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I have this neat plant that grows around my house in the summer. It has green pods that spit seeds out if you touch them???? The insides of the pods are kinda yellow or orange flowery things. I've only ever heard of them as being called 'touch me not' but I have never been able to determine if that is its actual name as it doesn't look like anything that pops up when I google that name. Its a really cute little man and I wanna know what his name is if you can help that would be great! :3c


these babs are called Ecballium elaterium and they basically spread their seed by building up pressure in their (developed) ovaries until they explode and shoot seed and fluid out the top. honestly for an exploding plant theres surprisingly little to say about it like. o there goes helen again with her baby canon

Focus - How to develop your Craft

One of the problems that a lot of people have coming to witchcraft, and something I struggle with still to this day, is a lack of focus. I don’t mean visualisation and meditation, I’m talking about the fact that witchcraft is not a single skill but a huge collection of different practices; divination by lot, scrying, natural magic, spirit work, trance, sigils, hedgecrossing, wortcunning, energy work, ritual, astrology, ceremonial magic etc. etc.  It can be daunting to realise just how much there is to learn, and to take on too much, too soon. If you set out to memorise the tarot, delve into trance and try to plant a half-acre herb garden in week one, you’re going to burn out fast. You’re also not going to achieve the results you want in any of these areas.

In any other craft, apprentices must practice the same repetitive steps before they move on to a new skill, sometimes for years before they master it. Just because magic makes some things easier, doesn’t mean learning witch crafts can be achieved instantly. There is no rush, you have years to learn these skills and it will take you years. Don’t set deadlines, just put in the hours.

  • Pick one practice you are naturally drawn towards. It might be one form of divination, working with tree spirits, traditional astrology, creating sigils etc, it doesn’t matter. Choose the skill that you desire to learn most passionately, the one you couldn’t imagine living without.
  • Seek training in that skill. It doesn’t have to be from another Witch. I’ve taken courses in Astrology, Tarot and Alchemy from practitioners for whom that is their sole specialisation. Look to other disciplines of the Occult. They have much to teach you. 
  • If you are limited to book knowledge, read widely, be discerning and do the work. Reading 20 books on a subject doesn’t make you an expert if you’ve never tried the skills described therein.
  • Practice. Do the work, do it again, record your results, don’t give up when you fail. Work for yourself, work for others (for free at this point) try different methods, experiment, learn by doing.
  • Gain competency; the ability to do something successfully with some measure of efficiency. Read tarot without looking at the book, know which herb to use without having to look it up, identify Jupiter and Venus without using a star chart. You’ll know when you’re there because it will feel natural and automatic. 
  • Take on another skill. Once you’ve gained the confidence of achieving competency in one area, you can probably take on a couple of new skills, although it helps if they’re not too similar (learning two forms of divination is like learning two languages at the same time - confusing.)
  • Rinse and repeat until you have a working knowledge and competency of several skills that together form your regular practice. Pat yourself on the back, most people never get this far.
  • Be humble. Competency is not mastering a skill. Don’t suddenly assume the mantle of an adept because you can do a few things passably well. Keep learning and developing those skills. Don’t even think about teaching them until you’ve been practicing for years and years.
  • Challenge yourself. There may be certain practices you’ve avoided out of fear, laziness or disinterest. Try something that pushes you harder, drags you out of your comfort zone. That is how you get beyond the beginner stuff.
  • Whenever you feel overwhelmed - too many books to read, too many divination tools, too many spells planned, too many jars of ingredients lining the shelves, bring it back to the basics. Focus on what you want to achieve and practice the skills that will get you there. Don’t be afraid to take a break from everything else to allow you to work on just one thing.
  • Breathe. You’ll get there, don’t worry too much. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a witch because you don’t do X. Your practice is yours to define, take pride in the effort you’ve put into it.

One more piece of advice for players who are new to magic characters:

Magic Classes are more complex than other classes.  They just are. If you’re playing a martial character, you’ll be able to use your basic class features without having to look up the rules every time.  But as a spellcaster, you’ll likely have to reference your spell descriptions for a long time.  And even if you play D&D for years, you’ll never be able to memorize all the spells.

If it’s your first time, I recommend a spontaneous casting class like Sorcerer or Oracle or Bard.  Spontaneous casters get to choose a small list of spells.  They can only cast those spells, but as long as they have spell slots left, they can cast any spell from their list.  These classes are easier because having fewer spells mean you become more familiar with them.  It also means you avoid tedious spell preparation.  

Prepared casters are different. A wizard is a good example of a prepared spellcaster; a wizard can learn any number of spells.  The only limit is time and resources (adding spells to your book costs money).  But a wizard can still only cast a limited number of spells per day, and they have to choose their spells ahead of time.  So let’s say a wizard can cast four 3rd level spells per day.  They pick Fireball (twice), Dispel Magic and Tongues.  Those are the only 3rd level spells they can cast that day.  Even if they know a different 3rd level spell (like Fly, for example), they won’t be able to cast it because they didn’t prepare it.

Prepared casters are more work because you have to understand more spells.  You also have to go out of your way to acquire and learn more spells, and every day you have to choose which ones you’ll be able to cast.

So in summation, all casting classes can be fun.  They each have their advantages and drawbacks.  But spontaneous casters are more beginner friendly.

Cuphead Human AU

Just some stuff about a human AU for Cuphead and how I think the characters would be!

Cupbros: They would be teens (around 16-17) who live with their grandfather, Elder Kettle. They are famous around town for being the two kids who beat the devil at his own game. They do favours for people around town all the time (Cuphead because he wants the good name and Mugman because he’s just a good guy). You could ask anyone in the town and they would tell you about how the cupbros have helped them at least once.

