Hmm ? ๏̯͡๏

DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING? How much do you know Sarada?

POSSIBLY REMEMBER? emphasis on remember.

CONFIDENT SAKURA? coughs why would she lie?



WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU HIDING NARUTO?  Do you know what happened when they tried to kidnap her as a baby..Did they even try and kidnap her as a baby? where was she born? Why was she born there?

YEAH UHMM LET HER? What makes you think that she would know?

WHY ARE YOU SUDDENLY SO SUPRISED? What does almost even mean Naruto? And Why do you only say that you don’t remember Sarada?

SHE DID NOT JUST ACTIVATE HER SHARINGAN SO WTF? The guestbook said something about something making her trigger the sharingan when she was little– and you don’t know that Naruto? You know about people trying to Kidnap Sarada but you are telling me that you don’t know that she has the Sharingan? Does she even know it herself? If not…How come? I mean afterall she did awake it before…She should fucking know…Did she lose her memory?

DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT YOU JUST AWAKENED IT? Do you even remember how you activated it before?

HOW COME YOU SUDDENLY WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU WEAR GLASSES? YOU WERE THERE! And you are old enough to know whats going on around you! Did you forget? And if Kraken for some reason did give you the glasses…shouldn't you remember Kraken’s face? And yet..you didn’t…?

WHY DO THEY SPY ON THEM ALOT?  What does the-creepy-eyed-guy mean by: next phase? Why would they want Sarada for revenge if she weren’t important to Sasuke?(in other words; “if they hadn’t ever interacted”? Doesnt make sense…and they do spy on them alot soo) 

Could it be that Sarada’s memories were taken from her? IF SHE DIDN’T SUFFER FROM MEMORY LOSS THEN I DON’T KNOW WHAT TF IS GOING ON ANYMORE! ??  Could it be that Sasuke wasn’t absent for exactly 12 years? But why didn't he recognize her? The only thing i got is that it was a reflex; but i dunno anymore…

Killed By Your Kisses {Pietro Imagine/One Shot}

               ANON: How about Pietro imagine where reader is new avenger (she can kill someone just by touch) and she has panic attack at training bc she thinks that everyone think of how she is scary etc. and training room is small and crowded (social phobia) :)

           Thank you so much for your request, I hope you like it! More requests are welcome!X

           Trigger Warning : Panic Attacks and Anxiety 

You were training with Hawkeye and Natasha while the other Avengers paired off and did their own training. You had chosen to train with Hawkeye and Natasha because you wanted to improve your aim with your guns and knives. At first they had looked at you in confusion, why would you want to train with guns and knives when your touch was lethal - literally! All you needed to do to get someone to faceplant the floor was think about them dying and touch them. You had learned to control your powers over the past year, but that didn’t make them any less scary; in fact you avoided using them as much as possible.

           “You’ve gotten better kid.” Hawkeye praised as he watched you throw a knife near the bulls-eye of the target.

           “Thanks.” You smiled.

           “Watch her Hawkeye, you don’t want to make her anymore deadly then she already is.” Tony smirked. His tone was playful, but something about his words made you freeze, your hand still raised over your head in preparation to throw it at the target.

           You glanced around you quickly, your eyes hovering over each Avenger. You suddenly felt like everyone in the room was looking at you. Your skin started to itch as you felt the familiar burning sensation in your lungs. You felt as if your lungs were failing, closing up and blocking off your oxygen.

           “Y/N, are you ok?” Natasha questioned in concern.

           “Don’t touch me!” You shrieked in panic as you saw her attempt to rub your back. You jolted away from her and misunderstood the concern in her eyes as fear.

           You looked at your hands, they were shaking. You wanted to run and get your gloves, since joining the Avengers you had grown comfortable with walking around without gloves, knowing that you wouldn’t accidently kill someone. It was different know, you could see the fear in everyone’s eyes, you were a monster.

           “She’s having a panic attack.” Wanda announced urgently, “She thinks we’re scared of her, she’s not thinking clearly.”

           You were breathing heavily as you looked around, feeling as if the walls were closing in on you. You had had a few panic attacks before, but none had ever been as bad as this. You stumbled slightly as you made your way to the exit, ignoring the calls of your friends.

           Two arms suddenly lifted you up, one pressing firmly against your back, the other going beneath your knees as they brought you to their chest. Before you could even comprehend what was going on, you were outside. You gasped slightly, the fresh air soothing the cold sweat that had taken over your body. You could suddenly breathe again.

           “That’s it, you’re ok, you’re safe, just breath.” Pietro whispered in your ear, his accent causing you to shiver.

           When you finally managed to calm down you became aware how you were cradled in Pietro’s arms, his strong arms supporting you and his ice blue eyes gazing down at you gently.

           “Thank you,” You breathed, “Thank you for bringing me out here Pietro.”

