I don’t know if WM Ent. just got lucky when choosing the members of B1A4, but somehow they’ve managed to form a group that has one of the closest friendships in KPOP. Their leader Jinyoung gives the other members so much love and affection. I like when he said that returning to the dorm from solo activities for him was like a father returning home to his children. Teamwork was the real root of their success

B1A4 Younger Sister Group Coming…8 Members, Appearing In April [ARTICLE TRANS]

Hallyu idolgroup B1A4’s younger sister group will be entering the music industry.

On the 20th,according to the industry, it is expected that B1A4’s agency WM Entertainment will reveal their 8 member girl idol group in the first half of the year. Fans may be introduced to them as early as April with a mini-album released as their debut. In March, order to let people know of their debut, teasers will be revealed before they launch into their full-scale promotions.

On their debut album there will be around 3-4 songs, including the title song. Since last year, WM Entertainment has been collecting songs from various composers in preparation for the debut album.

Officials in the music industry who are involved in the album have said, “They are currently in the final difficult stages of placing the title song candidates” and also said, “They are ambitiously and meticulously preparing, so it would be great if you can look forward to it.”

The members have received at least 3-4 years of training at WM Entertainment and combine outstanding looks and abilities, becoming known as figurines. It is known that WM Entertainment has fine-tuned the trainees that they placed.

Around Asia, B1A4 has attracted Hallyu fans and have been reborn into top stars and there is interest on whether they will be able to receive the baton (t/n: like live up to B1A4 basically). In addition, it has drawn attention on whether this rookie girl group will be able to shine and differentiate themselves as well as become successful in the first half of the year amongst others such as Sonamoo and Lovelyz.

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Woo! Congrats to WM, the new girl group, and B1A4! I look forward to many cute interactions, haha. I also wonder if Baro’s sister will be there. Will some of these girls have been backup dancers for B1A4? Could we have already seen them? Will Jinyoung or CNU or Baro help in composing/writing/producing? Will this new girl group be able to compose their own songs? So many questions! Haha :P

But if they could compose their own songs, WM could be like the ideal place for people aspiring to be composers or singers/songwriters .


I wish people wouldn’t blame WM for every single health-related issue that Oh My Girl gets. Like they had nothing to do with JinE’s battle with anorexia or YooA suddenly getting the stomach bug/cramps at their fansign (which were probably caused by food poisoning). They could let the girls especially Binnie who already has low health to begin with rest more, but promotions are ending soon so they probably will. Promotions are always the busiest periods for idols. Besides, they made JinE go off her diet when they found out about her symptoms and put her on a healthy eating plan, as well as let Seunghee take a one week break from promotions just to recover. What other company would let their idols rest that long during promotions? Some companies don’t even let their idols rest at all.

[TRANS] 120110 - 'This is WM Entertainment and Happy Face Entertainment.'


This is WM Entertainment and Happy Face Entertainment.

Although we should be giving you good news as we start the new year of 2012, we’re very sad that we have to greet everyone with a notice of this kind of information.

WM Entertainment and Happy Face Entertainment were waiting for things about the current controversy of the so-called, ‘Idol Sports Competition Situation’, about controversies that keep on continuing, and about stories that aren’t confirmed fully, to quiet down, rather than take action. However, we couldn’t continue to silently wait because of the stories that keep on expanding, so we are revealing the position of both companies. 

We, WM Entertainment and Happy Face Entertainment, feel very sad about this situation and we decided to hope for this to end peacefully so that controversies and stories that aren’t confirmed do not spread any further.

Using this notice as a starting point, we hope that B1A4’s fanclub, BANA, and Dalshabet’s fanclub, Darling, will be careful so that there aren’t any more controversies. We ask for your cooperation so that we can take this event as a chance to support each other and become a more matured fandom.

As everyone may know, a fanclub is the image of the artist.

We hope that after reading this, everyone would keep in their minds that you’re not just a group. Rather than hurt each other’s feelings and give each other pain, if we could care for one another, defend and cheer each other on, both the fanclub and the artist will grow immensely.

B1A4 and Dalshabet both debuted in 2011 and are receiving love from many people and it was possible to grow like this because of that large of amount of love. We ask that you think this happening was just a growing pain for the artists, who will gain more love in the future as well, to grow and we ask for more love and strong support.

Thank you.

trans. cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans | source cr; b1a4’s official homepage | take out with full credits


It took B1A4 3yrs of hard work and a nonsense scandal to get here. Thanks to BANA and the haters for helping us move forward. #hatersneedlovetoo

I suddenly started crying. I’m not even a super Bana or the best fan in the world but I have tried my best to do what I can to support them. All the projects with local Bana in Puerto Rico and all the love the hard work is fucking worth it after been able to see this type of events.

Many still try to make them weak calling them a nugu group from a nugu company and YET here they are fighting with all their might to achieve their dreams. To make others happy ‘cause this 5 guys are not just a kpop group that sings they became a family. 

People still have doubts of what they are capable of but they know what they want, what they can do and they wont stop until they get it. They are not lonely, they have BANA and together we will keep fighting against the currents and win this battle. Just watch us. It might take more years but we will make sure to get there and you will see us get there. Just watch.

Be the one, All for one.