I’m looking back at this today and reflecting.
One of the biggest lessons that I have learned is that change takes time.
That all your small efforts add up.
One day you’ll wake up and you won’t even believe how much your body has changed.
Work hard everyday.
Do it without expectations.
Expectations would hinder my progress. Why? Because after a week, or two of giving it my all I would see no difference and I would stop.
But this time, I kept going. I stayed consistent and change happened.
Your body has no time limit.
This is a life long journey.
Be patient with yourself
And ever stop trying!

he REALLY doesn’t want to get up and out of the house, or out of bed for that matter, but he has to and he’s REALLY grumpy and usually you know better and just leave him be because you know when he’s in a sour mood you should just leave him alone but you also love his grumpy face (and him) and you wanna do something to make his day a little better so you walk up to him and scratch his scalp without saying a word and first he tries to move his head away, a bit annoyed.. not with you just in general but you’re not helping bc you CAN stay in the house and he can’t but you’re not having it and get on your tiptoes to force him to look at you and rub his scalp again, his hair a total mess and he huffs and sighs and drops his head to your shoulder “don’ wanna..” he grumbles with his voice still thick from sleep and you just hum affirmatively and let one hand glide down his back and with the other you scratch his neck and kiss his ear softly before you whisper to him “come on now, be a big boy. you’ll be back soon and then you can sleep some more.” he grumbles and mumble again but before he leaves he puts on his packers beanie because his hair is a certified mess. then he saunters back over to you, slides one hand over your neck below your ear and presses a firm but gentle kiss to your lips because.. it’s really not your fault and kissing you always helps. he manages a half smile, steals another peck and is out the door.

Acceptance In Martial Arts

This weekend just past, I was fortunate enough to be able to compete in the Unified ITF Australian Nationals. A month ago, I came out as transgender. Needless to say, I was … apprehensive about how these two facts might combine.

In short, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Only a couple of people present were previously aware that I’m trans, and I still look male enough that most people will go with “sir” over “ma'am”. But, I was signed up into the women’s patterns competition pretty much without having to even ask.

The way that the other female black belts in the competition treated me, it almost felt like they’d been briefed in advance. I wasn’t expecting any objections, but a moment’s confusion or wanting to confirm would have been normal… or so I thought. But there was none of that. I was treated as though the only thing even slightly remarkable about me was my performance in the competition.

After the tournament, at the gala dinner (which I attended in a dress, my first time presenting unambiguously female around Taekwon-Do people) I was presented with the certificate for my 1st Dan grading. Given the short time since I came out, I was expecting it to be in my old name.

There was in fact a certificate in my old name, the name under which I attended the grading… but it was underneath another, nearly identical certificate, with the right name on it. I’m officially certified as a black belt as Amanda Jones. I… wasn’t expecting how emotional that would make me.

I must say that I’m surprised how accepting the Taekwon-Do community has been of my being trans. Not that I was expecting problems, but martial arts can often feel a bit… testosterone-dominated, shall we say. But right now, all my doubts are gone.

OUAT has touched on and fucked up a very important issue to people who have suffered trauma.

Emma thanks Regina for killing her parents in front of her and doing all these terrible things so that she would remember who she is.

First of all, shut the fuck up OUAT. You are no where near nuanced enough to touch upon the topic of abuse ever again, let alone the steps of healing that come with it. Especially when you fuck it up like this.

It’s true. There’s a part of healing that involves looking at yourself and what parts of you were magnified or changed due to your trauma. I went through this myself. I told myself this day in and day out that if it weren’t for what happened to me, I wouldn’t be the same person. And honestly? I’m not sure I’d like the person I would have been without it.

Now that in no way means that the abused or traumatized needs to thank anyone. Fuck that shit. Forgiveness is about you. Healing is about you. Not your abuser. (This doesn’t really apply to people who went through a traumatic event that was not created by another person. i.e. a plane crash or say near drowning or whatever.)

