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But WBC is real with actual documented incidents. What has a real SJW ever actually done besides make stupid people feel uncomfortable on the Internet

There is no such thing as “a real SJW”.  “Social justice warrior” was always a negative label from the beginning, created to designate those that are not representing social justice as it should be (kind of like how the term “weekend warrior” is used to describe someone who’s normally boring from Monday through Friday, but goes out of their way to indulge themselves irresponsibly on the weekends in an attempt to compensate).  Wearing that label unironically is like publicly proclaiming that you’re a bigot.  You’re utilizing the No True Scotsman logical fallacy here.  Also, the fact that you said “make stupid people uncomfortable on the internet” really doesn’t reflect well on you, especially when the majority of anti-SJWs are liberals, LGBTA people, minorities, etc. that are simply “uncomfortable” with how you’re poorly representing what we believe in.  The fact that there even is a divide between people that all desire equality just goes to show that someone is doing it wrong (hint: It’s not the anti-SJWs).  If anything, you’re just showing people exactly the kind of attitude that people hate about SJWs.  It’s the fanaticism.  It’s the extremism.  There are people who simply have faith in a higher power, and then there are people like WBC, who actively use that faith to try to harm others.  This is why they’re really the perfect analogy when discussing what SJWs are to activism.

In any case, are you sure you want me to answer this?  Because I don’t think you’re going to like what you see.

What has tumblr done, you ask?:

    Meanwhile, the sane people of tumblr mocked the shit out of them for intentionally kicking the hornet’s nest, and then whining when they got stung.

    Why?  Because 4chan contributed over $23k to it. 

    I’m sure all of this doesn’t even come CLOSE to what SJWs have done overall.  I could probably spend weeks finding all sorts of bullshit to put on here.  I openly invite others to add onto this, as I’m sure there’s a lot that’s been left out (@takashi0 might have a list on hand).

    This is why people are against “social justice warriors”.  They are NOT representing social justice.  They are NOT supporting equality.  They are only giving liberals, activists, women, minorities, and the LGBTA community a bad name.

    Please read.

          So today, my Adfly account got deleted. Someone reported it, that someone was @fortheloveofsims4 / @xajxosimsaddicted / @justanothersimplayer or whatever this girl wants to call herself. 

         She’s against adfly, like I’ve never seen before, she’s been commenting on many creators posts that use adfly, trying to create drama. She’s a pathological liar and very stubborn. She commented on my post telling me to stop posting adfly links because they are bad, or she would “make me do it”. So I sent her a very kind and peaceful message, asking her to stop commenting on my posts and trying to create drama. Her response was not so kind, she insulted me in many ways, simply because I use adfly… She said that she would expose me to her “thousands” of youtube subscribers. I tried to explain to her why I use adfly and I told her that if she doesn’t like my content, to simply just not download it! She still didn’t understand and kept insulting me, so I blocked her.
         A few minutes passed and I received a message from other account, her “friend” saying that I made the biggest mistake of my life, because she has 1.8 MILLION YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS and she would expose me! (LOL) I answered telling her to leave me alone and that having 1.8 million subs was impossible, and blocked her again. So she sends me an image from ANOTHER account, with “proof” of the subs:

    As you can see, she sent me a very bad Photoshopped pic, she put her name (not even with the youtube font) and her icon (completely out of the square limits the youtube icon has lololol), and it seems her 1.8 million went down to 500k…. but anyways. I replied saying that the pic was photoshopped from aviatorgamez, and this was her reply:

    Of course my first thought was, “this girl is crazy!” and thought she wouldn’t actually do anything. But it seems she did. And it seems she’s the one behind all the reports on tumblr lately, every blog that got reported was probably because of her. I’m giving her the attention she wants, which I shouldn’t, but I just wanted to warn you about this person.


         My adfly got suspended because this girl reported it. I’ve lost all my earnings and all my links, I’m working at the moment in replacing them. I can’t wrap my head on how someone can do this to someone. I’ve done nothing wrong to anyone. I simply share content. I know it’s not the best way, but it’s the only way I can share it. Yes, I used 2 adfly links, which is very annoying, I understand. But earnings on adfly aren’t much, this way was a way of making a more significant amount. I am a student at University by day, I have a part time job by night, and on my free time I make cc for you, for FREE. I live alone, I need to pay rent, food, tuition, everything. The Sims and adfly have literally saved my life at times, because it was a little extra money, that helped me a lot.
         I’m not saying this for anyone to be sorry for me, I hate that, because I’m not the only one and there’s people with much less than me. I just can’t understand how someone is capable of just ruining someones work, just like that. Why can’t they just ignore and leave people alone doing their own things? If you don’t like something from a creator don’t download it. Why go to extreme measures and report them? Literally ruining a life of someone just for the sake of it. I truly don’t understand and I’m very very hurt. I’m sorry for the long text, I just hope some of you read it and understand my point of view. I’m sorry. 


    I use my photoshop skills to make more memes. Why am I like this.


    Season 2 episode 9 analysis

    More like me rambling abt my hyperfixation but here we go

    This episode kind of revealed a lot abt the kid’s personal & familial issues & lives

    To start: Nikki

    Nikki was either projecting the way she personally was raised, probably with her mom taking on more of the responsibilities, based on how she acted & the fact that her parents are divorced.

    Or she wanted her “egg” to be raised the best way possible, b/c she knows what its like to have (possibly) incompetent parents.

    Then we have: Max

    Throughout the show, Max has a very cynical, distant & angry demeanor. He seems the type to bottle up his issues, based on s2e8 when he pretended “everything was fine” when Mr. Honeynuts got taken away.

