Yall Lauren really has to fucking grow up

For most of the fandom, camren was never about the sexual shit anyway. Yeah there are scenes in fanfics and yes there are manips but fuck man people started shipping camren bc they were cute and they stared at each other like they were in love. No one ever looked at camren for the first time and immediately thought “ey yall they probably hot when they fuckin” so no its not a fucking wet dream

Lauren had to discover her feelings with the public scrutinizing her every move and yeah I get it that’s fucking hard. But it’s also a real struggle for young people to figure themselves out without having anyone to look up to. And yeah we can’t erase that there are some people who fetishize camren, because people like that exist in every fandom. But for most people, camren is just a chance to see two extremely successful girls falling in love and HOPING that someday, they wouldn’t have to be so scared anymore because it’s going to be okay. Even if they never really fell in love, people looked up to that and aspired for that.

This isn’t just about her life anymore. She came out as bisexual, and she has a responsibility. You don’t just fucking come out while in a position of power and then tell people to screw off when they ask you about your life. She wants to be a feminist icon? She wants to be a bisexual role model? Then she better fucking own up to it.

I say this as a fan and as a bisexual woman. She can’t keep doing this when shit hits the fan. Most camren shippers have been the ones defending her since day one anyway. They created a safe space for Lauren even if she never felt it, and made sure that if she ever decided to come out (and she did) she wouldn’t have to deal as much with the biphobia and the hate because they’d already cushion the fall anyway. Some cs fans attacked her and made her feel like shit, but she should really remember that it’s been cs fans who never really left her either.

And I wanna clear this up, I’m not hating on tyren. Lauren is a big girl and she can date whoever she wants. But that’s the point isn’t it? She’s fucking grown up. She’s been handling this camren shit since 2012, so she should really learn. She ain’t 16 anymore. She’s a grown ass woman who should be more responsible for the things she says.

A Court of Spring and Stars pt. 8

Word Count: 4146


I gulp down the fear that starts to course its way through me; fear for myself - my life - when my father finds out that my mate is his enemies son and fear for Kieran. I don’t know what my father will do to him but I know that I won’t be able to stand by and let it happen. The mate bond screams at me to protect him but I don’t know how.

I can’t even protect myself.

But there’s another fear in me. Why me? I can’t be someone’s mate. I’m sure Kieran’s thinking the same thing. Why her? I mean it’s impossible that he actually likes the idea of me being his mate. Who would? I’ve never been anyone’s first choice, only Roric’s and that was for the power I could provide him not me, but that’s just it: I’m not his choice. He didn’t choose me. The Cauldron chose for me to be with him. Maybe he doesn’t want some old, giant bowl to decide who he ends up with. Even if Kieran is happy right now, eventually he’ll grow tired of me. He’ll leave me and it’ll break me because even now after so little time I’m falling hard for him. I can’t imagine losing him after having more time with him.

I need to think. I need to think and be away from him for awhile. Especially be away from him for awhile - the bond is screaming at me and it wants me screaming his name. “Can - can we go back to the manor please? I need time … to think.”

He nods, eyes shining, and says, “Of course, sunshine. Whatever you want.”

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While I like the actual opening that was used, I have to admit I like this opening too, this is the opening we originally were going to get, sort of like a mix between Ghostbusters and Queen. The reason for the change however was because of Nickelodeon asked Butch Hartman to write a different song, one that would include Danny’s origins, that way new viewers could jump in at any time in the show and easily know the story without having need to look anything up on backstory.


Without even having to look up, you knew exactly who it was coming around through the back door. Each day at the same time, not a second later or earlier, Elijah would come over to wish you a good morning and if things weren’t too hectic he’d stay for breakfast.

“Good Morning”, his voice bounced off the kitchen walls and instantly put a smile on you face. Turning around from preparing breakfast, he was leaning against the door frame looking so dashing in his signature suit.

“It always is when you show up”, walking over to him, bare feet walking along the floor tiles, you stood on your tip toes to give him a kiss. “Good Morning, my love”. Whispering against his soft, pink lips as he gave you a charming smile in return.

“Can I tempt you with some freshly made waffles, or do you have to run off and save your family from each other, enemies and death?”. Elijah chuckled, making his way over to you, as you just put the last waffle on the plate he boxed you in between himself and the counter. “Breakfast sounds absolutely divine”.

His accent never failed to make your knees weak. In fact Elijah’s presence in general made your world spin that extra bit slower. Every time he walked into a room your eyes could only focus on him, nothing else was important or relevant. “Well then sit down, relax and get ready to taste the most amazing waffles in your 1,000 years of existence”.

