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can i ask why you dislike the JL cast? im just curious bc i havent heard anything bad?

henry cavill is/was dating a 19 year old and he said the oscarssowhite hashtag was racist

gal gadot x

jason momoa x

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I know this is probably very off topic but have you heard of the ship bqtacos

“T-that’s not what i meant, why don’t you use the couch?” Blueberry asked uncomfortably.

PapyQ answered with a recitation “Dogs aren’t allowed in the furniture…”

“You’re not a dog, Papy” The little skeleton took some steps closer and kneeled in front of him, looking his eyes in concern.

Papyrus looked away. “Yes i am”

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you've written a lot of top!eren x bottom!levi recently. what's up with that?

I hadn’t even noticed until you pointed that out o_o

I guess I’ve just had more ideas lately where Eren just so happens to be top material and Levi decides that he wants that Jaeger D. There’s not really a pattern. I mean I’m not doing it on purpose if that’s what you’re insinuating.

Dark Waters has top!Levi. Or it will. When I get to that part. Cough-bringonthefishporn-cough. *shifty eyes* I’m working on it.

All my top!Levi fics are ones I haven’t updated in a while, like Shotgun Blues (rip, really have to get back to that one) and Overdose (all praise the deity of sex).

And I’ll go back to them (that’s the plan anyway) someday. When I have time to dedicate to just writing. But I’m kind of just trying to get out a lot of ideas that I have in my head. Mostly short things, because I’d rather put a bunch of ideas out into the world for people to enjoy than just focus on one and it keeps me from getting bored with any one work because I’m working with fresh ideas all the time.

Sorry if the consistency of who’s top bothers you but I write whatever feels right for the AUs that I’m working on and that’s not really going to change so. My bad?

Not sure if you were bothered or just wondering if there was a pattern. But them’s the facts I guess.

No pattern. Just ideas rolling out.

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*floats away*

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You guys always seem so serious and professional, I think that's why you're so reliable, but I just wanted to ask if you guys fangirl a lot when teasers for the comebacks come out and things like that 😂

Of course!! You should see our chat room 😂😂~~!! There’s a lot of screaming, blubbering, illegible typing, teasing, etc….we have regular melt downs, too!

We like to keep things clean & to the point here. One of our goals is to provide only the facts & information, not the opinions to go along with them! This keeps us out of unnecessary fandom drama & also makes our blog valuable for all fans, no matter what their style of fandom is, you know? 

Thank you for supporting us & VIXX! ♡

Edit: I should probably mention that we do have some secret tags we use sometimes…. like ㅋㅋㅋ and   hehe…

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is it normal that i want to die because i feel lonely and isolated

Hey, let’s talk this out. Would you mind coming off anon so I can privately message you? (if not, it’s ok! whatever makes you comfortable!)

You deserve to be happy, just like everyone else. Things always seem so bleak and impossible, but when you look back after a couple months you’ll think “I’m glad I didn’t, because I’m happy now”. You’ll miss your chance to not feel lonely and isolated if you don’t keep going. 

This is something I struggle with on and off so please know you’re not alone in this. I’m here for you. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way, but I have faith that you can persevere even through this. And again, if you’re comfortable, I’d be more than happy to hear you out and talk this through. Sending you love <333 

EDIT: I’m still here waiting for your reply (if you do reply). I’m here anytime, whether it’s tomorrow, the day after, weeks or months after. You’ve got a friend here waiting to listen to you anytime, ok?

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You were being chased by the cops and you took me hostage and now we are spending the night at a rusty old barn. (Crime Au for phillip

Theodosia had thought the cops had lost her tracks but then they’d shown up out of nowhere and she’d been forced to take a hostage - she usually didn’t do anything like that, she didn’t like to hurt or scare people, but it had been a means to an end.

Now they were together in this barn, the police long gone, but Theodosia knew she had to be careful. “I hope you understand why I can’t let you go yet?” @ask-philliphamilton

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Why are they feeding us this bullshit if iris is married to someone else? I'm so sick of this show.

It’s FLASHPOINT. I mean, I didn’t want her to be married to someone else in Flashpoint, but I can see why they did it. Barry needs a reason to go back and undo that shit, and his relationship with Iris is one of the most important he has, and having her not even KNOW him when she first sees him, has to be rough. 