    Then, when he is tasked w/ the responsibility of raising the egg, I see two things going on here:

    1, Max with his usual cynical attitude of “I dont wanna be here and this is wasting my Saturday”

    2, Max, projecting the way his parents raise him, neglectful & uncaring. He lets Nikki do what she wants for the most part & there’s a couple of telling moments of his philosophy on parenthood in the episode.

    “Let’s just leave it in a box and get back to enjoying our Saturday.” - Max’s parents neglect (?)

    “We could just send it to a summer camp and have strangers take care of it for 3 months” - what his parents did to him

    “Nikki, calm down! Its like I told you, none of this matters! Nobody knows what they’re doing when they’re taking care of something too dumb to take care of itself! There is no ‘right’ way of doing any of this! How do you think WE turned out so FUCKED UP!?” - Max, projecting some of his own emotional neglect & trauma from his parents.


    Neil, the whole time, was very over-protective & “hogged” the egg from Space Kid. This, again, could be seen as 2 things.

    1, one of his parents hogging him from the other and being very over-protective & suffocating. Based on the fact that he’s at a summer camp, I’m guessing his more “chill” parent sent him there. This is evidenced in s1e3, when Neil says that his plans are “I think I’ll go to dads house and tell him mom sent me to an abusive summer camp. Pretend to like him more so that she’ll try to buy back my love.” Neil has already learned how to work the system of his parents dysfunctional relationship & custody over him.

    2, Neil states that he sees a lot of himself in the egg and that the egg is “fragile” (like him) & that he must protect it. Neil has stated before that he’s a nerdy kid who got picked on back at home, so it’d make sense for him to project on the egg & not want it to go through the same struggles as him.

    Ered & Dolf

    This can be viewed in multiple ways, & overall displays that both Dolf & Ered had more laid-back parents.

    This, of course, can also result in some consequences. Being too “laid-back” can result in the child getting hurt. Ered most likely experienced this as a child, & instead of getting the proper love & attention she needed, got a chuckle and “wipeout”.

    Dolf states that their egg deserves not to be “held back by a regime”. On the one hand, this could just be a cheap Nazi joke. On the other hand, this could imply that Dolf has very controlling parents (which is why he enjoys the creative freedom that artistry gives him) & wants to be a more “carefree” parent as a result of this.

    Nerris & Harrison

    When these two got paired, I of course was PRETTY FUCKIN HYPE (I lowkey ship them)

    These two obviously for the most part are just bickering over which one of them is more “credible” in the magic department, which results in them projecting their own interests onto their “kid”.

    Harrison is not all that advanced in magic, as has been shown in the show before, and this results in their egg getting crushed. Their senseless bickering caused for their “kid” to “die”, which may reflect on their home lives, or may just be a cute joke. Who knows.

    Nurf & Preston

    This is by far the most fucked up projection of these kids’ home lives out of all of them.

    Preston may have a perfectly normal & loving home life, for all we know. Nurf’s really the one projecting on this one.

    Nurf, as we all know, has an extremely toxic and abusive home life, which really comes to show this episode. Ironically enough, he doesn’t want his egg to grow up “with an inferiority complex” *cough cough*, and yet falls into the same cycle of abuse.

    He probably even repeated quite a few phrases he’s heard his dad say when exerting abuse over Preston, talking about how “you better not say you’re afraid to leave me”. Based on previous episodes, Nurf’s parents probably fought like this until his mom did leave the family out of fear. Of course, Nurf could have seen this as “his fault”, since his parents may have always been fighting over him (?)

    The fact that they paired Nurf with another boy to demonstrate his toxic family life is no coincidence.

    First, it is undoubtedly more “socially acceptable” to show a domestic dispute between two men, or where the woman is being abusive, than it is to show a man abusing a women (due to obvious problems within our society)

    Second, Nurf has displayed interest in boys before. In s2e2, Neil threatens to spread photoshopped images of Nurf kissing boys. Nurf counters by saying “maybe I’ve already experimented with my sexuality” and then “Chris, why did you leave me.”

    Preston was very obviously paired in the “mom” role because theater is shown to be a more “feminine” interest, and he sometimes displays some “effeminate gay man” stereotypes.