He did as he was instructed, while you decorated each waffle and severed him his plate. The whole morning felt like you were floating on cloud nine, laughing and sharing stories just like every other time. Morning’s were definitely your favourite part of the day.


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I’m assuming you are talking about Season 4 Episode 25 “In Theory” (yes i have memorized a lot of Data episodes so I can go back and rewatch them without having to look it up)
My favorite parts of that episode where

1.) How everyone gave different advice and it was a reflection of their personality.

2.) Data tried so hard and is literally the sweetest living being in the god damn universe and I would die for him.

Power Rangers 2017 review

The past few years have sucked for reboots. There was Fantastic Four, the absolute worst iteration of the superheroes ever and a nadir for the superhero film genre; there was Ghostbusters, the excessively mediocre, casually sexist, and painfully unfunny all-female shitfest no one wanted; there are all the live-action adaptations of cartoons like The Smurfs, which lack all the soul of the original show; and don’t even get me started on horror reboots. Hell, the years to come don’t look much better, what with the cringe-inducingly bad Universal Horrorverse. So when I saw they were doing a reboot of Power Rangers, a series I’ve never been a fan of but know a little about, and it looked like it was going to be yet another tone-deaf, overly gritty, miserable reboot, I was not impressed and predicted that, like so many reboots before it, it was going to suck. HARD.

I was wrong.

Power Rangers is the reboot I’ve been waiting for, a movie that fills me with a sense of fun, excitement, and even interest. This actually made me want to go and watch Power Rangers, something absolutely nothing before this film has ever made me want to do. Like yes, it’s not a perfect film, but for what it is, it does a lot right in my eyes. Hell, it actually does shit a lot better than its contemporaries; it handles elements reboots like Ghostbusters and superhero films like Suicide Squad and Fant4stic handled really poorly. I’ll explain what I mean in just a moment, but first, the story:

Jason the high school football star lands himself in detention after running afoul of the law; there, he meets an autistic boy named Billy as well as a pretty young lady named Kimberly. A series of eevnts leads them to a nearby mine, where they’re joined by Zack and Trini. They discover some funky coins and soon discover they have superpowers. Returning to the mine they discover an ancient alien spaceship, where the little robot Alpha 5 and the cybernetic talking head Zordon fill them in on their destiny: they are the Power Rangers, guardians of the universe, and they must stop the evil Rita Repulsa from destroying the Earth. Rita is searching for a crystal that will give her a shitton of power, and is out trying to reform her mighty ally Goldar; can the Rangers learn to work as a team via the power of friendship in time, or will Rita make her monster grow powerful enough to wipe them out?

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That’s Not A Secret

Request: Number 16 with Yugyeom! :D

16) Your bias confesses through text message while sitting next to you

Member: Got7′s Yugyeom x Y/N x (ft. Got7)

Type: Fluff

Yugyeom rolled over in his sleeping bag and gave me a tired grin. I shifted to better look at the face of one of my best friends as he laid beside me. Something about relaxing with someone right before you fall asleep was so intimate, so comforting. 

“Who farted?” grumbled an exhausted Jaebum a few feet to my right. 

“Not me!” Youngjae gasped suddenly, shooting up in his blankets. 

“It was Youngjae,” Jinyoung muttered as he nuzzled down deeper into the sleeping bag on the opposite side of me. 

“It was not!” Youngjae groaned, leaning back down again. He cuddled into Jaebum’s side and muttered softly to himself. 

“Okay, okay, it wasn’t you,” Jaebum moaned. “Just whoever it was, don’t do it again.”

“I’m not trying to point fingers,” Jackson sighed sleepily. “But there is only one of us here who is lactose intolerant.”

“Jackson-ah, drop it!” Jaebum growled as Youngjae whimpered beside him. 

“Goodnight!” Jackson called, flopping dramatically over between the already snoring BamBam and half asleep Mark. 

I giggled, playfully kneeing at Yugyeom’s sleeping bag from within my own. When Got7 had invited me for an old fashioned sleepover, I had no idea it would actually involve sleeping bags, popcorn, and facials. After a few hours of binge watching movies from the 90′s, we successfully slumbered the already slumbering BamBam, and called it a night. 

I could see Yugyeom’s white teeth shining through the darkness as he reared back in an attempt to kick me, but more promptly slammed his heel into the calf of Got7′s leader. 

“Aish, what the hell?” Jaebum gasped as he spun around, cutting his eyes at the maknae. 

I didn’t have to have the lights on to know that Yugyeom’s face had become solemn as he laid quietly, not daring to move a muscle. JB rolled his eyes, turning back around to lay closer to Youngjae once again. 