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I get a bit mad when people ask mofftiss about johnlock, because of course they are going to deny it, people should ask about the subtext instead, just to have a confirmation that it is there and it is intentional would be as good but more subtle, it would fly over the casuals heads (and also anger the antis which is allways a plus)

Agreed. Like, Mofftiss is not going to explicitly spoil the plot of the series. No other movie or TV show is expected of this, why do people think this will be any different?

Honestly, I agree. I think people should be asking “why do you like using subtext in your TV shows?” And then they will use subtext to answer for us.

Honestly, their misdirection is just as good as confirmation for me.

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Ever researched any spells for naughty uses?

“W-why in the world would you ask me something like that?! I would never use magic for such things,” he yells as he stomps off looking a tad flustered..



Flight 268

I was sitting next to Jimin on the flight.

“Ugh this is going to be a long flight”

“Yeah.. So how are you doing after the breakup with him?” I looked at him after the long car ride here I told him not to talk about it in the car.

“Jimin I said I didn’t want to talk about it! So why are you bringing it up?” I asked him.

“I’m sorry for trying to make you feel better” He snapped. He put his headphones in and blasted the music looking out the window. Jimin why do you always make me feel bad ugh he’s such a little fucker.

“I’m still hurt” I felt his shifting in his seat.

“Wait i didn’t hear that say that again” I side eyed him.

“I feel hurt okay I miss him but I need to get over him I’m a pretty girl right?”He turned to me and shook his head. I started fake crying.

“No your beautiful and amazing” I looked him in his eyes. I pushed him lightly. 

“Stopp your making me blush” I stated. He place his hand on my lap.

“Ughh your such a perv” I said smiling at him.

“Only if you want me too” He winked I pushed his hand off my lap and started laughing.

“Are you too dating?” Taehyung said coming over the seat.

“Nope I’m dating you” I said to Taehyung as I poked his nose Jimin huffed.


“Of what?” He said trying to deny that he was jealous.

^^ Girl we skipping a few hours lol^^

It was almost the end of the plane ride. Jimin was asleep on my shoulder. I looked at him his nice plump lips so easy to kiss Nope nope shut up. I was mentally yelling at myself. Out of nowhere he started moaning my name. I couldn’t help but snicker. I pulled out my phone and started recording him. 

“What Jimin?”

“Mia faster” He moaned. Then he woke up I dropped my phone.

“What were you doing?” He asked in his sexy raspy voice.

“Playing a horror game it really scared me” I said smiling moving the hair out of my face. 

“ooo I wanna play” Jimin said reaching for my phone.

“Noo it’s okay” I said putting my phone higher in the air.

“I’m taller than you” He got up and grabbed my phone.

“ooo a video of me” 

“Sir please sit down the plane is about to land” Jimin nodded he sat down. He pressed play. His face heated up but I couldn’t hold my laughter ohh this is to funny.

After laughing and making fun of him we got off the plane. We were walking into the airport me and Bts. Jimin stopped me from walking he turned me around planted his lips on me.

He pulled away “Date me” SHITTT I nodded my head and he pulled me in for another kiss as The rest of Bts cheered.

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33 or 50 + jay park? Your choice lol. 💖

50. They’re not coloring books. They’re “adult” coloring books.

“Hey, babe!” 


“Hellooooo? anyone home?”


“Look, I’m sorry.” Jay sighed and rested his chin on his hand, looking at you with begging eyes, He didn’t realise it was a sensitive topic and that it would annoy you so much.

“Yeah, well you’re always sorry.”

“I didn’t cheat on you or anything! I just asked why are you doing colouring in books?” You snapped your head up and glared at him, while holding a blue crayon. How dare he.

“They aren’t colouring in books.”

“Then what is it?” He asked while admiring your neat colours and lines. This conversation has been going on for half an hour and he wasn’t any closer to being forgiven.

“Its an adult colouring book, okay? its VERY grown up.” 

“How? Do you have to colour in tax, pensions, our crippling economy or the social welfare-”

“Shut up”, you threw your crayon at him and refused to look anywhere other than your book. Okay, it might be slightly childish but it relaxed you and it was fun.

“It looks pretty though.” Jay tried to ease his teasing and smiled at you.


“…I wouldn’t frame it though.”

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Hello, could I ask why you think Demetri could be bisexual? It's because there's basically nothing about him in the books, so it's really hard to know.

I don’t have a lot to go on admittedly, it’s just sort of a vibe I got from him. He struck me as ‘dandy,’ sort of into dressing fashionably, being suave and confident and just one of those people with a magnetic personality that drew other people to him, both men and women. He’s beautiful and interesting and eccentric and he likes other beautiful, interesting, eccentric people regardless of gender. 