    Oh, Hello on Broadway Sentence Starters

    • “Oh, hello.”
    • “Charmed I’m sure, I’m _____.”
    • “Theater is the hot, new thing right now.”
    • “We’re filming this as a special for Investigation Discovery.”
    • “But we like to joke that ____ is the master of fun.”
    • “How can I describe the kind of vibe we give off?”
    • “You know when you walk by a travel agency, and you’re like, ‘what?’”
    • “I’m the type of man you would catch at a party going through the coats.”
    • “Each death learning from and improving upon the death before it.”
    • “I am a Tony Award viewing actor.”
    • “It’s a cold wrap, a warm Sierra Mist.”
    • “He wouldn’t let me sulk for one single second.”
    • “We started doing heroin that afternoon.”
    • “It was inspired by, and directly stolen from.”
    • “Who’s that? Who’s that guy?”
    • “When a famous person dies, blame the year, and make it about you.”
    • “We come out with bowler hats on. We take them off, we got two tuna sandwiches on our heads.”
    • “It was like— hey, shut the door— it was like…”
    • “Have you fucking tried dealing with the Shubert Organization?”
    • “They have everything at this place. Old props, old costumes, the cast of Newsies huddled over a flaming garbage can.”
    • “Which the city of New York informs us is a massive fire hazard.”
    • “Why he wore a dress to make a phone call, we will never know.”
    • “Perhaps you didn’t have time before the show to eat at Guy Fieri’s Great American Garbage Fire.”
    • “Her head ended up where?”
    • “That guy is sick as a dick!”
    • “Do you wanna know why? Do you wanna know why, ___? Because I could not afford Adobe Photoshop!”
    • “Alright, we’re having a nice time, so…”
    • “Oh waiter? I’ll have one more root beer, please.”
    • “Not in life, or in the play, ever put your nail in between my nail, in my fingie meat.”
    • “For real, don’t ever do that again. For real.”
    • “What are we? Two characters with different perspectives?”
    • “Twenty-five hundred dollars for a measly five-bedroom with office, crown molding, and fireplace?”
    • “___, is there a— fucking wait!”
    • “Are we on the same team?”
    • “Yeah! The ‘86 Mets.”
    • “Good news comes in thin envelopes.”
    • “Boy, that guy’s going back to Chinatown.”
    • “My father’s in a pitch black room drinking whiskey, and we are not allowed in there.”
    • “On one hand, I was sad my mother killed herself, but on the other hand, I was happy it was my birthday.”
    • “I’ll go banana bread on you, and it’ll be too dry to swallow!”
    • “You need to lose like, seven pounds.”
    • “I’m at Columbia University— as a trespasser.”
    • “Fun fact: I’m the only guy to get kicked out of a cult for being too into it.”
    • “Watch out, raccoons, they’ll steal your food, but next thing you know, they’ll steal your heart.”
    • “First off, we do not have the rights to Bill Joel’s ‘Movin’ Out.’“
    • “You’re God’s born loser, you know that?”
    • “No. No escape. Hey— no, no!”
    • “You know what? Our game show where contestants had to guess what you knew?”
    • “And the one time that guy guessed it, I lied.”
    • “The menu is like nineteen pages long, and even though it’s a diner, it has stuff like lobster on it.”
    • “Could I get a 1970′s coffee? So watery, and grey, and a gun next to it on the table.”
    • “And they don’t at all get a huge fucking tuna comeuppance.”
    • “Thank you for that measured compliment.”
    • “Did Jews not control the world of art?”
    • “When I realized card tricks were actually a trick, I said there must be no God.”
    • “the point is, we used to drink fish.”
    • “Well, we could be living in the subway tunnel if you hadn’t blown it with the mole people.”
    • “I hate to be the first to say it, but New York has changed.”
    • “The 1990′s! Mad About You, pesto sauce, O.J. Simpson breaks his 45-year no killing streak.”
    • “Could you imagine doing something so fucked up, there’s no more Toyota Camry?”
    • “But you’re Jewish and she’s a raccoon!”
    • “It’s just— I’ve never had money before, and I want some.”
    • “The baby is demonic!”
    • “I’m on the floor.”
    • “Could you get me a Ferraro Roche chocolate? Or a Lindt Lindor Truffle? My favorite flavor is blue.”
    • “I need you to go to Just Salad, at like, one P.M. when they’re at their busiest, and just get online and be like ‘now let’s see, how does this work?’“
    • “Will you go to the Magnolia Bakery as featured in the Sex and the City walking tour and just open fire?”
    • “Will you go to Long Island City, Queens? ‘Cause I won’t.”
    • “A look that can only be described as Pussy Safari.”
    • “It’s like, suddenly jewelry stores do have a bathroom I can use?”
    • “You got clam juiced, you white trash idiot.”
    • “Would you stop the Super Bowl halfway through to do a bunch of bullshit?”
    • “You wanted to hear how fucked up I am inside?”
    • “Nobody’ll say it, but Shakespeare is a fucking hack, alright?”
    • “Have we owned this the entire time?”
    • “I’m so sorry that I lied to you about a life changing voice-over opportunity, and then bullied you for forty years.”
    • “I’m so sorry that I really didn’t do anything wrong.”
    • “Oh no, that’s okay, waiter. I bring my own chair places.”
    • “Most of those teens only bought the book because in it, I explained how to make a bomb.”
    • “Oh waiter? I’ll have— well, I’ll have two root beers, please.”
    Some quick musings on the new update


    Here is the text, with my first thought comments in bold:

    I was going to draw this out longer but the truth is, I’m bored.


    There is no Lost Special. There never was, and there never will be.

    And you know this objectively?

    Once again, in their need to keep this midnight train going, TJLC fans created something out of nothing.

    Even if that is that case, why do you care?

    Seeing this obsession with “The Lost Special,” even though series 4 was clearly over, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to run a sociological experiment with a vicious fandom in denial.

    Steven brought it up, not us.  Also, even if the series is over, that doesn’t mean it’s over.  They’ve repeatedly said they have through series 5 mapped out. It was only in December 2016 they started hinting at “we don’t know, this could be it.” Sure Jan.

    My poorly assembled website took not more than twenty minutes to cobble together (as some people rightly pointed out) and very little effort to maintain.

    This is a lie.  

    “By the pricking of my thumbs (something wicked this way comes)”- I edited an ominous message into the code and title, referencing the Macbeth quote used in The Six Thatchers. It was strange to see how many people didn’t recognise the “pricking” quote and even criticised the website because it allegedly didn’t call back to Sherlock in any way- except that I was directly quoting a series 4 episode.

    Except most of us did recognize this?  What about your dancing man code reference to Unto the Breach?

    Watching fans defend how shoddy the website is, in their need for thelostspecial to be real was especially funny. It was also funny to see the people who guessed the website was fake and said as much, but didn’t even care because they desperately needed something to hold onto, with Sherlock over.

    Whichever, why do you care?  Why would it be funny to you?

    Then there’s the people who clocked that thelostspecial.com wasn’t “real”… and yet never question their own dedication to TJLC and/or the existence of a fourth episode of series 4, concepts entirely created by Tumblr.

