kihyun drabble

Based on ^this^ gif because I was so offended. gif not mine!

kihyun drabble

word count: 613
warnings: vveeerrryy slightly smutty content, but nothing explicit
pairing: reader/kihyun

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Our little secret ♡ Ethan {smut}

Summary: You’re sexually frustrated since you’re single again and your ex-boyfriend looks a lot like Ethan. He kind of REALLY turns you on, which leads to an unexpected night.

Requested: Yes!

Weeks had passed by since you and your ex-boyfriend had broken up. You guys had dated for a little longer than two years and since the day he had dumped you, you were heart broken.

You had loved him a lot and he really had meant something special to you, but unfortunately the spark had disappeared and it hadn’t been the same between you two anymore the last few months. From time to time you were still very sad but you tried to keep in mind that time healed almost everything.

To forget your despressed thoughts and feelings you started hanging out more with one of your best friends: Ethan Dolan. You were the same age (although he looked way older than you) and you guys had become best friends since you started dating your (now) ex-boyfriend: his brother, Grayson. Of course you didn’t like it that they were twins and spent most of their time together, but luckily they both had their own apartment so you almost never saw him.

Apart from the fact that you sometimes felt sad about the breakup, you also (and you hated to admit it) felt sexually frustrated. Sex with Grayson was more than great and his body was one of the things you also had been craving since you were single again. And knowing that Ethan looked a lot like Grayson didn’t really help either. But you tried to ignore your annoying hormones; the last thing that you wanted was ruining your friendship with Ethan. He made you feel better and you appreciated that.

You had been spending time with Ethan for the entire day. In the morning he had picked you up and you went to the beach. It was a beautiful day. Shirtless Ethan was a sight you didn’t want to miss - although it had kind of turned you on. Time flied by and before you knew it you had been staying there till late in the afternoon. After that you ate pizza at a local restaurant and now you were sitting in Ethan’s car, him driving to his house.

As the radio was playing loud music and the wind that came through the open window was playing with Ethan’s hair, you felt the sudden urge to grab his face and kiss him. When his strong fingers tighten the grip around the wheel, you have to look out of your window to hide your red cheeks. You can’t help but imagine how those hands would feel tracing your body or gripping your thighs. You immediately ignore that thought. How could you even think about that? For God’s sake, it was Ethan! You were disgusted with yourself. You didn’t want to do any of the stuff that was crossing your dirty mind right now… or did you?

When you arrive at Ethan’s apartment the sun had already set. Ethan opens the door and puts his car keys on the table. ‘So… Do you want to watch a movie or something?’ he asks. He stretches his back and arms and you notice his muscles tense underneath his tight shirt.

No. You didn’t want that. Or maybe you did want that, but it wasn´t a good idea. ‘Yeah, sure.’ The words had slipped your mouth before you could stop yourself. You hang your jacket up and throw yourself on the couch. ‘I’m ready,’ you smile and look at Ethan. He chuckles and shakes his head.

‘No Y-N… I meant upstairs.’ He plants his hands on the side of the couch, his head hovering above yours. ‘Oh. But I´m sooo tired. I don’t want to move. I can’t.’ You yawn and turn your body so that you get to lay on your belly, your face hidden between the pillows. Maybe you didn’t had those dirty thoughts if you didn’t see Ethan. Oh, who were you fooling?

Suddenly you feel two warm hands touching the skin just above your hips and Ethan quickly lifts you up like you didn’t weigh anything. ‘I guess I’ll have to carry you then.’ Ethan laughs and at first you think he’s joking, but before you know it he presses you against his chest and holds you like a baby in his big arms. ‘I guess you should,’ you say, cheeks pressed between Ethan’s shirt and arm.

It was almost completely dark in Ethan’s room, only a bit of light coming from the open window. It had already started to twilight. Your heart was pounding against your chest. Were you really the only one who was thinking more of this than just ‘carrying your friend’? The second he had entered the silent room the atmosphere had become very intimate.

