New Munday meme because we need one

Name: Vie
Age: 16
Birthday: June 8th
First muse on Tumblr: APH Poland of Hetalia
First RP url: totesfabpolska (still can’t believe that wasn’t taken)
Why did you pick your first muse?: I was in my weeb and lol so random phase and Poland was weeb and random so he was perfect. I first wanted to make an ask blog, but I didn’t have a tablet (I still don’t) and I didn’t wanna break all my fingers.
Latest muse on Tumblr: Pink!Villager of Smash Brothers.
Latest RP url: rosehaired
Why did you pick your latest muse?: A bunch of weird reasons. I was sorta in a shitty depression and I wanted to play a happy, carefree character with no responsibilities. And Pink!VillagerXIke was my OTP at the time despite it being really fucking weird.
Best RP Memory: When I got 666 followers on Poland and got merces—letifer to do crack for the first time.
Worst RP Memory: When I implied that Nazism was OK when I was, like, 12. God that was a fuck up.
What are all the muses you had on Tumblr?: APH Poland (Hetalia), Princess Daisy (Super Mario), Taylor Wilson (Finding Carter) Betty Boop (Betty Boop), Isabelle (Animal Crossing), Toadette (Super Mario), Danny Sexbang (Game Grumps), Yahtzee Croshaw (Zero Punctuation), X-Ray (Achievement Hunter), Pink!Villager (Super Smash Brothers), and an OC (Fandom-Less).
Longest muse?: I’m pretty sure APH Poland with just a little over a year.
Shortest muse?: Where I actually RPed would be my OC ‘cause I had, like, one thread and I deleted. But in general would be Yahtzee because I had it for about an hour and I just finished the theme before I deleted him.
Any advice for RPing?: Don’t imply that Nazism is OK, kids. XD No, but seriously just have fun and do what you wanna do. And prepare for any shit that comes your way ‘cause there’s no avoiding that.

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do you have any theories about homestuck you could tell us?

I am actually really partial to the theory that the Caliborn we’ve been following in story isn’t the Caliborn that will become Lord English and is from an alternate timeline.  This Caliborn focused more on art and less on combat. This would explain why Hussie stopped talking to him abruptly and why the Caliborn in the masterpiece was surprised by things. Surely, if the Caliborn we’ve been watching who had seen the fight had been the Caliborn in the fight he wouldn’t have been surprised.  If Art!Caliborn was the Alpha!Caliborn then there would be stardust in the current post-retcon timeline as well, but we’ve seen no trace of it and John hasn’t been back long enough to blow it all away.

“This photo was taken in a marshrutka in Kyrgyzstan. I had no idea who this man was until I sat next to him ready to go to the eastern region of Kyrgyzstan. We sat next to each other for 4 hours talking about his family, where he was from, why I was in Kyrgyzstan, if I liked Kyrgyzstan, and if I had found a Kyrgyz boyfriend yet. At one point during our trip he looked over my shoulder as I was looking through my phone, and he had asked me if I had any photos of my family. I immediately started showing him pictures of my parents, brother, and my house. I think it was his first time seeing how an iPhone worked. This was the kind of man who lived up in the mountains herding his sheep day in and day out. At this point we had become close enough that I thought it would be great if we could get a picture together, so I set the phone up as if ready to take the oh so popular ‘selfie’. So, meet my new friend!”



Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go!!! Paul, Jason AND June (not to mention special return guest Adam Pally of Happy Endings and The Mindy Project) are all here in a very special How Did This Get Made LIVE from Irving Plaza in New York City! They’re talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze. They’ll cover everything from the horrific amount of pizza to why these are the most charmless turtles imaginable to April O’Neil’s strange relationship with the turtles. Plus, we hear from Vanilla Ice himself on how Ninja Rap was born before getting into Audience Q&A


even for the sake of argument you don’t believe that homosexuality is right for you. let’s say that for you, you feel like you are straight, you know you’re straight, and spiritually you feel compelled to be straight.

why in the world does that mean you think you should be telling people how they should live their lives? the bible talks about how we should deal with ourselves. and the bible specifically tells us not to worry about what everyone else is doing and to just focus on ourselves. so how, after reading all that, do you determine that it’s your job to go out and tell people how to live their lives? how, out of all that, do you come to the conclusion that you’re the sex/love police, and it’s your job to tell people that they are wrong?

please, tell me. inquiring minds would like to know.


ok who do i choose to spy on first?

i choose…


yes meenah that is a GOOD life goal, you look very dashing in your fish hitler costume

although im concerned this means youve made your mind up about what to do with the vriskas

who next, calliope?



