the signs as i know them
  • aries: has a great sense of humour. soft voice. strong willed and stubborn. kind. fair. stunning appearance. doesn't talk much about feelings. adventurous. neither angry nor up to a fight 24/7. dreams of starting a family. gets along with people. never insults or hurts others on purpose. is actually quite sensitive.
  • taurus: master of organization. sometimes a little confused. is stubborn and rarely changes their opinion but always listens to what other people have to say. quiet when lost in thoughts. financial genius. generous. sometimes a little mean. will never let you down. great friend / husband / dad. is actually a great cook but doesn't eat 24/7. does sports and loves nature. is a "wow look at the moon"-person.
  • gemini: clever. hates boredom. always has a plan b/c/d. cares for their education. talks a lot. sometimes lost in thoughts. tends to overthink. always have a great story to tell. never underestimates others. believes in their friends. always know the answer. is not annoying 24/7. know when to shut up. bright smile. active. loves adventure. never shouting when angry. doesn't let others feel their anger. nature-lover.
  • cancer: very caring. will ask you how your day has been. invites you to their house to make popcorn and watch your favourite movie/series. very funny. good sense of fashion. is the friend who will take you home when you're drunk. makes sure you're ok. is fascinated by science. lovely eyes. adorable. never loud but always present. emotional but not a cry-baby.
  • leo: proud and loud. not easily insulted but when they are they roar. knows so many cultures. is interested in new things. can be very soft but won't show it unless they trust you. bright smile. always polite. will be there for you when you need them. unique sense of fashion. hard workers. chatty. always know how to handle a difficult situation. reliable. trustworthy.
  • virgo: feel much more than they would admit. don't have many friends but would do anything for the friends they have. careful. neither waste money nor time. a little stingy. the friend that feels what you feel. can read your mind sometimes. loves to surprise people. to be avoided when angry. calm down easily. loves to make others smile. sometimes too caring. loyal.
  • libra: sometimes a little weird. hardworking. sometimes they believe in themselves, sometimes they give up on themselves. aesthetic-lovers. usually very well dressed. polite. interested in art, history and literature. doubt their skills a lot. sometimes a little absent. instead of shouting they don't talk. loves conversations with new people.
  • scorpio: NOT EVIL AT ALL!! very emotional but never reckless. you can call them at 3am and they will be there for you. sometimes they don't know what to do with all their feelings but they will never let you suffer because of that. the best friends. adorable. stunning look. hard voices, hard souls, soft heart. are interested and show their interest in you and your feelings. will apologize immediately when they see they treated you wrong and they are truly sorry. mysterious. when they trust you they tell you everything. a little revengeful but would never harm others.
  • sagittarius: hilarious. clever. tell great jokes. are interested and caring. fight issues. don't show their emotions. won't be angry for long. colourful people with colourful minds. somehow they always know what's going on. love to work out. learn languages quite fast. honest.
  • capricorn: serious people. sometimes very stubborn. well educated. strong. smart. working to achieve their goals. never ever ever give up. never show defeat. don't cry very often. love the sun. good at making friends. do not forgive easily. forgive but don't forget. will remember almost everything they did / heard / said in their lives. loyal. know what they're worth.
  • aquarius: entertaining. bright personality. you can always spot their voice. has a very emotional part they won't show anyone. can make a bad situation good. great friends. sometimes a little bossy. tend to put on a show. won't mess around. chatty and makes new friends easily and quite often. has many friends but only like 2-3 real friends they would trust with their lives. hate to show when they hurt. very intelligent.
  • pisces: not crying 24/7. not weak at all. develop crushes easily but get over them very fast. either things don't mean anything to them or they mean the world to them. lost in daydreams but have the brightest fantasy. can be a storm. if they see you treat them wrong they leave. loyal to the people they love. can be revengeful. scheming. knows exactly what people deserve. would never harm anyone who doesn't deserve it. want justice. hard to get. hard to understand. great friends. worth the fight. will hold your hand and go through hell with you. passionate lovers.

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Anything for you

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Pairing: Bone x Reader

Rating: teen?

Characters: Leonard McCoy, Reader, Violet McCoy

Summary: Reader is super busy with Violet and doesn’t notice that it is Valentine’s day. Bones surprises her with a romantic night

Warnings: UNEDITED, Kissing, Bones being a great husband, and a great dad, implied sex

Tags: @yourtropegirl

Author’s note: I had to do a holiday themed fic. Going to try and write one for my Kirk series too!

