The Piano Teacher - Part 4

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A/N: I poured everything I had into this part of the story and it took forever to write (more than my usual two hours per part - this was realistically about six hours of writing and rewriting). I hope you all enjoy it. (Thanks also for doing the little survey I had open, that really influenced this part of the story and will continue to influence it).

Your rain boots dripped water all over the carpeted floor of the hallway that led to Kylo Ren’s studio. This was the ultimate test. After two short weeks of preparations and exercises, Phasma had deemed you ready to return to Kylo Ren.

Would he be impressed with your improvement since he left? Would you finally be able to show him what you could really do? Were you ready to be vulnerable in front of him?

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support group// c.h

Originally posted by sexycliffconda

A/N: Its been a while since and i made this story before i left ill do more parts if people like this

warning: drug use, swearing, maybe a little triggering

Summery: Being forced into support group may actually help

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