Team Gai Fic Recs

Team Gai is my fav team in Naruto. I llooooovee them so much; they seem close, especially after watching SD. I used to not really notice TenTen  or Team Gai that much, but that changed after I started watching SD. From that, I realized how much Team Gai cares for each other a lot, and they became my fav team (especially with the SD ending 1)! Not to mention Naruto shippuden ending 15 too!!!! :D I LOVE THEIR DYNAMICS!! Here’s some Team Gai fics I like!

Sweet but a little melancholic? Heartwarming and Angsty at the same time? IDK, these fics seem to have a more serious tone compared to the silly ones mentioned later

  • Something Like Family Series by slash4femme- Pre-shippuden Team Gai bonding together as told in Neji’s POV. Close to Home is before the chunin exam;  Days Before the Fall is right before Sasuke leaves. Features some Kakagai and Team 7 too. Ugh, Gai is such a sweetheart!! I love him. ^^
  • Lessons by ChavreJuane- Vignettes of Team Gai growing closer to one another and the lessons they’ve learnt. Man, my babies have grown!
  • ‘The Miracle Team’ by grassyhyuuga- Summary is: “Team Gai doesn’t believe in miracles. And that suits them just fine.” I read this fic and was like dayum. For real, I know Team Gai is treated like comic relief most of the time, but this shows how badass they and their dedication could really be.  There’s so much potential with them…
  • Still Life in Pale Green by forgetme- Okay, so this is a Kakagai fic, BUT there’s some stuff related to Gai, TenTen, Lee, and Neji that really stood out to me, and I’m just reminded of their bond! I rreeallly loved that particular scene.
  • your hard work and fervor up to now and the future by forgetme- I like Kakagai a lot. this is a Kakagai fic, but it also has a bit of team Gai in it. I especially love Neji’s conversation with Gai here.  
  • hair by valcrie- Tenten’s thoughts while Neji dies. Tenten loves her boys in Team Gai so much. :’( This one is prob full on angst, I guess.

Silly, Lighthearted fics that made me laugh

  • Celebration by theJammys- omg, this is hilarious and honestly I feel so bad for Neji, Lee, and TenTen. After getting promoted, the three students follow tradition and celebrate by getting a meal together. BUT, what happens is they get food poisoning, crash at Gai’s place, and Gai sensei ends up taking care of them. But, hey, that’s one memorable bonding experience right?
  • Sexy Flexing With An Eggplant by theJammys- Another hilarious fic that made me burst out laughing! It’s an AU LeeGaa/GaaLee fic where Lee tries to woo his neighbor, Gaara, at the supermarket. Lee sucks at it, and gets the help of his roommates/ friends: TenTen and Neji! All the interactions are so humorous!!
  • Trying Promises by gladdecease- A cute fic where Team Gai goes to Suna for the Chunin Exams! Features some Gaara and Lee moments. imo, the best parts are Lee’s interaction with Gaara, but the whole dynamics with NejiLeeTenten and Gaara is quite funny too. 
  • The Great Chignon Caper by kanames_harisen- This is a funny Team Gai fic written in the SD style. Of course, that means the involvement of Orochimaru and Kabuto too. LOL. 
Bend Heaven, Raise Hell

Characters: Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, Zelo (OT6)+Side Characters

Setting/Genre: Gods!AU, Heaven and Hell!AU, Chapters

Length: 2061 words

Warnings: None

Summary: One Single Law can change how three realms work.

Chapter 1

CHAPTER 2: Wind, Water and Serenity.

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May I? | Part 2 /2

Even if fate had separated you from Yixing. Time would not stand in the way of two bonded soulmates that were bound to reunite and remain together till the end of time… but nothing is ever that easy….is it?

Part 1 | Part 2

Vampire!Yixing  x  Reader

Theme: Vampire!au, Past-Future!Au

Genre: Fluff, Angst | Warning/s: none |

Words: 4500 | Music: For You- EXO-CBX 

Heavenly light travelled down from the sky, illuminating the white fluffs of clouds that made up the ground as well as the floating islands that dotted the sky. The sweet smell of strawberries mixed with cinnamon filled your senses making you stretch and rub open your eyes. Expecting to wake up within Yixing’s arms, you gasped and whipped your head around quickly to search for any sign of the man. But all you could see were the faint outlines of figures floating toward something, atop the cloud layer. Sitting up from where you were laying, you noticed your hands. They were no longer fleshy and alive, like you were so accustomed to seeing. Instead, they were the mere light in the colour of your skin, turning transparent around the edges. You lifted you whole arm, and let out a shocked gasp that your whole body had transformed into this light filled being. Surprised for a second you shook your head in case you were dreaming, yet your last moments flooded back to you.

