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(@sometimesdreamyscraggy) Scraggles would like to compliment your amazing white fur, just like his cloud pants!! But he is shy...

Aww thats so sweet, Reshiram thinks your cloud pants are adorable!


In the last week ALONE, oliciters have:

- Lined up at a con just to ask Katie about the “new” canary so they can laugh about it with their lil twitter friends

- Slutshamed, victim blamed and advocated rape-culture by LITERALLY looking up names/photos of WB/CW execs to place bets on who Katie slept with to get her job back, spreading viscious, slanderous lies by suggesting her re-hiring is the result of blackmail related to her leaked photos, and implying she is benefitting from the fact she was violated.

- Have offered to send people said illegally distributed, sexual content without consent to any mutual who likes the tweet.

- Have @ Katie with insults because of her re-hiring.

- Bodyshamed her.

- Have had the fucking audacity to flock to Stephen and Marc, screaming the victim and whining about how they feel “unsafe” and are being “harassed” (when people are calling them out) and bringing up hate against Emily as an excuse to justify their negativity

- After a year of mocking Laurel fans, celebrating Black Canary’s death, creating a “ByeByeBirdie” hashtag, raising money to send the writers a giftbasket for killing her, kept posting gifs of her death scene at Laurel fans and telling them to “get over it”, they are now having a fullblown meltdown and screaming fanservice and playing the victim over the fact a 5 minute guest appearance, AU version of Felicity got killed on a totally different show???? That’s nothing short of fucking karma, but go off I guess.

All of this over A. Fucking. Ship.

I’ve never come across such petty, disrespectful, self-absorbed, entitled, hateful, misogynistic, childish people in my whole fucking life. And this has all been since Saturday. FIVE FUCKING DAYS.

Anyone who is a part of the fandom and doesn’t call them out is just as bad and can fuck off right now.

Why I don't ship Valduggery:

Please don’t shout at me or anything….

-I find it hard to believe Skulduggery, someone who was married and had a child, would be okay with dating someone he has known since she was 12.

-I mean, Skulduggery wouldn’t have been okay with someone 300+ years older going out with his kid????

-Yeah, Val is technically and adult now, but she’s going to look 18 for the next 50 years.

-And although that doesn’t effect her maturity, people have issues with some relationships in real life that use the excuse, “yeah she look young but she ACTS older”.

-And though she is an adult she has known Skul since she was 12, and if they dated I wouldn’t be able to re-read the books without the thought in my head that Skul was “waiting” for her to grow up.

-That idea freaks me out because it makes the happy, goofy, friendship they had seem almost creepy?? And IT SHOULDN’T ITS WONDERFUL.

-I want to be able to re-read the phrase “his arm encircled her waist” during the time Val was 15/16 without cringing or wrinkling my nose.

-Literally 20000% of Val and Skul’s ‘gang’ wouldn’t be okay with it????

-China? Hate it. Would take it personally. Tanith? Probably pissed off. Ghastly? Would probably not talk to Skul anymore. Gordon? Very, very, angry. Val’s parents? RUN. The remaining Dead Men? They had issues with Skulduggery taking 12 year old Val along as a PARTNER.

-I could just see Skul and Val losing all of their allies and friends because of their romance.

-Valkyrie had a problem with Caelan’s age. The difference between Skul and Val is significantly higher than the Caelan-Val age gap.

-Imagine being young again and not knowing what shipping is. Imagine your 12 year old self finding out Valduggery is canon, and being entirely freaked out about it, because to you, dating someone you know now but will be old enough to date in a decade or so is just…repulsive???

-Imagine 12 year old Valkyrie knowing what was going to happen.

-BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN PLATONIC PARTNERSHIPS SHOULD NOT BE THROWN AWAY WILLY NILLY. Where else have you seen an interesting, different gender, huge age gap, long lasting since childhood, platonic relationship in fiction? Where have you seen it so healthy and based upon mutual respect? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GET RID OF SOMETHING SO RARE AND TURN IT INTO SOMETHING SEEN EVERYWHERE??

-Valkyrie’s “I love you.” was SO MUCH MORE than a romantic confession! It was years of built up friendship and trust and dependency, whilst annoying each other, laughing at each other, making sure the other one was okay.

-Platonic I love you’s are SO IMPORTANT! So goddamn important! And should be represented without people talking it as a sign.

-If Alice grew up and was 18 Valkyrie would NOT let her little sister date someone that much older than her. Just saying.

