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Hi! Do you see similarities between Darvey and Olicity? I know individually the characters are different but i dont know why i have always seen their dynamic as the same. I watched suits before arrow and olicity became OTP for me early season 2 because they reminded me of Darvey.

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Hi! I’m going to be honest with you, Anon: I’ve had a busy summer and am crazy behind on Suits. Since I vowed that I would not conclude my Anonymous Ask Blitzkrieg 2015 until after I answered all non-Devil’s Advocate anons, I won’t leave this one out. So, going off of Suits from before the Summer 2015 run:

I do see some similarities between Darvey and Olicity, although Donna/Harvey did not scream Oliver/Felicity to me when I was watching for the first time.

Donna as Harvey’s uber-capable secretary recalled Felicity as Oliver’s immensely overqualified executive assistant for me, and both Harvey and Oliver did come to consider both ladies as safe harbors when everything else was falling apart. There’s a snap-crackle-pop chemistry similar between the two pairings, although I do consider it more romantic/sexual with Olicity than with Darvey. I like that there’s a deep foundation of friendship beneath both pairs that makes me believe that of course the love is there; it just isn’t quite as normal as might be expected of typical male/female relationships on television.

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