That is when it dawned on you. You had left behind your physical body. Now you were this form made of light. Which was your soul. Meaning you had. Died.

Instantly terrified by the new-found information, you cradled your sides with your hands, pulling your legs up to your chest, burring your face within your knees. You dearly wanted to meet Yixing again, your whole being yearned to return to his side even if it were for a mere moment.

‘I-I love you ____ with my entire being, heart, soul and e-everything in between. You are my one and only cross-dressing princess’, your beloved’s voice rang through your being, your throat tightened at the memory as you instinctively looked around quickly hoping to see his smiling face. Yet, you were faced with a figure in a large white robe that glistened within the dancing light. You couldn’t see their face due to some unknown reason, but you were sure if they stretched their arms out their garment would resemble majestic angel wings.

Too afraid to meet gazes with this unknown being you settled on watching your almost transparent toes. That is when an intense feeling flooded over you, as you felt yourself being looked over.

“An immortal’s soulmate huh?” The figure spoke up in a tone dripping with seriousness, its voice a mixture of many different voices, both male and female, young and old. Your body tensed at the sound of this being’s voice which was borderline between peaceful and horrific. All your mind could do was wonder how they knew that you were Yixing’s soulmate, “This is no place for a being such as yourself”, they paused for a second shifting to crouch down to your level, “Your soul may be reconsidered to return to the land of the living in a number decades”

“D-decades?”, you stuttered. Your hand lifted to the bond mark on your neck as your mind drifted to Yixing. ‘I won’t rest- until I find you again my love. I promise you’ Although he would not grow old, he would still be lonely, roaming the world in search of you, to bring you back into his embrace. Something within you clenched painfully at the thought.

“Yes. But are you prepared to pay the price?”, the figure stood again, moving to your side.

“E-Even if I am born again, I can’t be with anyone but him”, You played with your clothes shyly as you voiced your feelings. You nodded slightly at the end to reaffirm your decision, “M-May I, know what the p-price is for me to return to the l-living world?”, you asked curiously still very much afraid of this being and their unusual voice(s).

“In exchange for returning a soul back into a physical form”, they paused for a moment, causing you to anxiously fiddle with your sleeve, “That soul must be wiped clean of all memories from their previous life. No matter how precious and meaningful that memory or memory of the person is”, your heart dropped down to your feet at the revelation.

“Meaning I must forget everything, in order to return to Yixing? -”

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Hate to Admit

Brett Talbot x Reader

•Summary: Y/n has joined Devenfords lacrosse team.The day of the scrimmage against Beacon hills, Y/n finds her self being something she wouldn’t have ever dreamed of, let’s just say she needs to get her answers from a certain jerk.

•Warnings: None

•Word count- 2010

A/n: First imagine, probably very bad & I apologize in advance :-)

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Things I said after it was over (Reader x Kyoya)

((After so many asks about the second part to this, I was inspired to do a second part. So no further ado I give you Things I (Reader) said after it was over))

You met him under the big oak tree, writing away in that small notebook of his. Glasses low on his nose and his face scrunched in concentration.  You had seen him in your econ class, he always seemed to have the answers for the questions asked, yet he wasn’t that big of a show off. “Hey, notebook guy!” you said, a small smile on your face as you made your way towards him. And with those four words both your worlds fell apart.

Your history was long, after all you both lasted almost throughout all four years of college. You helped him build another host club, you were there for each other after every single milestone of your new young adult life. You shared a bond beyond what you could ever imagine, yet it took all but a few words for that to fall apart. Upon reflecting on your relationship, it may had been a bit rocky towards the end, yet you were still happy with Kyoya, you would have given up the world for him. Somehow it was better he had ended it, because then at least you knew how he truly felt about you.  His words still stung, yet they helped you get over him, slowly and never all at once.

You saw him again, under the big oak tree, writing away in that small notebook of his a few months after the terrible break up. It took you a while to get over his words, and even after all these months they still held a heavy burden in your heart. You couldn’t see him without remembering his cruel words. “You are the easiest thing to replace.” Yet you decided it was around time you confronted him. He hadn’t bothered to check up on you personally, he didn’t bother to apologize, and you had decided it was time for actual closure. You weren’t going to waste another thought or tearful night on him, just as he hadn’t spare an extra second with you after it was over.

“Hey notebook guy.” You said courteously, making your way over to the bench he was seated on. You felt a pang at your heart when he looked up. He had grown his hair out, you noticed. You had been careful to avoid him, and it was easy since you had a completely changed your schedule after the breakup. He gave you a small smile, closing his notebook. “Y/N, it’s been a while hasn’t it?” He responded, in the same courteous tone you had given him. “Yes it has, how have you been?” The sigh he gave worried you slightly, before you regained yourself. You weren’t his girlfriend, you weren’t anything to him you recalled. “Busy, studying, seeing what to do after we graduate.” “Oh yeah, I heard you were invited by to attend here again for your masters. Your father must be proud you went beyond your brothers, with having American schools and companies looking into you. Foreign investors must be good for your family’s business” You said looking back at him.

He nodded, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, and even if you didn’t know him, you could tell he meant business. “I know you want to talk about that night and I just want to-” You interrupted him with a swift “No.” He raised an eyebrow at you, certainly surprised with your outburst. “No Kyoya, you talked that night, you talked and talked and wouldn’t listen to me, now it’s your turn to listen to me. You broke my heart that night, yet that was nothing compared to your indifference for the days following, you broke the entirety of my being. You knew how much I needed you, how much you meant to me, for you to just tell me I was worthless to you, nothing more than an experience!.” You started, your tone growing with aggressiveness, all the emotions you bottled up for him starting to seep through your words. “I loved you, I shared parts of myself that I wouldn’t share with anyone else. Yet that wasn’t’ enough for the ever knowing Kyoya Ootori, you had to dig through my past, through stuff you knew would hurt me if they came out to light.  Yet it was my fault. I was stupid enough to believe I had the love of a cold calculating businessman.” You laughed humorlessly, “I was stupid enough to believe I would be enough for you, that my love for you would be enough. Nothing is enough for you.” You said looking away from him.

The silence between you two was deafening, the tension was so thick it could be tangible, yet you weren’t near close to done. “I don’t blame myself anymore for what you said. After you said those things, I actually believed I was worthless. Now I know better. I was stupid yeah, but it was never my fault.  I am worth more than how you treated me. I know I’m not a girl your father would approve of, hell I spent four years dating you and I never met him or your brothers. I didn’t complain Kyoya, I knew how much it meant to you. I loved you. And that is what love is about, respecting the other person, knowing them and not pressuring them. Love is trust, and it hurt when you didn’t trust me, because I never for a second stopped trusting you, even as you said those words, I thought I knew you well enough that you would come back, apologize, and no matter what you would have been forgiven.” You sigh and looked back at him, “I know I may not have a huge influential family, and yes you knew I was scholarship student when we met, yet you are no better than me because of your position. You need to learn that the rest of us haven’t had the upbringing you had, the competitive ambiance in our families, we never learnt we will be used. ” You could see your words had some weight on him, you always told him that his eyes were a dead giveaway. Your hand moved to his, grasping it lightly.  “I really hope your happy someday Kyoya. I know you’ve improved a lot since high school, yet you still have a long way to go.” You said looking at your intertwined hands. “Learn to trust others, trust those who are important to you. Not everyone is a business transaction.” You felt his hand tighten around yours. “Our four years are something I will never forget, we had an amazing chemistry. You are the first man I ever truly loved, and you know how they say you never forget your first love. Besides I think now, we can be friends.” You told him smiling as you leant towards him. “You are a great person Kyoya, underneath the façade you have built.” You kissed his cheek. “I don’t think I will ever stop loving you entirely, and that’s okay, because if I don’t feel this way, then it means that what we had was truly make believe. But I will hold that love and passion, and fuel it to be a great friend to you.” You smiled and him and kissed his cheek. “You have people who care about you, and you will have people that will hurt you. Yet I hope you learn how to let go of some of your past, let go of what hurts you.” You stood up. “Let go of what’s holding you back, and continue on being yourself. Find your true self Kyoya, because I saw a glimpse at him and he had so much in front of him.” So finally Kyoya let go.

Kyoya never forgot about that talk, it was a conversation he hadn’t known he needed. He was much calmer in retrospect to you. He knew he had hurt you and it was unbecoming of him not to check up on you, yet those days after your falling apart he began to doubt himself. He had doubted his words, doubted if they actually rung true or if it were his anger from you exclamations beforehand.

