Wrong Memories

Sophia sat on the chair beside Kenjie’s hospital bed, holding his hand. It had been a few days after their accident. The two were on their way to a restaurant for their first anniversary, when a truck had swerved the wrong way and hit their car. Both were injured -  Sophia only had several scratches and a broken leg; Kenjie, however, had to receive surgery since he had thrown himself over Sophia to protect her from most of the impact of the crash. Although the surgery was successful, the doctors explained that Kenjie would remain unconscious for a few days.  

This was the day she realized that the people she loved didn’t always love her back, sometimes the love they shared for her was different. It wasn’t the love a rose feels for the sun when it blossoms, it was the love the paper had for the flame as it beckoned the sparks closer until it burned to ash.
—  WM