    The lost special site was only one of hundreds of indications something is fucky.  

     Anyhow. Next, I threw a random bunch of numbers and photos out there to see how people would scramble and react, and you didn’t let me down. Mostly I chose the first photo I found of a character that I liked the look of, in Google; there wasn’t real logic. I re-used some images out of laziness. I used an online generator to make the Dancing Men/Henry V code post.

    So the meanings we found in everything, tying it somehow back to Sherlock, or ACD canon, or anything else were all coincidences?  

    What do we say about coincidences?

    40, 27, kra, the various “hints” you think you found on the website and found countless possible meanings of, they were chosen at random. Even the elephant photo was chosen at random. It wasn’t until after I edited it into the main website photo that I discovered the poor thing was named Mary and had been shot and executed for killing a man (on 9.13.16. Everyone overthought that one too much.)  So I used that info because it was serendipitous. “The universe is rarely so lazy?” Friends, the universe is often lazy.

    “They were chosen at random.”  “The universe is rarely so lazy?

    Sure Jan.

    When I added a black image with five pixels of colour to the website, you did not let me down. People played with the image until they became convinced it was QR code spelling something out. It was just five meaningless pixels of nothing, created in MS Paint.

    Yet you did the whole thing in 20 minutes.

    The static gif was taken from a YouTube video of TV static from some movie, with an old Moriarty close-up thrown in.

    We know, 28 days later.  With Moriarty loaded in.  Again, whole thing in 20 minutes.

    The photo of John and Sherlock sitting in the watery 221B, I got it from Farfarawaysite.com, and scaled it down a little because the photo was large. That’s it. I didn’t change the proportions in any way, or alter the colours, or add anything to the photo. Anything you saw in it, you imagined. I left the big black header on the website as a hint to keep your eye on those, since the thing I changed on 2/11 was in the similar Twitter header.

    ”That’s it. I didn’t change the proportions in any way, or alter the colours, or add anything to the photo. Anything you saw in it, you imagined.”

    Like Murderous Mary being photoshopped into the back picture? Sure Jan: http://whimsicalethnographies.tumblr.com/post/156824256785/221bloodnun-whimsicalethnographies

    I changed the plain black header of the Twitter to a black one with a word embedded in it. The profile photo was changed to a plain black photo with XX hidden in it. No one bothered checking it, though clearly the account was active again, so I changed the profile photo to show the Xs, as a hint to look deeper. Finally people found the “clue” today, not that it matters. The word spelled out there is another blind alley that leads nowhere.

    Then accept all our follow requests.  

    MMTE: The source code message was a hint toward Murderous Mary the Elephant, which some of you guessed but no one looked for it.


    (Don’t bother trying to access it, there’s nothing in there.)


    There was no set schedule for changes to thelostspecial. I used intermittent reinforcement to keep people frustrated but coming back for more. That’s why I added and removed things at unexpected times. There is no pattern.


    For people wondering, wow, why would anyone take so much time to do this? Well, I didn’t. Creating the plain black squares with a few letters, throwing a message into the source coding,  and uploading the new website photo of John and Sherlock took maybe 5 minutes. Creating a side blog with no posts and keeping it private takes one minute.

    Except the photoshopping you DID do as established would have taken more.  Even searching for the first image you found would have taken time.

    Overall, it takes less than twenty minutes a week to do this, once it was set up, because really? You do all the work for me. You all did what TJLCers do best- you took a bunch of random data, inflated it into something much more complicated than it really was, and created your own narrative out of it. Even knowing it might be nothing, and was probably just a fan-made site, you’ve still allowed yourselves to get worked up over it and allowed yourselves to hope. You’re reading into nonsense and finding clues where there are none, and naturally most of those “clues” pointed exactly where you wanted them to point to. Confirmation bias at its finest.

    Well all I get from this is that we’re smarter than you are.

    Learn from this.

    Stop falling into conspiracies. Trust yourself when you can see that something isn’t real or likely. Alternately, find something that doesn’t make you feel sad or heartbroken.

    Seriously?  “Trust yourself when you can see that something isn’t real or likely.”

    Instincts are to be trusted, John.  

    Also, my instincts have gotten me into a pretty good place. I’ll keep trusting them, thanks, and they tell me something is fucky.  We’ve seen this episode before.  

    Goddamn you’re arrogant.

    A few final notes:

    “And in conclusion *jerk off motion*

    I was somewhat entertained by the several dozen times people attempted to reset the password for the website and access the control panel. If I was petty, I would’ve logged your IPs and reported you to your ISP. (Don’t worry, I didn’t. I don’t care that much.)’

    You cared enough to look.  

    I didn’t send the “mole” anons or any other messages on Tumblr. I think other fans decided to join the game. I imagine they’ll continue until they get bored, too.

    Read: I can’t say why everything else is fucky too.  Must be more people like me.

    The only twitter account connected to thelostspecial.com is twitter.com/thelostspecial. I have no idea who runs the “contact” twitters but I’m positive they’re fan accounts. (If you think BBC-sanctioned accounts would post like that, I have a bridge to sell you.) As for my twitter, I set up the thelostspecial twitter account, followed some BBC-related accounts and left it alone for a week while TJLC fans went wild trying to suss out who I was following. That’s all I did with it.

    Then accept my follow request.  Seriously, YOU’RE SO CLEVER I need to follow you to learn your secrets.

    I didn’t start thelostspecial Instagram account. Someone else did that, I don’t know who.

    Nobody asked.  Actually, I didn’t even know there was an instragram account.  Did anyone else know?

