LOOK HOW I WENT FROM INSTA BADDIE TO INSTA “FATTIE” REAL QUICK. Same girl. Same time. Just Different poses. 👯👯👯👯 Notice how in 0.5 seconds I can go from having the worshipped hourglass figure that would probably label me as a more attractive, sexy, and make me more worshipped on social media. When in reality I had to suck my stomach in, sit in an awkward position and angle my camera so I looked as though my waist was skinnier. We are constantly comparing ourselves, making ourselves feel less desirable in comparison to other women. Stop believing everything you see online. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF to surgically enhanced bodies, stop comparing yourself to photoshopped bodies, stop comparing yourself to well angled selfies, stop comparing yourself to women who probably have insecurities of their own. Empower and uplift one another. No matter what body shape you posses. And remember “another woman’s beauty does not mean the absence of you own 🦋 ” To be beautiful means to be yourself. Not a replica of a Jenner or kardashian or your favourite celebrity.

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Thoughts on the roster???

It’s what we were all expecting I think. I’m happy Taylor Smith is getting a look. I hope Kriegy gets to the 100th. I want Jill to use Dahlkemper as the the corner kicker because watching NC lately I think she’s probably one of the best at taking corners and free kicks in the league. I didn’t know Horan was a forward. I want pictures of Sofia in that training gear. We’re gonna miss Lavelle greatly. I want an Alex Morgan - Christen Press pairing at least once. And I still miss Tobin.

so, they didn’t say anything new at the panel, aside from lance being the youngest sibling & that they’ll be doing shorter seasons so they can come out with smaller gaps

it really bothered me that they of course had to joke about hunk and food, and also that montgomery & dos santos apparently don’t know hunk’s real first name? but montgomery knows off the top of her head that lance is the youngest sibling? ok lmao

i assume the head character designer might know what his name is since she seems to be the one sitting on all the character details, idk

anyways i’m dead



also hey, if the episode shown at the panel gets leaked, please don’t share it like we’re literally so close to season 3 anyways, y’all can control yourselves for like two weeks

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We should talk more about spider Sonny, how does he find out that Pete is the prowler

Sonny finds out after he gets into an intense battle with Prowler as Spiderman. Results with (SPOILER) his suit being off training mode and he seriously hurts Prowler, or so he thinks. He knows he got a good gash on him. Next day Pete isn’t at his usual place, he turns up at his place and sees the same injury on him.Sonny isn’t a dumb kid but he spends at least a week trying to deny the truth.