ok next, time to wonder… why are they talking about john 

wait no its each other

unfortunately it appears we will not see their conversation, HOWEVER, they are now exasperated and have died shortly before rose could perform the role for them, rising her up out of her jasprose stupor

now she is very confused

time to bring out the clubs— no not THOSE clubs gamzee go home

did they honestly argue for so long that they couldnt go on

this is amazing

now it’s rose’s time to be the quiet observant third wheel


will she lift  her back to the lilypad or what

oh dear god

now THAT… i am beyond words, that is bittersweet

terezi’s very obvious observations were correct, although whether jasprosesprite^2 manages to revive her desired matesprit is another story


ROXY: heeeeeeeeeeeeey!
KANAYA: You Said Another Hey
KANAYA: Are You Going To Say Hey Again By Any Chance
ROXY: heeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
KANAYA: I Knew It Another Hey

its like the supd8

i love these two

ROXY: i GOT somethin 4 u
ROXY: thats the thing you gots to be guessin!

roxy stop this now

KANAYA: Is It The Thing Behind Your Back
ROXY: yup but u gotta be more specific
KANAYA: Is It A Little Piece Of Paper That Says Hey On It
ROXY: hahahahaha no but that would be SO FUNNY!
ROXY: hahaha youre pretty funny
ROXY: damn now i wanna go away and start this whole shit over so i can do that punchline instead
KANAYA: Maybe We Should Do Several Rehearsals First Just To Make Sure The Final Performance Is As Funny As Possible
ROXY: yes!!
ROXY: but no

…i think this might be slowly becoming my favourite platonic f/f character relationship

Surely This Has To Be A Holographic Projection Or Some Claymation Model

there it is, there she goes

kanaya has found her purpose

and is very previous for it

ROXY: but really it was always gonna be for you
ROXY: this egg is stinkin useless without someone whos qualified to care for it
ROXY: and thats you
ROXY: please look after the lil guy… i have developed some oddly motherly feelins for the spiky fucker myself
ROXY: it was like this whole quasi intellectu-motional SAGA or something for me to figure out how to make this freaking egg
KANAYA: Its A Matriorb
ROXY: yeah! that!

its their BABY

kanaya ur pregnant

KANAYA: Thank You

the fact kanaya is saying so little… it really means a lot…


roxy solvin everyones problems 4 them– oh fuck shes crYING

hmm, kanaya isnt sure what she has to do now

dont worry youll get your chance to heal blackspace

ROXY: the way i see it is you shouldnt have needed to worry about makin the thing
ROXY: i think it will be challenging enough like…
ROXY: hatching it??
ROXY: and tending to all the stuff that comes next
ROXY: isnt that basically being responsible for the preservation of an entire race of people?
ROXY: like not even a simple kinda people that all go about havin their own babies by themselves n such
ROXY: u have to set up and deal with this huge creature that does it all herself right?

yeah kanaya has a heavy task ahead of her

ROXY: oh yeah karkat came too didnt he
ROXY: where did he go?
KANAYA: Hes Still In The Cave
KANAYA: Meditating
ROXY: meditating huh
KANAYA: It Was A Very Spiritually Uplifting Encounter With The Denizen
KANAYA: It Really Uh
KANAYA: Blitzed Our Chakras
KANAYA: He Needs Some Time To Clear His Head
ROXY: heheh ok

amazing, youre not gonna even tell anyone karkat is unconscious

at least tell rose, because she can predict if he’ll wake up

or terezi, but you never speak to her so i dont expect it

ROXY: so you are roses girlfriend right?
KANAYA: I Dont Know
KANAYA: Is That What Humans Call A Matesprit When The Matesprit Is A Girl
ROXY: umm
ROXY: i dunno
ROXY: is a matesprit the thing trolls call each other when they are girlfriends or boyfriends with each other?
ROXY: ah ha!
ROXY: then uh
ROXY: the answer is yes?

kanaya, trolls know what girlfriends are! vriska called sollux aradia’s “8oyfriend”. 

also trolls know what scalding leaf fluid is. nepeta loves the stuff.

wait roxy doesnt know about quadrants? fuck. that’ll be trouble later. 

