DIY Bourbon and Boweties Bangle Tutorial from Made in a Day.

These knockoff DIY Bourbon and Boweties’ Bangles are so cheap and easy to make. What’s also nice is you can wire wrap unusual shapes and sizes - from rocks to gemstones.

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If you are a visual learner, check out Beadaholique’s YouTube Video for making Bourbon and Boweties’ Bangles.

Here’s a photo of Bourbon and Boweties’ bracelets from their FB page. Note the amazing crystals and beads being used in the designs.

This bridal themed stacked collection of bangles is from Bourbon and Boweties is via the Alexandra Bee Blog here.

This colorful Bourbon and Boweties stack of bangles is via The Smitten Boutique here.

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I don’t know why but the Httyd Dragons are incredibly hard to make (at least with beads).

What are your favourite dragons ever? Not just from Httyd - I mean OF ALL TIME :D
Mine are Toothless, Smaug and Shinerai <3
And maybe the Ukrainian Ironbelly from Harry Potter. The Gringotts dragon. This one was lovely too.

Httyd © Dreamworks


Self-Taught Russian Artist  Anastasiya Ivanova  Makes Amazing Wire Wrap Jewelry

My name is Anastasiya, I’m from Novosibirsk. My jewelry pieces are made of copper and natural stones. It is a wire wrapping technique. I am a self-taught jewelry artist. I like to experiment with new techniques. My goal is to create beautiful and versatile jewelry for all occasions. Etsy


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Any crafts with copper wire and string?

DIY Wire Ear Cuff with Changeable Dangles

DIY Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Earrings

DIY Wire Wrapped Rose Ring

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Sketches in the Air: Delicate Figures Drawn in the Air with Welded Steel Rods by Gavin Worth

Artist Gavin Worth (previously) works with repurposed steel rods and wire welded into two dimensional sculptures appear as illustrated line drawings. Some of the artworks are meant to be viewed against the dramatic backdrop of the sky, or can be amplified through projected light and shadow. Other pieces, like his 2012 sculpture Thirst, have a kinetic component and can be rotated to reveal opposing images.

Worth recently lived in Egypt for three years and has since relocated to Switzerland. He opens a new exhibition of work at Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art in Milan starting later this month. Thanks Colossal