WOW OK this was in my drafts

i'm a goddamn hypocrite
  • what i say:suicide isn't the answer. things will get better, i promise.
  • what i think:i just want to fucking die. nothing will ever change.
  • what i say:cutting won't help. self harm makes things worse.
  • what i think:i need to cut. it's the only thing that makes me feel better.
  • what i say:size doesn't matter. you're beautiful no matter what!
  • what i think:i'm a disgusting, fat pig. i have to stop eating.

ok so i’ve tweaked moses’s bio a little, he is now an avatar rather just a firebender woooooo. i’ve also done ramona’s bio and  added a litle more ‘quick facts’ to warren’s bio…idk i just hope people actually read them?? i’ll get started on my drafts tomorrow (i haven’t updated the drafts page on my blog so ignore that for now pls)…opp, i’m going to bed so night night c:

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why is poca so furious

ohhh no I know this question was gonna come

shit what should I do

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Internet is still slow, it took five minutes each for those three drafts to be posted D: Will get back on tomorrow night (late) and hopefully the new lines will be installed and our connection will be as fast as the government promised it would be four years ago :)!

I’m starting my new job tomorrow, and so won’t be on until late evening, but I will try to get some drafts done before I pass out!

Drafts: 17
Asks: 00
Starters: 01 ( dxrkerpxth I’m just gonna put our thing up tomorrow so you don’t have to worry about it bby (: )

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Yes i did it was so cute and sweet! I sent in another reigou prompt for that fic meme too, but it's okay if you don't do it since you probably have a lot haha

ah i’m happy you liked it it was so nice writing for them. i love them so much wow. oh man, i do have a lot. i have like 12?? i think but oh man reigou is sitting in my drafts right now and i’m working on it bit by bit and there is no way i would ever pass up writing for reigou ok. :))))) 

// I don’t want to sleep but I know I need to but I just wanna stay up and eat snacks and do my drafts and pet my bunny kjsdnfcdkjfd

ok i have 12 drafts that i’m going to literally truck through after i have a shower, and then i’m going to do my homework that’s due tomorrow (since tomorrow is monday for me) after that, i’m sorry for being gone so long wow im trash hope you still love me

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‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡ { Runs in ten minutes late and slams this in your inbox. }


i have your starter in my drafts and I’m just really excited to write with you like….. I really wanna know how the whole scene is led up to in game when Dorian’s all like i CANNOT BELIEVE I READ THIS TRASH WOW. bc like…. it’s literally fluff and cass is such a bab about it and yep pls.