-I just can’t get over the thought of my view on Skulduggery being turned on its head because I feel like he’s been waiting for this 12 year old to grow up. I’d be shocked, I’d be sad, I’d be MAD.

-And yeah Skul may just realise he “likes” Val in “that way” now that she’s older, BUT I like to think he has a stronger moral principle than that. He’s a logical, reasonable, and should be able to put any feelings like that aside in order to protect what him and Val have.

-Not even Vincent Foe, the murderous Nihilist, could justify dating Valkyrie when she was 16 (ish) in The End of the World: “She’s a fine looking girl. If I was a few hundred years younger, I’d be in there like a shot, believe you me.”

-Yeah Val was underage at the time but it still shows how sorcerers treat the significant age gap thing.

-I just don’t know. It would ruin the friendship for me and make me sad.

-The reason why I love SP is because it doesn’t revolve around romance. The romance in SP is like whipped cream on a hot chocolate; not necessary but you’re going to devour it anyway. The romance in SP is complimentary, and was never meant to be the theme the books revolve around. Even Tanith and Ghastly…they had moments, they had seconds…their romance never had a book or chapter purely upon them. And neither should Val and Skul. But its inevitable if they do become canon because the books always revolve around the partnership. But instead partnership would be romance.


little sis part.2

Description:You’re Namjoons little sister that has a crush on the maknae however your over protective brother doesn’t like that
Tags:Angust?fluff…(soon smut?)

Originally posted by nnochu

After what happened you couldn’t even look at Namjoon without feeling disappointed.Why did he start to get THAT mad at Jungkook?He well knew the two of you were just friends even if you did have the slightest feeling for him,but Jungkook never would.

“sigh…look…Y/N i’m sorry about what happened i just don’t like the idea of you just randomly curling up on some guys lap.Even if you’re just friends.”.Namjoon says apologetically.You ignore him not wanting to speak even if he did apologize.       

“Look if you’re going to ignore me at least give me one of those sarcastic scary faces you always make!Oh!I know how about some McDonalds?Huh?I know you love it and you must be hungry…my treat!” your brother says  as he grabbed the stirring wheel to turn into your favorite fast food restaurant.

“come on,what do you want?”he knew you couldn’t resist evidence of the smile on your face as he said that.You ordered your usual and let go of your disappointment towards your big brother knowing he only meant to protect you.

“Y/N…I really am sorry…you know that right?”

“So is Jungkook…”

“really!Don’t start I’m apologzing!”

“But why did you get so overprotective all of a sudden?I mean it was Jungkook he’s your dongsaeng don’t you know he’ll never hurt me?And what was all this talk about ‘What did i say about my little sister’ you don’t have claim on me like some sort of prize only you can decide to give to!Adding to that!You know so well Jungkook sees my as his best friend so why would you even think of us that way!?”.Your fustration disapates into words as you see the ‘Genius Rapmon’ taken aback by your words.

“Y/N there’s something I promised not to say…that i won’t say but that’s why i got upset, and I don’t think that i’m overprotective i just want you to be happy i’m sorry.”

“I-I’m sorry Nams i just can’t take little things like that you know me…and so does Jungkook.”

“HEY!What does that mean?”

“Oh,nothing really i guess you won’t know untill you tell me that secret!”.

I really don’t see the appeal of Klapollo. Can somebody please explain? I mean, Apollo doesn’t seem to like Klavier. Like, at all. I mean, just look at how he reacts when Klavier first shows up in Turnabout Academy. He doesn’t seem to view him as a friend or anything of the sort, referring to him as “Prosecutor Gavin” even outside of court, while Phoenix and Athena refer to their rival prosecutors by name, without titles, because they’re close friends. There doesn’t seem to be any of that between Klavier and Apollo. Also, Klavier’s nickname for Apollo. That’s the closest to friendliness I can see, and it doesn’t seem to have been born from friendship, more Klavier not really respecting Apollo or his skills as a lawyer (even if the latter is only at first).

I’m not slinging mud at anyone, and I’m not looking for an argument, but if someone could explain what they see in this ship that’d be great.

I REALLY hope people take this the right way. I feel like a small portion of people might misunderstand or have a kneejerk reaction to this and think that Jack’s saying he’s tired of interacting or wants us to back up for a while, but I don’t think that’s the case.

