Untitled Joshifer One-Shot SSS

A/N: Hey everyone! This is unexpected, isn’t it? Especially the subject material lol! I’ve been thinking about this particular one shot for a long time though, and I finally started it a few days ago. It’s going to be pretty lengthy, so I’m hoping the motivation sticks with me so I can finish it. Regardless, I’m seeing a ton of SSS/previews on my dash right now, so I figured I’d give you all a little glance at what I’m working on!

Also, does the universe seem familiar? 👀

There’s no bathroom anymore, but a trailer. I’m not on the bathroom floor, but instead curled up on a couch.

There is however, one thing that links the two different scenarios together, one thing that unifies them completely.

Talking about the stomach bug I definitely don’t have.

And just like last time, my entire body reacts accordingly. My eyes widen as tears are quick to re-pool. My limbs tremble as a shiver runs down the length of my spine. My heart seems to skip a few beats before leaping up into my throat, twitching and thundering all the while.

A component is missing from the previous time though; there’s no panic. Utter shock and wonder, perhaps, but no panic. And as I slowly lift my gaze off the floor, breaking the flashback and my thoughts, I can see the reason why.

I’m not alone, in the bathroom nor life in general. I’m with Josh. I’m with my husband.

Slowly I meet his stare in silence, wide blue searching hazel. Though there are hints of confusion wrinkling his forehead, and bits of concern wrinkling his brow, I can see we’re in sync as usual.

He’s come to the same realization as well.

I flounder to say something, my trembling lips opening and closing, but only shaky breaths escape. As usual, Josh is the one to step up, softly framing my face with a hand and opening his mouth to speak.

But right before he can say anything, a knife cuts through the tension. A wiggly, energetic, adorable one.

“Dadddyyy? Daddddyyyy?”

A small body is quick to follow the high pitched voice, Caden hobbling up to the doorway. The second she catches sight of me, her face breaks out in a toothy toddler grin, and her motives change.

“Mommy!” she shrieks as she runs towards me, oblivious to anything that was going on before, something that’s now being pushed to the back of my head for the time being.

She is a good girl with a broken heart.

Whenever she gets hurt, she will hold everything back. But in the end, she is crying her heart out when she is about to sleep. Seeing all of her efforts, time and energy wasted just like that, she is at her lowest.

He broke her heart so many times. But she is afraid to break his heart back. He used her for his own benefits. But she never thought of leaving.

But she keeps saying she is okay. She is okay but she is struggling a lot. She keeps telling herself that he is good enough. He is kind enough. He is enough for her. But not to him, he treated her like an option.

Until one day she realized that she is trying way too hard to maintain that relationship. And she is tired as hell.

And she left him. Happily.


You guysss check out the awesome dub work of my comic by @princess-sakura-serenity (/ω\)

Make sure to check the other parts for extra feels:

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Long Time No See

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Request: Can you do one with heath joker where you were together before he started doing crime but you left him because you were an up and coming criminal in Gotham and you reunite with the joker ik its confusing


Warnings:Blood, Violence


Jack and Y/N were high school sweethearts, they had been together since sophomore year. It way no surprise when Jack proposed to Y/N when she turned 21, they never got married though. Y/N had to leave her lover for his own safety, she was becoming a well known criminal in Gotham City and didn’t want him getting hurt. When she told him she had to leave he was begging her to stay, he didn’t understand why she had to leave. He thought they would be together for the rest of their lives, he couldn’t handle life without her. Every time he looked in the mirror he always saw his reflection frowning back at him. So he decided to fix it by taking a knife to his face, now he was always smiling. He eventually ended up getting involved with criminals and moved to Gotham where he took on the persona of the Joker.

He now sat in a holding cell waiting for Batman to talk to him, he listened to the police officers conversation.

“Look what I got.” The hefty man said while tossing a small object towards the thinner, more lanky officer.

“What is it?” The lanky man asks.

“Lilith’s knife.” The bigger officer smiles, Joker tries to look at the weapon, Lilith was a notorious criminal. She got her name from her eerie appearance, her dyed black hair framed her face beautifully. Her dark eye makeup that comes to a perfect point on the ends and inner corners of her eyes, she always was out in the evening and night just like the mythological figure Lilith. She was known for the damage she caused in the city and the fear she struck in the citizens of Gotham.

“Is this really it?” The skinny officer asks as he flicks the knife open, the sharp black blades open on both ends.

“Yeah it’s awesome right?” The hefty officer laughs and grabs it from the man.

