Skull Armchair by French designer Harold Sangouard, aka Harrow “Built For Comfort And World Domination”

  • exterior structure: polyester resin and fiberglass
  • internal frame: steel
  • cover black cotton velvet
  • black gloss finish
  • each chair is numbered
  • 103lb
  • L 47.6" x W 40" x H 40"

The year is 2031

Roosterteeth has acquired anything to do with gaming or comedy

Markiplier? Roosterteeth

Pewdiepie? Roosterteeth

Comedy Central? Roosterteeth

BBC? Roosterteeth

They were sued by multiple governments for being a monopoly

They were simply acquired as well

They have 37 thousand employees named Adam

The original founders are revered as gods among humans

Aliens came to earth

They were acquired as well

All is roosterteeth

Roosterteeth is all