The Root Pack: They’re farmers that live together on a ranch little bit outside of the town. They grow all kinds of vegetables and fruits but their main products are (of course) potatoes, onions, and carrots. The cupbros like to go over a lot to help them out with the crops, and it’s a win-win for all of them because The Root Pack gets more work done and the bros just get to have fun.

Goopy Le Grande: Goopy is a comedian who performs at the local bar. He’s actually quite famous and he likes the attention and adores his fans! He also has a side hobby in boxing (he practices with Ribby and Croaks every Tuesday and Thursday). He likes to sit with the cupbros and tell them jokes whenever he has free time because they like his jokes and he thinks that they’re pretty good kids.

Cagney Carnation: Cagney runs the local flower shop in town, he knows everything and anything there is to know about flowers. Seriously though his knowledge on flowers is almost scary, just by glancing at a flower he could tell you what type it was and if it was healthy and all the instructions to properly take care of it. The bros come in often because they like to buy flowers for people around town so Cagney is used to them being regulars and can start conversations with them fairly easily.

Hilda Berg: Hilda is a pilot that travels in and out of town a lot for her job, which is to deliver products (like crops from The Root Pack) from one town to another. She knows A LOT about astrology and will love to sit there and talk about the stars if someone asks! Sometimes when business gets slow and she doesn’t need to deliver anything, she’ll offer rides to people in the town, and of course the boys love it! Cuphead always tells her that he wants to be a pilot and she wholeheartedly supports his decision and even helps teach him the basics.

Ribby and Croaks: Ribby and Croaks are boxers that travel around for tournaments but still live in the town. They are always together, like always, it’s near impossible to see one without the other, like they are bound for life. When they are in town and not traveling around, they like to teach the bros simple fighting techniques (they say it’s for self defence, the kids need to know how to defend themselves! (And Elder Kettle maaaay not know about these secret lessons)) They are really cool guys and everyone in town loves them and they have a good rep for being famous boxers.

Baroness Von Bon Bon: Bon Bon owns the local candy store in the town, all of her minions are her employees that work there. She also has a part time acting as a candy princess (baroness?) at events like fairs or birthdays. The cupbros visit her store A LOT, she’s so used to seeing them that she can tell when they’ve walked in without even having to look up. She may seem mean at first glance but if you ask any of the employees they’ll tell you that she’s the sweetest boss they’ve ever had (she cares about her kingdom!). Her store is the greatest place to go for Halloween, and she usually gives out free candy for town events (nothing big, just like lollipops or something)

Djimmi the Great: Djimmi has a part time job as a genie/mindreader, he works with Baroness at the fairs or birthdays. He shares an apartment with Beppi and it works surprising well, they enjoy each other’s company. Djimmi scares people at first with his big frame but he’s actually a giant sweetheart, he lets the cupbros help him practice his tricks so he can make sure he has them right. He owns a cat and he loves him dearly, the cat is super pampered he’s practically treated like a prince (“only the best for my darling cat!”)

Beppi the Clown: Beppi works with Djimmi and Baroness as a clown, except he tends to get more job opportunities because.. well because he’s a clown, everyone loves clowns (right?). He shares an apartment with Djimmi and he loves it, it’s like having a sleepover with your best friend every night! Beppi has kind of a sick sense of humour, he plays the worst pranks imaginable on people all over town (no one is safe). He likes to play with cupbros, making balloon animals for them and letting them help him prank people. Beppi also has a dog, a small one with a big attitude, he adores her and likes to show her off to everyone. His dog also tends to get into fights with Djimmi’s cat but they are quick to resolve it before their owners find out.

Wally Warbles: Wally owns a small little shop where he sells handmade wooden items, like decorations or even furniture. Wally’s a single dad and he loves his son more than anything else in the world, he’ll always support him no matter what. He comes off as a rude guy but he’s actually pretty nice when you get to know him, he’ll make you little gifts if he actually likes you. The cupbros likes to come watch him work, they ask him all kinds of questions and will even help watch little junior while Wally is working to help keep him occupied (as a gift he made them their very own wooden cups for their birthday).

Grim Matchstick: Grim is the chief firefighter for the town (a true hero!) he’s made it his duty to make sure everyone in town is safe. Grim is very good at his job and knows everything there is to know but he has really bad people skills, Bon Bon being one of the only people he can actually talk to, he stutters a lot but he won’t let that stop him from his job. He really likes kids so he loves it when the cupbros come over to check out the place, he’ll answer any questions they have and will always give them a tour and a ride around in one of the fire trucks!

Rumor Honeybottoms: Rumor owns one the local honey farms, she is very picky about her honey because she wants every drop to be perfect for her constomers. Rumor is also super strict when it comes to security, she doesn’t want just anyone walking around her place! The cupbros like to run errands for Rumor, mostly things like deliveries and what not, and she’ll always pay them for it and will give them tea with honey when they come back, she appreciates their hard work!

Captain Brineybeard: Brineybeard works with the shipping business, shipping things overseas. He is a very good sailor and is really concerned with ocean pollution, he probably spends his weekends picking up trash off beaches (what a nice guy). He’s taken the cupbros for rides on his boat and has taught them a lot about sea creatues and even how to pilot a boat properly. He doesn’t stay in town for too long because shipping overseas can take awhile sometimes and he usually likes stay at some of the places because he likes sightseeing.