    And if you enjoyed hunting, try a legitimate online riddle game, such as Amnesya.com for a challenge! All the fun, none of the TJLC and fandom “fucky” business.

    Well, since you brought up “fucky business,” why are they screenshots of the Shrewd Living posts in the “Museum?” Did you do that too? Wow.  In charge of a scam website.  Oh, you don’t know about that?  Then why put it in there?  Why, John?


    Sherlock Series 4 is over. This is the end.

    Thanks for playing TheLostSpecial! Goodbye and God bless.

    Seriously, we’ve seen this episode before.


    The Akatsuki as high school teachers

    What teaching roles would the Akatsuki take on if they were forced to become high school teachers?

    1. Pein

    Teaches: History. His voice sends people to sleep.

    Pein: “And in the Ancient Roman period the life expectancy was only 20 to 30 years. This has many contributing factors. Such as, but not limited to…”

    Student: “Oh my god why won’t he talk faster.”

    Pein: “No talking in my class. And don’t blaspheme my name like that.”

    2. Konan

    Teaches: Careers. She’s a little too motherly.

    Konan: “And when you finish high school, you can go and do whatever you set your mind to.”

    Student: “Can I become a chef?”

    Konan: “Of course!”

    Student #2: “Can I become a mob boss???”

    Konan: “You can do whatever your heart tells you to hun.”

    3. Itachi

    Teaches: Computing and I.T. Well he tries at least.

    Itachi: “Okay…..so today you’ll be using Photoshop to create a website design.”

    Student: “You just opened up Microsoft Paint.”

    Itachi: “Yes…I meant to do that…..give me a second.”

    Student: “Can you even see the screen clearly?”

    Itachi: “Honestly? No. I am going blind. Just do whatever.”

    4. Kisame

    Teaches: Gym. He has a pretty fierce rivalry with the other gym teacher.

    Kisame: “Right! Let’s do some good old rope climbing today!”

    Student: “Mr Gai had us do that yesterday.”

    Kisame: “…..Right. Then we’ll be using the horse vault instead.”

    Student: “Also yesterday. He said something about not remembering if there was another gym teacher or not so we just did everything.”

    Kisame: “OH FOR FU-”

    5. Hidan

    Teaches: Religion. Even though he’s just a substitute. 

    Hidan: “And THAT is why you should hail Lord Jashin as your saviour.”

    Student: “Mr Hidan this is an English Literature class.”

    Hidan: “Do I give a fuck? No. Shut the fuck up.”

    6. Kakuzu

    Teaches: Economics. Yes it’s as terrible as you think.

    Kakuzu: “Setting up an interest account will not only teach you to save money but will also earn you even MORE money in the long run.”

    Student: “Thanks for the advice! But the exam is about taxes so I really think we should be-”

    Kakuzu: “Taxes are the devil. I will have no part in teaching it. If you fail then that’s your own problem”

    7. Deidara

    Teaches: Art. As a substitute. He hates being the substitute. 

    Deidara: “Alright kiddos get out your clay we’re gonna be making SCULPTURES.”

    Student: “But Mr Sasori has been teaching us still life painting so shouldn’t we be continuing that?”

    Deidara: “Ha ha, Mr Sasori can suck a dick because he’s an idiot. I said get out your clay.”

    8. Sasori

    Teaches: Art. 

    Sasori: “Sorry I was away. I had a nasty head cold and- what the hell are those?”

    Student: “Um…..Mr Deidara told us to make clay sculptures yesterday and it was actually really fun! We’re hoping we can finish-”

    Sasori: “Throw those hideous things in the trash where they belong.”

    9. Tobi/Obito

    Teaches: Drama. As two different “brothers”.

    Tobi: “Okay! Let’s practise our facial expressions now! Pull the stupidest face you can and your partner has to try not to laugh! Then we’re gonna practise ANIMAL NOISES!”

    Student: “Holy shit Mr Uchiha’s brother is on some sort of drug or something.”

    Tobi: “What did you say about my brother?? That he’s super handsome?? Yeah I know!”

    10. Zetsu

    Teaches: Biology. Things tend to go missing.

    Zetsu: “Okay. Today we are dissecting frogs.”

    Student: “Ewww….cool! Where are they?”

    Zetsu: “I…..didn’t eat them. I swear.”

    Student: “…..oh.”

    ok you know the smh has gotta have a lot of inside jokes but i bet this is even worse with those that live in the haus bc they’re constantly around each other so here are some haus inside jokes & memes with help from @abermb 