“Sorry,” I whispered, sliding a bit closer to him so he could hear my voice. 

“It’s okay, it was my fault,” he sighed, smiling sadly at me. 

“You know what else will be your fault?” Jinyoung hummed. “When I don’t get exactly eight hours of sleep and then I’ll have to kill you.”

“Eighteen hours of beauty sleep couldn’t fix that face,” Yugyeom muttered under his breath, just loudly enough for me to hear. 

“I’m going to assume, for your sake, that you were telling Y/N goodnight,” Jinyoung hissed before rolling over. 

Yugyeom sighed as he pushed his hand into his sleeping bag and began to dig around. After a few moments, his arms reemerged, cell phone in hand. He rolled over, leaning on his elbows as he began to type at his screen quickly. After a few moments, he halted his movements and looked at me expectantly. 

I lifted my brows, now both of our faces painted by the dim lighting of his cell phone screen. I jumped as my own phone vibrated near my head, signaling a text message’s arrival. 

“I’m not tired” the text read next to Yugyeom’s nickname of Brownie in my cell phone. 

“tough. jinyoung will skin us alive if we talk.”

“to be fair, i think i would be skinned before you. he has no problems with the idea of got6.”

I tried to hush the chuckle escaping my mouth as I looked warily to JInyoung’s sleeping form. 

“alright, fair.”

“i thought when you were at a sleepover, you were supposed to talk into the night, sharing secrets and eating junk food.” 

“alright, tell me a secret then”

“bambam has webbed toes”


“i swear. i swear on chris brown that he does.”

I looked up from my phone and to Yugyeom who was staring at me earnestly. He began to aggressively nod as I looked back down to my screen. 

“tell me a different secret”

“tell me a secret of yours”

“i also have webbed toes”



I could feel Yugyeom’s glare directed my way without even having to look up. I smiled to myself as I tapped at the screen happily. 

“a secret you want, yah? hmmm…you’re my favorite member of got7″

“that’s not a secret”

I pursed my lips as I watched Yugyeom from my peripheral vision. He was grinning from ear to ear as he waited patiently in his sleeping bag. He looked as if he were a child, gleefully waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. 

“nvm. mark is my favorite member of got7.”

“take it back. take it back right now.”

“and if i don’t?”

“i’ll cry. i’ll ugly cry. snot everywhere.”

“and you’ll wake up jinyoung”

“a fitting ending to the sadness in my soul”


alright…you’re my favorite member of got7″


“i’m done with you. goodnight”

I set my phone where it once was beside my pillow and took a deep breath. I wasn’t lying, ever since I had met Got7, Yugyeom had caught my attention immediately. He was so handsome, tall, and talented. I had never seen anyone dance like him before. He was charming and humble, his cheeks always turning pink whenever I’d shower him with compliments. He knew what his limit was, but would push himself even further than his own standard. 

He was the ideal man. 

I will admit though, he was a bit shy. And by a bit, I meant incredibly. Whenever I tried to flirt, he would immediately look away, too bashful to even keep eye contact. Whenever my skin would skirt across his, even lightly and for a moment, he would flinch away, as if I was fire that had burned him. It was difficult to convey my feelings, therefore even more difficult for him to receive them. 

*buzz buzz*

I looked over to Yugyeom, a weak smirk on my face. He watched me carefully, his eyes turning back to my phone every few seconds. I lifted my hand up, tapping it around the floor until it made contact with my phone case. I lifted it up to see Yugyeom’s plea. 

“don’t be done with me

…what if i tell you another secret?”

“fine yuggie. i’ll humor you.”

Yugyeom looked at his phone screen for a good five minutes before his fingers even began to move. Slowly but surely, words appeared on his screen and were eventually transferred over to mine. 

“i like you y/n. that’s my big secret.”

I grinned to myself. I could tell Yugyeom’s face would be beet red if the lights were on right now, so I might as well have a little fun with him. 

“that’s not a secret”

“Wahhhh,” Yugyeom moaned, stuffing his face in his pillow. 

“Look, I’ve been putting up with your tapping and giggles for fifteen minutes now, wrap it up!” Jinyoung gasped from beside me. 

“Sorry,” I whispered, Yugyeom quickly echoed my apologies. 

“really? it wasn’t a secret?” Yugyeom tapped slowly after turning down the brightness on his screen. 

“oh no, i’m actually pretty surprised tbh. i never thought you’d admit something like that to me

but to fix the nervous butterflies you must have (bc i have them too) i feel the same way.”

“you do?” 

I smiled as I slithered across the hard wood until my sleeping bag was flush against Yugyeom’s. His eyes were the size of half dollars as he watched me snuggle in close to him. My face was only inches from his as I watched him as well.