His heavenly body scent and his soft breathing was turning you on and you couldn’t help it. Ethan slowly walks up to his bed and carefully puts you down, looking at you with big eyes. But instead of getting up he sets himself down next to you, his chin resting on his elbow that was placed next to your head. His presence so close next to you was making your nervous. His face was just a few inches removed from yours.

‘Ethan?’ you ask in a soft whisper. It didn’t felt right to speak out loud in this dark and silent room, afraid that this was all just a dream. ‘Hm?’ he murmurs, tucking your hair behind your ear. ‘There is no TV here,’ you say, trying to hold your giggle. ‘I know,’ he says, his face dead serious. You bite your lip. ‘So why did you brought me here, then?’ It is quiet for a moment, the silence filling up the tiny space that was still left between you.

You hope he couldn’t hear your heart beating like crazy. Instead of answering your question, he said something really unexpected. ‘Did I ever tell you how attractive I think you are?’ Ethan asks. ‘Ethan…’ you say slowly. Did he… like you? Or was this how every friend spent evenings together? In a dark room, almost laying on top of each other?

At first you hesitate, but his intentions were obviously clear. You lay a hand onto his cheek, feeling his pointy jaw against the inside of your hand. ‘Thank you,’ you respond almost inaudible, afraid that your voice would crack. You feel something tickle between your thighs when Ethan leans in and presses his lips hard against yours.

He puts his left hand on your neck, his long fingers slowly trailing down to your stomach and then to your thighs. He opens your lips and slides his tongue between them, deepening the kiss. His hand slowly crawls to your private area, only your jeans seperating from the place where your secretly wanted him the most. You try to stop him when he starts sucking your neck gently, but a loud gasp escapes from your mouth. Ethans lips curl into a proud smile.

You knew you shouldn’t be doing this. It just wasn’t right. Oh, but it felt so right… Every part from your body wanted him, but you were still convinced that this wasn’t a good idea. Ugh, you were so conflicted with yourself. ‘Ethan,’ you warn him when you feel him hardening against your thigh. ‘We shouldn´t do this,’ you whisper out of breath. Ethan pulls back. ‘Why not? Your body is telling me something else  Y/N, and you know it too,’ he grins seductively.

You chuckle. ‘I know. But it’s just… I don’t know. I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I love you, but as a friend.’ Ethan entwines your fingers with his, sqeezing gently. ‘I understand what you’re saying. But what if we just keep this by one time, and one time only? Only you and me have to know about this. It can be our little secret. It doesn’t have to mean anything.’

You sigh, feeling relieved that he thought about it the same way you did. ‘Alright. But only this once, E.’ ‘Sure. But only if you want, Y/N. I don’t want to push you into anything, you know that right? I’ll respect your decision.’ You nod. ‘You actually have no idea how much I want this right now.’ Ethan’s lips curl into a smile as he bites his lips. God, why was he so sexy? 

You undo yourself from your clothes quickly and so does Ethan. Then you get comfortable in his bed why he puts a condom on. ‘You sure this is okay?’ Ethan asks for the third time this night. ‘Yes, E. It’s totally fine,’ you reassure him with a smile. He settles himself between your legs and places himself at your entrance. His arms were resting on each side of you.

He kisses you one last time and then enters you slowly, still making sure you were comfortable. You suck in a deep breath as your walls widen around him. ‘Hold on. It’ll get better soon,’ Ethan says calmly. He was right. After some time the pain fades away and he starts slowly thrusting into you. You let out a soft whimper and squeeze your legs against his hips.

‘Oh shit. You feel so good, Y/N,’ Ethan whispers in your ear, causing you to get goose bumps on your arms. He starts picking up the speed and slams his hips hard against yours on a steady rythm. You moan softly as he burries his face into your neck, sometimes leaving a wet kiss on your shoulder. His hair tickles against your cheeks and you grab his scalp, trying to contain the pleasure. ‘Fuck…’ you desperately cry out. You look up to the ceiling as you throw your head back. God, how you had missed this amazing feeling.