KANAYA: It Was Pretty Social Yes
KANAYA: But We Also Had Little Groups Who Generally Convened With Each Other More Often Than The Entire Ensemble Crowded Together For A Singular Noisy Affair
KANAYA: Such Events Were Pretty Rare So Maybe Not As Social As You Are Picturing
KANAYA: In Fact It Was Quite A Subdued Situation Compared To The Crowd I Was Formerly Accustomed To Congregating With

:o welp i guess everyone was segregated

KANAYA: There Were Twelve Of Us Back Then
ROXY: yeah WOW!!!
ROXY: i remember hearing about that from a friend
ROXY: who…
ROXY: never even existed from this frame of reference :(
ROXY: i guess thats another weird thing about my lil sojourn to get to this point…
ROXY: it is all made of memories now that didnt even happen for other people

who the fuck is this friend??? OH, FEFETA. damn. 

the funny thing about retconquest is that you never make the mistakes, like letting your sprite blow up, yet you know you would have. so there isnt much closure its more like an NDE.

KANAYA: Ill Need Him
ROXY: who
KANAYA: Nobody

*john voice* you dont need him.

but yeah if anyone can band together a massive group of ne’erdowells its karkat

KANAYA: Before You Came
KANAYA: I Was On My Way To Join You And Rose And John
KANAYA: Feeling Quite Sure I Was About To Get Ready To Fight
KANAYA: But Then You Gave Me This
KANAYA: And Now Im Unsure Of Everything To Which I Just Imminently Committed Myself
ROXY: how so
KANAYA: I Want To Help Us Win
KANAYA: But I Also Have A Lot Of Responsibility Now
KANAYA: In A Way That Is Much More Tangible And Also Spiky And Round And Sharp Than Just A Few Minutes Ago
KANAYA: And I Feel I Have To Consider Risk To Myself Is Now Also The Same As Risk To The Future Of My People
KANAYA: Does That Make Sense
ROXY: ooh i see
ROXY: yeah!
ROXY: it is like…..
ROXY: like say a mother wolf being all ready to stand up to some other asshole of nature
ROXY: like a nasty bear
ROXY: and shes ready to fight and all but also shes got to think about what happens to her pups if she gets hurt yeah?
KANAYA: Something Like That

aww ill be sad if kanaya doesnt fight…

i bet she really wants to but yeah

ROXY: just imagine instead of a wolf its like
ROXY: a mother uhhhh
ROXY: help me out here
KANAYA: Musclebeast
ROXY: a beautiful mother musclebeast
ROXY: and instead of a bear
ROXY: its um
ROXY: a metroid
KANAYA: Lets Say Good Enough
ROXY: damn straight
ROXY: be fuckin fight of the year right there

musclebeast vs metroid, make it happen people

ROXY: none of this next gen troll stuff is even going to matter if we dont win this fight
ROXY: so we have to prioritize beating all these goddamn villains
ROXY: specially the witch!
ROXY: any extra edge is going to help
ROXY: and tho i admit i dont know much about you i am feeling prrrettyyy confident in my assessment that u are probably some sort of sick deadly bitch
KANAYA: Who Told You My Secret
ROXY: i knews it ;)

:DD roxy is the rogue of void lmfao she literally digs up secrets

ROXY: dang?
KANAYA: That Was Really Motivational And I Feel Very Inspired Now
ROXY: for real?!
KANAYA: A Little Corny But Definitely Genuine And Moving
KANAYA: And Now Im Suddenly Psyched Again To Go Dunk A Narcissistic Fish Woman Into A Sea Dumpster
KANAYA: Not To Project Myself As Someone Fickle Or Lightly Swayed On Big Decisions
KANAYA: Maybe It Was Just A Roughly Thirty Second Spell Of Cold Feet And I Just Snapped Out Of It I Dont Know
KANAYA: But You Really Do Seem To Have A Way With Motivational Words
KANAYA: You Must Be A Natural Leader
KANAYA: I Think Your Group Was Lucky To Have You
ROXY: me?? nuhhh
ROXY: im not naturally good at that at all

see SOMEONE finally tells roxy how it is

rose look out ur hot mom is gonna steal ur girl

“we hella shall”

look at that

roxy has spent the whole day dragging or being dragged by space players around the incipisphere

Teacher Shipping Bonkai?

So this is what happened during a conversation with my friend and one incredibly Strict teacher ended up joining the conversation… just read on…

Me: maybe Bonnie could find a spell to bring him back?

Friend: or maybe Kai being his smartass self sent himself to a prison world, and then he can find a way to ge-

Teacher: what are you two talking about? If its soo important why don’t you share it with the class?

Friend: sorry.

Teacher: nah I want to hear what you had to say.

Me: we were talking about two people.

Teacher: who?

Me & Friend: Bonnie and Kai.

Teacher: wait you watch vampire diaries? As in Bonnie Bennett and Kai?

Me: *nods head*

Friend: yeah why?

Teacher: we have soo much to talk about.

Honestley this was so werid, litteraly one of the strictest teachers in the school sat down on the desk, and chatted with me and my friend about Bonkai. MY ENGLISH TEACHER SHIPS BONKAI!!!