I gave him a slow eskimo kiss, the tip of my nose gently knocking into his. The heat from his embarrassed face radiated against mine as I managed to whisper “I do.”

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ok but consider this: autistic witches

autistic witches who weave magic into any and all of their interests, knowing that the more they know about these things the more powerful they become

autistic witches who refuse eye contact when they’re angry or upset because a powerful witch can pull someone under their spell with just a look

autistic witches who effortlessly memorize every tarot card in their deck and always know the phase of the moon on any given date without even having to look up

autistic witches who connect with spirits and deities better than they do with ordinary people

autistic witches who learn nonverbal spells, dead languages, runes, sygils, and the language of flowers and use them to say things they never could before

autistic witches who stim with little charms and trinkets, invoking power almost subconsciously

autistic witches whose power is dismissed and underestimated time and time again because allistic people can’t see it through their stigma-filled perceptions

autistic witches actually having some of the most powerful magic in the world

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Hello. I've just discovered the mbti community and would like to know how you determine whether a character uses Fi/ Fe, Ni/Ne, Si/Se or Ti/ Te. Is there any personality test that might help me to learn typing the types?

Yes, although you can just google up ‘mbti functions’ or something like that without having to look up the tests since they’re inaccurate anyway.
If you study yourself and have a good idea of what function you use more of and can order the four stacking for yourself from most to least, you can figure out your type more accurately than any bs test can.

(Example: My stack from most => least: Ne, Fi, Te, Si
which is ENFP.)

I can help you give a basic description of each one.


You can take a look at my Fi v Fe post here which goes into absolute details.


-You look toward to the future, you are good at guessing intentions, abstract thoughts and riddles/puzzles, you are goal-oriented and determined, good at reading people (Ni)

-You have too many abstract thoughts, you can think up of too many possibilities, it is difficult for you to make decisions, extremely creative and can be overwhelmed with ideas, one goal does not interest you (Ne)


-You can get sentimental about the past, place importance on the nostalgia in your life, you can remember things vividly and hold them inside your heart, you need to feel safe and happy about something before actually doing it, thoughtful upon your actions, can hold grudges, trust past experiences and swear by it, once you figure out something makes you happy, it is easy for you to over indulge (Si)

-You are spontaneous and impulsive, it is difficult for you to think first and act later, you care more about objects and your surroundings as it is rather than be interested in the story/history/fantasy behind something, the idea of materialism does not bother you, you are keenly observant and pay attention a lot to details, it’s important that you are practical and make use of what is around you as you live (Se)


-You like to figure out the mechanics, and often ask yourself and others ‘why’ and ‘how,’ you actually like problem solving and was probably very good at math in school; thinking up of multiple formulas and possibilities to solve a problem, you are analytical and perceptive, it takes you a longer time to reach a decision/conclusion, because you are analytical and see plenty of arguments, debates and arguments are enjoyable to you (Ti)

-You are more comfortable with one or two methods/formula to solve a problem and need it to be efficient so you can move on. 
It is easy for you to want to direct people when it is time for you to take charge. You are highly skeptical unless you see something for yourself to be convinced, deductions for problems come naturally to you and you can rule things out, when passionate or insistent about something, you also enjoy a good debate, when stressed/irritated/pushed, it’s easy for you to snap back with something cutting or sarcastic (Te)

Let me know if the description was too broad and you need real life experience examples of how the functions would go about a specific situation.

~Miss ENFP


Day 27: Pop culture reference

I love the triumphant joy with which Dean says it. I love Bobby and Sam’s uncomprehending looks, and Dean’s disappointment at their lack of proper education, and how he starts explaining that it’s “save the whales”, which only gets him more blank stares.

I also love that he uses Star Trek IV like a verb.

(And, as a Trekkie, but also someone who is not very pop culture savvy otherwise, I like this reference because I actually got it without having to look it up.)

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But what is the ship???

Spuffy. >_>

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I was a hardcore Buffy x Spike shipper when I was a teen. It was my first real ship. I had multiple notebooks filled with fan fics. They were terrible. XD

In fact, the way they totally mishandled the majority of that relationship in season 6 nearly got me to stop watching the show altogether. The episode Seeing Red was my ultimate “WHAT THE FUCK ARE THE WRITERS DOING?!” moment. It made me so upset, for multiple reasons, that I seriously considered abandoning the show altogether. Which is saying a lot, considering that I watched it religiously. I was the kind of fan who knew every little detail, who could hold entire conversations in quotes. The two easiest essays I ever wrote in college were about Buffy and I could quote episodes and minor plot details and cite them without having to look up a single thing. And that was a few years after the show had gone off the air.

