I know that most people hate Thrall but… Even if I see their reasoning, I just can’t hate him. And sadly, the only reason I can’t hate him is because I think he is attractive. I mean, can we all just take a moment to appreciate his model in WoD? That beard… Those muscles… Those blue eyes… *swoon* I’d worship Green Jesus any day!

every time i watch a new episode of black sails i think it’s impossible to outdo the last… but they do. every time. every new episode gets somehow better. no matter just how GREAT the previous one was, they step up their game. im genuinely in awe of this show and it’s quality

I don’t really enjoy playing my main very much anymore, but I’ve had it since vanilla and have a bunch of stuff you can’t obtain anymore, so playing another character would feel like I’m putting all that stuff to “waste”