Amazing: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Builds Elaborate Tribute In Minecraft

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Love my new bath bomb 🍜

Hot Hot Hollywood: Leonardo DiCaprio Has Put On His Corduroy Pants And He Is Walking To The Public Library To Read The Bible

Here he comes! Yes, it’s none other than glamorous Leonardo DiCaprio from Tinsel’s Town, and if you’re not sitting down, then you’re going to want to buy a chair for the hot hot hot news that we are going to tell you right now: Leonardo DiCaprio has put on his corduroy pants, and he is walking to the public library to read the Bible.

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Emrinn Evenlight, priestess of a fallen house, widow, wife, and mother. High elf resident of Dalaran, Wrath of the Lich King era.

Even so many years after losing the Sunwell and her home, the burns inflicted by shadow magic still haven’t faded. Perhaps they stay because Emrinn herself can’t let go. 

She wears a veil to diffuse the light shining upon her face, and hopefully, hide the scars. 



The 7 Most Grueling Challenges Of Navy SEAL Hell Week

1. Not being scared of guns: SEAL operatives often have to use guns in the field, so it’s imperative that trainees not be terrified of firearms. On the first day of Hell Week, an instructor shows recruits a photo of a gun to test if it causes them to scream or faint, and if they do, they’ll have to pack their bags immediately.

2. Sleep near a man who plays the tambourine very well for three straight nights: Sleep deprivation starts to take its toll due to the man and his incredibly catchy tambourine solos. In order to get any rest, recruits have to resist tapping their toes to the percussionist’s beautiful drumming and jingling.

3. Walk through a swamp until they get bored: Recruits must endure wading through neck-deep, freezing-cold mud until they decide they would rather do something else. During real missions, it’s very important for SEALs to stop doing useless, boring things, so this challenge tests the recruit’s crucial ability to get bored. Candidates who never get bored and spend all of Hell Week in the swamp are disqualified from the program.

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