Quite the opposite, in fact. I think Jack’s saying that he wants to do everything he can to make sure he’s genuinely engaged when he’s interacting with us rather than just clicking like arbitrarily without actually reading or looking at posts. And that he doesn’t want to become so inerred to the constant praise and/or serious personal stories that it stops making him feel anything or drives him to a point where he doesn’t care about fans individually and we all just become a blob. It seems to me that he cares so much that he’s horrified about the possibility of not caring, if that makes sense.

But what that means is that he can’t be up to his neck in tumblr and twitter and comments every single day. Not because he doesn’t enjoy it or want to do it, but because pure psychology and human nature decree that overexposure breeds apathy and numbness. If he buries himself in constant interaction and fan service, he’ll eventually reach a branching point where he either gets exhausted/stops feeling it and quits that stuff or he turns into a machine that likes and reblogs and comments meaninglessly out of habit or uninspired desire to be likeable. That’s just a fact, and he couldn’t help it at that point, regardless of how genuine he is at heart.

So I’m glad he understands and acknowledges that concept now and wants to try to avoid that. If he needs to take breaks or whatever sometimes in order to stay emotionally connected or to add life to his future interactions, then that’s OK. It’s good, actually. It’s nearly impossible for public figures to remain grounded and actually give a shit about fans/fan creations. It’s unlikely that any public figure can maintain compassion and/or interaction for their entire career. So whatever balance Jack needs to take or actions he needs to make for himself and to push that potential burn out further into the future… I wholeheartedly support and appreciate. The nice thing is I think most everyone else here will too. We’re a pretty rad community.

I want @therealjacksepticeye to stick around in his career and be happy with it for as long as humanly possible, so whatever helps that and him is something I can 100% get behind.

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4. “Is that my shirt?” and Barba.

Originally posted by rafael-barbae

Waking up before Rafael was a feat in itself, especially on a weekday. So you wasted no time in getting breakfast ready. Coffee, obviously. But also some food that would give him a good start to the day.

And you were so focused on preparing breakfast, Rafael was able to walk into the kitchen without you noticing. “Is that my shirt?” He asked. “I was looking for it and it seemed to have vanished. Or so I thought.”

You didn’t look up to Rafael, instead just keeping your eyes down as a grin appeared. “I’m sure you have plenty of other shirts.”

He gave a low hum as he approached, finally circling his arms around your waist as he thought about it. “Well, this happens to be my favourite shirt. I’d like it back.”

Drabbles are closed

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Is it a common thing (or even a thing at all) for asexual cis women to not like their boobs? I've always preferred clothes that cover up my body because I don't want anyone looking at me sexually (also I just feel exposed without them), but recently I've noticed that even when I'm alone I prefer wearing loose things that don't emphasise my chest (which is small anyway). I feel like I'm being internally misogynistic because breasts aren't sexual so I'm objectifying my own body.

I actually have a friend who´s ace and a cis woman (or at least unsure about the gender) who also hates her boobs. I´m not sure if it´s a common thing tho, I have a rather neutral feeling towards my own boobs. Maybe if you´d wanted to and some day have the money to, you could get your boobs operated off with surgery if that makes you feel better?

Tho I get where you´re comin from, how are you ace followers with boobs feeling about your boobs?

- Paula

Gone - Part 1 1/2

@ mayfeather27 asked to be tagged in Gone, so here you are. I had someone ask me to make a part about Bucky’s Point-Of-View


Bucky was waiting outside of the café where he was supposed to meet his girlfriend Y/N for lunch. Five minutes before she was scheduled to arrive Bucky’s phone started to ring, and without even looking at the caller ID he answered.

“If you hang up the phone, Y/N will die”

Bucky stiffened, “Who is this?”

“I’m insulted, Soldier. You don’t even recognize your old handlers voice”


“Of course it is. Who else would have the means to kill a super soldier?”

“If you hurt one hair on her head …”

A hoarse chuckle interrupts Bucky’s threat, “She’s three minutes away, if you let on that you are talking to me I’ll give the order to shoot. “

“What do you want?”

Bucky can almost hear the smile in Rumlow’s voice, “I want you to end your relationship with her. If you refuse, I’ll kill her”

“What does our relationship have to do with anything?”

“None of your business, Soldier, all you need to do is follow orders like a good little soldier.”

“I won’t let you hurt her!”

“She won’t be hurt, if you follow orders. One minute away, make your decision”

“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill everyone who’s loyal to HYDRA”

“Make. Your. Decision. Soldier”

“Fine” Bucky snarled, “I’ll end my relationship, but as soon as I do, I’m coming for you”

“I look forward to bringing you back into HYDRA, Soldier” Bucky looks up and see’s Y/N walking down the street, her entire face lighting up when she sees him. “Remember, don’t tell her who you were talking to”

Bucky grits his teeth, “I’m hanging up, Y/N is here”

“You’ll do as ordered?”


“Good. Hail HYDRA, Soldier”


“Hey, babe” Y/N kisses his cheek gently, “Who was that on the phone?”

“Just Nat, come one, let’s sit down.”

As soon as Bucky leaves the café he heads to his safe house. He had to find Rumlow, he had to find out why HYDRA was suddenly interested in Y/N.

Bucky gently touches a picture of Y/N, he smile almost blinding, “Don’t worry baby. I’ll be back soon; I’ll make everything right”

With those final words Bucky turns toward the door and is gone.

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So in your human AU post where u posted the snack pack's ethnicities and sexual orientations and stuff, u colored gd with darker skin and said he was Indian-American, but now ur coloring him white? What's up with that

I got new watercolors. The pigment control is something I’m still getting used to. You might have noticed that I accidentally made the broppy twins two different shades because of this.

Look, I’m not a digital artist. It’s extremely difficult to color match with my older drawings. You may have also noticed that in my first batch of “Little Change” watercolor paintings with Guy, his skin tone also varied like hell. I do try to control the colors but without copics, which are a one-and-done shade, it’s difficult. 

It’s by no means intentional and the fact that you’re choosing to nit pick at a medium you damn well know doesn’t have an “eyedropper” tool is telling me you’re not looking to have a logical discussion. From the looks of your icon I can only assume you use digital programs, so here’s a dirty little secret: TRADITIONAL MEDIA AND DIGITAL MEDIA DO NOT WORK THE SAME WAYS AND TRANDITIONAL MEDIA IS A LOT MORE INCONSISTENT, ESPECIALLY IF SOMEONE IS STILL LEARNING HOW TO USE SAID TRADITIONAL MEDIUM.

I’ll be honest, I stumbled upon Guy’s original skin tone by accident. It was days and days of just layering watercolor pencils over copics over more watercolor pencils. I’ve been trying to recreate the color in a more time efficient way, but it’s a process.

In addition, the painting I posted today was painted in eight-fucking-minutes, because I was running late for class. A LOT of the colors are botched up and I didn’t have a lot of time to experiment. I didn’t think much of the final product, especially because of how much Guy’s skin tone varried the first time I painted him.

 I am in no way trying to “whitewash” any of my characters, it’s a complete switch in media that I’m still trying to learn. Not to mention that I had to up the brightness of the painting on my phone to make the text readable. You’re choosing to get angry and paint me with intentions I dont have instead of thinking logically as to why it looks this way.

Also? I straight up colored Poppy pale af when I was restricted to my copics. I straight up used a shade called “skin white” because it was about as close as I could get, even though I very blatantly referred to her as Japanese from the very beginning. Where were you, then? And when I was restricted to my copics I ended up coloring Branch much darker than the caramel color he was supposed to be from the very beginning (his design was inspired by someone I know in real life) and when I got my watercolors, his skin became lighter because that’s the shade I had intended it to be from the beginning. You never said anything, then, either, so it seems to me you’re jumping at the opportunity for some “morality points”, again, without thinking about the medium I use.

My methods of coloring are not only difficult but flawed and far from mastered. It doesn’t mean I can never improve, I fully plan to improve, but I can’t pretend I’m at a point that I’m currently still looking to reach. Maybe think a little more before you get up in arms and project intentions onto me.

Also, wow, thank you for sending me TWO additional anons. Trying to make it seem like there’s more of you than there really are, eh? I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the anon from last night, either. I don’t know if this ask was also supposed to be on anon, but literally, if all you’re looking for is to throw shade without consequence, this is the only time I’m going to even humor you with an answer. If you wanna go play internet police, go yell at someone who actually has access to an eyedropper tool.

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So I guess we've established that the story of Recoded is the least important to the story of all the games, but does everyone really dislike the gameplay that much? I personally had a lot of fun with Recoded, and I did enjoy the upgrade system.

I don’t know how most people feel about the gameplay as I’ve never looked it up. (feel free to reply or reblog with your feelings about it guys). 

Me personally, I’m okay with the gameplay but what killed it for me was how cheap those datablocks could be in battle. Mainly the ones where if you touched them you would take damage and get knocked back a bit. Also I didn’t like how many options I had when it came to fusing special attacks. I like options but when you have too many options it can be tricky to decide what to use and take longer to figure out what’s worth using without just going and looking it up. 

