WIR spoilers


Tadaaaaaa! Ladies and Gentlemen (and other), I present to you a guide on drawing King Candybug! He was not easy to draw- it took me six hours to draw, ink and color all of these pictures, and another hour to put the guide together! I hope to do King Candy/Turbo in the future so as to have more to refer from on this from, but I hope you guys enjoy using it as much as I did making it!

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Okay this is obviously spoilers but it’s

can I just


Ralph is 9 feet tall and 600-something pounds.

And the King Candybug is just playing around with him by his legs like he’s fucking nothing.

Can you imagine being in Ralph’s position of always knowing you were the biggest and the strongest and the toughest and then suddenly you’re being tossed all over the fucking place?