Part One, Part 2, Part 3

“Violet May, get your cute little butt back here!” You yelled as you chased her around your quarters. Oh, how you missed when she could only walk. She was growing far too fast. It was the 4th month of your extended break. You were going to keep working, but after the knife accident you decided against it and took time off from work. Finally, you caught up with her and scooped her up. She giggled and squealed as she tried to wiggle down.

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forced marriage ; jeon jungkook (part 1)

genre: ???? angst, fluff and a little smut (fluff and a little smut will be a little towards the end)

summary: you’re forced to marry someone you hate, but does your feelings change?

yall im not smart at weddings im not married ok

part 1

“we want you to get married!” jungkook’s mum announced as your parents and his clap hands.

you stood there, unamused.

so i’m going to get married to someone who i hate? you thought.

“what do you think, jagi?” jungkook’s sweet, innocent voice ran through your ears. you put on a fake smile.

“i think it’s perfect.”

“i’m glad.” jungkook fake grins. “i was going to propose to her, but i guess you’ve beaten me.”

“oh, i’m sorry honey.” jungkook’s mum says, “we didn’t know, but i’m glad you were considering to.”

jungkook nods, “when’s the wedding?”

“in two months.” jungkook’s dad says.

you and jungkook nod. your palms were sweating. you did not want to marry and live with a jerk for the rest of your life.

“you and jungkook can start looking for a home you both can live in.” your dad says, “the wedding will come by quicker than you think.”

“well, you lovebirds, why don’t you start looking for homes?” your mum claps her hands. you and jungkook nod as jungkook intertwines his hands with yours.

can i not just live in my apartment? you thought.

“aw, look at you both!” your mum and jungkook’s mum smile.

“we’ll see you later, me and y/n will look for some.” jungkook says.

“see you later.” you say as you and jungkook get out the house of his home.

“what, the, fuck.” you say. “i am not marrying a jerk like you.” you snatch your hands off him.

“c’mon princess.” jungkook puts his hand on your chin, “it’ll be fun.”

“i feel bad for your girlfriend. you’re two-timing her.”

“she knows i’ll never love a scum like you.” jungkook says.

“whatever. even if i move in with you, i’ll make sure i keep a far distance from you.” you pinch jungkook’s hand, and he takes his hand off your chin and rubs the spot.

“i’ll see you- actually, i don’t want to see you.” you say, walking way from jungkook quickly as you walk back to apartment.

jungkook smirked and laughed, “oh y/n..” he shook his head and went back indoors.

“i swear jungkook is nice.” jimin said as you took another slice of pizza. jimin was your best friend. he was way nicer than jungkook, but jimin and jungkook are really close too. it made situations more awkward.

“to you! but to me, no, he’s a fucking jerk.” you say, “i hate him. honestly, i’d rather marry you than marry him.”

jimin bursts out in laughter, “you would?”

“i would. you’re like prince charming and he’s like a fucking spoiled rat that gets cheese everyday.”

jimin laughs, “i can guarantee you jungkook is nice.”

“whatever.” you roll your eyes. “my parents love you, why don’t they just pick you to marry me instead.”

jimin continues to laugh, “you’re so funny y/n.. a guy like me? you could do so much better.”

“can we just switch the topic? i don’t even wanna talk about prick-face.” you groan and take a sip of your drink.

“okay, okay.” jimin chuckles, “so…”


our parents said we should check out some homes. you free?

- jungkook

yeah, i’m free. i’ll meet you there.

- y/n

cool. see u.

- jungkook

“parents want me.” you say, gathering some stuff and putting it in your bag.

“good luck.” jimin says, “i have to leave too, taehyung invited me for some games.”

you nod, “thanks for coming chim. i’ll see you soon.”

“yep, see you. it was no problem.”

you ruffle his grey hair as he smiles. “i’ll go down the ladder from your window. it’s actually fun and makes me feel like a spy.”

you laugh, “alright then. be careful!”

“i will!” he shouts from the window. you giggle and head to jungkook’s house.

once you reached there, you ring the doorbell and jungkook rolls his eyes. he kisses your cheek.

“hey, jagi, great to see you.” jungkook says. obviously it was so fake.

“i missed you, kookie.” you say. you then roll your eyes at the act. 

“my future son-in-law will be such a great husband.” your dad comments, making you roll your eyes even more. you pulled away from jungkook’s hug and sat on the couch next to your mum.

“so, do you want to start house hunting?” jungkook’s mum asked you both. you shrugged, “i don’t mind at all.”