Cala Maria: Cala is your local pretty girl, but she’s also a teen around the cupbros age who volunteers with the local ocean wildlife protection agency. Cala always talks about wanting to be a marine biologist when she grows up, she’s super smart and knows a lot about sea creatures! She owns pet snakes (3 to be exact) and she loves her snakes very much and takes the best care of them. She likes to hang out with cupbros a lot and help them do favours for certain people around town and they like to play with her pet snakes because they’re cool (though they freak Cuphead out a little bit)

Sally Stageplay: Sally is an actress who performs at the theatre all the time with her husband, Jack. Sally’s super devoted to her acting career and you can always catch her practicing her lines and sets. Sally loves to have the cupbros join her in some of her plays, wether they be a main character or a minor one, they enjoy it too. Her plays are always every weekend and people like to come from all over just to watch them, and people in town like to watch them as a local activity because everyone watches her plays.

Werner Werman: Werner is an engineer who gets most of his money by going around and fixing broken things for people. Werner is super smart and knows a lot about how things work and likes to build small machines during his free time. The cupbros like talking to him because he’s always got a new invention to show or a super cool story to tell them. Werner is Rumor’s right hand man when it comes to supplying security machines, she’s where he gets most of his money and she’s spread his name around town as the guy who could fix anything, leading to his many job opportunities.

Dr Kahl’s Robot: Kahl’s Robot is Kahl’s son in this AU, the Robot being around 18 with Kahl in his late thirties/early forties. Kahl’s Robot is a very smart kid, he learns a lot from Kahl and talks about wanting to be a scientist like his father one day. Kahl is a single dad who works as a scientist, he likes to show the cupbros some of his cool experiments and he lets them play with the Robot to help keep him occupied. Kahl’s Robot is also very curious about new things, but he’s also super shy so he doesn’t know how to approach new things but he’s getting there!

Phantom Express: They run a train that runs back and forth from one town to their town, the train crew has a spooky theme because of the company name (which is the Phantom Express) so the crew has to dress all spooky. Blind Spector has hyphema (like 2d from gorillaz) so his eyes are pure black, he uses this to his advantage when it comes to playing spooky and it doesn’t bother him at all. T-Bone wears face paint to look like a skeleton and it makes him look way scarier than he actually is, he helps hold the crew together and make sure that everything goes as planed. The Blaze Brothers are twins who work together to help fuel the train and make sure it’s in running order, since they tend to stay away from the passengers they don’t dress as spooky as everyone else. The Head of the Train is the conductor and he makes it his number one that everyone on board is ok and that they remain that way the entire trip. The cupbros like to come onboard and help the crew with stuff, Mugman LOVES the train and asks all sorts of questions to which they are always happy to answer.

King Dice: King Dice is assistant manager at the casino, he keeps track of anything and everything the Devil doesn’t want to, and that’s a lot of stuff. Dice is also in charge of all the employees, making sure they keep in shape and don’t let any cheaters slip by. Dice is very good when it comes to his job, he knows what has to be done before it even needs to be done. Dice is also a very good gambler, don’t make a bet with this guy because you will loose.

The Devil: The Devil is the owner of the casino and he doesn’t make appearances very often, but when he does that means you should be scared. He looks intimidating but he isn’t actually that scary, just a rude guy. Devil likes to make sure everything is going smoothly at the casino, and that includes keeping those two little brats out of here, the Devil is probably the only person in town to actually hate the two cupbros, which only makes his reputation worse but it’s not like he could care.

Hiraeth - Eight

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☽Pairing☾ ; BTS | Reader

☽Genre☾ ; Angst | Fluff

☽Word Count☾ ; 1.7k

☽Summary☾ Returning back to Korea after years of being under the ground, to see your parents. You wished it was all it took, to feel complete again. The aftermath of confusion, betrayal and sorrow was the reason to never come back into the boys presents. But it wasn’t until, seeing one them enter the same cafe, at the right time.

☽Notes☾ ;  Part Seven | Part Nine 

Shaking his head in frustration and relief, Jimin sprayed the remaining water everywhere in the bathroom. His towel neatly tied around his hips, walking out to the hallway, feeling the cold breeze embrace his heated body. Water dripping from his ash-blonde hair, he continued his quest to find some clothing he could wear in this winter season. It’s not he cared about what he wore, due to the fact that he could possibly wear everything. But at this occasion, he couldn’t help to find the blackest ripped jeans and oversize hoodie as an accompany, to prepare his own image of what to come.  

“Are you sure about this?” A voice from behind, breaking through the t-shirt barrier that were pulled over Jimin’s head. Namjoon were leaning against the doorway, giving his usual ‘worried’ look to his members, knowing they were up to something that could turn out to more than they had imagined.  

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Heaven’s Gate

  • Pairings: Min Yoongi x Reader 
  • Genre: Angst, Guardian Angel Au
  • Words: 11K
  • Description: In which Min Yoongi dies and is recruited to be a guardian angel, but he sure as hell didn’t expect to see your name on that little piece of paper telling him what mortal being he was assigned to look after.
  • Warnings: Past Death, Mentions of Suicide and Bullying

White light.

It’s the first thing Min Yoongi sees when he opens his eyes to an empty space made up of fluffy ivory clouds with silver lining and hues of baby blue, light lavender…. and pastel pink? He’d call it a room, but there were technically no walls to confine said space, just a blank nothingness that seemed to go on for an eternity.

How absolutely nauseating.  

“The fuck happened?” He murmurs to himself, only to be jolted in surprise by a particularly loud and obnoxious voice.

