In which Bakugou is me

ok lol kuroo adores bokuto for sure but i don’t see why people write him as utterly on board with bokuto’s shit all the time while akaashi is frustrated and annoyed

whenever we see kuroo talking about bokuto off screen he’s almost always talking about how annoying he is. i mean, we see him playing along and having fun and it’s clear he fucking adores bokuto but still, he’s always like “what an idiot” from afar. and he thinks it’s hiliarious

on the other hand the second anyone talks to akaashi about bokuto while bokuto’s not present he’s all like “lol yes our ace who is amazing and reliable and what a good guy have i told you how wonderful he is i mean sure he has his flaws but wow what a guy.” i mean, akaashi hardly ever says anything positive about bokuto to his face but behind his back i don’t think i can recall akaashi saying a single bad thing about him without at the very least saying it’s not a big deal given what’s good about him

so yes. kuroo loves his idiot friend, akaashi is in deep

one day, im gonna give you every damn thing i cant give you now.

was talkin to a friend today and the topic naturally delved into the concept of love and navigating heterosexual relationships. we said a lot but we did come to one sad conclusion: talking to men is like talking to a shell of a human being. talking to men so wrapped up in hypermasculinity, men who maybe by no fault of their own have fully internalized and let the toxicity seep into them so much that they’re not able to carry out the bare minimum of an intimate relationship, whether platonic or otherwise. you feel like you’re jumping hurdles just to pull out one decent conversation out of them that isn’t so shallow that you’re scraping the ground. and the rare ones who do have access to their emotions, can’t readily recognize the emotions of others. they will unload on you all their burdens without so much a “how about you?”  we compared them to our male friends who dont identify as straight, or even our straight friends who’ve just been raised in an environment that encourages emotional intelligence and sighed a sigh of relief that at least we have them to keep us sane. because it really does feel like talking to a wall sometimes.