“Yeah but I thought we weren’t supposed to touch evidence?” The lanky man says nervously, the hefty officer snorts.

“Ehh what’s the worse that can happen right?” He pats the other officer harshly on the back causing him to stumble forwards.

“We could get fired.” The man says.

“Only if they find out.” The hefty officer says inspecting the weapon closely.

“Now didn’t your mom teach you not to touch things that aren’t yours?” A voice rings out, the Joker’s head snaps towards the voice, he knew that voice. His eyes met with a figure wearing all black. It was Lilith, he never saw her in person but he saw her on the news when he would watch it. The officer gripped the knife and one hand went to his gun, the lanky officer pulled out his pistol.

“Hand it over.” Lilith said holding her hand out like she was trying to get something from a child. The two officers pointed their guns at her, she took a step forward and  the hefty officer shot at her. He had missed to to his shaking hands, Lilith’s eyes darkened.

“Wrong move buddy.” She said darkly as her henchmen that were all disguised as officers started shooting the actual policemen. Lilith slowly walked towards the hefty officer with a grin on her painted black lips. When she reached the man she held out her hand once again.

“I’m not going to ask again.” She said wickedly, the man gulped before handing her the knife. She smiled before plunging it into his neck, she stepped back as the blood poured from his neck. She turned around to see that all of the GCPD were either on the floor or ran away.

“Well, this is uh, interesting.” She smiles looking at all of the criminals in the holding cells, her eyes finally land on Joker’s and her heart skips a beat. She knew those eyes, but she didn’t want to believe it.

“Let’s play a game, tell me why you’re here and if I like it you get a get out of jail free card. Okay? Okay.” She says pacing forward, the first cell held a woman who had tan skin and bleach blonde hair and was crying.

“What’d you do Blondie?” She asked twirling her knife, the girl didn’t answer as she sobbed.

“I don’t have all day.” Lilith said tapping her knife on the bars.

“P-prostitution.” The woman stuttered, Lilith stood still for a minute.

“Ehh whatever.” She said sliding the key that she previously picked up into the lock, when she opened the door the woman ran out crying.

“Yeesh you’d think she would be more grateful.” Lilith said as she continued forward.

“Cannibalism.” The man said as she looked at him.

“Yeah, no thanks.” She say continuing on as the man pounds on the bars behind her. She continues on until she reaches the Joker.

“What’d you do Smiley?” The Joker stared at her for a minute before talking.

“What-ah didn’t I do Doll?” He smiles, Lilith stares at him, ‘That couldn’t be him.’ she says to herself.

“Good point.” She says unlocking the cell, Joker stands up slowly.

“I know-ah, Giggles.” He says, if this was Y/N then he would know. He always called her Giggles when they were together because that’s all she would ever do. Lilith’s smirk dropped as she gripped the cell door.

“What’d you call me?” She asks narrowing her eyes. The Joker smiled.

“Giggles, you know like the laugh.” Joker says sarcastically.

“Why?” Lilith asks.

“Because that’s all you ever do, you giggle.” Joker says, this may actually be her.

“Jack?” She says softly, Joker smiles.

“Long time no see Y/N.” He says with genuine happiness in his words. Y/N leaped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, he wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in her hair.

“I can’t believe it’s you.” Y/N cried quietly.

“Better believe it.” Joker felt the tears prick at his eyes, Y/N pulled back. She had white face paint smudged on her cheek and her black eye makeup was running down her face. No one could she her as Joker was blocking them, Joker looked down at her.

“What happened?” She asks quietly as she ran her thumbs across his scars.

“I couldn’t handle being without you.” He said simply.

“I’m so sorry.” She cries.

“No no, it’s okay, look at what we’ve become.” He smiles looking down at her.

“Are we still engaged?” She laughs.

“Of course.” He says before pulling her in for a kiss as the police sirens blared in the background. They finally had each other and they were ready to cause hell.

But are there Overwatch!Pacific Rim AUs already???

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–– - no one in the castle even knew that taeil was out on his own. he could never leave without having someone follow him, so he had no choice but to sneak out. taeil wasn’t even leaving to do anything bad; all the twenty-year-old wanted was some canvas and paint. he was getting tired of drawing on his computer most of the time, he wanted to go back to some traditional art. his was downtown, a box of supplies in his hands and two canvases under his arm, which were slowly slipping from him. taeil stopped walking and tried to get them to balance but was failing miserably. he looked at a random person, “um, e-excuse me..” he wasn’t one to treat people differently because of his status; he never talked to people anyway. “can i take a moment of your time, please? i need a little help..”