    • Ass Discourse
    • ransom said “bilk mag” instead of milk bag once and they’ve all said bilk mag so often they actually say that first instead of milk bag
      • when ransom’s at home he’ll be like “i’m gonna go get a mag of- fuck, a bilk- fuckigngn fuck”
    • “please don’t fuck the geese”
    • asking jack to sign increasingly ridiculous things when some stranger asks him for his autograph (this is a canon thing from the twitter but i can’t find the link)
    • “when my mother breastfed me there was definitely some vodka in there”
      • “vodka. like mother’s milk, only better.”
      • “vodka: kid tested, mother approved.”
    • that time they discovered derek and eric rhyme and wouldn’t shut up about it
      • they still haven’t shut up about it
      • “deric”
    • “lock your door or jack will steal your gold”
    • lardo, the tiny cave gremlin, 
    • “why don’t you go ask the COCKROACHES” 
      • cockroaches is always screamed at full volume, emphasis on the “cock”
    • bitty threatening to climb in the oven if anyone is mean to him
      • “bitty do your homework” “bye y’all time to go live in the oven”
    • (anything): happens (someone): “jack why don’t u take a picture of it”
    • holster settles down to watch one of his shows. someone is already on the couch. the tv is turned to a static channel. “oh, sorry holster,” they say, “guess you’ll have to wait till my show’s over.” they look at the tv and laugh as they eat popcorn. a tear slips down holster’s face.
    • constantly asking if anyone’s fed the cat. they don’t have a cat.
      • jack: “you don’t have a cat” shitty: “i can’t believe u let her die”
    • nursey’s mystical seducing guitar
    • making up bullshit southern sayings and then nudging bitty conspiratorially as if he knows what tf they’re talking about
      • “it’s hotter out here than a cocker spaniel rubbed in oil and stuck in a tree, right bitty?”
      • “that boy bakes more than a zebra in the middle of boston on a november afternoon”
      • bitty: “im climbing in the fuckgin oven” 
    • coming up with a fake teammate and talking about him on social media like he’s a close friend
      • “borky, man, what a guy. that goal, tho!!!!” 
      • chowder: “what”
    • alexei mashkov is 20 puppies in a coat who have managed to infiltrate the sports world 
      • they refer to tater as “them” and jack has no idea why; at first he thinks it’s a gender pronoun thing but then he realizes they’re using the plural they and is even more confused
    • texting bitty that they’re out of butter when 1. he’s already stressed and 2. the fridge is literally full of butter
    • drawing faces on all of the eggs and screaming bloody murder when bitty cracks them
      • dex does this the most
    • guilting chowder about things he hasn’t done like he’s a dog
      • “you’ve fucking done it now chowder. jesus christ. what the fuck is wrong with you, man” “I’M SO SORRY I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DID BUT I’M REALLY SORRY” [bitty voice] “chowder honey you didn’t do anything” “and now bitty’s in on it. incredible. we can’t trust anyone”
    • “nursey’s father will hear about this”
    • several different memes about the size of holster’s head
      • “if the world is destroyed from global warming we can all just move to holster’s head it’s big enough for several million people”
    • always cutting shitty off no matter what he’s talking about with “stop mansplaining”
    • dex has a sound effects app on his phone and plays sounds that do not match the situation at all
      • [bitty drops a spoon] dex: [duck quack]
      • lardo: “i just bombed that test dudes” dex: [airhorn]
    • sharing pictures of frogs to social media and tagging whiskey and tango in them
      • [photoshopped jerseys onto 2 tiny frogs] “good game boys!!! our freshman really did it for us today!!”
    • feel free to add your own memes

    anonymous asked:

    :0 can you do a tutorial for this edit? Mostly the word search part! Also thanks so much for making such awesome stuff Ily and ur edits /post/129348976012/ikon

    How to make this gfx

    Ok first you need to know that english is not my first language and i’m really really really bad at explaining things also this is my first time making a tutorial but i’ll try my best so pls bear with me. This is the final result.

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    Monsta X Reaction: Their S/O Begins To Cry Because They Said Something Rude

    I’m not sure if you got my request because as I was sending it they wifi was cut off from my phone. Oh well. Well my request was Monsta X reaction to them fighting with their girlfriend and them saying hurtful words to her and she ends up crying and sobbing in front of them? Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 💛💛


    Originally posted by minhyuk1

    “I just weighed myself I’ve lost a total of  twelve pounds.” You marked it down on your calendar, noticing how you had lost a respective two pounds over the last two weeks. “I’m three pounds away from 15.” Hyungwon stops scrolling through his Twitter feed.

    “Only 15?” You don’t catch on at first,

    “Yeah, 15 for now, I think that’s a reasonable amount for two months.”

    “Maybe you should cut out Kimchi too, you’d lose more weight.” He picks up his drink and takes a small sip resuming his scrolling through his Twitter.

    “I’m sorry I just caught on did you say ‘only 15’?” Hyungwon nods,

    “Yeah, I mean I thought you’d at least aim for twenty..” He spitballs and then looks up at you, “maybe twenty-five pounds.”

    “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

    “It just means you could lose more weight! Nothing more, nothing less!” You look over at the mirror frowning at your reflection. You were wearing sweats and sports bra, and yeah your stomach was a little over the hem but you thought you were doing well. You hold up your arm, grabbing at the fat there, feeling tears well up in your eyes.

    “I thought I was doing a good job.” Your voice cracks and Hyungwon’s head snaps toward you, his face falling when he notices the tears in your eyes.

    “Y/N…” His voice is small, his heart dropping to his stomach when you race away. “Shit.”


    You had managed to cry yourself to sleep only to be woken by a small voice and someone shaking you awake. “Y/N?” You look back to find Hyungwon, a huge teddy bear in his arms.

    “What do you want?  Jackass.” You make sure to add the last part, the word cold as it slipped past your lips.

    “I went out and got your favorite from the restaurant down the street and I brought you a huge bear. These things don’t make what I said any less harsh or rude but I had no ride to have said what I did. You are not fat, you are not disgusting either and it honestly tears me apart when you say those things about yourself. As your boyfriend, I’m supposed to support you no matter what and I’m sorry about what I said, I really am, please don’t ever think you are any less, I love all of you, every single inch of you.”

    “The food please?” Hyunwon sets the food down with a chuckle.

    “Does this mean I’m forgiven?”

    “Maybe…maybe you can seal the deal with a movie night.”



    Originally posted by xwonho

    “Y/N/N, please let me in!” Jooheon had been banging on your bedroom door for the last two hours. He slides down to the floor hanging his head in his hands, remembering how he had gotten here.

    “Joojoo, please explain to me what this is.” You flash him your phone, it was a picture of him and Lisa, they were kissing. “Why the fuck are you kissing her?”

