fic: Imperceptible

the metacrisis wasn’t possible, in one extreme or the other; both their minds would burn sooner or later. tentoo x rose. 3211 words, oneshot. angst af.

i am a firm believer they’re happy in PW and grow old together and everything’s peachy. but this idea attacked me so i’m squeezing it for all it’s worth. i regret this already.

content warnings: memory loss (implied short-term, long-term, alzheimer’s, senility, its effects on the people around, medication messes, etc.) and implied character death. 

They realized something was wrong at different times. For her, it happened during one morning shower that should’ve had nothing out of the ordinary, but the steam had spread throughout their flat like a thick winter fog and he was curled up under the nearly boiling water, holding his head with an iron grip. He refused to reveal when it happened for him, through a heavy silence that only made her firsts clench. They had what could’ve been their greatest fight yet, if it weren’t for him not saying a word back. She stormed out, only to come back before the windows had cleared from the remaining drops to dry her own against his neck. His hug left bruises and she couldn’t help but hurt herself with the thought of them lasting longer than him. 

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okaaaay but imagine calum being so hyper and jumpy after him and the boys performed running backstage and sweeping you up in his arms despite your protests and giggly self demanding him to put you down bc he’s so sweaty he would be so so cute kissing you all over your face and swinging you around smiling so much that the little crinkles around his eyes start to show and all the boys are just laughing at you guys being so in love and calum just doesn’t care because he just had the best performance of his life and now he’s about to have the best sex of his life with the best girl in his life goodbye

"You used to be fun."

So that line from Dum-Dum gives me this mental image of the Commandos around a campfire one night with a stash of cigars and a few bottles of bourbon, probably from Jim or maybe Gabe found them on a scouting expedition.

They’re safe for the night ensconced in their little nook in the middle of nowhere, in between missions, so they decide to celebrate and they’re just starting to drink and light the cigars with their lighters when Peggy walks up and her face is aghast because you’re not supposed to use a lighter on cigars you’re supposed to use matches and just- “For godssake Jim- you’ve got to snip the end off and THEN light it with a match you should know better.”

And then Peggy shows them how and then proceeds to drink them under the table? Logs? Stumps? Bedrolls? Idk but Peggy just out drinks them and they end doing ridiculous dares. Dernier & Barnes make up a dance routine while Jim and Dum-Dum keep rhythm. Steve laughs so hard he falls over & knocks Peggy’s cigar out of her hand, nearly starting a a forest fire but she snatches it up even as she’s laughing at him. Meanwhile Falsworth is just drunk giggling to himself as he tries to convince Peggy to tell one of her dirty jokes because she the BEST jokes. She does and all the boys are nearly pissing themselves with laughter.

Then Dernier dares Gabe to jump over the fire and that starts off a string of dares including but not limited to- Jim doing a imitation of one the USO girls with the shield and Dum-Dum’s bowler. Falsworth trying to climb the tallest tree but he’s too drunk so he keeps falling off the first branch. Steve seeing how many of them he can lift at one time. Dum-Dum has to go jump in the nearby lake wearing nothing but the bowler and some of Peggy’s lipstick. And Peggy and Barnes sing a duet together that makes them all get a little lost in their own minds.

“You used to be fun…”

Yeah, I bet.

The Signs as Old Cartoon Network Shows

Aries - Ed Edd and Eddy

Taurus - The Powerpuff Girls

Gemini - The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Cancer - Courage The Cowardly Dog

Leo - Johnny Bravo

Virgo - Codename: Kids Next Door

Libra - Dexters Laboratory 

Scorpio - Samurai Jack

Capricorn - Cow and Chicken

Sagittarius - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Aquarius - Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends 

Pisces - Looney Tunes

can we please just imagine how warm and comfy ashton’s arms are like he’d curl them around your shoulders just to pull you into his chest which would be so cuddly and buff and he’d love to fall asleep with you using his bicep as a pillow and curling his free arm around your body and you’d feel so safe wrapped in his arms ))))):