So this being James S Potter’s first year, Teddy Lupin’s last, and McGonagall’s year of thinking she would retire kind of makes me so happy. Like, we’re continuing the lives of the characters without books and that to me is something special.


In other words, none of your fucking business.

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What is your favourite colour and what does that say about you?

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                      ❝ Ahhh… I usually lean more towards —-

                    A sea of EMOTION throbbing within constricted veins,
                           instability && spontaneity at constant battle,
                                      yet both come out as the victor.


                         The color of an ever burning FLAME crackling
                         beneath an array of stars painting evening sky,
                                  soft glow of moonlight shadowed in
                                  comparison to its smoldering haze. 


                    A radiant glow staining flesh with lusted intentions,
                         coveted lips smearing its CRIMSON down a
                                  canvas of freckled, writhing limbs. 


                             Poison hissed through clenched teeth,
                           scorching its victim with bloodied regret;
                            seeping through pores && suffocating
                                                  deflated lungs,
a side effect to a fit of RAGE.

                              It was the color of    ALL EMOTIONS.

                                      ❝ —- RED.


No but yeah absolutely. Like, Bail would have known what was coming (that Leia would join the Rebellion and would be a key player, probably even more so after he died–because I’m actually fairly convinced that Bail suspected he would die before the end of the war), but I also feel like he would have hoped desperately that he was wrong, and that Leia would be spared that burden.

But then she keeps doing things, and proving him right at every turn, and while he’s just so immensely proud of her, he’s still somewhat heartbroken. Because “I saw this coming for you, but oh Lelila, there will be so much pain for you down this path.”

(I didn’t mention Breha a whole lot in here because I headcanon that she died when Leia was 8. So while she definitely had these same thoughts, they weren’t nearly as fully realized as Bail’s, as she passed when Leia was still just a kid, and the dice weren’t entirely certain where they were going to fall just yet.)

the first my chemical romance song written, recorded, and published was “skylines and turnstiles”

the first lyrics to the song were “you’re not in this alone”

the last my chemical romance song written, recorded, and published was “mastas of ravenkroft”

the last lyrics to the song were “i’m so fucking alone”

hetalia: the world twinkle episode 8 recap:

•finland being a sweet cinnamon bun

•norse mythologies

•sweden and denmark in war

•sweden walking across the frozen ocean (very angrily)

•denmark didnt want to look uncool in front of norway.







•norway having a shitty house

•denmark feeling bad

•norway lowkey caring for denmark

•denmark crying (wHICH HURT ME)

•the nordics being the best fuckin thing ever

i love them so much

imagine Snapback Luke coming home from hockey practice all sweaty and wet and eyes wide once he sees you making his high carb supper in his shirt that he usually wears to practice. he’d come up to you from behind and make you gasp gently and jump a bit once he’d wrap his arms around your waist, smirking as he puts his head to your neck. “and to think I lost this shirt babe” he’d whisper to you, chuckling a bit before kissing your neck and tugging on his shirt that you’d wear. you’d smile and stir the spaghetti noodles before he turns off the stove and moving you and setting you on the counter, moving himself in between your legs. “hey-” “you know that this is my favorite shirt, baby” he’d whisper, leaning in to kiss your jawline. you’d squeak and pull him closer to you by your legs. he’d chuckle before heading towards your neck. “but it’s my favorite on you too” he’d admit, biting down. “I say we take this thing off and have our own…practice” he’d whisper after you’d moan and grasp his broad shoulders, tugging on his shirt. “what do you say, princess? why don’t you let your stud take good care of you…” he’d murmur, moving his hands under the shirt while licking your necks flesh and it was nice living ok

i think calum would absolutely love calling you cute nicknames like darling and baby doll because he’d feel like it sort of hints out how he sees you and describes what he feels about you. like baby doll kind of represented the way your eyes would get big and kinda shine whenever you’d get excited or passionate about something. and darling would be the way he thought how endearing everything you did was. 

Batman headcanon that Bruce has one very clear, crystal moment when he realized that he loved each of his kids. He’s never told anyone but he keeps this secret moment deep in his heart for his darkest days.