    Jooheon furrows his brows, “I-I wasn’t-” He was going to explain him but the testosterone coursing through his body wouldn’t allow him. “That’s actually pretty good.” He hadn’t meant any harm by it, he meant the photoshop of the picture was good, he had never even actually been so close to Lisa.

    “What do you mean it’s good? Kissing her was good? Was it better than kissing me?” What really got him was the jumping to conclusions and before he knew it he had initiated a screaming match.

    “I don’t know Y/N, maybe if you didn’t always jump to fucking conclusions you-” He turned around to find you staring daggers back at him, your hands at your side balled into fists.

    “'I swear to god if you finish that sentence.”  Jooheon was taken back by the harshness in your voice, noticing the way you had begun to shake as he hadn’t made a move to apologize. “You know what? I’ll be upstairs, don’t fucking bother me.”

    “Princess?” Jooheon called out again softly banging his head against the door. “I’m sorry, I-I’m a guy and you know sometimes guys are idiots.” He smiles when he hears you laugh from the other side of the door. “I just want to let you know the picture really is fake, you know I would never do that to you. I love you and no girl is ever going to change that.” He hears you stand up off the bed, soft footsteps as you make your way to the door. You slowly open the door, Jooheon standing up just as you had fully opened it.

    “You mean that?”

    “Of course, no one will ever trump my love for my princess.” You jump into his arms, giggling into his neck.

    “I love you,”

    “I love you too, princess.”


    “I can’t fucking believe you!”  You pushed Changkyun’s shoulder. “After everything I’ve fucking done for you.” Changkyun watched you shake as you continued to push him. You were so angry all you could do was cry and it pissed you off to the extreme. “You’re seriously going to start a fake relationship with another idol vs me because she’s 'who you’re supposed to be with’?” Changkyun stayed silent, taking each hit and push you dealt out. He felt his own tears begin to spill down his cheeks.

    “I-I’m sorry Y/N, I’m so sorry.” He wanted to take you in his arms, tell you it’d be alright, that he still loves you, but all he could do was stand there, watching you break.

    “Why didn’t you say no?” You slowly shook your head, body racking with coughs as you began to gasp for air. “Why didn’t you say no?” You screamed, crumpling to the floor. Changkyun finally gathered the strength to move, falling to the floor to take you into his arms.

    “It’s for the group…” He explains, “Our managers don’t think we should date because you’re not Korean but you know what? Fuck them, if they want me, they’re going to need to be a little more accepting of our relationship.” Changkyun cried his words into your hair, “I love you, I love you, I love you,” He repeated. You wrapped your arms around him, letting him rock you back and forth. He had a long day ahead of him tomorrow, lots of explaining.

    I Just Wanna // Lee Taeyong


    the prompt: I would like to request/suggest two song based scenarios, the 1st one based on “I just wanna make love to you” with Taeyong.

    words: 1195

    category: fluffy fluff

    author note: i realize the chorus is kinda angst so i cut the entire chorus bc i wanted to write a husband!taeyong fluff. also i’m a pure bean so there is no love making in this. rather, it’s about the little things that make love so attractive to us :)

    - destinee

    Originally posted by haechanz

    i am so very soft for this boy

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    a lot of the time i find myself in a rp whit a shit load of potential, but dying for no reason. everyone has a lot of muse, everyone is saying how they “hate how this is dying like how can this be happening”, everyone obviously logged on, yet there are only a couple people who dare to actually attempt to keep it alive. i wish i can say this has only happened once but lately i find myself in this position a lot, and by all the complaining in the rpt tags i know i am not alone on this. so, i decided to make a little rp helpers guide or whatever cause some people obviously need this. 

    so here is:


    1. don’t complain about the rp dying

    i always see this and it always gets on my nerves. i’m not talking about those who post a starter and in the tags say “where is everyone at?” cause even though there is some complaining  involved in that, they are still doing more to try to keep it alive, actually posting a starter. i’m talking those who are obviously on the dash cause you see them post an ooc saying “this is dying i’m so sad :( :( :( “. that is not being active, thats just complaining, and being annoying (well a least for me. and if you really were so sad you would actually do something about it, maybe reply to a starter, then make one of your own, or something. DON’T BE THE COMPLAINER, THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

           2. don’t blame the admins

    although it is an admins job to run a rp, rarely is it ever actually an admins fault that a rp dies. keep in mind that along with running it, they also have parts in the rp, and like all of us do, they have lives outside the internet. if the main isn’t active for a day or two, so what? that doesn’t mean that the rp is dead, it means that the admins may have something else in their lives going on, or maybe even, that are participating in the rp, and doing their part to keep it alive? 

          3. don’t only reblog muse shit

    in the past year or so, muse blogs have really made a difference in the rpc. now, we have a place to find things that can relate to our character, or a plot that they currently have with another character, and reblog them, giving people more of an in-depth sense of our chracters, from more then just statistics or a bio. i would be lying is i didn’t admit my love for this, cause it truly has made a difference. but, i cannot tell you how many times i have seen a rp slowly dying and there is that one person or in some cases, multiple people, who you know are on the dash, cause they are reblogging stuff, but instead of reblogging starters and replies, they are reblogging musings, or pictures. has this ever happened to you? you post a starter, and you worked hard on it, thinking of starters that are original is pretty hard, but you finally do it. how ever long after you see that little one thing on the tumblr refresh thing, telling you that there is something new on the dash. excited, you go, click on that refresh button, and when your dash reloads, its a quote, a picture, a gif set, something along those lines. now knowing someone is on the dash, you wait for that response, but it never comes. instead, your starter gets buried. #stopburyingstarterswithmusingshit2016. i’m not saying stop reblogging muse shit, please, if i did, that would make me a hypocrite. but mayb,e while your on the dash, and you happen to see a reply, or you happen to see a starter, or you see how no ones made a new starter in a day or two, why not make make posting actual rp stuff your priority?

