i’m a bit in shock. i never realised that every person who voiced in Aladdin was a white person. wow. how on earth did they write a movie about middle eastern characters and culture and then get everyone who wasn’t even a person of colour to voice their characters. woah. 

i really hope they cast well for the new live action Aladdin movie. fingers crossed.

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SeKaiYeol vs Light

help! my qpp makes my heart flutter, and my subsequent extreme gayness is making my asthma flare up. 

ok so the other day my older sister was cleaning out her closet and she found a bunch of old things from her childhood and reminiscing, and it made me think that I don’t really have anything that I could reminisce about? like I don’t have a diary, I haven’t taken a selfie in almost a year, and I don’t really have any special things to hold on to? Idk I feel like one day when I’m like 22 or something I won’t remember what I’m like now and then I’ll regret not having keepsakes from when I was younger.

so much oihina in my head!

- like oihina cliche shoujo manga style. cute little new high school student falls in love with his senpai and joins the volleyball team as a manager hey we’re talking cliche so yeah he’s no playing yet and then bam one day shouyou shows off his mad athletic skills on accident and hot damn oikawa falls head over heels in love and attempts to recruit him to play cause holy fudge chibi-chan can jump and yes dates. cute date. cafe dates, movie dates, walking home after practice together. cliche confessions. blushing. kisses at a festival while there are fireworks going off in the distance

- oh man ohohoho but also lets have teacher au because we can. oikawa is of course alway gonna be older because hello age differences. so hina is the cute new english teacher he had a lot of study help in college with his bff yachi okay so yes english teacher. and oikawa asks hina out for drinks after his first day with some of his other co-workers. which hina gladly accepts, because who wouldn’t want to go drinking with oikawa?? and lots of alcohol and then even more alcohol and BAM woah woah why are we waking up in the same bed naked?! and yes hina’s ass and lower back hurt like hell so they know something happened and yes this is all knew to hina because frankly he did NOT know he was attracted to guys so hina freaks out and oikawa decides to court his little ball of sunshine and hina ofc falls in love because who can resist courting oikawa?

- if you know anything about me you KNOW I CAN’T RESIST TATTOO SHOP AU’S so of course this was bound to show up. oikawa as a tattoo artist because hot dammmmn and his body is just covered with those drop dead gorgeous watercolor tattoos (have you seen them?? they are glorious!!) but anyway one day there’s talk about another tattoo shop that went up a few months ago across town. apparently some of HIS customers are thinking of going elsewhere??! wth so oikawa and iwa his childhood friends and fellow tattoo artist oh gosh imagine iwa’s glorious arms covered in ink?? hello my panties have dropped go undercover to check out this new placeeee and hello there what is this?? a sexy little piercing specialist that of course has his tongue pierced because i can’t not have shouyou have a damn tongue piercing. and yes his hair is longer and yes it’s in a ponytail because WOAH. anyway oikawa is stunned when this little ball of sunshine comes up to him and asks him what he plans on getting done. of course he’s thinking you can do anything you want to me. and then the ball of sunshine is laughing and so are kuroo and bokuto (yes they work there too) and iwa is just sighing because oikawa of course said that out loud. but yeah he gets shouyou’s number.

- okay okay but what about hinata as an elementary school teacher-helper kat i can’t resist this either?? and oikawa a single parent. and one day his little girl comes home raving about how she’s gonna marry hinata-sensei when she grows up and oikawa is just panicking because WHO IS THIS MAN STEALING HIS LITTLE GIRL?? so he marches down to the school with his girl in tow the next day and pretty much demands to see this hinata-sensei and then when hina shows up oikawa’s anger leaves him in a flash because oh gosh no honey sorry you’re not marrying him i am say hello to your new mom. and yeah he asks for hina’s number, which is gladly given.

okay.. i’m done. for now. send me headcanons please