Emma was shaped by her traumas in life. And much of that trauma was created because of Regina and Rumple’s manipulations and crimes. But the way this show just worded it is that Emma should be thankful to Regina for creating the trauma in the first place. That’s wrong. On so many levels. One, because this is not supposed to be about Regina in any way shape or form. Two, because Emma was shaped due to her reaction to the pain. There’s a difference. Her character and her strength of spirit changed her in the face of trauma. That’s how it works. It’s a survival mechanism. You change or you die. Simple as that. (And honestly? Parts of you are amplified and other parts are minimized due to abuse. They’re not erased or created out of nowhere.)

And yeah, maybe she wouldn’t have liked the person she might have been without it, but that doesn’t mean anyone else gets to comment on that shit. Certainly not the person who caused the trauma in the first place. You just don’t get to fucking do that.

This whole thing is framed as Regina doing what she needs to do to save Emma. And that includes Emma’s thanks. And that is just so wrong on so many levels.

I just. I don’t even know the words for how to explain this any more than I have.



  • He sleeps on his stomach…
  • Can’t be comfortable without blankets…
  • Snores, but really, really quietly…
  • Is cranky if he doesn’t get his eight hours…

“James, if you don’t put that fucking snitch away I swear I’ll-”

“Look out everyone! The ‘swearwolf’s back!”

  • Has been known to fall asleep standing up…
  • Is cranky if he doesn’t get his eight hours…
  • Wakes up easily…
  • Has used the same pillow his whole life


  • Hates getting out of bed…
  • You have your legs tangled together…
  • He sleeps much better with you…
  • Reaches out for you in his sleep…

“Are you okay, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing, go back to bed.”

  • Denies his really, really quiet snores…
  • Consistently wakes you up with kisses…
  • Likes having you near him…
  • Will not fall asleep until you do if he can help it…

“Baby, go to sleep, you’ve been up all day.”

“Not until you do.”

arafaelkestra replied to your post “pornyplothead replied to your post: …”

That is honestly pretty great. BTW Joy, you might know this and I’ve been wondering: is Pratchett’s tendency to spell pun as ‘pune’ in the Discworld novels some kind of strange Brit-specific gag? I’ve always kind of hazily assumed it was because the characters are generally not terribly well educated, but if it’s a pronunciation based joke or something deeper then I’ve utterly missed it.

So, the reason they call it a Pune and not a Pun, is because the founder of the Fools Guild in Ankh-Morpork was called Jean-Paul Pune. The fact that I know this without having to look it up probably means someone is about to appear and shove me into a locker.

Which, yea, there was a habit in ye olde times before the formalization of the English language to add an extra e onto things when writing them down—likely because of how regional accents work and also, well, if there’s no standard for spelling, why not? (You see him doing this a lot with the witches, who for the most part have no formal education up North—same with Carrot’s letter writing which while grammatically ballistic also has a lot of extra e’s in it, which cements the idea in my head that he was inserting regional accent spelling habits that would’ve made Samuel Johnson’s head explode back in 1755 when he first tried to piece English together as a cohesive uniform language instead of the collective clusterfuck that it actually is.)

Imagine being Draco’s friend when the whole school is fawning over Harry

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“Ugh, this school’s getting worse by the hour,” you sighed, sitting down for lunch in the great hall. “I mean, you can’t even go to Hogsmeade with a friend without having somebody shove you!” 

You’d just come back from Hogsmeade with Draco, where you’d picked up some firewhiskey for the party in the Dungeon tonight.

“Please, Y/N,” Pansy smirked knowingly, “don’t pretend that Draco’s only your friend, we all know that he loooves you,” she teased.

“Wow, now that you mention, that sexual tension is easy to see,” Blaise pondered, a look on his face like everything was suddenly clearer.

“No, this is bogus,” you scoffed, annoyed by their implications. 

“Haven’t you noticed you get all your firewhiskey for free?” Pansy laughed, an eyebrow raised.

You blushed, realizing how Draco indeed never made you paid for his little contraband scheme. Surely, she couldn’t be right?

“Shut up, Parkinson,” you replied unconvincingly, which only made her and Blaise laugh some more.