I like Dream Drop or Birth by Sleep where you have plenty of options but it’s not an endless amount of options. Or who knows maybe all three games have the same amount, it was just more noticeable in Coded. 

It was fun to change up gameplay styles though and I have a soft spot for turned based combat so I enjoyed Olympus Coliseum. I also kind of like the upgrade board even if it was a little weird. Also the avatar option was cute (I’m a little fuzzy but I remember there was something where you could take this dot-eyed avatar and dress it up). 

I actually need to go back and beat the game. I got most of the way through it before putting it down and at the time I was going through a phase where I would sell my unused games for money so the game got sold. I eventually plan on rebuying it and playing it. 

jellylikekelly replied to your post “Kinda in the mood to write tonight. Looking for some fluff supercat or…”

Ooooo, first time Cat let’s Kara see her without makeup. I love heart eyes Kara with a nervous/insecure Cat

It had been dark in the room when they had stumbled into the bedroom, clothes flying everywhere and hands and lips exploring newfound skin. She hadn’t remembered Cat getting up to clean off her makeup but she must have, because Kara opened her eyes that morning and the sight in front of her was angelic. Cat’s face, calm within her sleep and clear of all makeup, was a beauty to behold. 

Kara’s eyes ran over every inch, memorizing each dip and wave and freckle that dared to show itself. Kara ran her eyes over the wrinkles that had escaped the Botox. Each line not a sign of age, but of a life lived. They were smiles and celebrations. They were crinkles from worrying over Carter. Each line held a lifetime of stories that Kara wanted to hear all about.

She wanted to much to reach out a run her finger over every one, but did not want to wake Cat. Kara wanted to let her sleep in, or at least until the morning alarm went off. She hoped that tonight would not be the last night she would get to see these vulnerable features. She hoped Cat would let her see her like this more often. 

Cat’s eyes opened slowly, her body registering the soreness from the wonderful night before. She looked up and saw Kara’s face; eyes filled with awe and something she would soon hope was love. It took her a moment but she soon remembered that she had taken her makeup off when Kara had fallen asleep. She had meant to wake before the hero but it seemed there was someone out there who woke up earlier than herself.

Cat pulled the blanket over her face up to her eyes. “Don’t look at me.”

Kara frowned, pulling gently at the blanket. “Why not? You’re beautiful.”

Cat shook her head. “I don’t have makeup on.” When Kara chuckled, she narrowed her eyes. 

Kara smiled and kissed her forehead. “And why should that matter to me?”

“Because you’ll finally realize how old I am and go running.”

Kara reached up and gently placed her hand on Cat’s cheek. “You are not old and I would never go running. You are beautiful with and without makeup. I’m not attracted to your lipstick or your blush or how many injections of Botox you get. I’m attracted to your heart and the brain inside that head of yours. Wrinkles won’t change the brilliance or the kindness you have. They are a story of where you have been and I hope to have a wrinkle I can claim of my own for making you smile so much.”

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KAAATTTIIIEEE. I need a hug from someone. I'm about to go to a FCCLA banquet and I have to dress up. I'm so uncomfortable wearing skirts and stuff and my "friends" are making a big deal about it because I don't wear makeup or anything. And I'm about to like cry because I'm so miserable and uncomfortable. Then they said I'd be so much prettier if I wore makeup. Then they made fun of me for looking up to Sam and Dean. I want to go home, Katie. (Sorry to bug you with this.)

Well, excuse my language, but fuck that. They shouldn’t be making fun of you for having insecurities about going out of your comfort zone. Instead they should be lifting you up, not tearing you down. I’m sure you look freaking gorgeous with or without makeup.

Also, don’t feel bad or weird about looking up to Sam & Dean. I’m 25 years old & I consider two fictional characters as my big brothers. There is nothing wrong about looking up to two characters that inspire you.

ALSO, you could never bug me by talking to me. It’s what I’m here for.

Big sister of the fandom, remember?

Ozark Charmbook Project

In addition to the Ozark Encyclopedia project I’ve started I’m also going to start publishing entries from my Ozark charmbook, a collection of charms and prayers I’ve collected over the years. Now many of these you’ll probably recognize from sources like The Long Lost Friend, Romanus-Büchlein, and others, but these are all charms that can be found throughout the Ozarks. Hillfolk here were not without their “black books” I even have an old copy of The Long Lost Friend that was given to me by one of my informants. These would have likely come in with German families from the Southern Appalachians. 

