The year is 2031

Roosterteeth has acquired anything to do with gaming or comedy

Markiplier? Roosterteeth

Pewdiepie? Roosterteeth

Comedy Central? Roosterteeth

BBC? Roosterteeth

They were sued by multiple governments for being a monopoly

They were simply acquired as well

They have 37 thousand employees named Adam

The original founders are revered as gods among humans

Aliens came to earth

They were acquired as well

All is roosterteeth

Roosterteeth is all

look, all I’m saying is I want a pokemon game where somewhere near the middle, you get the choice to either play normally, or join the bad guys, rise through the ranks, gain their trust, overthrow the leader and either continue with their original plan, or reform the enemy gang as a force for good.

that’s all i’m saying.


America: Stars are beautiful tonight.
Slovenia: You know what else is beautiful?
America: *blushes* what?
Slovenia: World domination.
Slovenia: What?

*submitted by @tardisimpalatohogwarts

“The stabilized double-paradox is an advanced time travel maneuver, useful in making isolated timelines for recreational world domination.”

Coniferous University grad students can learn this technique in Prof. Darling’s doctorate-level course, “Time Travel 4003: Those Puny Mortals.” Chronological ethics coursework is a mandatory prerequisite. Additional details are available in 1934.