I HATE…I HATE BUGS. And the Georgia heat has a bunch of LORGE ONES looking for places to hang out in MY BLACK HOME. I just had an encounter in the kitchen when I went downstairs for ice cream.

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Why are people like this?


And I was being silly. Making jokes about Gaku’s appearance because HE COULD PULL OFF A REALLY GOOD GENJI COSPLAY. The OP is one of my fav Genji artists. Why did I get this reply.

Even funnier: the stranger that came to defend(?) me

To which they replied:


also I respond to them directly, and get this response:


You can imagine what my question is at this point, which I ofc ask them:

(It’s a serious question I have. I still haven’t found the answer.)

His (unfunny) reply


This is literally how all these exchanges go when you tell ppl like this that their joke wasn’t good

But here’s the chance I give them to walk away from this before I consider blocking them:

Oof. Yeah, they still have a long way to go.


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   please don’t ever take it personally if we’re having an IM/di/sc/ord convo and i just stop talking all of a sudden - i’m very? odd like that. sometimes i’ll get super talkative for five minutes and then not want to talk directly for fifteen mins, and then get talkative all over again. i swear i’m not ignoring you - i just don’t know why i function like that talking to people. i assure you it’s much more awkward irl

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Imagine Jack and Bitty trying merge holiday traditions for the first time.

Jack and Bitty wanted to get their parents together for a holiday that wouldn’t turn into a big fight about who was hosting, and whether their sons were coming “home” for the holiday or staying “at school”.  So the only option was to pick a summer holiday and combine.  Canada Day happens to fall three days before the Fourth of July.  Perfect.

Bitty and Jack conducted some very quiet research and decided on a large sprawling house on a lake nestled way out in the Poconos.  It was warm, and mildly remote, set in the forest, surrounded by trees, down a few dirt roads, but close enough to a town that they could go in for food and a pharmacy, and the occasional movie if they were so inclined.  It was directly on the lake, the back porch opening out to a small yard that sloped down into a sandy beach and a deep dock separated by a rocky outcropping. There was a speedboat docked behind the house and a few canoes and a paddle boat for fishing or crossing the lake for ice cream.  There were about 10 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a huge renovated kitchen with a huge window over the sink looking out on the backyard, a large yet somehow cozy dining room, a game room, a library/living room and a screened in back porch.  An outdoor shower and a little boathouse capped it off.  It had the feel of an old, handbuilt victorian, with all the individual charm, the built in shelves and the very specific rooms, but updated religiously, boasting an almost professional chef level kitchen and top of the line wifi.  Jack was planning on buying it for Bitty as soon as he watched Bitty fall in love with the “elegant old southern belle”.  

When Bitty called his parents to invite them his mother was terribly worried that paying for the house all by himself would put Jack out terribly.  She fussed and hemmed and hawed until Bitty just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Mama!  Jack makes a very good NHL salary even for a rookie ON TOP of his sponsorship deals! It’s fine.  Please don’t worry about it.”

Jack rented it for the entire month of July and the latter half of June.  He and Bitty stocked the house with all sorts of games, both board games and video, all the food they would need, all the pool toys and the rest of the beach and creature comforts they could think of.  Bitty’s parents got there first and came bearing food as their contributions to the festivities.  Bitty, as always, was never happier than when he was baking with Mama.  But there was something a little extra special about baking with Mama with Jack around, and doing it in such an idyllic setting.

It wasn’t more than 2 days later that Jack’s parents made it to The Cottage, as Bitty had taken to calling it, and boyo did they arrive.  Bitty’s family for all it’s southern ways, has always been fairly…quiet.  Soft music floating through the house, hushed voices at night and in the morning.  Yelling for all that it was part of Coach’s job, was never a part of his homelife.  A slammed door in that house meant a serious problem.  Jack’s parents….were not.  They were a whirlwind of activity, louder voices, happy, joyful, boisterous.  The quiet could be said to have been shattered.  That didn’t mean that either Coach or Mama did anything but enjoy thier time with Bob and Alicia but it was a bit of an adjustment.

By the beginning of that weekend however, the house was really starting to fill up, and that was definitely Bitty and Jack’s favorite part.  Shitty and Lardo had made it to the cottage and demanded the two bedrooms next to each other with a “secret passage” through the closets.  Dex and Nursey took the bedroom with the window seat and bay window overlooking a lovely poplar tree on the dock side of the house.  Ransom and Holster took the bedroom directly in the middle of the house wanting to be close to everyone.  Kent and Alexei took the bedroom closest to the bathroom with the only soaking tub outside of the ensuite master bath, Kent had eyed it with undisguised interest as soon as he became aware of it’s existence.  

The Lakehouse experiment was a resounding success.  Even the day or two that it rained everyone enjoyed their time inside, lounging around, mostly on top of each other, reading or playing video games and board games. One of the days the Samwell Contingent decided to canoe over to one of the islands in the lake and explore, they brought a picnic lunch with them and  spent the afternoon hiking around and exploring the island together.  An entire afternoon was spent sprawled on their backs on the dock, drinking sangria with fresh fruit and debating social justice issues. Every night they set up the firepit on the beach and made smores.  Danceoffs were conducted and judged on performance getting from the bathroom door back to your bedroom after a shower.  

Rsnsom and Jack set up a rubber ducky course for the rubber ducky race that they held midway through the first week.  Everyone would get a rubber ducky and they dropped them into the water The finer points of sailing were hotly debated and the outdoor shower suddenly had a minimum occupancy of two.  

Jack and his father, Coach, and Dex went out on the speed boat for fishing one morning.

Kinder eggs start showing up hidden around the house.  Everyone tries the ketchup chips and the fully dressed chips.  Bitty cooks perfect burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Jack learns how to throw the perfect spiral.  Bitty spends a few days with Alicia in the kitchen learning how to make traditional Canadian dishes.   Everyone learned to make tourtiere pie.  On the Fourth they all take the speedboat over the the island and either watch the fireworks from the island or our on the boat rocking gently in the surf. And bright and early the next morning the boys paddled themselves over to the ice cream parlor for some early morning hangover ice cream.  

Years later, looking back Bitty and Jack would realize that this had been their true first holiday together and even though they mostly started out with the same summer traditions, by the time they packed up The Lakehouse to go home, they would see that they had started a whole lifetime’s worth of summer traditions right there together, with their entire family.  

The rest of the family was only too glad to come out to The Lakehouse the next summer, now that Jack and Bitty owned it outright, not only to help reinforce those traditions but also to add news ones.