Okay but seriously, I’m pissed.

Do people not realize what they’re saying? Saying it’s a shame for the feminist movement that the baby is a boy is just about as bad as back when they were upset that royal offspring were girls when there is literally nothing that Kate or Will or anyone else could do to change that.

Then there’s those people wishing that the baby turns out to be gay or trans– you’re seriously going to wish that kind of thing on a child that’s going to be under that much media attention? Not only are you fetishizing a baby’s sexuality, but this is disgusting. Being part of the LGBT movement is great, but the struggles that we face growing up trying to figure out who we are are nothing to laugh about or use to further a cause. Especially not when you’re growing up in the spotlight. There would be nothing lucky about this.

Never mind that no one is imposing gender roles on this child. The whole thing about it being a boy is a biological fact. The baby’s sex has been decided because the baby has a penis. The end.

It’s a baby. It doesn’t even understand the word gender. It can’t name itself. And this is absolutely disgusting.

Best Moments of the 2012 London Olympics

Let’s start off with the obvious.

Nathan Adrian. 

Ryan Lochte adjusting himself (Many, many thanks to the BBC feed):

Men’s relay / Phelps last gold:

Swimmers in general:

Diving scoreboards:

The qt men’s gymnasts on the medals podium:

Le Clos being adorable:

Le Clos’ dad being beautiful:

Debbie Phelps finding out Michael finished second

The three independent athletes with no country:

McKayla being a badass:

Kobe signing Tunisian basketball player’s (Mohamed Hadidane) sneaker after USA kicked his butt:

This display of love and happiness:

And finally, my beloved Spice Girls: