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How the fuck do six wings even work?

I’d imagine a little something like this!

The blue wings are your large, weight-bearing flight wings that connect just below the shoulder to the trapz.
Now since angels don’t really have a “tail” to steer/balance themselves during flight- just their legs, and let’s face it,that’s not a great navigation device- the smaller red wings act as balance. They don’t have muscles like the pecs and trapz to rely on power like the flight wings do; they have smaller, more precise muscles that allow adjustments that run from the dorsi muscle beneath the trapz down the back.
The green wings are even more precise and allow hairline adjustments for the angels, acting as extra balance and navigation. They, like the red wings, rely on small ligaments to perform.
When folded, the wings layer. The bottommost layer is the blue, then red, then the green rests on top. They can all move as a single cohesive unit for maximum flight power, or separably. 

Where the wings rest along the back vary from person to person like bellybuttons do, and can be separate colors.

Hope this helps!


Modern Mythology: Iris

In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other. Iris is represented either as a rainbow, or as a young maiden with golden wings. As a goddess, Iris is associated with communication, messages, the rainbow and new endeavors.


Oh look. Tyrest spam. I still feel a little insecure about this one. Its actually my first “holomatter“ cosplay and also the first one where someone can see my face :/
But hey. I didnt break my back with carrying those wings and people told me (they have no idea what character this is, but) I look cool. Thank you for that :)
My gloves arrived two days after the convention xD Also I can fold the wings up now for pictures.
(Also: I hate sandals. First picture taken by cosbase)