Raven Boys AU where everything is the same except one of Adam Parrish’s odd job is being a swim suit model and that is why Gansey buys all the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions

One More Goodbye: Part 2 out of 2 (Ending) // Margot x Chris Evans

A/N: Late, Late, Late: sorry if it doesn’t do justice to the first one… I really enjoyed parts of this though.. they spoke to me a lot :) Let me know if you enjoyed! 

Part 1  of 2 

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“I couldn’t leave you standing here knowing in my head that this maybe the last time you see her.”

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Margot loved turtles. 

More specifically- she loved sea turtles

        Growing up in a home where you  could never leave on your own free will- Margot found it easier to just go to the beach that was behind her father’s massive- unnecessarily large home. He bought it when her mother wed him, asking him if they could live near the ocean. Back then he was at her beck and call- and what she wanted she got. So a house near the ocean it was. A mansion by the ocean in Nantucket, MA. Growing up, the home felt so lonely to her and her sister. The home was always silent since noise was not allowed in case her father was on the phone. Her mother and sister were Margot’s heart and soul. She remembers her… “mother carrying them in both of her arm, our hats and swimsuits matching. My brothers towing behind since the beach was the “pick up” place they’d take their girlfriends too, to win them over. All this was never known to be because I didn’t know anything, at the age of three. All I did know was that the water, in the right season, had baby sea turtles hatching and going out to sea. It was a tradition I never broke, not even when Poppy was sent away; or when my mother died. I still managed to get to the beach; and watch them in the sunrise, breaking out of their shells, stretching and climbing out, heading towards water. Mom always said that if a turtle was having a hard time getting to the water, you could nudge them along, help them only enough so they could get going, and find the water on their own.”

Sea turtles made Margot feel like life was worth living; it was the way she saw life born, or hatched. These babies, making their way to the sea where they’d voyage onto somewhere far away. Doing their destiny as a sea turtle.

                                Why does any of this matter?

Because today- Margot Yates couldn’t see her turtles hatch and climb to the sea for the first time in her life. Because today, April 26, 2016, was the day Margot was having open heart surgery- day fourteen of laying in her hospital bed. She wasn’t dead, she was alive, but just barely hanging on. Why did this have to happen to her? She didn’t deserve a heart condition that was now deciding to kick in and just punch the living shit out of her. 

Just when Margot was finally coming alive, going into the her sea voyage of life… doing what she really loves, living away from her hometown, travelling with me.. getting married. 

She was not alone though, she had Chris by her side, and his mother, brother, and two sisters. Poppy wasn’t allowed out of her room, and she wouldn’t react well to her twin sister/best friend/ and only outside source of the world, dying from a heart condition her father refused to address as a baby. Chris had decided to sue everything Arthur Yates had, no matter the cost the moment he knew that Arthur had knowledge of this all along. And didn’t even try to help her. Chris called his lawyer and attorney, Freida Gunner:

  “We’ve seen that she even tried to check herself in as a child and they denied her because she needed a legal adult with her. Her mother… she never left the house, this record shows but we have very defining and definite evidence that Mrs. Yates was not home by choice; but by fear and abuse that not only was upon her but her two children she had with the man, Margot and Josephina Yates. When we questioned the man, Arthur Yates, he stated that he knew and decided against further investigation when he had to focus on bigger ‘household issues’ which he would not say what those ‘issues’ were. The statute of limitations will not run out on this, given the abuse of Margot Yates led up to just three years ago when she was forced by her father to live in an abandoned mansion he had purchased back in ‘82, and gave her a ‘maid’ for cleaning the home. Not only did he threaten her leaving, but he also made her participate in sports that she was uncomfortable with; given the heart condition and the fact that they were stress enducing. She had to study to become a Prima Ballerina since the age of six and was told punishment would ensue otherwise..” 

            Chris wanted to murder him, really he did. For the first time in his life: he hated someone so much he hoped they burned in hell. He hoped they died slowly, and painfully for all the suffering and torture he put upon an innocent family. He was sick, that man.

 Arthur Yates was sick with a destructive idea that women were objects to be just tousled around until they produce offspring ‘suitable’ enough for him.. They were nothing but baby carriers, and that was Arthur’s goal every time he found a new wife; it meant more boys to carry on his oil corporation. Conrad was definitely the popular pick for his father’s job when he retired, which was soon- as soon as he was arrested, and put in prison. The others… Adam and Oliver. They were the brainiacs; the ones to carry a legacy of a new discovery. To Arthur they were the ones worthy of college; and Margot was not.

