As we understand many of you are confused (but also amazed) by the Oh My Girls’s “Closer” MV  (B1A4′s rookie sister girl group if you don’t know) and here at K-POP TIMEOUT we have an explanation for you! I know it’s been a gazillion years since I last did one of this but this amazing MV has given me the nudge to move my lazy college ass for it.

[Updates have been made thanks to you awesome people in places where I named the wrong member. The theory still stands and I’m grateful to know my worries of mistaking a member due to styling is not unfounded.]

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taureans are socially sensitive people who like to retreat so they can organize their thoughts and reflect. there is a tremendous need to ‘get away from it all’ in the literal and figuritive sense. taurus is most content when harmony prevails. but they are fixed earth, so taurus can be all four seasons. they can express the creative spells of the spring, the withdrawal and comfort of the winter, the beauty and sleepiness of autumn, and the blissful solar nourishment of the summer. they can rise with the moon and become a hurricane when the internal inertia becomes uncontrollable. taureans keep their feelings on the inside. but they can make rain, and those feelings eventually fall

The Signs as Seasons:

Spring: It is the season were the cold winters start to fade and you can feel the warmth and the calling of summer. This season represents peace, light and justice:

Cancer, Taurus and Aries 

 Summer: it is the most brightest season of all. It makes you go to the beach and relax and also makes you do something risky. This season represents kindness, fun and adventure:                 

 Leo, Sagittarius and  Aquarius

 Fall / Autumn: This season is very exciting,vibrant and colorful. It makes your heart leap in joy.(scented candles, huge sweaters and falling leaves) This season represents harmony, grace and love:

Gemini, Pisces and Libra

Winters: This season may seem cold but it has a warmth of it’s own. This season also brings us christmas; our favorite festival. This season represents love for family, huge gatherings and decoration:

Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio

altairvanyel  asked:

Ozpin is the fucking avatar!

Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. Long ago, the four seasons lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Grimm attacked. Only the Oz-Meister, master of all four seasons, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Oz-meister, an shota named Oscar. And although his freckles are marvelous, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone. But I believe Oscar can save the world.

skychord  asked:

Any land suggestions for a heir of time?

Without knowing anything about the character, not really. Lemme just hijack your ask though.

The first playtest featured a Heir of Time named Mose Carter, whose planet was the Land of Memories and Clockwerk. Her ectobiological son (the Thief of Time) had the Land of Gears and Vaults, and later on, a sea-dweller Page of Time was placed in the land of Coral and Clepsydras. Olori Janeh, the Sylph of Time, had the Land of Threads and Endings. A rust-blooded fantroll had the Land of Sand and Ruins, and Reid Morgan (the human Prince of Time) had the Land of Shadows and Serpents - which was a more reference to how fucked he was than it was strictly Time-themed.

Canonically, Dave Strider had the Land of Heat and Clockwork, and Aradia Medigo had the Land of Quartz and Melody. Damara Medigo and Caliborn have thus far unknown Lands.

Good themes for Time planets relate to the passage of time and how it’s recorded, music, machinery, or destruction. Planets might also follow a unified theme within a particular Session - like the ‘elemental’ themes of the Beta Kid planets or the dead/inert theme of the Alpha Kid planets.

This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to go in a different direction. The planet should fit the character more than it needs to be part of a standard theme. Look at the Land of Little Cubes and Tea for Nepeta Leijon (Rogue of Heart) and the Land of Tents and Mirth for Gamzee Makara (Bard of Rage).

So some good words or objects for a Time themed planet might be:

Ages, Alarms, Astrolabes, Beginnings, Calenders, Change, Clepsydras, Clocks, Clockwork, Chronology, Chronometers, Cycles, Dates, Epochs, Endings, Eons, Eras, Eternity, Gears, Hourglasses, Hours, Intervals, Machinery, Moments, Pendulums, Preludes, Seasons, Spans, Sundials, Synchronization, Terms, Tides, Watches

Destruction themed (maybe some overlap with the Doom Aspect):

Breaking, Cataclysms, Collapse, Desolation, Destruction, Devastation, Devouring, Disasters, Dissolution, End, Erosion, Eruptions, Extinction, Exhaustion, Obliteration, Pollution, Ruins, Rust, Salt, Sand, Storms, Wastelands, Winter, Wreckage

Music themed:

Acoustics, Anthems, Ballads, Bass, Beat, Brass, Cacophony, Cantatas, Choir, Chords, Chorus, Codas, Color, Concerts, Dance, Drums, Elegy, Fanfare, Harmony, Hymns, Instruments, Melody, Noise, Octaves, Orchestras, Polyphony, Percussion, Reeds, Repetition, Shift, Strain, Strings, Symphonies, Tempo, Timbre, Time, Winds

If you associate ‘Fire’ with the Time Aspect (time is a fire - and we’re all burning, etc):

Blaze, Boil, Bonfire, Candles, Coals, Combustion, Conflagration, Embers, Fire, Flame, Flare, Flash, Glow, Heat, Ignition, Incandescence, Inferno, Lava, Light, Magma, Radiance, Sparks, Steam, Summer, Tinder, Vapor, Volcanoes, Warmth, Wildfire

If you associate ‘Money’ with the Time Aspect (time is money, death is an accountant - and everybody pays, etc.):

Abundance, Accounts, Affluence, Banks, Bills, Bonds, Bones, Bronze, Cache, Chests, Chips, Coffers, Coins, Copper, Fortunes, Funds, Gems, Gold, Greed, Hoards, Loot, Lucre, Luxury, Markets, Money, Notes, Opulence, Paper, Plenty, Prosperity, Riches, Rolls, Safes, Scratch, Shells, Shops, Silver, Splendor, Stocks, Treasure, Vaults, Wages, Wealth

So now all you have to do is pick two out of the list (or come up with your own, if nothing seems to fit). Alternatively, you can randomly generate a Land using this site. I got Land of Henge and Sadness (LOHAS) for you just now.

Ἑνδεκάτη/ Πρώτη Μεσοῦντος, XI day
From today’s sunset: eleventh day of Poseideon.
“The Sun, by performing His returns (Solstices) in the manner known to all, becomes the parent of the Seasons.”
(Emperor Julian, Or. XI to the Sun-God, 147d)
Winter Solstice! Our Best Wishes to you all, your families and beloved ones!!! Celebrations in honor of the “Image of the all-creating God, uplifter of souls”!!!

“Hearken, o king of noeric fire, Titan holding the golden bridle,
hearken, dispenser of light, You o Lord, who hold
the key to the life-supporting source, and from above send
a rich stream of harmony into the materials worlds.
Hearken: for You, being above the middlemost seat of ether
and in possession of the very brilliant disk, the heart of the cosmos.
You have filled everything with Your intellect-awakening providence.
The planets, girded with Your ever-blooming torches,
through unceasing and untiring dances,
always send life-producing drops down for earthlings.
Under the influence of Your chariot’s returning journeys
everything that is born has sprouted up according
to the laws of the Seasons.
The din of the elements clashing with each other
stopped once You appeared from Your indescribable sire.
For You the unshakable choir of the Moirai has admitted defeat
Back again they wind the thread of compelling destiny
when You wish it. All around You dominate, all around You
rule by force.
From Your series Phoibos sprung forth, the king of the song that relies upon the divine inspiration
Singing inspired songs to the accompaniment of the kithara,
he calms the great wave of the deep-roaring ocean of becoming.
From Your evil-averting thiasos (the estatic retinue of the God) that imparts honey-like gifts
Paieon sprouted, and he spread his Hygeia (health, who is the wife of Asclepius) by filling the wide cosmos with harmony entirely devoid of harm.
People honor You in hymns as the famous father of Dionysos.
And again some praise You in songs as Euios Attis in the extreme
depth of matter, whereas others praise You as the beautiful Adonis.
The threat of Your swift whip arouses fear in
the wild-tempered daemons, noxious to men,
who prepare evil for our miserable souls,
so that forever, in the gulf of heavy-resounding life,
our souls suffer once they have fallen under the yoke of the body
with the result that they forget the bright-shining halls
of the lofty Father.
But You the best of Gods, crowned with fire, blessed daemon,
image of the all-creating God, uplifter of souls,
hearken and always purify me of every fault;
receive my tearful supplications, pull me out of baneful
defilement and keep me far from the punishing deities,
while mollifying the swift eye of Justice that sees all.
May You always, through your evil-averting help,
give holy light rich with blessings to my soul,
once You have scattered the man-destroying poisonous mist,
and give to my body firmness and gift-bestowing health;
bring me to glory, that in accord with the traditions of my forefathers
I may cultivate the gifts of the Muses, of pretty curly hair.
Give me, if You wish so, o Lord, unshakable bliss
as a reward for my loving piety. You easily perfect all things,
because You have the power and infinite might.
And if some ill comes my way through the threads moved by the stars
from the spindles of my destiny that revolve in helices,
ward it off personally with Your might radiance.“
Proklos, Hymn to Helios

