Had a guy come in yesterday, had a drink then got a refill later. Refills are 54 cents, and my only other coworker and I were both busy so we didn’t charge him for the refill. He is appreciative and decides to go to the sandwich shop next door and buys me a sandwich. I am super appreciative, it’s a nice gesture and now I have lunch. Then he comes up to me on register and asks if we have a ‘story’. I talk around the question and he asks if I want to go out with him. I very quickly said no, and when he asks why not I told him I like girls (implying I was gay, but I’m bisexual, so still not lying). He just laughs and says he’s fine with that. Wtf dude. He then says that he loves me for some reason or other - my brain just stopped working out of pure shock at that point. I said something else and he left the register, but stayed at the store for another few hours and I noticed him watching me several times. I like to think I can handle myself, but I’m also a girl about 5'3", and this was a big guy who was at least 6'0". I told my male shift manager later that day and we were closing, so luckily I had someone to walk me to my car. Customers who hit on employees and then sit and stare at said employee for hours when they get turned down are the creepiest and can take a running dive off a cliff.

Offonoff - Bath lyrics (translation)

거긴 날씨가 어때
나의 하늘과 밤엔
자꾸 떠오르는 기억이
계속 내게 말을 건네네
우리는 함께일 때
참 많이도 웃었네
지금 나는 무표정을 해
너가 없이 무슨 말을 해

why 도대체 왜
어떤 걸로도
대신할 수 없는
말로는 설명할 수 없는
무슨 기분일까
무슨 마음일까
내게 왜 그래
나는 왜 이래

너가 보고싶어서
내가 이래 나는 이래
이렇게 보고 싶으면
그건 사랑이래
이건 사랑이네

나는 매일 네 생각을 해
그걸 멈추는게 잘 안돼
how can I love you
oh yeah
이제 나는 네게 말을 해
나의 맘이 흘러 넘치게
how much I love you
I’ll never let you down


What’s the weather like over there
in my sky at night
the memories I always recall
keep talking to me
when we were together
we laughed so much
now I’m keeping a straight face
without you what can I say

why, why on earth
I can’t explain it
with words that can’t be replaced
by anything
how’s your mood?
how do you feel?
why are you like that to me
why am I like this

I miss you
I miss you
so I’m like this, I’m like this
I miss you
when I miss you like this
that’s love
this is love

I think of you every day
I can’t really stop doing it
how can I love you
oh yeah
now I’m talking to you
my heart’s overflowing
how much I love you
I’ll never let you down

sexualpansexualpolice  asked:

.. He does the usual asking about our trip, and after some conversation he asks if anybody herd the partying... Nobody replies. I pop up and tell the man what I saw, and he has a short laugh before saying, "There were no children anywhere near this place, not in all of history. I have no idea why you would see them." My friends join him in the laugh, and tells the man about how crazy I am... But I saw them... I swear I did... I hope you enjoyed this story, it's been a while since I've shared it.

that was great! thank you for sharing! 


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idk if you'll dig this, but - TripSkye #22? :-)

22 - “It’s not heavy.  I’m stronger than I look.”

“Hey,” Trip said, startling her. “Didn’t mean to scare you.” 

Her cheeks flushed and she gave him a shy smile. 

“It’s fine.”

“You on the porny part of the internet or-?”

Skye laughed. “No, well, I mean probably. Just on the pickup artist subreddit.” 

Trip narrowed his eyes and tilted his head. “Why?”

“Oh, just something I like to do when I’m bored. Trolling them is beyond entertaining.” 

She pat the spot on the couch right next to her and he sat down. She shifted her laptop and pointed at the screen. 


“Your heart’s not heavy. I’m stronger than I look,” he read aloud. 

“Man, there’s no way anyone scores with that cheesy line.” 

“I know!” she said, trying to ignore the way she felt her skin heat as he put his arm on the couch back directly behind her, but not actually touching her. “That’s what makes it great!” 

“That’s messed up,” Trip said, shaking his head. “But I wanna see you use that line. I’ll bet you $20 you can’t pick anyone up with it.” 

“Look at this face. You think I can’t pick people up with the cheesiest lines?” She pointed in a circular motion at her face. “You’re on.” 

But she never even had a chance to try. 

Someone was coming. 

The Playground was locked down but someone was still trying to get in. Skye was covering the back entrance, May was at the front, people were scattered along the halls behind her but she was mostly on her own. That was fine. This was fine. She stretched her fingers, shook out her shoulders, no matter what was coming, she had this. 

That is, until the fluorescent lights above her started popping. Backup lights with a red tint came on along the floor and she adjusted her stance. 

“Come on,” Skye whispered to herself. “Let’s go.”

A pounding sound came from the other side of the metal door, and then, something shifted in the air. She could feel someone else but couldn’t see them. 

“I don’t have to see you to do this,” she yelled, concentrating on the vibrations, closing her eyes and tilting her head. 

“Put me down,” a familiar voice shouted. 


Skye opened her eyes to see a half visible Trip floating in the air. 

“This isn’t real,” she muttered to herself, feeling tears welling up in her eyes.

“It really is, and you should put me down, you’re gonna hurt yourself.” 

“You’re not heavy.” Skye lowered him down and ran for him. “I’m stronger than I look.”

She jumped into his arms and pressed her face into his neck.

“That doesn’t count as a win for the bet,” he said, wrapping his arms around her tightly. 

She didn’t care. He was back and that was all that mattered. 

done with angsty mini fics! Now taking ‘ways to say i love you’ ones!

5SOS in Wipeout
  • Calum:*jumps into the red balls and lands his face on it* HOLY MOTHERFUCKER THAT HURTS LIKE A BITCH
  • Luke:I got this *sees people getting wipeouted* I don't got this *slowly reaches for phone*
  • Michael:STOP BEING A PUSSY LUKE *pushes Luke into the mud slide*
  • Luke:*gets covered in mud* YOU'RE AN ASS MICHAEL
  • Michael:BUT YOU LOVE ME *gets wipeouted by the feet* OH SHIT *lands on top of Calum*
  • Ashton:Hey guys don't swear..
  • Ashton:*tries to run away but slips and lands on his face* FUCK