“He would never let me play sports or even run… he said I needed to dance; I was to become a Prima Ballerina; that was what I was here for.” Margot said, on their tenth date. It was around July; and the beach was beautiful when no one was near. Margot ran around in her sundress leaving her hat and sunglasses for Chris to wear behind. She showed him her tricks, all the cartwheels she could do. He couldn’t help but tear up at the memory of her happiness; the way it was shown within the sun’s rays hitting her hair that blew all around, twisting it and curling the loosened pieces of hair that had fallen out of her braid. She was beautiful, and cheery. She had so much intelligence and thoughts… like they burst out of her constantly, to which Chris realised was because they had been suppressed all those years.
She danced, studied, slept. For 20 years…. 

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She was glittering with golden sparkles that somehow seemed part of her own skin,

She was golden and had streams of pink and purple sparks on her chest, when she hugged me so tightly. I missed her so much; I missed her hugs and her voice… god that voice.. It sang like a soft breeze whenever she opened her mouth. Her smile was just as bright, if not more clear and not burdened with hidden pain. I felt pain though, and saw that I wasn’t covered like her in golden skin, and glittering stars along my body, like a freckle would be.

I was red, and I hated it, I hurt; not in pain like a broken limb, but inside the pain was insufferable; I had a heavy heart, my eyes stung for tears and my stomach had a rock in it. A rock of desolation.

I looked at her as she stroked my hair, it was not the way I remembered. I had shining brown locks of curls: just like my hair so many years ago, except it was shining like a diamond coated each lock of chocolate swirls of curls.

“maman, je ne pas comme ça.” - Mama I don’t like this.

“Why must you be here so soon?”

She spoke, in a questioning tone that seemed to be questioning yet known by herself inside.

I shook my head, still wrapped in her embrace, feeling like my happy self before I was aware of life and it’s horrors, miracles, and grief or happiness.

“Your light is still shining, you can’t be here much longer sweet dove-” I felt light like I was floating, looking down I saw white now, silky white covering me like blanket customized to my body. “Mama-” I cried, reaching out to the woman walking away with a solemn smile that still glittered with beautiful gilded in gold.
“No you left me so long ago- not aga- again… please..I can’t take this pain…” I held my stomach where the misery sat heavy and hurting me so much I could hardly bare this stomach ache of woe.

Diana - she was so beautiful, and her heart so pure… how can someone be so beautiful inside and out? I couldn’t let my mother leave again. “MAMA! Please! Don’t leave- I have nothing left…” She turned around and shook her head, tilting the petite chin she had up like a regal woman.

“You have more than others- they wait for you, my doe…” Coming closer I felt lighter-and the shining light was brighter- it held a feeling I wanted to know more about. Warmth that gave me a - a feeling of love… the light was to the left of my mother’s glistening glow. “This grief is not for me,” Holding a hand to my stomach, she acknowledged my pain and I looked at her in confusion- getting more aware of my surroundings. Which was nothing but white, no floor or ceiling. Just white.

“The light is where you are suppose to be, you are going to do so many great things before your time comes…” The light was growing and my mother started becoming a blur- upset I tried to see her face one more time, but the light I desperately wanted to be inside, was growing too wide for me too see. “Remember my child, love is to be said as soon as you can tell the one you feel it for. Pick a side- never leave doors open. You must stand up- do what you love my doe deer, please. Be the woman you know you can become.” I finally felt the fiery tears fall as a sob released me from the white, and my mother, and the warmth sucked me in like a vacuum.

I felt myself gagging on a tube like structure in my throat. I was hearing shouting around the room of people using medical terms; the sounds of sharp and metal utensils being maneuvered banged all around me.

“Stable readings… we have a pulse. Doctor what are the plans for her inflammation. It cannot get bigger; we have to release some of it as soon as-” 

“Thank you Fiona. I know, we will do a open intro fluid take out when she awake.”

“Awake! Doctor… the pain that comes with this..”

“It’s the only thing that we have left to help her live. An inflammation like this is unscene in patients with a Pericardial tamponade. If it was addressed sooner; we would’ve had time but now that is not on our side. Go inform the people waiting for Ms. Yates.”

I heard bustling and someone gasping, then- I felt familiar hands wrap around my cold left hand that was awaiting the touch.


I wanted to scream- I wanted to so badly that I was scared, and I wanted Chris to hold me, and make them leave me alone; but I felt tired. The tube actually was starting to feel nice with a cold and soft sensation of breathing; letting my heart not do as much work as it normally would while I slept. I had no idea what was going on- or who I was for that matter. Everything was nice and sweet. It was like a haze that’s half-life was gone in a blink of an eye.