“Welcome to Heaven’s Gate” The voice echoes. It’s a sound that reverberates throughout the entirety of the dreamlike area; making it hard to identify which direction it came from.Yoongi’s eyes dart around, only to lazily land on the male with an annoyingly pretty face that he can’t stand to look at for longer than a few seconds.

“And you are?”

“Kim Seokjin, voted best Gatekeeper for five years straight.” He declares proudly, and Yoongi can swear he can see the air of arrogance evaporating from the guys irritatingly perfect hair.

Yoongi scoffs. “Then will you care to explain what’s going on?”

“Oh right, I was just about to get to that part.” The man reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a scroll, tied neatly with a red ribbon which he unknots and causes the long strip to cascade to the floor, which isn’t really floor-like at all, but looks more like it’s just made of solid clouds or some shit.

“Min Yoongi. 24 years old. Suicide.” The man reads.

“You’re telling me I’m dead?”

“Of course. Why else would you be here?”

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Okay, um…so recently I posted two little drabble-like fics where Gordon Ramsay was the new Hogwarts Potions professor instead of Slughorn (totally based on this post). You can read those first two here and here…and now here’s part three! It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for…a confrontation between DADA-Professor!Snape and Potions-Professor!Ramsay! Hope you like it!

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Yall Lauren really has to fucking grow up

For most of the fandom, camren was never about the sexual shit anyway. Yeah there are scenes in fanfics and yes there are manips but fuck man people started shipping camren bc they were cute and they stared at each other like they were in love. No one ever looked at camren for the first time and immediately thought “ey yall they probably hot when they fuckin” so no its not a fucking wet dream

Lauren had to discover her feelings with the public scrutinizing her every move and yeah I get it that’s fucking hard. But it’s also a real struggle for young people to figure themselves out without having anyone to look up to. And yeah we can’t erase that there are some people who fetishize camren, because people like that exist in every fandom. But for most people, camren is just a chance to see two extremely successful girls falling in love and HOPING that someday, they wouldn’t have to be so scared anymore because it’s going to be okay. Even if they never really fell in love, people looked up to that and aspired for that.

This isn’t just about her life anymore. She came out as bisexual, and she has a responsibility. You don’t just fucking come out while in a position of power and then tell people to screw off when they ask you about your life. She wants to be a feminist icon? She wants to be a bisexual role model? Then she better fucking own up to it.

I say this as a fan and as a bisexual woman. She can’t keep doing this when shit hits the fan. Most camren shippers have been the ones defending her since day one anyway. They created a safe space for Lauren even if she never felt it, and made sure that if she ever decided to come out (and she did) she wouldn’t have to deal as much with the biphobia and the hate because they’d already cushion the fall anyway. Some cs fans attacked her and made her feel like shit, but she should really remember that it’s been cs fans who never really left her either.

And I wanna clear this up, I’m not hating on tyren. Lauren is a big girl and she can date whoever she wants. But that’s the point isn’t it? She’s fucking grown up. She’s been handling this camren shit since 2012, so she should really learn. She ain’t 16 anymore. She’s a grown ass woman who should be more responsible for the things she says.

Bioregional Animism Questions

Years ago, came across a post on a website which had questions related to how knowledgeable one was to their local region. (The list was called “Bioregional Quiz: Re-Indigenize Yourself Project“ for anyone interested.) The website is long gone now, but I kept the questions to help remind me of things I wanted to learn more and more about over time.

Decided to share them as they might be of interest to or useful to some folks.

(Note: some questions I’ve added to the list over the years and the questions are not in the original order they were found in.)

  1. What primary geological events and processes influenced the landforms of your bioregion?
  2. What biotic and/or geological features define your bioregion?
  3. Where does your drinking water come from?
  4. What is the dimension of your watershed? 
  5. What creek or river defines your watershed?
  6. What and where is the largest wilderness area(s) in your bioregion?
  7.  Have there been any successful land or water restoration projects where you live?
  8. What are your soil conditions?
  9. What kind of rocks and minerals are in the land below you?
  10. What are the greatest threats to your bioregion’s ecosystem?
  11. Where does your trash end up?
  12. Where does your sewage end up?
  13. What is the power source for your electricity?
  14. What animal and/or plant species have become extinct in the area?
  15. What animal and/or plant species have become endangered in the area?
  16. Name a local environmentalist group.
  17. Name some local invasive species (plant and/or animal . (Humans do not count!)
  18. Name some plants and animals that live in and near your home? (Example: Insects, birds small mammals, etc.)
  19. Name some local  plants and animals that live just outside urban centers?
  20. Name five species of trees in your area that you can identify.
  21. Name five migratory birds that pass your area and when they arrive and leave.
  22. Name five local edible plants and when to forage them.
  23. Is your area home to any native herbs?
  24. Name of the first wildflowers that blooms in spring where you live.
  25. How well can you predict the weather based on cloud formation and pressure? 
  26. What direction do storms generally come in?
  27. At the peak of summer and height of winter, when and where does the sun set?
  28. Can you roughly keep track of the Moon’s phase without having to look it up?
  29. What places in your area are the best for stargazing?
  30. Over time, what groups of people have lived the area?
  31. What were/are the subsistence practices for the area’s indigenous persons?
  32. In the past century, what was the primary land use in your bioregion?
  33. When and where is your closest farmer’s market?
  34. How many human people live next door to you?
  35. What are their names?
  36. What places are special personally to you in your area?

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Since you’re a Russian-American living in Japan, are you fluent in Japanese? If not, how much Japanese do you know?

Depends on what you consider ‘fluent’ I guess. Fluency is hard to define.

