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(Pokemon AU) As they were walking through town to get to the Pokemon Centre, there were a bunch of shops along the way and Haruna's eyes kept glancing at the windows display. At one moment, she her eyes grow wide as she quickly lets go of Aimi's hand and runs over to the window as she sees a Salamance stuffie . She stands there and looks at it with a big smile on her face.

Aimi follows her. “You want it, kiddo?”




What better way to open the Christmas season, than a walk by the stunning Holiday Windows of Bergdorf Goodman in the Fifth Avenue? Every single year I make sure this happens. As a family and in early December, we book a whole Sunday in our schedule and we drive to New York with only one thought in mind: to indulge the artistic and beautiful windows of this established shop in the Apple City. We don’t miss one single year. It happens that these windows inspire us as a family to embrace Christmas as a special season where family should always be first in the name of love and happiness. This is our tradition, one that we intend to keep as long as Bergdorf Goodman lets us.

The way David Hoey and his visual team take in this responsibility towards the people that await this moment the whole year, is what makes it so magical. Bergdorf Goodman shows that they are more than a store. They prepare their own special and free show to everyone that goes inside store but mostly to the ones that can’t dare to go in and lose themselves within the alluring gifts products they sell. It’s like a special Christmas street show that embellishes the city and warms our hearts. I can’t describe you better than this… You must see it for yourself.

The theme of this year’s Bergdorf Goodman’s Holiday Windows is “The BG Follies of 2012”, inspired by the entertainments, shows, revues and musicals of the 1930s; “a miniature revival of classic Art Deco style”. And at KOKET we love Art Deco, right team?

For those who can’t travel to New York to appreciate it I leave you with some pictures by Ricky Zehavi. Hope you love it!


seokjin’s the pastry chef who works at the new bakery on fifth street and every day he sees this one high school kid walking home staring at the window display with the hungriest look in his eye and you know the kid’s kind of cute so one day when seokjin sees him practically salivating over the new cheesecakes, seokjin grabs a batch of some test recipes he’s working on and gives them to the kid for free on the condition that he lets seokjin know if they’re any good, or how jeon jungkook becomes seokjin’s personal taste tester and also how kim seokjin accidentally gets a giant human puppy