Classic literature elicits a lot of complaints: “It’s boring!” “Nothing cool happens!” “None of that stuff has any bearing on my life!” “It’s so dry!” “Wait, she DIES? Why did I even read this?” “Could this symbolism be any more obvious?” “Did he seriously need 600 pages to say that?”

We’re not here to argue about any of that. No shoulds, no judgments, no finger-wagging, no shaming. We all like what we like, and yay for that.

And for that matter, we’re not here to argue about what constitutes a classic, whether we’re defining “classic” as old, new, cult, from the Western canon, or from any of the various schools that challenge the Western canon.

We’re here to talk about those moments in which Reading a Work of Classic Literature is simply Reading a Book—moments in which the baggage falls away, and we’re left with magic.

from Old Doesn’t Equal Boring: Our Favorite Page-Turner Classics

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Can we talk about how Rihanna hasn't gone to the bet awards since 2008 and the only reason why she went this year was to promote bbhmm 😩😂

5 Things (6/28/15)

1. I’ve gone off my antidepressant. About three weeks ago, I talked to my therapist about giving it a shot. It was never the plan to be on them forever, but use them to buoy me why I practiced other ways to manage my PTSD and grief. My therapist agreed that we could give it a shot noting that should this go poorly, the medications would still be there. I could always go back if I really needed to go back. I stopped taking them. 

So far, so good. 

Two and half weeks off my meds, and the biggest problem I have is not being able to tell if I’m “normal sad” or “girl-grab-them-pills sad”. I don’t remember the true weight of all of my gears. Were my legs always this heavy when I got out of bed in the morning? Did I always love cooking this much? Since when do pictures of my brother make me cry? 

My therapist says some of this is normal, the way any person would react to everyday moments in their very stable life. Sometimes she says, “Ashley, there’s no such thing as the cup of coffee or the perfect amount of sadness.” I challenge her and say I’ve had the perfect cup of coffee. I’m lying. I prefer tea. She ignores me.

“Take your time, and live your life this way. You’re doing everything right. You’ll know when or if it gets too bad, and you’ll know what to do. Pills aren’t always the answer. There’s no perfect pill either.”

2. Last week was the busiest, most productive, but awful week I’ve had in a long time. There were so many assignments, and I took them all on. I’ve been full-time freelancing for two months, but I’m still finding my limits. I had a long text conversation with a friend about my fear of disappointing people, and what to do when it inevitably occurs. She gave me some good advice about accountability and being careful of my reputation. 

I’m trying. I am not always succeeding, but I’m trying. I could make a list of all the things I don’t do enough, and it would be a long list, but it would also be the wrong list to spend my time writing. So, I choose to focus on what I’ve done right, and lucky me, there’s always been at least on thing I’ve done right. Even it’s 1 thing in a100, I cling to to that one thing and remind myself I did good once. I am capable of making a good decision. Everyone once in a while, it actually works.

3. Today, I spent an hour in bed writing down what I want in the second half of this year. It was an indulgent list. I am learning to indulge myself. You are welcome to join me.

4. Read this.

5. You know what kind of pisses me off? When people say they don’t cheat on their partner because they “couldn’t live with the guilt”. What is that statement, really? I mean, fuck your guilt. We’re all capable of doing terrible things and convincing ourselves that our actions were justified. Everybody has something deep and dark and buried, something they’ve convinced themselves no one could know and still love them, something they forgotten whether or not it actually happened because they’ve been lying to themselves for too long about. Victimization is not a feeling, but if you convince yourself you were the victim, the ghost of that feeling might visit you in your sleep, and the memory of the dream might linger. 

Rationalization is our most human superpower. It is easier than you think to tell a lie and not feel guilty. It is even easier to lie, feel the guilt, and let it pass. You’ve done it before and you will do it again, only hopefully, not over something as bad as cheating on the person you love. So no, it won’t be the fear of how YOU would feel if you cheated that keeps you from doing it, it’s going to have to be your fear of what THEY would feel that keeps you in check. 

Listen, you don’t really trust yourself. You know yourself. You know every fucked up thing you’ve ever done. You know what you’re hiding, and you know that most days, it doesn’t feel that bad at all. You barely remember. But the person who loves you–if they’re the right person–trusts you. They trust you in a way you could never trust yourself because there’s always something they don’t know you’re capable of because you can’t even admit it to yourself. You don’t cheat and you do it for them. You don’t cheat because there’s a chance they could find out, and no matter how you feel about yourself, you’d never want to take that trust away from them. 

I’ve been cheated on once, and I’ve cheated once. 

