I wish people wouldn’t blame WM for every single health-related issue that Oh My Girl gets. Like they had nothing to do with JinE’s battle with anorexia or YooA suddenly getting the stomach bug/cramps at their fansign (which were probably caused by food poisoning). They could let the girls especially Binnie who already has low health to begin with rest more, but promotions are ending soon so they probably will. Promotions are always the busiest periods for idols. Besides, they made JinE go off her diet when they found out about her symptoms and put her on a healthy eating plan, as well as let Seunghee take a one week break from promotions just to recover. What other company would let their idols rest that long during promotions? Some companies don’t even let their idols rest at all.

I don’t know if WM Ent. just got lucky when choosing the members of B1A4, but somehow they’ve managed to form a group that has one of the closest friendships in KPOP. Their leader Jinyoung gives the other members so much love and affection. I like when he said that returning to the dorm from solo activities for him was like a father returning home to his children. Teamwork was the real root of their success

WM Entertainment new address

After seeing a post I realized that I should share this with you guys so that you can send fan letters or gifts to the B1A4 boys or even visit there! Here’s the following address. ^-^

서울특별시 마포구 망원동 373-6번지 (우) 121-820 (서울특별시 마포구 월드컵로 15길 8 (망원동)


WM Entertainment Mangwon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 373-6 (우), 121-820 (Seoul, Mapo-gu World Cup 15 road no.8 (Mangwon-dong)

Hope it helps :]


As we understand many of you are confused (but also amazed) by the Oh My Girls’s “Closer” MV  (B1A4′s rookie sister girl group if you don’t know) and here at K-POP TIMEOUT we have an explanation for you! I know it’s been a gazillion years since I last did one of this but this amazing MV has given me the nudge to move my lazy college ass for it.

[Updates have been made thanks to you awesome people in places where I named the wrong member. The theory still stands and I’m grateful to know my worries of mistaking a member due to styling is not unfounded.]

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Oh My Girl Reveals Official Comeback Date

Oh My Girl Reveals Official Comeback Date

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Oh My Girl has confirmed their comeback date to be April 3.

On March 22, the group’s agency, WM Entertainment, stated, “The comeback date is April 3. This album will be filled with Oh My Girl’s signature loveliness and bright energy.”

Oh My Girl filmed the music video for their new song on March 12 and are wrapping up preparations for their comeback now. They will return as a seven-member groupex…

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B1A4′s sister group, OH MY GIRL, returns with the BEYOND AMAZING “CLOSER” MV!

This is like freakishly exceptionally good o.o

Their debut song was catchy but this just went a whole new level, beyond even some veteran comebacks o.o

The MV was high quality af (may be reason why they only had one place to dance in this MV because they spent so much in everything else) and the song was like Ellie Goulding X Pray era Sunny Hill X Sweet Dream era Rainbow decided to make a love child


(Also for the 1st time in almost a century, I did an MV Meanings to this)

@MBC_entertain: #과즙팡팡🍭 오마이걸 풀캠 #오다주웠지호 (ღˇ◡ˇ*)♡
160813 #쇼음악중심 #음중 #오마이걸 #내얘길들어봐 @WM_OHMYGIRL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dET0YZCp-xY

@WM_OHMYGIRL: @MBC_entertain @8_OHMYGIRL #오다주웠지호 감사합니다❤️

@MBC_entertain: @WM_OHMYGIRL @8_OHMYGIRL 지호 사진도 고맙지호 >_< 예쁘지호>_<

#JuicePopPop🍭 Oh My Girl Full Cam #PickedItUpOnTheWay (ღˇ◡ˇ*)♡ 
160813 #Show! Music Core #MuCore #OhMyGirl #ListenToMyWord @WM_OHMYGIRL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dET0YZCp-xY

@MBC_entertain @8_OHMYGIRL #PickedItUpOnTheWay Thank you❤️

@WM_OHMYGIRL @8_OHMYGIRL Thank you too for the picture Jiho >_< Pretty>_<

Trans: monica @ fyohmygirl
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