           Pietro smiled at you, “No problem {insert cute Russian nickname}”

           You felt your cheeks heat up at the cute Russian nickname Pietro called you. Pietro had no idea when he had started calling you by the pet name, it just seemed to slip off his tongue naturally.

           “Erm…Pietro, you can put me down now.” You said kindly.

           Pietro blinked and his cheeks flushed red, he looked cute when he blushed. He gently placed you on your feet and you smiled at him. You took in your surroundings, Pietro had taken you to the roof of the tower, you could see for miles. You closed your eyes and breathed in deeply, unaware of how the Speedster’s eyes followed you in wonder.

           “Don’t you wish you could fly?” You questioned as you looked out at the landscape in front of you, leaning against the railing.

           “Well, when I run, it feels like I’m flying.” Pietro told you, coming to stand beside the railing beside you. His arm brushed against yours and a smile creeped onto your lips.

           Jesus, I have it bad, you couldn’t help but think.

           “I’m jealous, you actually have a cool superpower.” You sighed, looking down at your hands. “I’d love to have your power instead of this one I have.”

           “Don’t talk like that Y/N,” Pietro said softly, “You were given your powers for a reason.”

           “What could be the reason of giving someone the touch of death?” You questioned bitterly.

           Pietro’s eyes hardened slightly at your angry tone, upset that you had so much self-hate and the fact you were behaving coldly towards him, “Did you ever think you have these powers because you are the only person who is strong enough to control them, to have the burden of being this powerful. Stop cowering away Y/N, you’re a strong beautiful woman, who can kick ass and protect the innocents and the people she loves.”

           You gaped at him, in awe of what he had just told you, “You really think that.”

           Pietro grinned at your awestruck expression. He grabbed you by the wrist and tugged you forward so that you collided with his chest. His lips came down on yours, sealing your own in a searing kiss. It took you a second to respond but you eventually melted into him, kissing him back with the same amount of hunger.

           “Touch me {Cute Russian Nickname}” Pietro breathed against your lips, his hands digging into your hips.

           God, you wanted to touch him, so badly. But you were scared you would get carried away and hurt him, you couldn’t bare it if you hurt him.

           “I’m scared.” You whispered.

           “Don’t be Y/N.” Pietro said fiercely, his thumb dragging over your bottom lip. “You don’t need to be scared, besides, I wouldn’t mind being killed by your kisses.” He grinned cheekily, “It would be the perfect way to go.”

           You giggled and just like that, your fear vanished. You grabbed his face, taking him by surprise when you smashed your lips against his. He responded eagerly, tugging at your hair and stroking down the curve between your waist and hip. You knotted your fingers in his thick hair, tugging at it gently and causing him to groan.

           “Yeah, killed by your kisses is definitely how I want to go in the future.” He grinned before pulling you even closer, with no intention of ever letting you go.

superheroiism asked:

"Uh Donnie....I think I broke your....weird Kraangy thingy...*crash* and a beaker! Sorry!" (for personality swap wee :P)

Why would you touch them! Why would you even go near them! This stuff is delicate! Seriously, between you and Leo I can’t have anything in one piece! UGH!” He slams his hands down on his work-space in anger.

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If you had one anime/manga man in your life, as your love, who would it be and why. And would you touch his doink.

seriously jesus christ on a stick 
robo is the best 
she is the only author i read 
she makes me fangirl so hard and i am creepily obsessed with her and her work 
and she ruined kuro for me 
ALL of her sebastians are perfect 
michelle is perfect 
if you like sebastian x ciel and fan fucking tastic writing go follow her blog 
this has been a psa 

FUCK ROBOTS Yanno fuck robots man they suck ass robots are awful I hate robots fucking robots are terrible ok now that the robot haters are all here I just gotta tell yall that I just talked to my Xbox 360 and it played futurama for me without me having to touch a remote at all why would you hate that

why the fuck would you think its okay to randomly touch a girls butt because youre friendly w her??? like what the fuck?

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Why do your sideburns go all the way down to your chin? That's too much. Too much.

🎶 ~ Side burns. On the side of my face. As my head turns, you can see 
       they’re in the same place. My side burns. Look at my sideburns, 
       but don’t touch my sideburns, why would you do that? My heart 
      yearns for my own sideburns! On either side. Burns. They can’t be
      replaced. My insides burn, when I think of the days before my
…~ 🎶

I get SO MAD about edible food containers
Because, like, the reason food goes in a container is to keep it from touching the germy outside world, why would you eat something that has been on unknown shelves and grubby counters and probably stroked by every nosepicker that wandered past it and very likely dropped on the ground at least once. You’d have to put another wrapping around it to protect it and at that juncture what was the point at all of coating the thing in a gummy wax that you could technically eat.
And yet people continue to develop edible packaging for food, WHY do they do this. I am reluctant to call anything a waste of science but edible food packaging is, my friends, a waste of science