Kyo! You had absolutely no right to do that! Look through my stuff as though you were so sort of stalker. It’s my life, its part of me that doesn’t need you.” And you had promised him that you had given yourself entirely to him, that you wouldn’t lie that there would never ve a part of you that you would withhold from him. Yet you had lied, which didn’t seem to surprise him anymore. 

Had he really loved you? Or was it something you had desperately wanted, and he wanted to give you what you wanted.  He knew he loved you, you never got in the way of him, you never exclaimed at him for his long hours of work. You had been patient, understanding. You didn’t give him the fire you once had when he met you. You had become docile, ordinary. He understood that four years can change a person a lot, yet he go to a point where he no longer recognized you. You were different than the bright eyed girl filled up excitement and awe at the world. He could no longer surprise you, he could tell that in those last months, he couldn’t fulfil your excitement anymore. It had become clockwork to you both. He knew that you would never leave him, so he had to leave you. He worried so much about you the days following, yet he couldn’t afford to want to get back with you if he didn’t understand his emotions himself. He loved you enough to let you go.

I want to talk about Dean and Cas and their relationship, about how they’re not ‘just a ship’, how their bond could be interpreted in various ways - from deep friendship, to kindred spirits, to romance - but how love plays a central part in it in any case. About how they heal each other, care for each other, love each other and get lost without the other. 

Essentially, Dean and Cas matter…

… because Cas looks at Dean’s scars and he understands, he doesn’t judge. He can take Dean’s pain and accept that it’s there - because he knows how much it hurts not to feel understood. Dean needs someone strong enough to carry him for a change - despite all the weight the years have put on his shoulders.

… because when Cas met the Winchesters, he knew next to nothing about humanity, he was a slave to obedience, and at the same time he became more and more estranged to his own brothers and sisters… he got lost in a whirlwind. Then there were the Winchesters, there was Dean. And they took him in - again and again. They gave him purpose and a light to strive toward. They made his existing easier, made his painful transition into finding his own identity more bearable.

… because Cas can see Dean’s faults, his anger, his stubbornness and irritation. But what he sees underneath all that shines so much brighter than any of the destructive crap Dean still insists on arming himself with. What Dean is to him goes beyond comprehension.

… because Cas came to earth a stranger to human emotion after years of drowning out the potential, pushing away the silent but constant yearning inside. Soon enough, Dean made him feel everything. And he still does. Dean sparked his desire for choice and at the end of it all, he will choose himself.  

… because Dean was lost and broken, his humanity crippled and bloodied. Self-loathing was all he knew and chaotic desperation was the fuel that kept him going. Cas gave him hope, fleeting at times, but hope nonetheless. Cas became his friend, his family, part of the little group of people Dean would swear unspoken loyalty to. 

… because Dean needs someone who understands why Sam always comes first. Someone who won’t make him give up on his little brother. Someone who will give him time to figure out his painful habits and memories on his own. Someone who will catch him once the trauma surrounding his dad, his mom, his brother comes crashing down, undoubtedly leaving him boneless and lost. 

… because Dean needs time to heal, time to understand, time to let go. And Cas will never push because he needs his own time too. 

… because even when Dean gave up on life and himself, Cas won’t let him. He means too much and Cas has learnt from his mistakes. 

… because Dean can read Cas like a book and Cas is family - he would give anything to make Cas understand just how significant he is, with or without his powers. Just Cas being Cas. 

… because Cas is kindness and determination and purpose put into one. Because Cas needs someone he knows he can always return to - and he always does, always back to Dean. Cas needs someone who can see him and love him, not Castiel but Cas. He has so much love to give and a deep need to be loved in return, to feel safe in knowing that he’s cared for deeply. In that respect, Dean is exactly the same. 

… because they both need someone to call them out, someone to get angry on their behalf, someone they can get angry with, someone who can take it all, and make them see sense again… but someone who will still be there by the end of it. Someone who is family. 

… because they both know betrayal and hurt and pain beyond measure. They both lived and died, fighting wars inside and outside and in-between. 

… because what they see in each other may be raw and terrifying but at the same time it’s genuine and timeless. What they find with each other is everything. 

… because what they are to each other transcends knowledge and reality - it’s everything they are and know to be. It’s not something either of them knows how to put into words - that’s not who they are. But what they see in the other’s eyes tells a thousand stories and more. One day, they will be strong enough to really look and really see. 

Dean and Cas matter because they both see their own worth reflected in the other. And that means, one day, they will finally understand why they matter outside of the other. It means they will finally have the ground to heal and grow from their past rather than continue being consumed by it. It means they will have a chance to move forward and make their own future - together and on their own.