‘Yeah, you like that, don’t you? I’m going to make you cum so hard,’ Ethan pants, his voice dripping of lust. Your hands trail down to his back, grabbing his shoulders and muscles. He lets out a loud groan as you scrape your nails up and down his strong and smooth back. You cry out embarrassing moans as you buck your hips upward.

‘Eth… Please,’ you whine when you feel yourself slowly reaching your orgasm. ‘I know, I know. Me too,’ Ethan responds breathlessly, lifting his face from your shoulder so your eyes meet. Your lips form an wide ‘o’ as a heavenly sensation spreads through your whole body, your legs and hands shaking. The orgasm wrecks your whole body as you feel Ethans member throbbing against your clit.

Ethan closes his eyes and frowns his eyebrows, a concentrating look on his face as he tries to hold his thrusts steady. The only sound is coming from Ethans hips and his member slamming into your core. The fact you were reaching your climax at the same time as Ethan was so erotic and you secretly loved it.

Ethan’s hair sticks to his forehead from sweating but it made him even more sexier than he already was. His thrusts get sloppier as he breaths unsteady into your neck. After he had slowly brought his movements to a stop he lowers his body on top of yours. You enjoy his naked skin against yours. When he lifts his face up you notice that his lips were all swollen and red; probably from biting them the whole time.

It takes a few minutes before you guys had get yourself together and Ethan props himself back onto his elbows. ‘Thank you,’ he says. ‘No, thank you,’ you chuckle. Ethan smiles and pulls out. He moves his body to the right so he gets to lay next to you, looking at you with a goofy smile. ‘So, what about that movie?’

For Our Eyes Only (M)

Genre; smut

Length; 660+ words

Kink(s); teasing, oral (recieving), being filmed(idk what it’s called rip)

Originally posted by got7official

You laid there, haphazardly covering your exposed tummy with the silky blankets as you lovingly watched your boyfriend scan his camera around the room; showing every interesting little detail of it before showing the gorgeous view y’all were lucky to wake up to every day. 

“Babe..” You softly called out to him, pushing the blankets between your legs as you turned to your side. “Why do you look so fucking sexy doing that?” 

Raising a brow, Bam turned; slowly panning his camera around the room once more before completely stopping over you. “I do?” He replied, chuckling as he zooming slightly, scanning the device over your exposed body. 
“Well you look breath taking on camera, baby..” He cheekily purred, licking his plush lips as your crop top rode up every time you shifted; exposing more and more of your bare breasts. 

“Do I now?” You teased, biting your lower lip as you wiggled your hips side to side; showing off the lace hip huggers that perfectly accentuated your voluptuous lower half. 

Lowering his camera slightly, your boyfriend’s darkening gaze locked with yours as he climbed onto the bed. “You know..” He replied, wedging himself between your legs. “Since you seem to be my… muse, at the moment- I think I want to film you while I fuck you.” 

Rolling your eyes, you shook your head; reaching for the blanket once more only to have him swiftly push it off the bed. 
“But what if someone sees it?” You asked, showing obvious resistance to his oh-so- lovely yet perverse suggestion. “Do you really wanna risk someone else seeing me- seeing us like that?”

Bam shrug, giving you that smug ‘i really don’t care’ look as he bit down on his lip once more. 
“Trust me, princess..” He cooed while teasingly running his fingertips along your inner thigh- stopping just before he reached your heat. “That won’t happen, this will be for our eyes only.”

His enticing touch and reassuring words were more than enough to convince you, “Fine, but you better only get my good angles.” You chuckled, shuddering slightly as his nails dug into your sensitive flesh. 

“Don’t be silly, babygirl. Every angle is your good angle and you know it.” He retorted as he slowly got off the bed; standing at the edge as he gripped your thigh, roughly yanking you closer to him. 
Kneeling down, he licked his lips at the sight of the pretty sheer lace covering your pussy, “Open your legs nice and wide for me.” He purred as he made sure to angle his camera accordingly, “Daddy wants to see your sweet little cunt..” 

