"World War Zimmerman" Quotes/Jokes/References

Check out what “World War Zimmerman” brought us:


  • “Well have you thought about maybe writing your feelings down in a poem? Write a poem and give that- and give that to Token.”
  • “Daddy, who is Treyvon Martin?”
  • “Fuck you Brad Pitt!”
  • “No, my wife Token! That’s my wife!”
  • “I was not the shooter, I was not the gun. So Token, you should be cool while we’re all here at school.”
  • “Black people say Hey! Hey! Hey!” - “Let me here you say I don’t blame the white people.”
  • Brad Pitt Survival Gear.
  • “Oh wait is this a Tesla? Shit, well step on the prissy pedal, we’re gunna die.”
  • “I won’t become one of them!” *jumps out the plane*
  • “I won’t let the black people riots destroy the world.” - “Thank yo- Wait, what?!”
  • “Oh boy, zombie apocalypse!”
  • “Black guy in the back!” *plane crashes again*
  • “I haven’t had the time to thank you for doing wh-” SMASH!
  • “We… need you to shoot a young African American for us.” - “I gave that up.” - “You’re the best Zimmerman!”
  • “…his wishes are to remain anonymous, giving the hospital only the nickname, Brad Pitt… but cooler.”
  • “Inside the red line is- that- that’s my ground, he was on it.”


  • Mr. Garrison is teaching a lesson on The French Revolution while referencing the film Les Misérables. One section reads, “Anne Hathaway - Hot?”
  • The episode references the George Zimmerman trial and how the media covered it.
  • Multiple parts of the episode parody the film World War Z [SPOILER WARNING] including Brad Pitt’s character’s interactions with his “perfect” family, the start of the zombie attack, his taking control of every situation by making everyone listen to him, zombies climbing on top of each other to reach tall heights, the tracking of “patient zero”, a plane crash caused by zombies being on board, and his reuniting with his family at the end of the film.
  • One of the attacking black people is the viral video Leprechaun Guy who also appeared in “The Coon”.
  • Cartman sings Michael Bublé’s “It’s A Beautiful Day”. Not sure if it’s related, but here’s a video of Michael Bublé doing a Cartman impression.
  • Cartman’s map of where it could be “safe” has an arrow pointing at Africa that says “NO WAY”.
  • Cartman’s drawing of Token says “Inside of hand not as black as outside”.
  • Jimbo’s map of “Stand Your Ground” laws across America has states with a “Make My Day Law” and “We Don’t Take Kindly To All You Minorities Law”.
  • The “Make My Day” Law is an actual term for a law that was passed by Colorado in 1985. Its also known as Castle Doctrine. (HT: Craig)
  • Overall, the episode both satirizes those who expected race riots in response to the George Zimmerman verdict and the logic of “stand your ground” laws. Of course while also parodying World War Z.

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