• Apollo: "Nico, shouldn't you be sitting at the Hades table?"
  • Nico: "Technically, yes. But if I sit alone at my table, strange things happen. Cracks open in the floor. Zombies crawl out and start roaming around. It's a mood disorder. I can't control it. That's what I told Chiron."
  • Apollo: "And is it true?"
  • Nico: "I have a note from my doctor."
  • Will: "I'm his doctor.
Thy will be done. Thy will be done when I place my agenda before Your plan. Thy will be done when my knees tremble and I can’t stand on my own. Thy will be done when the world bursts into flames. Thy will be done when I want anything but Your will to be done. Speak obedience and faith into my heart. Make me praise you in the storm.
—  a.k.