Ask me which one hurt the most.

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Omg ok but can you imagine Owen practicing his little speech about why he likes bae with the raptor squad, & then asking them what they thought & like being all "what if she turns me down? Oh god what am I gonna do?! Sure ive been on a ton of dates & ive slept with my fair share of girls & been in a relationship before but this is the first time ive liked someone this much!" & the raptors like chitter at him & hes like "ya your right this is me we're talking about, I have no reason to worry"

“I think you’re probably the prettiest girl I’ve ever met.” 

A dead rat went hurtling through the air and landed in the open jaws of Delta. Her three sisters nipped at her in disapproval and then turned their hungry gazes back on Owen. His hand was already thrust back into the bucket he held, fishing another snack out, but his focus was hardly on the raptors below. 

“Good point. Pretty isn’t enough, she’s beautiful,” Owen sighed and chucked another rat, which was snatched out of the air by Echo, this time. “I think you’re probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met…and I’ve met a lot of girls–ah fuck. No.” Blue made a chirping noise as she bit down on the third rat of the day, leaving Charlie to pace around while growling irritably. This seemed to snap Owen back to reality. 

“Sorry, Charlie. This one is for you,” he threw the final rat and then set the bucket down.Resting against the metal bar of the bridge, he gazed at the four animals below him, violently tearing at their snacks, yet somehow managing to look completely harmless while doing it. Especially when they took occasional breaks from their chewing to peer at him curiously. 

“Yeah, I know. You can always tell when something’s off,” he laughed dryly to himself and ran his fingers through his hair. “The four of you could rip me to shreds, and yet I’m more scared of one girl than all of you combined. Dumb, right? I guess…I don’t know. I guess I’m afraid of getting hurt..the other type of hurt. The one that doesn’t put me in the hospital like you guys would. I’ve never been exposed to that possibility and–” he was cut off by Blue chirping with narrowed eyes. He was taken aback. This was possibly the most human thing any of them had ever done, and while he knew he should’ve been taking notes and filing paperwork and rejoicing at this potential new discovery, all he could do was smile.

“Yeah, that’s a good point. I don’t have anything to worry about…this is me, after all.”

And with that, he kicked the bucket of remaining rats over the side and made a mental note to tell the other workers that it had been an accident. A very blissful accident. 

why cant i talk about my own god damn trauma and how i cant come out to my parents without probably literally dying and making a #relatable statement to my e-asian followers about people who don’t understand how we struggle w/ filial piety without somef ucking white person telling me that i’m shaming abuse victims like LET! ME! FUCKING! LIVE!

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did you hear about rapmon and his downloaded porn. i was seriously glad he was so nonchalant about it. i then went on twitter and i see these thirsty fans talking bout they hope kookie watches. i just ಠ╭╮ಠ

GOOD FOR HIM FOR BEING SO NONCHALANT I MEAN– come on people is 2015 are we really gonna get pissy if someone watches porn come on now. come on now

but… goin’ onto their twitter and goin on about how they hope Jungkook watches it….

Y’all are fucked up. Like, really. Super fucked up. Y’all give me shivers up the spine– you’re kind of the reason why I hope to god that boy can’t read English- or if you put it in Korean, I sure as hell hope that he just scrolls past all of that because eU GH…

Like okay if he watches it, cool… but why do you have to be so creepy and hope that he watches it…. pretty gross tbh….

- Darby

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What if they never properly come out and i can never prove my friends that dont belive in tronnor that i was right

Unless they break up, there will be a point where it’s absolutely obvious that they’re together, even if they never come out properly. Eventually, it’ll just be a known fact. So don’t worry too much, because they’re going strong and don’t seem to be on the verge of a breakup at all.

And lmao having your friends believe you isn’t much better, really. My friends are just like “Yeah okay it’s real we know but stop talking about Tronnor”/“wait, why is that proof”/“I understand none of what’s coming out of your mouth right now”/“isn’t Sage a plant??” They also deliberately spell Tronnor with an e and pronounce TRXYE (and even Troye sometimes) as “trixie” to wind me up.

Sidenote, one of them reads my blog when she’s bored but likes to pretend she doesn’t, so hey there. I see you.

Beneath the Moon, Venus and Jupiter, after some quite time we finally talked to each other again. Talking to you this night about that night reminded me about some things.

First, i would never know why i fell in love with you the first time we met.

Second, at those times when i always thought that i was in love with an angel, i frankly was never wrong.

Third, you wouldn’t feel what i feel to you.

Forth, the third fact doesn’t even a slice cut my happiness.

Five, we are friends and that’s perfect.


—  Rezarusandi.com