“it’s settled then!” she says, “i found a website that has gorgeous houses. you can see them after.”

you and jungkook nod as she hands the laptop, “do you want to half pay each your rent? or i could-”

“eomma, i was actually planning to pay the rent.” jungkook says, smiling at you, “i’m the husband here. i should be making my wife happy.”

he squeezes your hand.

he’s acting so well. you thought. might as well win an oscar for your acting.

“are you sure?” you ask, “i don’t mind paying the rent.”

“it’s all on me.” jungkook said, “don’t worry about it.”

“alright then.” jungkook’s mum says, “you’re so sweet, my kookie.”

jungkook chuckled, “it’s nothing. i just want my wife to be happy.”

you roll your eyes mentally, yeah right.

a couple of minutes later, you seemed to have eyed a house that jungkook did too.

“eomma, appa, i think we’ve found the perfect house.” you say. jungkook turned the laptop so it faced the parents. they all look at each other.

“a perfect house that suits a perfect couple.” jungkook’s dad spoke. everyone nodded, agreeing.

“well, let’s check it out!”

chained-to-the-mirror  asked:

How's it going with the in-laws? ;) I told Sherlock you are perfect, and he (quite rightly) suggested I tell you that. So, here it is: You're perfect :) at least you are for Sherlock, anyone can see that.

Ta!  I’m far from, but it’s nice he thinks so, and thanks for your vote of confidence as well.

Things with the in-laws are going about exactly as I expected, I’ll just say that.  Very nice people, but also very sure that their son needs constant minding, which in my opinion isn’t exactly fair.  I’m making sure they know what a great husband and dad he is.

His mum does acknowledge that we both look happy and healthy, so that’s something, I guess.  Physical evidence we’re good for each other.  It’s nice to know that other people can see that.

So, let me see if I’ve got this right …


  • has smoldering good looks
  • blue eyes/dark hair lethal combo
  • plays guitar
  • has an Irish accent
  • is an incredible actor
  • is a great husband/dad/brother/son/friend
  • loves sports
  • sings
  • is a great cook
  • expert pumpkin carver
  • knows a ton of nerd trivia
  • looks great wet
  • loves a good pint and actually had his own beer made
  • wears cute socks
  • AND he can juggle?

I mean … seriously?

Who Holds…

  1. The umbrella, when it rains?  Aomine for sure. He’s taller and it’s one of those unspoken kind gestures he does. ( kagami loves it )
  2. The popcorn at the cinema? -We all know popcorn would not be the only snack both of them would be eating. If Kagami orders 20+ burgers for just one sitting at Maji ( which would only last about 30-45 minutes ) he would definitely want to order lots of food to last at least a two hour movie. So, with that being said I don’t think it would be easy for them to hold everything. Their soda would be in the cup holders and the popcorn would be in the middle. The rest of their individual snacks would be held so the experience is more comfortable. And anyway how cute would it be if they accidentally brushed their hands while reaching for popcorn? 
  3. The baby, when it cries? Aomine! He’s a lot calmer than Kagami. I feel as if the crying really wouldn’t get to him. Aomine would be calm and quiet so the baby can relax. 
  4. The ice cream cone, when they share?  Aomine again! He’s taller so it would be easier and he likes it when Kagami has to reach to lick the ice cream. Also I bet Aomine would tease Kagami by pulling the cone away from his mouth when he’s about to go eat it.
  5. The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie? They would fight for it!! The winner takes all!
  6. The basket, when they go shopping? Aomine! ♡ While Kagami is grocery shopping Aomine would be there for moral support. This is Kagami’s turf, he needs to concentrate and look for stuff that’s on sale. 
  7. The door, on dates? I think it depends on who walks to the door first.
  8. The other’s hand, most often? AOMINE. He’s the cuddler and the more affectionate one. 
  9. Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day?  Aomine.  Without a doubt. He is so emotional, Kagami would be the calm one wiping his tears. MY CHILDREN
  10. The camera, when they take pictures together? BOTH. I bet they like taking pics of each other and making home videos. SO CUTE.

Damn Aomine, you contribute a lot!!! ♡

Kagami appreciates it i promise 

Thoughts on the break

I think the weirdest thing for me about the break, and the timing of it, and how it was announced and all that, is that there are really only two reasons it feels weird and noteworthy at all. The first is that they’re taking a break after they’ll have released an album without having toured on it; the second is that for the past five years, they have never stopped between tours and album writing and album release and promo and tour and oh look, the cycle has started again. They’ve had a couple of breaks about two or three months long during the album promo-tour cycle, but they’ve never had time off AFTER a tour, to actually recharge and focus on other things and figure out what their lives really are before writing and recording and releasing the next album. Their schedule has ALWAYS been nuts, and for 2016, they had a choice. They could either do one more big tour for the upcoming album, making it four years in a row that they would have done at least an arena tour, and continue the process of bleeding dry their fanbase which has already shown them an INSANE level of support over the past five years. Or they could fulfill the album contract and release this one in the fall and then NOT tour on it, which is obviously what they did, and which required an actual announcement about not touring. 