"Also the eleventh and twelfth are both excellent, alike for shearing sheep and for reaping the kindly fruits..”
“Of the numbers after the decade, the eleventh refers to the first element of the monad. Thus, (Hesiod) has praised this one too, as it has analogies with that (the monad), inviting to the shearing of the sheeps and to the reaping of the fruits of the earth…Both aim to take care of the body, the one to the food, the other to protection. They are typical of the eleventh day since this is the beginning of the third pentad, the one that most enhances the light of the moon…”
Schol. Erga, 774-776

(Detail of rising Helios, part of a kithara (lyre), which would have been carried by a statue of Apollo. 1 - 2 cent. CE; now in the Metropolitan Museum…)

Winter Solstice

Most cultures interpret this solar event as recognition of rebirth. As the sun enters the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, it is a victory of light over darkness and the rebirth of the sun. It is a time to renew and restore .

There are many holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah  and Kwanza), festivals, celebrations and gatherings around this time. Dongzhi, (winter solstice) is one of the most important  festivals celebrated by East Asian Cultures. It can be traced back to the yin and yang philosophy of balance and harmony in the cosmos . The North American, Hopi tribe(known as the Peaceful Ones) celebrate bringing the sun back from the long winter slumber. It is a time of purification.

It is a yogic tradition to perform 108 sun salutations The number 108 is significant in many cultures. For example it is the number of beads on the Catholic rosary and the Tibetan  Mala beads.There are 108 names for the Buddha and for Shiva.

In yoga it is also a time of reflection, slowing down and balance. It could be the time to unburden yourself of something you no longer need. It is a time to find the peace, harmony and joy of the season within you, and share it with others throughout the season and the year to come.

A Choir Member’s Survival Guide

School is coming up soon (if it hasn’t already begun for some of you.) And EVERY choir member knows that the beginning of a new season also means… New music (here comes the loads of holiday music in September) More rehearsals, and once November and December hit- the loss of a social life (damn holiday gigs). 

I felt it appropriate as a long-time choir nerd to give some advice to the newbies out there, and everyone else can refresh their memories.. So, without further ado, I give you, the CHOIR SURVIVAL GUIDE

1. WATER WATER WATER PLEASE DRINK IT. BRING A WATER BOTTLE TO REHEARSAL ALWAYS. Save your vocal cords. Hydrate them. Especially in the winter months. The thousand times you’ll probably be singing Carol of The Bells this coming season can take a toll on your vocal folds!

2. LEARN and ORGANIZE your music. If your choir folder/binder is clean you’re more likely to want to look at it and practice your music, and it makes finding music in rehearsal MUCH less difficult.. don’t be that person that doesn’t know where anything is and needs new music every rehearsal!

3. ASK for help when you need it. Having trouble with the harmonies? Don’t know how to pronounce a word? Ask. If you can’t work up the courage to ask your director in the middle of rehearsal, wait until afterwards in private or ask someone in choir you’re closer too. 

4. LINT ROLLERS AND TIDE TO GO STICKS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS FOR CONCERT WEAR. Choir robes, uniforms, etc.. they can get stained, covered in lint- Concert black covered in lint is NOT nice looking. Grab a lint roller at the dollar store and use it on your concert wear. 

5. SING OUT! Even if you’re not 100% comfortable with your piece yet, it’s better to sing out and be corrected than barely sing and make the same mistakes. Be confident in yourself. Something that my (Choir Jokes, butting in again) director always says is Loud and Wrong. He would rather we sing it wrong, loudly so he can hear it, and then correct it than us learn it wrong. A saying in my choir that I like to try and live by is ‘What’s the worst that can happen? Your head falls off.' 

6. GET INVOLVED: Always always always do what ever you can to fundraise or further promote your choir or music department- even if you don’t need it, raise money or awareness for other choirs or music programs that are less fortunate. Participate in as many of your fundraisers (if your choir does them) or charity concerts, etc. as possible. 

7. MAKE FRIENDS: Your choir, in many cases, becomes your family. We all joke about the section rivalry and that one bitch soprano or tenor, and although sometimes there are people or situations that aren’t so favorable, do your best to bond and make friends with your peers. You are singing with them, after all, and the better connected you are, the better you’ll sound AND feel. 

and lastly….