I can:

✔ carry most daily conversations

✔ watch movies without subtitles

✔ read elementary-school-level novels 

✔ write simple messages, like to my coworkers or friends about daily life

I can’t:

✘ read newspapers without having to look up kanji

✘ read scientific papers with vocab specific to that topic

✘ write stories/story-like things without messing up a significant amount of the grammar

I don’t consider myself ‘fluent’ but I consider myself conversational! Then again, I’ve always had a fairly lax approach to learning languages and am liberally forgiving towards myself for things I mess up. My philosophy is - even if you make mistakes, if you can get an idea across, whatever the effort, you are still speaking that language! 

Also, I’m taking the JLPT - N2 on December 3rd (wish me luck!)

Losing it All — Sweet Pea x Reader part 2

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Synopsis: Y/N is a former north sider. Her mother has recently died of cancer, her father has turned to alcohol, which has caused them to lose everything and move to the south side. The story starts on her first day at Southside High where she has to figure out how to fit in.

A/N: this chapter will include violence. I normally won’t be able to post this fast but I finished my homework early so here you guys go. Hopefully you like it.

I walked with Jughead to the Whyte Wyrm in silence, after all what did we really have to talk about. He held the door open for me.

“After you,” Jughead said while gesturing inside. I took a deep breath and walked into the low lit cloud of smoke.

“Who is this?” The man who asked the question was huge, I mean giant huge. “You can’t just bring outsiders here Jughead.” Just then Sweet Pea ran up to the door.

“Y/N! Tall Boy you should have seen her beat the shit out of some Ghoulie today at school.”

Tall boy looked at me and there was a quick flash of what looked like astonishment. “You took on a Ghoulie?”

“I mean he was nothing you should see someone that’s actually challenging.”

“So, what are you doing here? This place is for Serpents only.” Tall Boy changed the subject. “You don’t look much like Serpent material.”

“Just killing time,” I shrugged, “I needed a place to chill before my fight tonight.” As I spoke Sweet Pea’s eyes lit up.

“We should go,” Sweet Pea clapped Tall Boy on the shoulder, “ I know how much you love a good fight.” He was trying to goad Tall Boy into giving in.

“I got nothing better to do. You in kid?” He turned to Jughead.

“Fine.” Jughead replied noncommittally. My phone rang.

“Sorry guys, it’s my dad,” I took a recipt from my jacket pocket and wrote down the address, “10:00 at this address,” I handed it to Tall Boy, “oh, and leave your jackets at home.”

Sweet Pea’s POV

I rode my bike behind Tall Boy until we reached a warehouse in no man’s land. The parking lot was filled with cars.

“You sure this is the place?” I asked Tall Boy.

“Yes,” he replied gruffly. We walked in the door. This wasn’t what I had pictured. This wasn’t a professional match, it was an underground fight. Y/N was full of surprises. Just then I saw her talking to an older man, it looked like they were fighting. I got close enough to hear,but not close enough to be seen.

“You better not lose.” The man stuck his fat sausage like fingers in her face.

“I won’t dad.” She wrung her hands together.

“See that you don’t. Remember what happened last time. I have a lot of money on this fight.”

“I know dad.” The crowd started yelling.

“It’s time. Get up there.” He pushed her forward. I stepped back into the shadows. When they passed me I rejoined Tall Boy and Jughead.

“Where did you go?” Jughead asked.

“None of your business.” Y/N stepped into the makeshift ring. Damn she looked good in those shorts. The crowd cheered as her opponent stepped into the ring. The girl on the opposite side was huge. At least as tall as me and definitely had about 20 pounds of muscle on Y/N. She was fucked.

The announcer started speaking, “remember everyone. The first person to tap out or get knocked out loses. The rules are no rules.” Y/N scanned the crowd and our eyes met. Then the bell rang. The other chick got closer and threw a punch, I saw a quick glitter as her hand moved, brass knuckles. Y/N dodged the punch and returned one into her stomach which connected. The other chick wasted no time in swinging again, this time connecting with Y/N’s face. She turned her head and spit a pool of blood on the floor.

“Looks like your girl’s screwed,” Tall Boy muttered under his breath. Y/N regained her bearings and landed a kick in her opponent’s knee, which was returned by a kick in Y/N’s ribs. I knew I had to do something. Y/N stumbled backwards close enough to hear me.

“Y/N! Catch.” I threw my brass knuckles, which she promptly caught her face contorted in pain. She slipped them on and swung connecting with the other chick’s face. Her lip split in two. Y/N didn’t relent. She kicked the girl’s feet from underneath her, strattled her and punched the side of her head over and over. The girl was knocked out after only a few hits. The bell rang the announcer held one of her hands over her head as she gripped her right side.

Tall Boy grabbed my bicep and brought his face close to mine, “do anything you have to, but I want her initiated.” I nodded. I glanced around the room and saw her dad collect his money and leave. I stayed and waited for her.

“Not bad,” I said with a smirk on my face as Y/N approached.

“Thanks by the way,” she said tossing the brass knuckles my way. “I wouldn’t have won without those.”

I looked her up and down, her face was cut up, she had a large bruise forming on her right side. “You need a ride?”


We walked out of the warehouse and over to my bike. “It’s too cold for you to ride like that, here.” I wrapped my flannel around her shoulders and hopped on my bike.

“Thanks.” Y/N winced as she hopped on and wrapped her arms around my waist. “I live on 5th and Vine.”

