October 22nd 2017 : RED turned 5

October 24th 2017 : Taylor Swift album turns 11

October 25th 2017 : Speak Now turns 7

October 27th 2017 : 1989 turns 3

November 10th 2017 : reputation is born

November 11th 2017 : Fearless turns 9

honestly it’s like this huge family with a lot of kids and like super close birthdays and as one of the parents my energy is not going to be able to contain all of the feels.

Mini Rant

Sometimes my classmates will post these pictures of their study materials on Instagram with everything perfectly placed, expensive pens, etc. I don’t really mind. I get it. You want to make studying look aesthetically pleasing.

What I don’t understand is the necessity of having your stethoscope in every post. Like, what are you using it for? And why is it so close to your Starbucks pastry? Did you forget how many sweaty backs that thing has touched!?? Y’all gross.

Diatomaceous Scout: Immensely skittish, we did encounter these creatures more than once, but only in brief.  Small and swift, they seemed to at times come out of the brush, but upon seeing us, hastily fled.  Why they approached so close only to flee in fear seems to be perhaps a fault of myopia or simply their small size, unable to see far in bramble and grass.  They have a soft and squeaking vocalization, similar to balloons being rubbed together.

tarranzeiguane  asked:

Can you please make the reactions of boys watching a horror movie with the gardienne ? ^^

Ezarel : He loves the concept of horror movies. This is probably the best thing humans ever invented. Of course, since you are both wicked, you are rooting for the bad guy all the way. “He almost got her, yeah !”

Nevra : More than being scary, horror movies are ridiculous. All the characters are going straight to the mouth of the wolf. How is it possible to be that stupid ? You both spent the night being angry at your TV and throwing popcorn at it. “Why are you closing yourself in this room ? You stupid, just get out and run !”

Valkyon : He doesn’t understand what’s funny about watching people getting murdered. Is it a human way of purging killing desires ? This is weird. “… do you really enjoy this type of story ?”

Leiftan : Why did you bother buying a movie ? He isn’t even watching it. Scary or not, he just spent the night looking at you. Good move girl, good move. “Hm, what I think of the story ? Sorry I wasn’t paying attention.”

Keroshane : The movie isn’t scary, Kero is. He is screaming his lungs out, making your heart race like crazy. And let’s not talk about the fact that the movie barely audible.”HAAAAAAA NO RUUUUUUUUN”

Ashkore : He deals everyday with Leiftan, and you with Miiko. Nothing can scare the both of you anymore, period. “Easy peasy.”

The problem when someone left you is the emptiness they’ll leave with you. It’s when you get used to their presence and you feel so empty and broken once they decided to leave you. That’s the reason why people are afraid of attachments but then again someone will going to come in your life and you’ll forget every reason why you shouldn’t get too close to anyone anymore. But sometimes, trusting that person means giving them all the privilege to hurt you.

anonymous asked:

that one photoshoot they did with the cake and plate of cookies... dan feeding phil the cake (more like shoving it in his face) with the fondest look ever? I think about that a lot

underrated. under-discussed. why does dan look so adoring in the second one. why are they standing so close. who even came up with this concept. it’s too much :( 


HideKane Week Day 2:  Caramel / Food Fight / Pocky Game

Batfam Quotes

The batfam as things my family has said this vacation.

Tim: *softly* It’s only gay if the dicks touch.

Jason: *eating a smore with melted chocolate* This is what it looks like when you eat ass.

Bruce: If everyone could stop announcing that they have to poop by screaming at the top of their lungs, that’d be great. We do have neighbors, guys.

Dick: *while plastered* *gasps* You guys are watching The Lorax?!

Babs: Why is the pool closed? Shouldn’t it be my decision as to whether or not I want to freeze my tits off?!

Duke: All we’ve had for dinner for 5 nights straight is burgers and honestly, this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Alfred: If people would just do the dishes every once in a while then maybe I wouldn’t be going for an EKG next week.

Steph: *while plastered, talking to her phone* Okay Google. Remind me tomorrow to fight Jason.

Cass: the ice cream store closes in five minutes, get on! *goes 30mph on the golf cart to get to the ice cream store*

Damian: *softly* There’s so many dogs here… I’m gonna live here forever.

Harper: *about the female lifeguards* I’m too gay for this shit.

But Why Does No One Talk About Pining Shiro?

I have a bone to pick with the Sheith fandom. Everywhere in this fandom I see Keith freaking out about Shiro, which I will admit is completely canon. But you know what else is canon?

Shiro’s bias for Keith.

I know that it’s seems subtle, but it’s not at the same time. I rewatched Voltron Season 1 and 2 before Season 3 because I noticed that I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to Shiro the first time around. A lot of his lines are pretty generic-leader-type, but during me rewatch, I noticed that his character cues weren’t. So, without further ado, here begins my long meta post about how Shiro is pining after Keith.

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