’t know what to get Phil for his birthday, so Pj offers to help. Although what Dan doesn’t know, is that Pj’s offering up Dan.

Word Count: 3.1k

TW: none

Genre: Fluff (despite how smutty the summary makes it sound haha)

i wrote this for phil’s birthday! he’ll be getting a ton of presents today so i figured that all of us should get one too :]

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‘I wish things could always be this simple,’ she mused. 'Just us, you know? The two of us, looking up at stars that are infinitely more complex than we are, without a care in the world; no want, no worry. No stress, no fear. Everything seems like it’s okay’
—  (via fraagmented)
Imagine Kylo Ren Getting The Hiccups While Wearing His Mask

Originally posted by nothingwillstandinourway

You bit your lip to contain your laugh at the odd, robotic hiccup that came from Kylo. It was so odd, yet so funny, and even though you thought it was hilarious, you kept your laughter in, not sure if his famous temper would flare if you did.

“What are you smiling at?” Kylo asked a bit coarsely, although he knew full well what had amused you, and it embarrassed him a bit, but he refused to remove his helmet in front of you.

“N-Nothing, sir,” you said, suppressing your grin, “you were saying?”

“I was saying that the Resistance has been-” he was interrupted by another hiccup, and this time, you let your whole smile break through.

“It’s not funny!” Kylo huffed, and he flushed an indignant pink under his mask. You couldn’t hold it anymore; it was too much for you to take. You started laughing into your hand, although you quickly stopped when you snorted. Blushing at yourself, you covered your mouth with your hand, though you tried to act like it was no big deal.

You didn’t see it at the time, but under his mask, Kylo was almost smiling at you.

(For Anon)

  • Kagami:Kuroko, I think I’m getting my period.
  • Kuroko:…Okay.
  • Kagami:This is a real thing, okay? I looked it up on the Internet. It’s called, uh, “sympathy PMS,” right? Now, apparently this is an affliction that men suffer from all the time.
  • Kuroko:Right on.
  • Kagami:I don’t know how it happened, man, but somehow, I got on that woman’s cycle of menstruation… and I got that menstruation inside of me.
  • Kuroko:Kagami-kun, men can’t get their periods. Where would they put the tampon?
  • Kagami:Hey! Are you calling me stupid? You’re the one that’s stupid, okay? You jack-faced butthole!
  • Alex:[screaming] Who’s the jack-faced butthole who turned off the hot water?!
  • Kagami:Witch! What have you done to my body?
  • Alex:SHUT UP, YOU!

A flat tire leads Emma to Regina’s mansion one night. She decides to stay in Storybrooke for a short while, only she had no intentions of falling in love with its Mayor.