“Hold on tight.” Her arms squeezing as hard as she could muster, which wasn’t much so I made sure to drive slow. We drove into the heart of the Southside. I stopped in front of a decrepit brick building. “Here you go princess. Let me walk you up.” Y/N nodded still clutching her right side. We walked slowly up the stairs.

“This is me.” Y/N tried to get her keys out of her pocket.

“Let me get that for you.” I reached gently into her pocket grabbing the keys. I couldn’t help but notice how firm her ass was. I opened the door. “I’ll help clean up your face.”

“You don’t have to. You’ve done enough.”

“I wasn’t asking,” my voice more forceful than I had intended. Y/N led me to her bedroom.

“Sorry it’s not much,” her hands gesturing to the shabby room around us.

“It’s fine. Do you have a first aid kit?”

“Closet, top shelf.” She sat on the bed wincing with every movement.

“Let me see your ribs. They’re probably broken,” I said joining her on the bed.

“It’s fine.”

“I’m not going to try anything just let me wrap them. It will help you.”

“Are you always so pushy?” Y/N asked sarcastically while removing her shirt.

“Only when I’m invested,” I said carefully but firmly wrapping the bandage around her purple torso. After I finished I took an alcohol wipe out of the white box, “ this is going to sting.” As I started dabbing it on her face she pushed my hand away.

“God damn it.” I finished and got up. “Stay with me please?”

8 days left...

Okay, X-Philes

This week is your last chance to sleep properly, go out with your friends, socialize, have some plans without having to look up on your phone every 5 minutes. Use it wisely, cause from next week

The X-files is back! Mulder is finally coming down from that stupid bridge!!! and we will have no life for 5,5 months 😂👽

The sleeping hours will reduce, spiralling will yet again be your second favourite activity, the trashcan will be open and crowded once again and conspiracy theories will take over your brain, and 


*Ps: I have an idea for a game to play, preparing some positive thoughts and excitement for the upcoming season! I will post it soon, if y’all like it we can play it all week long 🙈🙈👽❤️*

Is Ilia good representation?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. In short: Do I think she is good representation? No. Is that a problem? No. Am I happy they have confirmed her romantic feelings for Blake? Hell yeah. Can we now shut up about representation in RWBY? Definitely not. 

Of course my thoughts on that matter are way more complicated than that, but first you have to understand why people even think Ilia being our first confirmed LGBTQ+ character is a problem. 

Representation is important, but a thing that people often don’t understand, is that especially positive representation is important. As a straight person you often see straight relationships represented everywhere. If a book represents an abusive relationship as healthy and desirable that’s not good, but there are plenty of examples for healthy straight relationships in media. If a straight character is the villain in a story there are lots of other positive straight characters everywhere to make up for that. 

People who aren’t straight don’t experience it like that. We are starved for good representation. But even though it does get better, there still isn’t much of it. And even if there are characters who aren’t straight, they often get reduced to stereotypes (the gay best friend), and very, very often they are only side characters, but not the heroes of the story. And when they are the main characters of a story it often is a story about the struggles of being queer, a coming out story, and even though those are important, it’s not good that characters still need a good reason to be queer, that our stories get reduced to the sexuality of a character if that sexuality is anything other than straight. We also need stories about awesome lesbians fighting monsters or a bi girl solving a murder.

Growing up as someone who isn’t straight often means that you will struggle to develope a positive connection to yourself or your sexuality. Positive role models can help so much, that is why we are so starved for this content, but with so few LGBTQ+ characters out there one that is written badly or makes you feel even worse about yourself matters so much more and is so much worse. Many of us have an experience with a LGBTQ+ character being badly represented that stopped us from coming out to ourself or others. That is possible because we often don’t have any other positive representation to compensate for it. 

For us it was never about not having LGBTQ+ villains. It’s about not making the only LGBTQ+ character of a show or book the villain because with so little representation out there that character quickly stands for all LGBTQ+ characters. There is no issue with a LGBTQ+ character being a villain when there are other LGBTQ+ characters in that story who are positive representation. There wouldn’t be an issue if we had more representation out there. But we don’t. Side characters, villains, dead lesbians and tragic gays are everyting we get most of the time and it just sucks to grow up without having a character to look up to, to relate to, a character that gives you a positive connection to your sexuality and makes you love yourself as much as you love that character and as much as that character loves her girlfriend. 

We want to be treated equal, but straight people have millions of positive role models out there. We don’t. 

So let’s talk about Ilia. Yes, of course her unrequited love for Blake is not exactly a super positive portrayal of a gay crush and of course she still is a villain. But there are a few reasons why I still think people are jumping the gun a bit right now. 

First, this would only be an issue if Ilia was the only LGBTQ+ character on the show. But right now we have no reason to believe she is. Guys, they gave us a song called Bmblb, teased the ship countless times, promised us representation… do you really think they would do that and then think they made us all happy with Ilia and that’s it? They are not that stupid. There will be other LGBTQ+ characters. But what Ilia did is first bringing same sex attraction into the show. We now know that it’s not much of a big deal. That it happens. Perfect groundwork to reveal more LGBTQ+ characters, right? 

Secondly, Ilia is an extremely complex character. Even though she is a villain, the story has always painted her as someone who is misguided and therefore does the wrong thing for a good reason. There is no doubt that she doesn’t do this to Blake because she never loved her back - her feelings for Blake have made her try to protect her. She refused to hurt her. She has warned her. It’s very clear that Adam is the only reason she is doing those things and that Ilia represents what Blake could have become if she hadn’t left Adam. 

