So I just finished the best wingfic for overwatch and lemme tell you I cried my eyes out. I love wings..SO FUCKING MUCH!! 

Anyways I came up with a bunch of headcanons for other Overwatch characters who weren’t involved in the story. 

RoadHog has the largest wings of all the members, even Reinhardt because his wings are largest in both width and length. He can’t exactly fly with them but he can slow his descent and glide. He’d have milky grayish white wings with dark freckles along the tips and inner working of his wings. 

Junkrat is missing one of his wings. It wasn’t blown off but instead cut off sometime back. I imagine despite Junkrat being a blonde he’d have dark wings, a smoky ash that looks black in the dark which probably had something to do with the loss of his wing. 

Lucio has very agile wings. A dark set of chocolate brown wings with darker brown flight feathers but lighter interior feathers. 

Hanzo’s wings are similar to Genji’s but are dark charcoal grey with white flight feathers. 

Zarya has very thick muscled wings that are brightly colored, not pink to her disappointment but instead a very light red with a scattering of green, very similar to a parrots. 

I have more but its 7 AM and I haven’t slept so gooodbyee


Jean-Georges Béraud - In the Wings at the Opera House by Irina

Jean-Georges Béraud. (French, 1849 - 1936)