“Margot? Baby, I’m here. I stayed as close as I co-could. I-I’m so sorry I didn’t help you in the ambula-oh my god.”

I felt his head rest near my hand while he sobbed his sorries. I did everything in my power to help him, tell him and release that guilt of his. I’m fine; I’m alive. Isn’t that all what matters? I put as much effort as I could to squeeze his hand, and it came out as a twitching in my hand, then a clasp almost of his hand covering mine.

My body was coming back, slowly. Opening my eyes, I saw the cast of people all around, and it frightened me;

Chris saw this and took my cheek that faced away from his and brought it over, making me look into his eyes, those beautiful eyes that shined such love into me. They made me happy, so, so, happy that I didn’t leave them when I easily could’ve given in. But now I know why that warm feeling was so powerful, why I felt like I couldn’t live without it… and I chose it over my mother- the one woman in the universe I’d do anything for… besides Poppy.

I chose the white warm feeling because it was love.

It was love that was the warmth sucking me back in, so tender and gentle… love was all I hadn’t been given in this world until I had Chris. Now looking into these blue eyes I know that they were the white- the glow of radiance that made me stay.

Chris was the one who pulled me back to life…


Chris saw those beautiful brown eyes staring at him again; fourty six hours with those eyes closed in what he thought would be a forever sentence that he’d pay for the rest of his life. Only getting to see replica’s in photos or videos… but they never came close to the beauty that was looking into them in real life… 

They told him they had hope, and in a situation where the love of your life is critically hurt and you can’t do a damn thing about it? Hope is all you can have. “Mr. Evans, she has a heart condition-” I nodded, acknowledging the words- and she smiled. Holding my hand in Margot’s cold one, it felt frail and shaking. I kissed it, and looked at her, nodding along to the nurses while never letting my eyes stray from Margot’s- I would never let them stray again until necessary.

“Your condition was not being monitored, Margot- and we know you didn’t know about that so it’s okay. What isn’t okay is that it became- the inflammation- it became so bad- you had a pericardial tamponade.” 

Her brown eyes were shut off and I saw her eyelids close shut and squeezed tight, like she was in pain. But nothing was happening but the nurse still tell Margot what happened.  So what happened was the inflammatory fluid around your heart- grew too much and lowered your blood pressure, which is why you fainted. Then you when into congestive heart failure. But thankfully our ambulance arrived on time- and your wonderful Fiance here, was able to fill us in on your medical history.”

Margot knew what her medical history was, and what I did and didn’t know; like the sexual abuse. I wasn’t going to bring it up now obviously, but she knew by my facial expression appearing tightened with a knowing of new- and infuriating information. She must’ve known…

“Margot, we are going have to do a surgical event that is not going to be pleasing so for now- while we figure out how we’ll get this done with- without causing you stress, we’ll leave you with…your um..”

“Family.” I heard my mother call out. A small smile graced Margot’s lips. Holding her cheek I caressed it, as if silently telling her to open her eyes again. Nothing was going to hurt her now. Whispering into her ear “Let me see those eyes, darling…” they opened again and I smiled along with Margot. Squeezing her hand and rubbing her left arm; which was the only body part I really could touch.

          Suddenly I knew I needed to do something-

Whispering the words,

 I made a promise to myself that these words were always going to be said to her; and  I was going to repeat to her every morning, every hour, every night before bed… for the rest of my life: 

Words I was afraid would be left unsaid between our lips forever…

 “I love you, Margot… forever.”

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everyone’s saying they’re team “mystic” or “valor” or “instinct” but i cant remember for shit which is which
you’re either on team red, blue, or yellow and if you say any of the fancy names i will spend a solid minute trying to figure out what bird you sided with

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fireflies. music. cities. insomnia.

the city turns wild once the sun kills itself on the hills / making our minds dreamless palaces to entice us into its depths / and so we wander down branching capillary paths to its pulsing heart / where golden music plays from the square’s violin buskers / and the sound of laughter fuels us to transform to dancing shadows on the walls / we grow enchanted and vow to never leave / the city’s own fireflies twirling around in its mason jar


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Alina: “Promise? You better watch it, your ice cold demeanor is slipping.”

Dredan: *laughs* “Thank you for the warning. You know what I meant. Zeren and I would never leave you two alone. We are our own little family unit.”