HAVE FUN! If you don’t feel happy or safe in the choir or music program you are singing in, maybe it isn’t for you. Your health and happiness is first priority and if you aren’t enjoying yourself, it may be time to find a new choir or a new activity- singing in a choir should be fun and enjoyable for you. 

If you have ANY other questions, concerns, or are in need of advice, do not hesitate to drop a message to us HERE

Keep Singing!

Land of The Nymphs

Myrelle was a peaceful land. Four seasons lived together in harmony. Spring, light and new. Summer, bright and arid. Fall, colorful and cool. Winter, cold and cruel. Still, despite their differences, they managed to find middle ground between each other. The strongest of the first generation of each season became a council, soon recognized as royal families.

The council was strong for thousands of years, until several years ago. Winter secretly conspired a rebellion. They had dominating numbers and one by one they would pick out the seasons. Summer joined Spring’s forces and Fall rivaled them in numbers. The council broke, the royal families remained over their season alone. Every sason was forbidden from interseasonal marriages. And peace was maintained again. The only gathering of seasons were royal birthdays and everyone was wary of Winter.

Until now, everything had relaxed and peace was found. Winter was no longer threatening war and no one had to worry about them anymore. Still the royal children were forbidden to be alone with each other, out of fear they would connect to one another, though interseasonal connection was an old legend that had never been proven true.

“Fragrance allows you to transform who you are and how you feel,” says Jared Kassof, Sephora Fragrance Education. “It’s great to have certain scents for the special moments in your life: date night, a work event, Sunday brunch.” We love this idea, and wanted to take it one step further: how could it be applied to entire seasons? Kassof indulges us with seven tips to accord your scent with the calendar—and how to wear it, whether in flannel by the fire or stepping out in spaghetti straps. MELISSA LANE

“Head into your local Sephora, partner with one of our cast members, and use our exclusive Scentsa fragrance finder to explore your options based on scents you already know you like,” says Kassof.

“What do you love about the seasons? If it’s all the delicious fruits and berries that come into season in summer, find fragrances that celebrate those ingredients. If winter makes you think of romantic fires at your cabin in the woods, find fragrances with warm and woody notes. Winter is also a time of wonderful spiced food and drinks, and this can be great inspiration for a fragrance, too.”

“You’ll never know if it’s the real you if you keep it on a paper strip. Many brands create coffret or sampler sets for the holidays. If there’s a brand you like, buy one and keep it for yourself. That way, you get to live with multiple scents long enough to know what you like and when you like to wear it.”

“Gucci Guilty, both the version for women and men, are great spicy and sexy options. Dior J’Adore Voile and Hermès Jour d’Hermès create a beautiful, warm fragrance aura. Tocca Beauty has a new ‘girl’ named Margaux. With warm woods and sweet vanilla, it really feels right for winter. A new discovery of mine is Nest’s holiday candle. It’s all the traditional scents of the season blended in beautiful harmony. Lucky for me, there were a lot of great men’s launches just in time for winter: Yves Saint Laurent L’homme Intense is a richer, deeper version of a fragrance that I was already loving and they made it even better.”

“Go explore some of the smaller, niche brands if you can’t find anything you like from the big fashion houses. It’s okay if you’ve never heard of the brand before or can’t even really pronounce it—they may have a hidden gem that’s just right for you!”

“Fragrance tends to fade faster in cold climates since our bodies are producing fewer natural oils for it to grab onto. Applying body oils and lotions before spraying on your favorite scents is a great way to extend the life of your fragrance. I pair the new Tom Ford Black Orchid body lotion with several different fragrances. Josie Maran Argan Oil is a good option if you want to apply something unscented before you spritz.”


External image

Nest / Fragrances Gift Set

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YSL / L'homme Intense

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Tom Ford / Black Orchid Hydrating Emulsion

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Josie Maran / 100 percent Pure Argan Oil

External image

Gucci / Guilty

External image

Gucci / Guilty Pour Homme

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Dior / J'adore Voile de Parfum

External image

Hermes / Jour d'Hermès

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Tocca Beauty / Margaux


I have seen it through these mortal eyes.

with peaks high above the sun
that others sought to climb and fix a flag upon-
but failed.

that raged against our daily harmony.
Up in the kingdom of clouds,
storms are breeding.
& laughing.

I have watched these mountains crumble and fall,
seen the Appalachians turn
  to boulder
    to pebble
      to dust.

I have tasted death on the dirt.

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