You couldn’t help but to faintly groan at his lewd words as you spread your legs for him. Your entire body felt as if it’d melt right then and there the second you felt his plush lips press against your inner thigh. 
“Ahh, god..” You airily whimpered as his deliciously long digit began to trace the outline of your clothed slit. 

“Here baby..” He stated, handing the camera off to you. “Just try to keep the camera steady, okay?” He chuckled as you timidly took it from him.
“I just want to give your cunt my full attention.” 

Again, your body just turned to jelly at the sound of his lust filled tone. “Yes Sir..” You purred in response, turning the camera down towards him. 

“Do you want me?” He smugly asked, ghost his lips over your slit; his warm breath brushing against your throbbing clit. “I wanna hear you say it.” 

Your soft whimpers filled the room as your boyfriend purposely teased your aching core, “I want you so you so bad Daddy..” You airily whined, “Please don’t tease anymore, it’s so torturous.” 

Bam pompously chuckled at your needy plea, “Hmm, but babygirl-” He purred, licking a broad strip along your clothes slight; groaning as your sweet essence began to soak through the thin material. 

“It’s so fucking fun to tease you.”

To be continued, maybe…

Minhyuk - would probably find you dancing around in the room. He would laugh and watch you for a bit before standing behind you and dancing with you. “Why are you so sexy with my t-shirt on? I love it!”

Wonho - would be so excited and probably tackle you to bed then tickle you relentlessly. He wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you. “How can you look so cute and irresistible at the same time?”

Kihyun - would tell you that you are playing a very dangerous game. He would shake his head then smirk at you. “Ahhh y/n.. what are you doing to me? I have to leave soon but I can’t now.. not with you looking like that…” 

I.M. - would stop in his tracks and definitely wouldn’t know where to look exactly. He would also be astonished at the fact that his words would come out jumbled. “See? Your effect on me!!!” 

Jooheon - would think its very adorable and won’t be able to take his eyes off you. He would cuddle you and kiss you non-stop. “Please wear my clothes more often y/n… I’m serious! All my hoodies and my t-shirts are yours!”

Hyungwon - would find it amusing. He would approach you from behind and wrap his arms around your waist before burying his face in your hair. Then his hands would crawl up your t-shirt slowly. “You look better in my clothes than I do…”

Shownu - would think that you are only teasing him. He would eye you up and down and he would definitely like what he sees. “Ummm y/n is this revenge because I was walking around shirtless yesterday?” 

Our Little Secret - Part 4

Part 4 (Final Part) of Our Little Secret

Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt. 3

Mini-Series Genre: Smut/Fluff

Mood Board by the talented, wonderful @memoiresofaneternaldreamer

Another early morning came as Jackson rolled over to wrap himself around your still sleeping body, spooning you gently.

He nuzzled his nose against your ear, trailing to the crook of your neck.

“Mmm, that feels nice,” you cooed sleepily as he peppered your skin with soft, slow kisses.

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Originally posted by itsrapmonster

[song inspiration: Rain - Rainism]

pairing: jung hoseok x reader
genre: straight smut
word count: 1.6k
a/n: this is the sequel to Rain as requested by the lovely @freehoseoksdick

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Twelve Hours

Summary:  The RFA+S wake up before MC.  In my Ideal World.  Not that long after Seven’s After Story.

Pairing:  Saeran x MC/Reader

Genre:  Slice of Life; Fluff

Rating:  M, for a little swearing and a little steaminess.

Word Count:  Approx. 1800

A miracle happened, that day.

Saeran woke up before you did.  That never happened.

To earn a living, your boyfriend did freelance coding and internet security algorithms, and the work usually brought him late into the night.  He had incredibly erratic sleeping hours, either sleeping in late, or taking random naps throughout the day.  More often than not, you ended up going to bed by yourself.  

However, the night before, Saeran had fallen asleep with you.  You had drifted off to sleep in his arms and he hadn’t wanted to disturb you.