Alina: “That’s true. It does feel like that. It’s rather nice, to be honest.”

Dredan: “I agree. It is nice.”

yikes son

Some backstory on Tom bc i think he needs to b clarified. he’s a super old oc (I’ve had him for? 3 years or 4 idk) so a lot of ppl know him already but a lot of ppl don’t know everything so here’s some stuff abt him:

  • Grew up in a white calm upper middle class suburb. he’s spoiled af n honestly needs to stop.
  • always surrounded by drugs and alcohol. he even sold some during high school
  • speaking of high school, he barely studied and had a 2.0 GPA
  • Tom was in his schools football team from freshman to sophomore year till he got kicked out
  • he dropped out his senior year smh
  • His father eventually kicked him out of their home for being caught w cocaine. his mom, though, pitied him and helped him rent a small apartment. tom never got a job and so never was able to pay his own bills, leaving his mom responsible for them. She paid for everything behind her husband’s back.
  • Before he even dropped out of high school he got his gf pregnant, insisted she’d abort but when she refused he dumped her. His parents found out and forced him to take responsibility. The baby turned out to be a girl, whom he named Abby.
  • Not long after the birth, the mom, who tom was temporarily dating again, committed suicide. This made tom feel v v v depressed for a v v v long time.
  • He managed to raise her somewhat well though despite his depression n addictions. He also had a few more kids over the years.
  • Things got really bad in his early thirties. He had an overdose scare n then another later in the week. His health was terrible and he could almost feel himself dying. Paranoid, he turned to wherever he could for help. He somehow got ahold of a mystic who promised him eternal life and youth. obviously he accepted. the mystic summoned a demon, who then completed the deal. everything seemed normal until the next day, when Thomas was found dead in his bed.
  • Next thing he knew he was an incubus god bless the end

It’s so funny how I’m constantly advocating for girls to break up with their bf’s over the slightest inconvenience or problem. But when it comes to my own life and relationships I will truly never leave. I stay and stay and stay until I get my heart broken.

where all is still safe

carve a bath and I will come;
my heart needs the water and I can’t sleep.

the weeks since the last time are wet winter sand:
the long little days crumble to grains.
they and I are wondering
if being counted might have saved them.
still my hands were full of other hands,
and the memory of a squeeze is worth twice the sum.

now my lunch is packed, my books stack high,
and the day before me stretches far along the shore.
I have emptied out the season’s shoes
but the wind never leaves my hair.
I kiss my own brave mouth and know that this year,
salt isn’t only for sadness.

here is the box of promise,
of trepidation and treasure and the sea deep inside.
I listen. and stop. and hold it in my palm.
here is the teacup before the ocean,
this precious space before tomorrow.

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"Please don’t ask me to leave. I want you so much it hurts. I never thought it could feel like this.”

“ That tug on your heart when you find that one person who you trust to hold your heart in their hand and in their soul. It’s not a feeling many truly experience, Krolik. Some may get a small taste of it, like a morsel, but it quickly fades and it turns out that what they thought was real, in fact was just a farse. “ Reaching out his hand, he ran his fingers through the Agent’s short hair and stared into the eyes that he fell in love with from the first moment they locked onto his own. 

“ I would never ask you to leave, because if you left you would take my heart with you, and I wouldn’t be able to stand it. “  


     Dorian never assumed that leaving his homeland on his own and living on the streets would be an easy lifestyle, and while it was more often than not a burden, it had its charms. During his travels, Dorian has had the pleasure of meeting many people, hearing many more stories than he cares to remember, learning many more skills than he would ever use in his life. ( Learning how to fashion a dagger out of wood, for instance. ) 

     Eventually, his path leads him to the Free Marches; it’s the stories about Kirkwall, the pleasant resonance of the word free, his desire to see and to learn – they all take him there. That – and pure boredom, of course. Dorian was not a man of great stamina, however. Between having sex with men just to have a bed for the night and sleeping under trees in highly populated cities, even though it is highly dangerous for a Tevinter to do so, Dorian has grown quite tired. 

     It might be out of luck when he stumbles upon a small camp where he might find a place to rest for some time – that luck turns into misfortune the second he realizes it is a qunari camp. ❝ Too late to turn back now, it would seem. ❞ With that thought in mind, Dorian approaches the first Qunari in sight – he was gathering some gardening tools, it was quite late. Nonchalantly resting against a tree nearby, Dorian tries to play his cool card to his advantage. ❝ The stars might be lying to me, but I am pretty sure you might have a bed to spare for a lone, charming traveler. ❞