Dylan Kingwell (Duncan/Quigley Quagmire) did a live on ig yesterday, and someone asked him who’s playing Esme and Carmelita, and he said that the girl who’s playing Carmelita is new on tv (or smth) and she’s is really kind and she has a strange name. 

And he also said that Esme is hillarious and funny like in the books, and they did a great job in her character, and we dont have to worry because the actress they choose, fits perfectly in that role. He said that they had a table reading, and he forgot to say his line, because he was laughing with Esme. 


They picked actresses for Esme and Carmelita. 

And we still dont know who they are. 

I feel betrayed, Netflix. 

170509 - Kai Feels

Today’s bias is Kai!

Today, I’m having the Kai feels, really bad.

I mean, look at his smile, his laugh, and his perfect teeth!

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D.O: “He does have a great smile.”

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His stage face is another matter though.

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I mean, does he know what he’s doing to us?

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He has to know, right?!

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Here, you can clearly see him transform from Jongin to Kai.

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Chanyeol: “He’s a, he’s a, he’s a transformer~”


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Kai is the best thing in the entire universe, and we just have to deal with that.

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D.O: *can’t deal* *can’t deal* *can’t deal* *can’t deal* *can’t deal*
*can’t deal* *can’t deal* *can’t deal* *can’t deal* *can’t deal* *can’t deal*

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Snow is standing next to Killian as Emma and David walk down the aisle. Killian takes a deep breath when he sees Emma for the first time and she smiles down the aisle at him. He smiles too; not the cocky smile he has been known to flash, but the almost sad smile of a man who knows this day is more than he thinks he deserves. He leans over to Snow, "you did good with her". And Snow responds, "so have you".