is lucio the toll troll or the nightman? discuss. points in favor of each:

toll troll:

  • lucio is a gremlin and i hate him
  • he looks like a gremlin with the plague
  • “who else would be the toll troll?” “can i do it naked?” “absolutely not.”
  • “what the hell is that?” “you know what it is, bitch.” and julian/asra/nadia/the mc/etc. lights him on fire


  • would absolutely be a ham
  • wants to wear cat eyes and do karate across the stage
  • “laughs are cheap. i’m going for g a s p s.”
  • loses his shit when everyone starts laughing at him
  • julian: “god, it’s crazy how much better at acting i am than you.”

Enjoy this video of a fox getting brushed 😊

my favorite moment in the sorcerer’s stone is when hagrid comes to get harry for hogwarts and he’s like “you mean to tell me this boy know nothing about anything?!” and harry, bless his heart, is lowkey offended and is like “i mean i know math” like what a pure boy…….. what a shining soul……


Honestly, god bless Michael Schur. This man created all four of these shows. I bet you watch at least one of these shows when you’re sad and need to feel better. He’s changing the comedy game by making shows that are diverse and don’t use offensive comedy. Michael Schur deserves so much appreciation!