Woohyun Birthday

To celebrate upcoming birthday of our BELOVED PRECIOUS VERY EMBARRASSING TREE OF FLUFF AND SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS greasy Heart Prince Nam BEAUTIFUL PUPPY Woohyun we would like to announce Woohyun Appreciation Week! 

Countdown to his birthday will begin on 1st of February and will last until his birthday on 8th of February. 

WOOHYUN APPRECIATION WEEK (01.02.2016 – 08.02.2016)

  • Day 7 (01.02.2016) – Favourite outfit
  • Day 6 (02.02.2016) – Favourite hairstyle
  • Day 5 (03.02.2016) – Favourite MV
  • Day 4 (04.02.2016) – Favourite variety show/drama appearance
  • Day 3 (05.02.2016) – Favourite quote
  • Day 2 (06.02.2016) – Favourite performance
  • Day 1 (07.02.2016) – Favourite relationship
  • Day 0 (08.02.2016) – Your birthday wishes for Woohyun

Formal note: Please, use only your original artwork and do not edit fantaken photos or fancams. Tag it as “nwh week” and use this form in description:

Woohyun Appreciation Week
Day X

We are waiting for your participation!

kimsggyu asked:

1. Last kiss2. Last phone call3. Last text message4. Last song you listened to5. Last time you cried

1. Last Kiss

Lips soft, almost velvet smooth pressed against his own, though the kiss was hungry, passionate though lacking the underlying feelings that came with passion usually - it was empty, but oh so hot. It would have been the usual, boring kiss he experienced at work - but the lips were softer and left a buzz in his head, a fire running through his veins. 

Something about Kim Sunggyu was very, very addicting. 

2. Last Phone Call

“Yes eomma, I promise I’ll tell you…No, I know that, it’s just hard right now, what with school and work-…Just what I told you, y’know, in a..coffee shop, yeah. Look eomma, I really should be going, I have another ta- shift in five minutes…Okay, I’ll stay safe..love you too, eomma.”

3. Last Text Message

[ sms: 아빠 ] she worries too much. Are we still going to that game Friday?

4. Last Song You Listened To


5. Last Time You Cried

He sniffled, staring down into the glass bowl held tightly in his arms, his pet goldfish floating on its back - clearly deceased. A tear trailed down his cheek as he held the bowl over the toiltet, before upturning the water into the toilet bowl below. 

“Goodbye, Goldy.” In his defense he let a younger cousin name it

Before reaching out and flushing the poor little guy away, other hand coming up to quickly brush away the salty tears, sniffing once again. 

so guess what song i can’t stop replaying since idek anymore omfg the perfect harmonies and beautiful voices and the lyrics about the cactus and all the beautiful iM GoNNNa diE its so perfect and i never realize how much exactly i miss hearing woohyun’s voice until i hear it in a new song and just..im about to friking bawl rn just woohyun can u just plz get out with that amazing beautiful perfect voice just plS ic NA T ANYmroe!

;u; /gon be weepin all day errday/