We can’t really take what we have and judge the show based on that. It’s still in progress. They are not even close to being done with telling their story. If the show ends and Ilia was our only LGBTQ+ representation, then I will be pissed like everyone else. But as long as I have no reason to believe she will be the only one I won’t attack them for giving me a complex gay chameleon. Ilia being LGBTQ+ is no issue at all if they are still going to introduce a LGBTQ+ relationship between main characters. 

But another thing people also need to understand is that “Now you can shut up about representation, there, you got it”. I won’t stop to express how much positive representation on RWBY would mean to me without attacking the writers, because you have to first realise why we do it and want it and why Ilia alone is not good representation and not enough. 


Request: “Something like, they grew up together and when they are 11 readers father got badly injured by a serpent and she hates them for it. But when they began going to high school SP becomes A serpent just to protect her from the ghoulies. She is mad at him but after some time she warms up to the fact that SP is now a Serpent. And it’s all cute and fluff.”

A/N: Enjoy! Let me know what you thought!

3 months since you had last spoken a word to the tall boy who had just closed his locker and walked past you.  Pain filled your chest as you watched him walk further and further away from you. It still broke your heart all this time later, but that didn’t mean you were going to forgive him. He left you all alone. He broke every promise you two had made when you were 11 years old.

You now walked these dangerous hallways of Southside High alone as he wore a snake on his back and was protected by his new “family”. The two of you were suppose to stay out of the serpent and ghoulie life so you could leave this town together. Riverdale was filled with nothing but bad memories and pain for you and Sweet Pea. There was nothing more that you both had wanted than to graduate and leave this town together, well so you thought.

Because now all Sweet Pea seemed to want was to protect his serpent “family”. The bell rang and pulled you out of your thoughts. Closing your locker, you unfortunately followed in Pea’s path due to the fact that you both had English. Walking in to the noisy classroom, you kept your head down and walked to the left back row finding your seat. Thankfully once Sweet Pea had made his choice he moved to a new seat on the right side of the classroom a row up from yours.

You sat down turning the volume up in your headphones trying to avoid Toni and Fang’s laughs at Sweet Pea. Without even have to look up you knew his eyes were on you. Every day he sat on top of his desk facing your direction. You had always thought he was trying to break you down and get you to talk to him or to intimidate you. But really it was his way of being able to check you out every day. It was the only way that he could look at you without you being able to walk out of his sight or slam a door in his face.

Sweet Pea would scan his eyes up and down you making note of every little thing that had changed about you. The first thing that caught his eye was how much thinner you were becoming. He always frowned at the thought of you not eating healthy. Even when you guys were kids he would constantly be on you about your eating, but whenever you had got too stressed your eating got worse.

The next thing Sweet Pea noticed were your clothes. You were in sweats. He knew that you always hated going out in sweatpants. The sweatshirt was normal, you always wore a sweatshirt with a pair of jeans. It use to be his sweatshirts that you would wear. That made him frown more. The last thing he noticed was your finger running over your right eyebrow. It was a nervous habit you had. You never did your eyebrows when it came to makeup because it would always end up on your finger by the time the day was over. You would’ve been walking around with one eyebrow drawn in and another bare.

While Sweet Pea was examining you, you stared out the window. You were always nervous under his gaze, especially now that you two were on the outs. Every time he was in your presences all you could think about was your dad. After all your dad was hurt by the serpents, but only recently had you learned the truth about that night.

“He broke our promise mom! Sweet Pea actually joins the serpents. He broke out promise!” You cried to your mom. You plopped yourself on to the couch next to her as tears flew down your face. Y/M/N sighed, placing her hand on your knee trying to comfort you. “I think it’s time you learned the truth hun.”

Your face shot up to meet your mother’s. “What are you talking about? What truth?”

“Your father hunny. He wasn’t as innocent as we made you believe. Being on the Southside wasn’t easy for him since he lived in the Northside all his life. For some reason he thought that he could join the serpents and then end them. He believed that they were worse than the Ghoulies. So the serpents didn’t betray your father, he betrayed them.”

Learning about this little lie you had based your whole life around, broke you. But it hadn’t changed your feelings. The truth just made you realize that you weren’t upset that he had joined the serpents but that he had broken a promise and left you behind.

Before you knew it, the class had flown by and you had been too stuck in your thoughts to pay attention. Looking around the room, you and Sweet Pea were the only ones left. You grabbed your things trying to hurry out of the room when he spoke up, “Y/N, can we talk?” You shook your head no hoping he would deal with the response but of course he was too stubborn. Beginning to reach the door, Sweet Pea slammed the door shut and locked it. He leaned up against the door, crossing his arms. “We are gonna talk whether you like it or not. These 3 months have been hell Y/N.”

You scoffed before laughing while shaking your head. “Oh these last 3 months have been hell for you? Oh poor Sweet Pea. How about me? How about how I’ve been walking up and down these halls alone and scared shitless because my best friend joined the serpents!” Your anger was starting to surface. If he wanted to have this conversation, he was going to get an earful and have to deal with it. But before you could get another word in, “Oh come on Y/N. The serpents aren’t that bad once you get over the lie you’ve been told. I know about what really happened that night.”

“You think I’m mad about something that happened ages ago with my lying father? No. I know what really happened. It’s funny that you think that is why I’m mad though Sweet Pea.” At this point, there were tears coming out of your eyes, whether it was angry, frustrated or sad, you weren’t sure but they were there. “I’m hurt because you left. You walked away from me. You broke our promise. Every day that I come in to this place I’m scared because I’m all alone and we all know how the ghoulies love weak pry.”