The Green Side of the Grass

I’ve probably shared this before, but somewhere around 2000 a very depressed and distraught newly recovering addict was in a 12 step room talking to a grizzled veteran, no doubt bitching, moaning and whining about anything and everything.  Well the smiling old timer let him ramble on for a while, then without missing a beat or losing his smile, raised one arm in a gesture that has since come to be known as the international sign for talk to the hand, and asked what seemed at the time to be a rather strange question. Did you wake up on the green side of the grass today?  The addict mumbled a nearly incoherent and quizzical yes.  The listener, next uttered a very cheerful, “Then shut the fuck up, you’re having a great day.”  Today I’m able to smile a bit looking back on this moment, and though it has been a rough year for many of us, we all do have a chance today.  In summary, the writer of and everyone reading this post did wake up on the green side of the grass today, and does have at very least the opportunity to have a great day.  I’ll kindly omit the STFU Part, but I for one believe we, yes we, all deserve to enjoy this wondrous gift called life on this the most precious of all days, today.  Love to everyone, Mike.

“Get your ratty tail off of me you freak! You’re not taking my heart!” 

 “Oh, don’t worry your pretty little head! Having your heart ripped out isn’t as painful as you’d think! Lucky for you, unlike in your world, you’ll still be able to live without it. You’ll just belong to him. And you looked so delicious, too. I would’ve loved to have eaten you up like a succulent hors d'oeuvres …Heart and all. Oh well, pity for me…But, strict orders from the boss!”


Two characters from an old story Pemzini and I have been working on for a very long time: on the left is James. His name is actually pronounced Jame-Us. On the right is The Jester.

Characters and story © Dezzoi and Pemzini

Day 5-10:00

❤️ Stats      🏠 Directory     📝Calendar

Start the Day  8:00

Winner H- Let’s go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Packing up your laptop, you throw your cup in the composting trash and head out of the coffee shop.  When you leave, you realize that Sebastian and his flyers must have already been up and down this street- there’s no need for you to put up the ones you have here.

It’s barely warmed up enough to melt the frost, the air still cold enough that you need to wrap up securely.  Brisk, but walking quickly keeps you warm.

And, hey, it’s exercise.

You wander down a few blocks, past a market, a couple small offices, a dentist and a real estate agent.  Nothing too exciting, maybe a boutique here and there.  The further in this direction you go, the more commercial things are getting, eventually you come to a corner without an apartment building on it.  

You notice a few cheap looking restaurants that are probably worth remembering, and a place that’s either a dive bar or a hipster pub- you really can’t tell from here.  It might be both.

Further down the road, you see bigger buildings, what looks like a chantry, something square and brick on the left side that might be a small school, or a library.  You seem to remember, if you keep going a few blocks, there’s another grocery store, and the craft store.

What should we do?

1)   Let’s go to the chantry.

2)   Maybe it’s a library, we really should get a card.  Let’s go there.

3)   Let’s go to the craft store!  We need some things for our Satinalia mask.

4)   Let’s just keep walking, maybe we’ll find something else interesting.

5)   Turn around and go home.  Don’t want to go too far.

Look, all I’m saying is its not that hard for the writers to make a Mickey-less episode 12 without ending Gallavich. Ian gets a call someone died, Mickey urges him to go back and be with his family, we have a cute moment in the episode where Mickey sends Ian a secret message of some sort, and at the end Ian is making plans to catch up with his boy again somewhere along the border.

Breaking them up to get him home for the last episode is just laziness and stupidity. This episode proved you can’t just erase Mickey in a minute, so they better not try next week.

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So, what happened to Team Skull after all that bullshit with the first Alolan Champion?

☠x Plumeria x☠

      “…Yeah, we split up…” And boy did it HURT.

      “I mean, I still talk to some of the sibs. I still visit Po Town – Hell I still LIVE there, I’ve got nowhere else TO live. We’re still like a family, yeah. I love them as much as I always have.” She sighs then, looking away. They may still be a family but everything felt so DIFFERENT without Guzma there.

           “But, you see… Guzma and I had decided it’d be best to just, split… For the most part. I haven’t been able to forgive him yet. I’m not sure when, or even IF, I will forgive him.” and that’s what hurt the most.

      Her best friend. The guy who had been by her side through a lot of shit, the only one who’d ever understood her. She couldn’t forgive him and it HURT. It hurt so, so, so, SO bad but there was a grudge she just simply could not get rid of and she wished she knew why.