Dick was the first child he took into his heart and, surprisingly, it was the quickest realization. Perhaps it was because of the stark similarities in their situations but Bruce fell hard and fast. It was while Dick was in his temporary custody following his parents’ murder. Bruce and Dick went for a walk in the gardens outside the Manor to try and cheer up the sad kid when he slipped and fell on the wet grass dragging Dick with him. Dick’s tiny giggles soon became noisy laughter as they struggled to sit up. Finally feeling comfortable, Dick soon lights up and chatters all the way back to house, a small hand clinging to Bruce’s wet sweater sleeve. It was on this walk back Bruce realized that he wanted to protect this child forever and began the adoption process the next day.

While not one of his kids in the traditional sense, Bruce finds he loves Barbara Gordon as well. She’s just becoming serious as Batgirl and is now actively training with the rest of the family when Bruce catches Dick staring at her. While initially, he writes it off as puppy love, Bruce realizes over time that his son had fallen head over heels in love without his notice. It’s only when he sees Barbara give that small smile back and Bruce knows she’s going to be his daughter one day and he loves her it.

Jason took longer. Bruce initially saw him as a temporary guest at the house and while he cared for the boy, it took a bit to love him. The moment came middle of the night a few weeks into Jason’s stay when Bruce caught him trying to run away. Jason admitted that he felt he didn’t belong here and, though he appreciated the care, he didn’t belong in such a nice home. Terrified at the thought of losing this boy he just realized he loved, Bruce scoops up the skinny kid, tells him to his face that he’ll always protect him and tucks him back in bed. He reads Jason a few chapters from a book even though it’s now like 2 am before stroking his hair and kissing his forehead. The next morning Jason comes down to find an enormous breakfast and plans to shop for more permanent living requirements (clothes, furniture).

His realization with Tim came in the middle of an argument. Not too long into his Robin training, Tim becomes overly frusterated with Bruce’s comparisons to Dick and Jason. He’s tired of being held to Dick’s perfect standard and the constant cautioning about Jason. Bruce and Tim bicker back and forth until Bruce realizes that his arguments with Dick and Jay were never like this and Tim is so different from the other boys and he loves him for it, for his dedication and intuition. Bruce just stops mid-sentence, replies that Tim is right and that he’ll do better to be less critical of Tim. He then asks Tim to stay for dinner and, later, gives him his own room. Tim remembers it as one of the few arguments he won against Bruce but doesn’t realize the full significance.

He finds out he loves Cassandra during the process of official adoption. He took her in because she needed care and guidance and didn’t really think beyond that. But it’s as he working with her on reading and writing, helping her work on her signature that it comes to him. The moment comes when he finds the words that will bring a smile to her face. Calling her My Girl and giving her positive praise bring the biggest smiles and he finds that he wants to keep that smile on her forever because he loves her. He doesn’t do anything special for the moment other to gently tuck a stray tuft of hair behind her ear but the moment is seared onto his heart.

Bruce actually mistakes his ‘moment’ at first for Damian. He thinks at first it’s when Damian comes up to him and quietly tells Bruce he’s sorry for his disrespectful behavior early in his stay. Bruce smiles and pets Dami’s head and tells him to his face that he loves him. But it’s only much later that Bruce finds that he really does love Dami beyond his blood connection. It’s a small moment when he walks by the kitchen and finds Dick and Damian chatting over breakfast. Dami is behaving snarkily, rolling his eyes and tutting over Dick’s behavior but his eyes are smiling and Bruce is filled with pride that the son he never knew he had has found happiness and that he never let his blood child feel unloved ever again.

These memories come to him at random times at which he’d quietly reach over to the child in question and ruffle their hair or pat their arm. These moments pass so quickly, the batkids never really get a chance to question the gesture only understanding on a subconscious level the intense love behind it.


sorry I’m just I can’t stop laughing because I’m rewatching the OVA for a fic i”m writing inspired à la the beautiful and talented craigalicious-edenfire57 and I’m dying a little bit because


he is so not down with Haru being Nitori’s prince, like not even a little bit