squad inside jokes (alternatively: the meme team™ suicide squad edition)

  • humming the darth vader theme whenever anyone so much as mentions amanda waller
  • digger pulling increasingly unlikely shit out of his coat. bologna sandwiches. piggy banks. a taxidermy beaver, once
  • digger very conspicuously bolting (like he did in the bar) whenever anyone questions where all of this shit comes from
  • everyone starts taking off their hats and putting one hand over their heart whenever flag enters the room
  • sometimes when someone tries to act super chummy with tatsu/katana she will slowly back out of the room while maintaining eye contact the entire time
  • floyd tries this exactly once and flag threatens to punch him in the face
  • addressing floyd out loud as dadshot
  • humming the jaws theme whenever croc is near a body of water (he gets really offended. they dont call him freaking killer shark)
  • most of the team has a running theory that half of the shit that digger says is just gibberish and not actually real words
  • belting out the beginning of bohemian rhapsody after killing literally anything. after killing a spider, even
  • flag, Not Having It: are yall fucking finished with doing this yet. squad: [eyes emoji] flag: this is a verbal conversation squad: …..[eyes emoji] digger: wat th fick is an emoji


bc Lance+Hunk…… I swear I’m going to draw smth decent over the next few days, cross over my heart [x]

how are people legitimately upset about Paul and Natalie’s opinions last night on who they want to hang out with after the show? That’s literally their choice? And Natalie didn’t say da'vonne at all and was surprised that Paul did, but Paul said that it was just because he didn’t learn much about her and that they have very different lives. They also didn’t just single out zakiyah and da'vonne like people are acting. They said Corey and Nicole as well along with a few others. And Natalie even said she’d be cordial with Zakiyah and Paulie. This is such a weird thing to be upset over..

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How do you think a ColdFlash relationship would work out if Barry was a Rogue before becoming the Flash? I have so many thoughts about this constantly. Like, what if he wasn't adopted by Joe, so he ended up in the system, and because of that, his life didn't turn out the best. He stills visits his dad when he can, but he works at low-key places due to not having good opportunities in life and ends up meeting Len or the other Rogues and eventually becomes one.

Oh man, I totally forgot this was in my inbox (that happens way too frequently, for the record), probably because I wrote out a response in my head like 5 days ago… anyhoo!

This seems like the setup for a fic (and actually, I swear there are fics on this premise?). 

I think for me though and how I think about this, it comes down… how is Barry being characterized? Is it still Barry in the same way we know him on the show? Still the same person but with different experiences? Or is something about him changing?

Because if we stick with his core characterization, it is very important to Barry to see himself as the good guy. Someone who ‘only breaks the rules to help people’ (as he says on 1x22 before enlisting Cold’s help). Someone who absolutely can and does break laws and bend rules and do shit like lock people up without a trial, or take blood samples without their consent, but someone who does all that he does in the service of what he believes is to help protect others.

So if you keep that element of him (which I would, because that’s how I roll), him as a ‘Rogue’ sort of starts to look interesting. It would have to be him starting to steal in the service of something other than his own gain. He could, in theory, make enough money to make ends meet on his own with his various jobs, especially because he doesn’t have any kids or dependents, so he wouldn’t need to engage in theft to cover his own bills. Not to mention that Barry as we know him is noble and wouldn’t want to steal for purely selfish reasons.

So I see a few possibilities for him getting into the Rogues while keeping all that in mind. One is him helping some Rogues who are in danger and getting into the fold mostly on accident (maybe Shawna is in over her head at some point? maybe he saves Len from someone about to shoot him in the head?). Another possibility is that he stops a Rogue (maybe Bivolo holding up a bank and Barry happens to be there at the time) and Bivolo ends up seeing his potential and asks him to come along and meet the other Rogues, while Barry is trying to convince him to train his powers so that if he’s gonna do bad things, he doesn’t hurt anyone with them. Maybe Barry saves a cop (Joe) from Mark Mardon’s powers and they get into a fight until Mark gets amused and decides he likes this kid and it would be fun to work alongside him?

A final possibility is that Barry started stealing on his own, but did so from either bad corporations or else bad people, and had a sort of Robin Hood thing going on. I can picture him showing up in a crooked CEO’s office and ‘convincing’ him to compensate his workers who got injured or something and lost the law suit against the company. Or an insurance company. Or I can see him forcing a company to stop doing something like spilling toxic waste where they shouldn’t, after meeting someone who was affected by it. Things that aren’t ‘heroic’ in the way we see the Flash now, things that are definitely illegal and get the attention of the Rogues because of how he goes about it, but still very much ‘Barry’ in their motives. That, or stealing from the mafia haha. That would get Len and Mick’s attention quickly, I’m certain. Giving what he gets to people in need.

In any of these cases, you still get Barry who tries to be noble and help people, but now he’s caught the attention of the Rogues and he would love, I’m sure, to connect with people like him, other metahumans. He’d recognize the ways in which they’ve been disenfranchised and probably get along with all of them, especially because of what happened to him in his childhood, and if he’d never been adopted then I can only imagine that he’s seen enough bullshit in the system to really be jaded about some things. 

And Barry as part of the Rogues in this way would be amusing. Because he’s not just noble, he’s also incredibly stubborn, when it comes down to things. He isn’t easily swayed by anyone around him and basically does whatever he wants anyway. So I see him staunchly refusing to join if they continue killing people, and so being on the outskirts for a little while until they realize just how powerful he is and start to compromise. Him being convinced to steal things with them (because it’s fun and nobody is getting hurt, he tells himself) but then donating every dime he makes on these jobs to charities or using it to help people because he feels too guilty keeping him. And the other Rogues thinking he’s ridiculous for it but also adoring him because of it?

Anyway, all of those would be setups for potential Coldflash. Len being sort of mesmerized by this skinny whip of a meta who is, quite possibly, just as stubborn as Len himself, who somehow made it through the system as realistic and jaded but with optimism and hope and a deep capacity for affection intact. Who wants to help people, even if he’s stealing, and has a ridiculously bright smile whenever they pull off a job, like he’s waiting for praise of some sort, until he gets cocky and then the smile is even more ridiculous. This new Rogue who is full of life and swagger and affection, who became fast friends with some of the other, younger Rogues, and gets close and tries to help them through their issues. Helps convince Shawna to leave her deadbeat boyfriend, helps Mark cope with his brother’s death without resorting to murder as revenge. Even Mick is growing fond of the kid, and Lisa’s been teasing Len all month about Barry’s neon-bright and flashing crush on Len. And after that, it’s just sort of natural that they fall into one another?

(ps - just realized you might have meant him as a Rogue before becoming a metahuman??? In which case, I can only imagine Len bringing Barry on as a tech guy or a hired hand, but I can’t see Barry’s motive in working jobs as such unless some situation forces him into it. Maybe someone he cares about has medical bills he needs to pay and this is the only way he can think of to get enough money to help them? And he finds himself feeling sort of like he’s found a second family once he’s done a few jobs with the various Rogues and met more of them? But refuses to work with them after someone gets killed until/unless he gets an assurance it’ll never happen again, and the Rogues have enough of a soft spot for him by then that they [mostly just Len] agree?)

So this happened in one of my fanvids while I was away...

TOP 10 SwanQueen moments - Season 5

@sqreceipts @ouatreceipts for fanwork invasion… and homophobia I suppose. I’m not even upset cuz the sheet stupidity in their comment was laughable but still I’m gonna tag the receipt blogs.

On a side note, I don’t ship August/Emma nor does my channel have anything related to that ship… so I’m not sure what this troll was going on about. I guess trolls are trolls so they don’t need to make sense?