“I’d never let that happen Y/N.” Sweet Pea pushed himself off the door that still reminded locked. Step by step, he made his way closer to you. His sent to cigarettes and cheap cologne filled you nostrils. You hadn’t realized just how much you missed that scent. It always made you feel safe. Feeling his breath on your forehead, you had realized how close he had gotten. “Whether you’ve realized it or not, you’re an honorary serpent because of me. You can’t tell me that you haven’t seen the serpents always around you. If you’ve felt alone I’m sorry but I would never let you actually be alone or let anyone lay a finger on you.”

You took a deep breath closing your eyes as he cupped your cheek. “Why did you walk away Pea? Why did you join them?”

“I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t be the one to tell you about your dad Y/N. Your mom had to be the one to. As for joining them, I had to protect you. You didn’t realize just how close these ghoulies were to coming after you. And along the way, I found a family. I found a place were I felt wanted. ” Sweet Pea removed his hand from your face. He was scared that you would find his reasoning stupid. You had felt the exact opposite. You were shocked but you understood.

Knowing Sweet Pea like you did, it all made sense to you. He never had that family that he always wanted no matter how many times you tried to make him feel like he had one with you and your mom. He had to go find one on his own. After sorting this all out in you head, you reached up to grab his shoulder and turned him around. “I understand now. But please don’t ever leave me alone again.”

“God, I missed you Y/N.” Immediately you were brought in to a bone crushing hug as “I’m sorry’s” were whispered in to your ear. You wrapped your arms around him feeling the happiest you had felt in 3 months. Sweet Pea pulled away with that goofy grin on his face, “Wanna come meet my family?”

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Can we have some head cannons for a monster who lives under your bed or in the closet? Like a big furry mass that has big claws and big teeth? Like first meeting or just casual days??

Oh, dear; I feel a story coming on. PREPARE YOURSELF.
Edit: Shit, forgot the read more break. LONG POST IS LONG.

*skritch skritch skritch*

“OH FOR HEAVENS SAKE-” you yell as you toss off the covers.

You stomp heavily over the the window and open it, leaning out and snapping off the end of the dead branch scraping against your window. Normally it’s fine, but the wind storm wasn’t helping. You angrily throw the twigs into the bushes below and slam the window shut as a large gust blows your curtains wide and making you shiver. You quickly duck back under the covers and curl up under them, still warm from your previous exit. You slowly drift off to sleep.

*skritch skritch skritch*

You wake up to the sound again, and you look at the clock. 3:33 AM. UGH. You really don’t have time for this. You are just about to get up and go break that branch once and for all when you realize you already did that.

*skritch skritch*

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Without even having to look up, you knew exactly who it was coming around through the back door. Each day at the same time, not a second later or earlier, Elijah would come over to wish you a good morning and if things weren’t too hectic he’d stay for breakfast.

“Good Morning”, his voice bounced off the kitchen walls and instantly put a smile on you face. Turning around from preparing breakfast, he was leaning against the door frame looking so dashing in his signature suit.

“It always is when you show up”, walking over to him, bare feet walking along the floor tiles, you stood on your tip toes to give him a kiss. “Good Morning, my love”. Whispering against his soft, pink lips as he gave you a charming smile in return.

“Can I tempt you with some freshly made waffles, or do you have to run off and save your family from each other, enemies and death?”. Elijah chuckled, making his way over to you, as you just put the last waffle on the plate he boxed you in between himself and the counter. “Breakfast sounds absolutely divine”.

His accent never failed to make your knees weak. In fact Elijah’s presence in general made your world spin that extra bit slower. Every time he walked into a room your eyes could only focus on him, nothing else was important or relevant. “Well then sit down, relax and get ready to taste the most amazing waffles in your 1,000 years of existence”.

He did as he was instructed, while you decorated each waffle and severed him his plate. The whole morning felt like you were floating on cloud nine, laughing and sharing stories just like every other time. Morning’s were definitely your favourite part of the day.


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What if dadsona was psychic? (Telekinetic, telepathy, etc, your pick) What would the dad's reactions be?

-hooooow the fuck do I get a piece of that
-constantly asking you to show him
-also don’t expect him to ever get anything for himself again. Literally asks you to grab him a coke when he’s standing right in front of the fridge
-he just like to give you shit about everything

-straight up assumes you’re a demon
-you gotta be like NO NO NO GOD NO THAT’S NOT IT
-I just have this ability JOE chill OUT
-he jumps every time you use your power. Without exception

-high key impressed
-has a million questions
-gets this look of awe on his face whenever you use your abilities

-low key impressed
-like he nods, raises his eyebrows, and says “well, that’s impressive”
-and that’s about it
-he does think it’s really cool when you pour yourself tea without having to look up from your book

-has…no idea what to do with this information…
-kind of stunned into silence every time you use your powers?? Like he can’t believe what he’s seeing
-and then he clears his throat and goes  “Well then.” And continues on about his business
-like he just handle process this

-suddenly the fact that you could keep your room clean despite being so lazy in college makes total sense
-he mostly just teases you about never telling him

-does that mean you can help me clean keep up my lawn easier
-he thinks it’s cool!! Also wants to put you to work though
-makes you get things on high shelves and pull the particularly pesky weeds


While I like the actual opening that was used, I have to admit I like this opening too, this is the opening we originally were going to get, sort of like a mix between Ghostbusters and Queen. The reason for the change however was because of Nickelodeon asked Butch Hartman to write a different song, one that would include Danny’s origins, that way new viewers could jump in at any time in the show and easily know the story without having need to look anything up on backstory.