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delete the pancake phanart! its not true !!! dan confirmed that phil made it during his younow. you are spreading false statements

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I keep thinking about the way Cinder delivers the line “she was right about you” and how it reflects in her face. It’s the first time she seems at all…emotionally vulnerable? Upset?

In every other scene she’s present, even when she’s angry or her plans aren’t quite playing out – Cinder is smiling through almost the entire fight with Amber, for example, and barely bats an eye at Adam telling her to screw herself – there’s this sense of utter confidence, that her will is being done and there is no stopping it.

Yet in this moment, even though she’s just claimed the full power of the Fall Maiden, this is the first time Cinder shows true distaste, taking offense at Ozpin’s very presence. For a moment, it’s her and not the mask.