Part of it might be the mental association I make between him and Felix and another Dmitri and Felix, that is Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and Prince Felix Yusupov, who found infamy as the murderers of Rasputin in the last years of Imperial Russia. There were all sorts of rumors about the two of them being in a homosexual relationship, and Felix was a known cross-dresser (he used to dress up in his mother’s clothes and jewels and go out escorted by his brother, and made such a beautiful woman that King Edward VII of the UK was enchanted by ‘her’). So I think those things all sort of influenced my headcanons about Demetri. Weirdly I don’t see Twilight!Felix the same way, though? All the Russian Felix/Dmitri stuff just kind of fell on Twilight!Demetri in my head for some reason, Twilight!Felix I see as more traditionally masculine–I guess it’s the size/strength thing?


Today I celebrated my first legit ate Sabbath. You might say, “Sunday is sabbath! Or we don’t need to celebrate that anymore since it’s the old Torah.” Well I would ask you why Jesus said ,The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath.“

God worked 6 days, and then rested. He blessed the seventh day and made it holy. So he blessed a specific frame of time, and made that time holy. If God rested after seven days why wouldn’t we? There have been sociologists who did studies on the human condition of go go go. They concluded that in the 50’s when there were no stores open on Sunday, people’s life happiness overall was significantly higher than it is now. People were forced, in a way, to rest. Probably not the biblical definition of rest but still resting.

So, I did that today. I spent time with friends. I spend time in the word, and in worship. I took naps, I didn’t buy anything, I didn’t do any work besides wash my plate after breakfast. I often withdrew to my bedroom and sat in the stillness. I noticed a restlessness. Like I should be doing something productive. It was a lie from the enemy. I’m so conditioned to 24/7 moving all the time, that doing nothing seems wrong. Yet it’s right. I tried to give God my attention all day. And I pondered that my time today was sacred, holy. And I’ll say it was AMAZING. I learned so much in Daniel, and I feel so refreshed. I ended at 6pm, and it was a great experience.

Anyways, take a day of rest. It’s a gift! Not rest from your job so you can do housework. Real rest. And if you do and if you aren’t sure if something is good to do, ask this question, "is this rest? Or is this worship?” No to either of those, can wait for the other 6 days…
Anyways, have a good night!

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So I've wanted to ask why you don't like Jennifer Lawrence? I'm asking because I know nearly zero things about her.

1. shitty actress
2. literally every character is now katniss
3. “watch it, don’t watch it, i don’t care” -abt the trailer for a movie THOUSANDS of people worked on
4. doesnt seem grateful for getting to where she is

Sacrifice and Caring - Amedot

This is just a fanfic. Not real. But I’d like to believe Peridot does risk herself for Amethyst and they talk about it.


Amethyst walks up to Peridot, who is sitting on Steven’s couch. “We need to talk,” Amethyst says.

“About what?” Peridot asks, typing on her tablet.

“Peri… Why did you risk yourself for me earlier?” Amethyst asks.

“I don’t know. Because I felt like it,” Peridot says, looking down and still typing.

“I know you care about me but.. don’t do it again,” Amethyst says.

“Why not?” Peridot asks.

“Because Peri.. It’s a dangerous habit. You need to think for yourself,” Amethyst responds.

“No,” Peridot says. “I don’t care if it is.”

“Well I do. Peri, I care about you so much. What if someday I actually lose you.. forever?” Amethyst asks. Peridot ignores her. “I’m serious, Peridot. What if you were shattered? What if your gem was cracked and we couldn’t do anything about it?”

“How do you know?” Peridot asks.

“Because..I’ve learned. From myself and Pearl,” Amethyst responds.

“Doesn’t mean nothing will happen to me,” Peridot says.

“YES! IT WILL!” Amethyst yells. “Please just listen to me! I care about you, Peridot! Pearl kept risking herself for Rose, and Rose is gone. Don’t be Pearl, Don’t be me. Learn from our mistakes.”

“Well I have to protect you somehow,” Peridot cries.

“You can protect me!” Amethyst says.

“How!?” Peridot asks.

“Don’t be so reckless,” Amethyst responds. 

“Ok,” Peridot says. Amethyst sits down next to Peridot and puts her head on Peridot’s shoulder. 

“Don’t ever leave me,” Amethyst says.

“I promise,” Peridot says.