Basically the only reason I kept going was because of the final shot of season 6′s finale, which intrigued me enough that I gave it another shot just so I could see how that whole situation was going to play out. 

Though to be fair, there was a lot about season six that rubbed me the wrong way. The way they handled Spuffy was just the icing on my salt cake.

But yeah. I was a massive Buffy fan back in the day. Still am, if I’m being honest - though it’s been a while since I went back and rewatched it.

Focus - How to develop your Craft

One of the problems that a lot of people have coming to witchcraft, and something I struggle with still to this day, is a lack of focus. I don’t mean visualisation and meditation, I’m talking about the fact that witchcraft is not a single skill but a huge collection of different practices; divination by lot, scrying, natural magic, spirit work, trance, sigils, hedgecrossing, wortcunning, energy work, ritual, astrology, ceremonial magic etc. etc.  It can be daunting to realise just how much there is to learn, and to take on too much, too soon. If you set out to memorise the tarot, delve into trance and try to plant a half-acre herb garden in week one, you’re going to burn out fast. You’re also not going to achieve the results you want in any of these areas.

In any other craft, apprentices must practice the same repetitive steps before they move on to a new skill, sometimes for years before they master it. Just because magic makes some things easier, doesn’t mean learning witch crafts can be achieved instantly. There is no rush, you have years to learn these skills and it will take you years. Don’t set deadlines, just put in the hours.

  • Pick one practice you are naturally drawn towards. It might be one form of divination, working with tree spirits, traditional astrology, creating sigils etc, it doesn’t matter. Choose the skill that you desire to learn most passionately, the one you couldn’t imagine living without.
  • Seek training in that skill. It doesn’t have to be from another Witch. I’ve taken courses in Astrology, Tarot and Alchemy from practitioners for whom that is their sole specialisation. Look to other disciplines of the Occult. They have much to teach you. 
  • If you are limited to book knowledge, read widely, be discerning and do the work. Reading 20 books on a subject doesn’t make you an expert if you’ve never tried the skills described therein.
  • Practice. Do the work, do it again, record your results, don’t give up when you fail. Work for yourself, work for others (for free at this point) try different methods, experiment, learn by doing.
  • Gain competency; the ability to do something successfully with some measure of efficiency. Read tarot without looking at the book, know which herb to use without having to look it up, identify Jupiter and Venus without using a star chart. You’ll know when you’re there because it will feel natural and automatic. 
  • Take on another skill. Once you’ve gained the confidence of achieving competency in one area, you can probably take on a couple of new skills, although it helps if they’re not too similar (learning two forms of divination is like learning two languages at the same time - confusing.)
  • Rinse and repeat until you have a working knowledge and competency of several skills that together form your regular practice. Pat yourself on the back, most people never get this far.
  • Be humble. Competency is not mastering a skill. Don’t suddenly assume the mantle of an adept because you can do a few things passably well. Keep learning and developing those skills. Don’t even think about teaching them until you’ve been practicing for years and years.
  • Challenge yourself. There may be certain practices you’ve avoided out of fear, laziness or disinterest. Try something that pushes you harder, drags you out of your comfort zone. That is how you get beyond the beginner stuff.
  • Whenever you feel overwhelmed - too many books to read, too many divination tools, too many spells planned, too many jars of ingredients lining the shelves, bring it back to the basics. Focus on what you want to achieve and practice the skills that will get you there. Don’t be afraid to take a break from everything else to allow you to work on just one thing.
  • Breathe. You’ll get there, don’t worry too much. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a witch because you don’t do X. Your practice is yours to define, take pride in the effort you’ve put into it.
Book review: 호숫가 살인사건 - 히가시노 게이고

I downloaded the preview of this book without reading the description while I was bored in class. By the time I finished reading the preview I was hooked and had to buy it so I could find out how the story ended. And I read the entire book within 24 hours of finding it on the play store :o

Keigo Higashino is definitely one of my favorite authors to read korean books in. I like his type of story telling and insertion of scientific themes. This book is a bit different from all other books of him I’ve read so far as it doesn’t involve any detectives, but it’s still a 추리소설. The book wasn’t a masterpiece of literature but it’s a solid story in my opinion, and if you’re into of crime novels I can definitely recommend this book. 

I think the fact that the books are translated from japanese makes them a bit easier to read as I feel like the vocabulary used tends to be a bit more simplified. There were almost no words that were essential to understand the story that I didn’t know; There were some adjectives I had to look up but I could just follow the story without having to look up words to understand what was going on. The grammar used is very basic as well. I didn’t notice any 5/6급 grammar.

You can get the book on google play here.