guess my favourite character dynamic

Sunny Baudelaire: *is pretty much the most badass character in asoue*

Me: I must protect her

Sunny: Can bite through concrete and survive combat against an armed adult

Me: So Smol, so Good

Sunny: *Burns down a hotel*

Me: So Pure. My beloved Daughter. Protect her

The best snsd year

Please let me run SM for a day. This is SNSD’s TENTH anniversary. It should be the biggest thing happening at stank ass SM. For all SNSD has done for them, all these mortgages, college tuitions (is college free in SK? whate-you get my point) and cars those people dun paid off with their success- probably with “Gee” alone, they deserved more than just a regular comeback schedule.

Instead of two members releasing singles before the comeback, ALL EIGHT members should have. August is the 8th month of the year. It would’ve been perfect. Starting in January each month we could’ve gotten a solo song. What kind? I was thinking it’d had been cool if every member chose their favorite SNSD song and did their own cover of it with their own unique spin.

Then in August, a double album with those covers and the new album could have been released.