Get a lot of napkins this episode because there were so many feels! Jenny is so annoying. Sophie is so intelligent. Pandora is a house wife now. Abbie was just going crazy. And all the fanfiction became real. And Crane is just UGHH so many feels. I love him. The monster was boring and unnecessary but Betsy was good this episode. Nicole/Abbie totally killed it this episode.

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{*cries a river of blood and tears*}

imagine harried college student kyungsoo who’s drowning under assignments and paper and homework because of course, of course he totally thought he could take Music Composition III alongside his Medieval and Renaissance Literature class and juggle working full time while tutoring Freshmen English majors and being in choir and participating in this year’s recital. And he’s tired and stressed and worried and everything is kind of starting to pile up because all his assignments and papers are due all at the same time and ksoo can’t deal with it anymore, he can’t and he goes to this coffeeshop to get some work done but he just winds up opening his books and slumping onto them because he’s tired (so, so unbelievably, unbearably tired). 

and suddenly there’s a quiet ‘click’, a dull thud next to his head and he slowly turns his head and he finds himself staring at the smooth, white surface of a mug of steaming coffee in confusion because he hasn’t even mustered the energy to order a drink yet so what is this? and he looks up and startles back because it’s byun baekhyun…?? byun baekhyun from last semester’s voice class who had decided on the first day that he didn’t like kyungsoo and kept teasing him about every minor detail of his being (his clothes, his hair, his glasses, his coffee), who laughed at him and made fun of him and who kyungsoo avoided at all costs whenever he could; who, in spite of every reason for kyungsoo to hate him, had a smile that would light up the room and a voice that still made kyungsoo swallow around a dry throat every time he listened to that one recording he’d furtively made of baekhyun when he performed at the end of the year (a slow, sweet ballad about love and taking chances and asking for courage and hope). byun baekhyun who’s fiddling adorably with the ends of the sleeves his overly large sweater, who’s biting at his lips in an obvious sign of nervousness. 

and kyungsoo’s just so tired, so of course he just blinks mutely up at baekhyun, stares at him with nothing but static in his brain and it feels like an agonizingly long time passes before baekhyun sighs deeply and drops into the seat across from his table with a kind of incredulous huff of laughter.

“look, it’s just coffee,” baekhyun begins, blinking slowly behind his glasses. they’re harry potter glasses - round, thin wire frames glinting a muted gold and it’s utterly unfair how cute he looks right now. “i know you hate my guts, and i know you don’t like your coffee sweet or with milk, but i didn’t add any sugar so its just a normal double-shot latte and you look like you need it more than i do. especially given how much you’ve got going on right now.”

kyungsoo gapes at him, mind sluggishly attempting to sort through baekhyun’s rapid-fire speech because he’s stressed and tired and worried and tired and confused and tired and somehow his brain decides the most pressing matter is, “how do you know how i like my coffee?”

“you drank it the same every single day for that 8am class we had together. for the whole of last semester - black, no milk, no sugar, and hot enough for there to still be steam wafting from the top every time you unscrewed the cap of your thermos, even at the end of class.” baekhyun shrugs, picking at his nails nonchalantly, but kyungsoo still registers the way his cheeks have started to flush a soft pink. 

“oh.” kyungsoo stares some more. blinks slowly. reaches for the coffee and takes a tentative sip. the milk is a little cloying, a little thick, a little heavy, but the familiar, bitter aftertaste of caffeine is wonderful and already he can feel the headache receding - his body responding to the taste before it can begin processing the caffeine itself. “uh, thanks, i guess.”

“you’re welcome.” baekhyun’s smile is small, tentative, hesitant (kind of beautiful). “and, uh, sorry for bothering you, i guess. you just… looked like you had a lot on your plate.” he eyes the tall stack of unopened books by kyungsoo’s side meaningfully and kyungsoo can’t help the wry grin that stretches his lips. 

“yeah, i may have taken on more than i should’ve this semester.” 

“well, yeah, mr i’m gonna accomplish a double major in english and music and finish a semester early anyway because i’m just that smart,” baehyun’s words are familiar, but there’s something softer about his tone this time, about his eyes and smile that’s not so much derisive as it is wry, like he’s trying to include kyungsoo in on joke - like he’s looking for a moment of shared camaraderie.

“hey,” kyungsoo resorts lips pursed to blow gently over the warm surface of his coffee. he’s not sure if he’s imagining the split second when baekhyun’s gaze seems to drop a few inches and his eyelids seem to grow heavy. “you’re one to talk, mr i’m practically being paid to attend here because of one audition tape.”

baekhyun looks surprised, caught off guard, as if he didn’t expect kyungsoo to know about that detail (it hadn’t been a secret, per se, but it hadn’t been advertised either. kyungsoo had mostly known because he’d worked in the music department office the semester before baekhyun transferred in - had seen the tape and heard his voice and knew, instantly, that this boy was going to go on and do great things.)

“why, do kyungsoo,” baekhyun says with unfiltered delight. “i didn’t know you paid any attention to lil’ ol’ me.”

kyungsoo tries to frown, tries to keep from smiling. fails miserably because he can feel the way the edges of his lips are tipped upwards. “you make it kind of hard not to notice you. you’re so loud. all the time.”

“well if you wanted my attention,” baekhyun retorts, tipping forward in his seat, leaning on his forearms against the edge of the table head cocked sideways in consideration, “all you had to do was ask.”

“okay. want to study together?” 

kyungsoo doesn’t know where it comes from, doesn’t know why he’s suddenly being so bold. the words trip over his lips, stumble over the edge of his teeth, slide over his tongue before he can really process them. maybe its the soft way that baekhyun is staring at him. maybe its the way he’s leaning forward - shoulders tipped forward, palms facing upwards and exposed (open, welcoming). maybe its the way the sunlight filtering through the blinds lights up his hair in a shining halo. maybe its the beginnings of a smile that’s starting to curl the edges of his lips; a smile that comes tinged with a hint of wonder and hope. 



and then baekhyun beams at him, turns the full force of his grin onto kyungsoo and for a moment he feels awash at sea. 

“okay. yeah, i’d like that. i’d like that a lot.”

What if you never love me back the way I wish you would…
And all of these years just go to waste.
I’ll inevitably be left with nothing, and heartbreak will plague me again.
Just like when you found me.
I don’t know if I could survive that…
—  letters to no one || t.d.

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((I was frantically hunting down rp phandom blogs to play with and HEY GHOST KING DANNY I'M IN and then you turned out to be so v chill. Good choice. 8) I absolutely need to throw some trouble your way again sometime.))

// Oh God I know all about your brand of Trouble™ Just kidding! You know I love interacting with you and talking with you and throwing headcanons around, and I’m glad that I got to meet you and RP with you even if we don’t do it nearly enough unless you count impromptu and slightly ooc Skype RPs…

The 100 3x04

OMFG LEXA!!! She seriosuly is so fucking badass yet cute; my heart cannot take it. It’s ok Lexa, Clarke just doesn’t wanna admit that she loves you. Arhghghpsj I thought they were gonna kiss though…

Lincoln, Octavia and Monty remain beautiful precious cinnamon rolls.

Bellamy, Pike, Jasper and most of the Skikru can go to hell!

Ever look at an outline for you story

Then at your story

Back at your outline

Back to the story

and you’re just sitting there like… how the fuck did this even happen? Why did I even write an outline??

On Ladybug and Chat Noir’s partnership

Some minor episode 17 & 18 spoilers.

I’ve seen a lot of criticism of episode 18 of Miraculous Ladybug in the tags today as compared to ep 17 - specifically, the irony (or failure) of the series seemingly reversing its opinion on the partnership of Chat Noir and Ladybug against Hawkmoth.

But I don’t think that these episodes contradict.  Just because Ladybug can (and does) save the day herself doesn’t devalue Chat Noir or make Chat Noir’s partnership less valuable to Ladybug.

Firstly: Ladybug has always been portrayed as completely capable on her own.  This is not a new development! In Copycat there’s a memorable line where Copycat complains that he’s better than Chat, and Ladybug - stealing Chat’s baton back from Copycat - announces, ‘but I’m better than both of you!’ She’s more of a strategist - she has to be to use the Lucky Charm - and Chat Noir tends to follow her lead in akuma fights.  Ladybug is the only one with the power to cleanse akuma and fix akuma-caused damage.  Chat Noir tends to run interference while she takes the action that will save the day.

However, Ladybug and Chat Noir both consider themselves to have a partnership.  Episode 17 was all about how they choose to work together.  Despite the fact that Ladybug doesn’t seem to be willing or able to save Chat when Antibug uses him as bait against Ladybug, he’s still unwavering in his faith in her, and later Ladybug announces proudly that they’re a team.  The importance of Ladybug saying that they are a team is actually enhanced by the fact that she can save the day on her own.  She CHOOSES to rely on Chat Noir. 

The series has also taken pains throughout to show that they work well together and that Ladybug does rely on Chat whenever he’s there. She depends on Chat to keep the akuma busy while she figures out how to use her Lucky Charm.   Ladybug listens to Chat Noir’s advice. She can give him directions and knows he’ll understand and follow her lead instantly; they work seamlessly together in team fights and discuss strategy.

And Chat does a lot of amazing things himself! There’s an episode where he spends the majority of the episode holding off an entire army of knights all by himself, mostly by fencing with his baton.  He has night vision and rescues Ladybug from Stormy Weather, and takes Marinette to a safe place (so she can transform, little does he know) versus the Gamer.  It’s true he often goes down first, but that’s because he’s almost always distracting the enemy while Ladybug figures out how to use her Lucky Charm.  He rescues Ladybug from having her Miraculous stolen several times and from taking fatal hits at least twice if not more.  Just because Ladybug is stronger doesn’t mean Chat is useless.

One of the great things about Miraculous Ladybug is that Ladybug is allowed to be a shining heroine all on her own.  (This is rare for a female superhero; in most hero universes at least one man is as strong or stronger than any female heroines.) And the fact she doesn’t absolutely need Chat Noir means that she works with him because she likes to!  As much as she shuts down his flirting and finds him ridiculous, she wants his company. Ladybug has chosen Chat Noir out of her own free will, not because she’d fail without him.

In conclusion: It’s super romantic to hear characters say ‘I need you, I’d die without you, you are necessary to my existence.’  But there is a different, more mature romance in a person who is complete in themselves choosing to include another person in their life.  This is the delight of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s partnership, and why even though ep 18 was about how Ladybug can do everything herself, she’s still a team with the all-important Chat Noir.


the konoha police au made of

i don’t know

shisui’s heroic attempts at Good Police Publicity????????

(c/o @shisuicune & @immerwennesdunkelwird)