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I read that river once got angry at a friend for drinking diet coke. Because it was bad for you. Why do you think he did drugs? Fair enough marijuana but.. Heroin? I know I didn't know him but, it just doesn't seem like him. I don't understand :(

Hi! :)

Well, I personally think we never really know why people do drugs, because they can do it for all sorts of reasons - just because they want to, as a relief valve, maybe they’re going through something that just get they there… I don’t know. So I can’t imagine why Riv did it. I mean, we can imagine some things, but they are just assumptions, you know?! 

I remember reading a Martha Plimpton interview where she said River once cried because she ate meat or something like this. And know you mentioned this one where he got angry because it was bad for his friend. River cared so much for pretty much everything around him… and considering it all, and all the beautiful things related to him, doing drugs really don’t seem him. I understand your point of view. 

Sometimes I get myself thinking I wish someone could have done something for him. To stop him, prevent him from doing so, etc. But also I think it’s just not fair to assume that people who loved and were with him didn’t do anything to help him somehow, you know?!

It’s really sad and I just wish it had never happened.