That’s the part that’s odd, in a lot of ways. Certainly there are lots of bands and artists who have announced breaks/hiatuses in the past (and many of them actually did return!), but usually artists get to have a cycle with a built-in fallow period after a tour, which gives them a break obviously but also gives the PUBLIC a break as well. It’s no secret that 1D have been seriously oversaturated in the market for the past two years at least; given that, it’s KIND OF AMAZING that they’ve done as well as they have in general and that Drag Me Down has been as successful as it has been in particular. But if you look at someone like Taylor Swift, who is ALSO incredibly hard working and never stops going, her album-tour-fallow period schedule is on a two year cycle, more or less. If she was doing what 1D has done for the past three years, she would be prepping to release another album in TWO MONTHS. That is insane, and it’s been insane for the boys, and I think that they looked at themselves and all they’ve been through and what they’ve got coming up, and they said nope, we need a break. We ALL need a break. 

But again, the part about this that’s WEIRD is that if they weren’t releasing another album this fall, or if they realistically had the option to push it back until next spring or summer or fall, then they wouldn’t necessarily need to publicly ANNOUNCE a hiatus or break. They could just do what most bands do, and have time off in between cycles, starting after a tour. And obviously they did have the yearly album contract, and it was even more important for them to re-brand as a foursome after Zayn left, so getting out another album this year that showed a functional foursome version of One Direction was vital and necessary. But it is also a LOT OF WORK to put into something for a band that theoretically knew they were calling it quits next March, which is why while I believe the reports that they’re taking a year off, I don’t believe that this is a break up being called a hiatus. I don’t believe this is the end.

Of course, I could be wrong. I could be wrong because I’m misreading what they’re telling me, or I could be wrong because they’re deliberately misdirecting the narrative in this way for some unknown-to-me reason, or I could be wrong because I can’t predict the future and NONE of us know how any of the boys will feel after being on break, not even the boys themselves. But all of this is why I don’t feel particularly anxious or worried in the short term about the length and pre-determined nature of the break. There’s a reading of what they’re doing that makes sense to me, and allows me to kick the can containing devastation and sadness over my band ending down the road a bit further. I’m not saying that the hiatus is going to be all fun and games, and tbh I’m already dreading the way the smallest things will be magnified and ripped to shreds because there will be no new canon and this is a fandom which has been fed daily more or less for HALF A DECADE. But unless and until the boys themselves suddenly seem different to me, I am going to assume that they’re excited about the last two months of tour, and will have fun doing the promo concerts for the album, and will be idiots while making however many more music videos we get, and whatever else, and then they’ll take a break and figure out how to live. Louis will become a dad, Liam will continue his campaign to show Sophia what a GREAT HUSBAND AND DAD HE WILL BE, Niall will live out a golf montage, and Harry will perfect his instagram photography and possibly join a monastery. And then from there they’ll have the chance to choose to keep doing this crazy job of theirs if they want to, as adults who know the score. I HOPE they’ll choose to come back, no matter what else their time off may include in terms of work or solo albums or whatever. But I’m also really happy for them, that they have the power and the self-awareness to CHOOSE to take a break, before this mad adventure breaks them. For everything else, only time will tell. 

anonymous asked:

go back in the kitchen you OLD rat! your husband and daughter are crying because they're starving and you're on your computer talking about larrie LMAO. What a bad wife you are. EW

Dear lovely beautiful soul who sent me this amazingly respectful message. 

I am working meaning I have an actual job which I excel at and last time I saw we are in the 21st century and my place is not in the kitchen, and my husband is working as well. Shocking, I know?! A Central European family having both parents working in order to be able to maintain a certain level of life. 

My husband is very capable of taking care of himself, thank you very much for your concern. I married someone who is supportive and protective of me, who is my best friend, a great husband and an amazing dad. Yup, I just happen to have it all. That hurts, dear anon? 

He is not some kind of lazy asshole who is sitting on the couch and waits for dinner to prepare itself. I did not marry a sexist asshole. Did you really expect that from me? Now that is the time for LMAO.

I am not talking about Larrie. I am talking about Larry. Fact checking is a thing, you know?

Instead of sending these lovely messages and occasionally hitting up my inbox, educate yourself on the definition of good wife or bad wife.

And wash your mouth with a soap.