Where I can I will cite the source for the charm, but some are variations or completely new ones that I’ve picked up during my folklore collecting sessions, so they may not be able to be traced back to published collections. This is an interesting part of the Ozark healing tradition that I’m truly excited to share. 

Look for posts from this project interspersed between my encyclopedia entries. 

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i actually, out loud, without intending to, did a phoebe buffay "oh no" when i saw the hair. some dudes look great with no hair and some look like charlie brown. i will leave it to you to decide where chris pine falls on this spectrum.

CHARLIE BROWN AHAHAHA. But right?? I made the D: face IRL when the first pic popped up on my dash. And I’d just come off the high of the new Pinto video from PJA’s wedding so it was awful timing. Why can’t we just have nice things?

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Does your verse have some very specific differences to the common aboverse? I'm also new to the topic and I just read an abo guide of the tumblr page wordsplat. Does this generally apply?

I had to go look that up myself but I presume you mean this guide?

If so, then yes we do seem to have very similar interpretations! :D

Although some specific differences would be in my version, people cannot conceal their scent without some kind of artificial intervention, anyone can pair off with anyone, and so the ‘bonding’ dynamic is changed to reflect that.

While omegas themselves are rare, male omegas are so exceptional that the majority of society will never encounter one. Similary, female alphas are highly unusual but not unheard of.

Hope that explains a little more!! >_<

  • Kay: Are you really running away again?
  • Lancelot: Some of us have to make rounds of the kingdom. We can't all laze around the castle.
  • Kay: Fuck you. Some of us own up to our responsibilities. You're off joyriding with Mordred instead of speaking to your actual son.
  • Lancelot: I'm not taking parenting advice from someone without any children.
  • Kay: Just because I didn't sleep with their mothers doesn't mean they aren't my kids.
  • Lancelot: Just because Arthur tolerates your insolence doesn't mean I'll let you lecture me.
  • Kay: Look, asshole. You may be Arthur's best friend, but if you fuck up this family any worse than you already have, running back to your daddy's kingdom won't be enough to save you.
  • Lancelot: I have no idea what you're talking about, but if you continue to threaten me I'll bring this to the king's attention.
  • Kay: I think we both know you don't want to shine that light. Take care of the kids or I will take care of you.

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How do you find the type of guy who is willing to have mind blowing, romantic sex like you described in that one post? I'm a virgin and I know I can choose to stay that way but I want to have sex with a man, at least once..But I don't want it to be like the other sex you described, cervix pounding and degrading and giving him an orgasm without him returning the favor. Honestly that kind of scares me and I want to avoid it at all costs. How do I find a guy willing to give/have great sex w/o kink?

Honestly it’s just about luck

But men who don’t watch porn are better, because then they don’t expect you to act like a porno. Unfortunately most of them watch porn. :/

There’s no “guaranteed signs of a good man” but not watching porn, actually mentioning women who he looks up to and respects, he talks about women as if we are people and in contexts outside of sexist remarks or rating women’s bodies like sex objects…

The less misogynistic things he does in general, the better

Like a man who says things like “My mom is so great because of her X accomplishment” or who maintains a decent friendship with his sisters or if he is actually able to be just friends with women, is probably closer to viewing women as human beings than dudes who only talk about women in terms of dating, have zero respect for their mothers, and would never consider a woman as a friend.

I would also try having conversations with a guy about what kind of sex he likes. Like if you are dating, ask him about sex while you are on a date.

Check his reactions to how you talk about sex. And if you’re seeing lots of red flags, don’t keep giving him the benefit of the doubt, trust your instincts.

There’s sadly no fool proof way to guarantee a dude won’t be awful at it. :/

And you don’t need to have sex to live a fulfilled life. Like honestly 90% of sex with men is terrible, so you aren’t missing much. There are tons of cooler and more interesting experiences in the world than having sex with men. So if you can’t find a guy you have sexual chemistry with, don’t sweat it, your life doesn’t need to include this to have value.

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*A shadowy figure appears, holding a large box. Without taking full form, the figure leaves the box on the ground, and vanishes from sight. A small note is on the side of the box, with only four words written in distinctly feminine penmanship. "Have Fun with Shadow." Upon further inspection, a small, black wolf pup is residing within the box, looking happily up at the group.*

Admin screams, “a puppy!”