It was your phone’s alarm that had awakened him.  It was an annoying, almost whining sound; you had picked it specifically because it irritated you and you would want to turn it off immediately.  Unfortunately, you had set that alarm ages ago; now, you were a little bit too used to the sound.  Abruptly roused, Saeran glared at the phone in question, then looked down at you, still with your head on one of his arms.  You didn’t move; your boyfriend smirked a little to hear you snoring lightly.

He hesitated, then reached over you to your phone, hitting the ‘snooze’ button for you. You always set your alarm too early.  A couple more minutes of rest couldn’t hurt.  Saeran wrapped you more comfortably into his arms, and kissed the top of your head.  

All mine, he thought, resting his chin in your hair.

He knew you had work, that day, but he never liked seeing you leave.

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50 Thoughts While Watching BTS ‘Not Today’ MV
  1. Oh my gosh look at the mountains they are beyootiful and majestic and I wish I could ride horses on them!
  2. Run Runnn Runnnnn insert Korean lyrics here
  3. I feel like at some point every Kpop boy group performs in a warehouse type setting.
  4. Uh Oh I see some covered up heads and druid type clothes they better not hit me with that “CARELESS CARELESS SHOOT ANONYMOUS ANONYMOUS!”
  5. Namjoon looks fioonnnnnneeeee
  6. Yes my prayers have been answered, Bad Boy BTS is back!
  7. Min Yoongi’s hair is so dark that it almost looks like a midnight blue shade and I am digging it for real
  8. I like this shoulder shake choreography they keep doing
  9. Why is sand falling from the ceiling? Looks like poor architecture to me
  11. His jacket is so nice too am I shallow?
  12. Peep that dance solo tho
  13. Jiminnnn with that pink hair just glowing like the sun
  14. Taehyung the whole world knows your beautiful that was established during your first ultra sound
  15. Oooh look Hoseok is in this video! *sips tea sarcastically and bitterly*
  16. Not going to lie this is like a half step up from the NCT fashion that we have all come to tolerate
  17. Jin is like not even in this MV, I know it’s a lot of dancing but they can at least give him a close up or something
  18. They’re giving me BigBang vibes and not because I’m comparing them in anyway but because they totally look like they’re just having fun and are confident in themselves and their music.
  19. Bandannas usually signify gang relations. if Joonie and Tae are in a gang I want in too! I ain’t scared of nothing boiiiii *flashes gang signs that look suspiciously like the alphabet in sign language*
  20. I love you Hobi but you’re wearing 17 different outfits at the same time.
  21. When you realize that this is the closest that Tae will ever to get to to being featured on the next cypher.
  22. Oooh more runninnnngggg how tiring…for them
  24. Shoutout to the editors for tinting everyone so dark and tanned like it’s amazing and refreshing.
  25. It honestly looks like a clothing commercial
  26. You can pause this video at almost any scene during this slow motion run and it looks awesome!
  27. A big clear platform! This is the kind of props i needed in my life!
  28. ughhh and the backdrop against the mountains! *sobs more*
  29. I personally love every moment that Tae is in the middle of a dance because his tongue comes out and he starts winking ughhhh the whole experience is always so r00d.
  30. Be honest we all want to give Suga a squeeze right now. He’s so fluffy!
  31. Man I wish I could see Jin…
  33. Legit, how do you get to be covered background dancer number #4?
  34. Jimin’s facial expression while dancing are so cockyyyy
  35. Dang they shooting out here bruh!
  36. Man downnnn!
  37. Save Jin!
  38. Why can’t I die beautifully and dramatically?
  39. Why are they not killing Jungkook?
  41. Kookie has something in his eye and I have no clue what it is gahhhhh
  42. Can we all just applaud the choreographer?
  43. This lowkey looks like a workout program all this jumping around
  44. Oohh and now it’s nighttimeee #BTSAFTERDARK
  45. My new sexual preference is shoulders…preferably theirs
  46. Are these Exo druids multiplying??
  47. Awhh they linked arms and shot us how cute
  48. fiyaaaaaaaaaa
  49. So what didn’t happen today?
  50. Cause look like bros died for like the 23rd time since debut