      “Guzma and I don’t talk anymore. I know some of the Grunts still talk to him, but he and I – We… Just don’t. Not anymore.” And it hurts more than what I am willing to admit.

      “Enough about that though. It is what it is.”

some ryder siblings and vetra headcanons
  • <p> <b></b> -Both Zack and Emma are immediately attracted to the tall tech savy turian woman<p/><b></b> -Emma is pan all the way so species wise she's comfortable with being in a relationship with other races and learning more about their traditions and culture. Zack who is bisexual but for the most part dates human women or a one nightstand with an asari is initially dumbstruck at how he falls for vetra. How she handles herself, her quirks, and over all beauty.<p/><b></b> -Both twins are obviously shorter than vetra with Emma being around 5'10 and Zack around 6'1 so the interactions btw them and vetra will be intresting and hilarious at times. Emma would without doubt want to be atop of Vetra shoulders and yell 'charge' and 'I will destroy you' at enemy forces scaring the crap out of them. Zack would be tall enough to be up to her chest so whenever they have an argument she would simply lift him up and cradle him in her arms and Zack would be sporting a grumpy look but relents after she peppers him with kisses. However since he is a biotic he'll simply lift her up and catches her in his arms and with a toothy grin saying "well little lady looks like I've just swept you off your feet how bout a little kiss before mission take off" and shes blushing like crazy and hiding her face in her hands.<p/></p>

my boyfriend is really the sweetest. making me a hot water bottle in the morning because of cramps without me even asking for it. like, he just does that when he have to get up earlier than me and proceeds to tuck me into the blanket. and sometimes he makes me tea or does exactly what it is I am craving just by looking at my face. maybe people do romanticize living with your s.o. a bit, but sometimes those things are really as lovely and cute as you can imagine. as long as you show appreciation and do those things back, then there is nothing wrong in imagining that living with your s.o. will be wonderful.

im mad i cant go into a box store like target to get a few things without dissociating and losing an hour, having to fight compulsions to buy things i don’t need like stuffed toys bc kid alters want them, somehow ending up with candy in my bag and having a voice both yelling at me to get it and another yelling at me to put it back bc we don’t need it, wasting another 15 minutes wandering around looking for the one thing i need because i refuse to ask for help bc i want the satisfaction of wanting it myself, finally ringing up my items and getting out then realizing i forgot to buy one of the things i specifically went there to get.

lmfao its misery

Prompt:  17. “Have you lost your mind?!”

Character(s): Connor Kenway x Reader

Warnings: arguments, kinda angst?

Connor was watching you from his spot on the porch, arms crossed and a displeased look etched across his usually soft expression. It took him a few moments to collect his thoughts enough to finally approach you without blowing up. He got this way when he was scared; when he knew that he was unable to stop something he knew was disastrous. He got angry. You would only respond to his anger with your own, so he took a deep breath and reminded himself that he loves you. 

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It’s kind of bullshit that all the “”“adult”“” cartoons waste money making boring dime-a-dozen sex jokes and go out of their way to be offensive instead of actually having an overarching story or lore because like

Look at all the older teenagers/adults who EAT UP the lore in shows like, say, Gravity Falls or Steven Universe.

The target demographic is young children, but we’re still drawn into these worlds of creative storytelling. In the peak of either show’s run, you couldn’t go very far in the tag without seeing a long sprawling theory with multiple citations

Like there’s obviously a market for a mystery cartoon aimed at an older audience! It feels like uncharted territory and I’m wondering why I don’t see more of it!

All that to say I think I’ve figured out my long term career goal finally


Kenma’s hair grew out some more over the spring holidays and Kuroo’s v flustered about it~~

((don’t think about Kuroo tugging Kenma’s hairband out and running his fingers through his shaggy hair i mean—–))

‘you have to respect your president’ is an absolutely terrifying statement and i never want to hear it again. no. you don’t have to respect a man that is racist, islamophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, intolerant, disrespectful (and the list goes on). the idea that you have to respect someone just because they’re in a position of power is fundamentally wrong, it’s how dictatorships work, it’s how oppression thrives, it’s saying that lives of minorities are somehow worth less. are you hearing yourselves?