         4. do be active 

    this one is kind of a given, but i fee. as though lately, some people need a reminder. in order to keep a rp alive, you must simply be active! i know, i know, its hard to if no one else is on the dash, but, if your not gonna be the one to break the dead rp ice with a starter, then who is? what i have found out over my time in the rpc  is that activity is almost like a chain reaction. most of us are on at the same time, or at least once a day, yet for some reason everyone seems scared to post a starter, or even a reply, no one wants to be first. its like at a buffet or something, no one wants to be first in line, yet everyone wants to eat. so what can you do? be the first in line! start the activity up again! when it seems as though no ones on the dash, who cares? just post a starter, and reply to your other replies, and i’m sure the rest of the rp will start to be active again.

        5. if you don’t have muse, either try to get some or just leave the rp

    i know some of us get very attached to some of our characters, and feel as though we can play them forever, yet, there always those times where are use just isn’t as high as it was before. it happens to the best of us. but, that doesn’t really give you an excuse to just abandon the rp. in my eyes, there are two ways to go about solving this problem. 1) you take a day or two, make an ooc saying that you just need a day or two but you promise to come back soon, let the admins know, and take that day or two, and try to develop your muse again. whether is that just taking that time to be off the dash, in the real world, looking through muse blogs, making photoshop shit for them, plotting with more people, i don’t know! but if you want to stay in the rp, with muse, i recommend doing this.  2) if you have attempted this last step and it just didn’t work, or you really just want out of the rp, just leave then. simple! i’m sure all the admins would understand, plus, i’m sure there is someone out there who will be more then happy to fill your role in the rp with whatever muse they have. 

        6. don’t ignore starters

    this may seem like common sense, but i have seen this happen way too many times, where someone pot a starter, and then the complainer comes on, or the muse reblog person, orrr those people who mean well, do replies, but just for some reason don’t reply to start starter, instead make one of their own. part of keeping an rp active is being inclusive! sure, that person may not be your favorite, or you just don’t get their chara, or your muses don’t get along well, so what? if you want to keep the rp alive, your going to have to include everyone, thats just how it goes.

        7. promote!

    this one may seem like it should only be reserved  for the admins, but it is not! promoting the rp to your friends or the rpc, either by talking about it, posting a link on your aim updates, posting a link to it on your rph/rpc, reblogging a main promote post on your rpt/rph, the list is endless. this way, your friends can join, people you met on aim yet don’t talk to anymore for whatever reason can jojn, those who are too lazy to go through the tags and just look at the rpt or rph tag for some reason can join, anyone can really! 

        8. try to get online

    i know we all have outside lives from the rpc, but joining a rp, you are making a commitment to stay active. if something happens and you need some time off, thats when you ask the admins for a hiatus, and i’m sure they will understand and let you have some time off. but, if you find yourself bored, the dash slow, why not get involved, be active!

    i know i’m going to get a message or two once i post this saying “ugh this is so annoying, this is all common sense blah blah blah,” but, lately from my own experience and from what i have seen people complaining about on the tags, i feel as though people need this reminder. also if majority of the rpc follows these tips, i’m sure rps would last a solid amount of time, and people can stop complaining. also, if anyone has any more tips, feel free to reblog and add them, or message me them!

    answering asks!

    been a while since i answered some QUESTIONS so here we go

    remember to check my faq before asking! thanks!

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    SLBP KAI REINCARNATIONS (with a Yukimura x MC pairing)

    Shingen & Kansuke

    • Shingen remembers first. He’s in the military, and there’s a moment, when he’s leading his men (and women!) that he just knows. It’s as natural and comfortable as putting on a favorite piece of clothing – the transition between not remembering and carrying all of the memories is effortless.
    • (Not without some pain over things left undone and promises unkept, but, effortless)
    • First thing he does is start seeking out the others. Kai was always, ever Kai because of the people who were a part of it, and Shingen was who he was because of the people who surrounded him, he has as much a duty to them in this life as the last.
    • Kansuke is next! Medical researcher, life has always felt a bit…lacking, like he moves through a fog.
    • Fog finally, finally lifts when Shingen walks into his lab, grinning.
    • Mr Emotionless DEFINITELY CRIES bet me on this
    • Anyway, Shingen finishes his service and starts a business, because there are new ways to lead, and this offers him a better opportunity to get out and about and find everyone.

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    EXO | When Their GF is Shipped With Another Member

    Anonymous said:

    Can you please do the request “When Their GF is Shipped With Another Member” for EXO? thanks<3

    You work at SM and after your relationship was outed they were asked questions about you and after that because of how they described you or what questions they had answered or even your clothing style in pictures when you had been caught together out and about fans had began to ship you when another member *Yes the same preface for the Got7 one*

    Recently after the interview where Minseok was asked about you people had been starting to ship you with Jongdae; and though he wasn’t really one to get jealous…annoyance would start to arise.

    “Yeah…hi guys, remember me? Y/N is dating me not him.”

    Originally posted by mminseok


    Though he probably wouldn’t be completely concerned by the fact that you were being shipped with Sehun after a while of hashtags and even fan art of you two he would begin to let the stress get to him.

    “Are you okay?” you questioned.

    “My brain is going to explode with all these…OH MY GOD WHO WROTE A SMUT FANFIC OF YOU TWO?”

    Originally posted by yehet-a-kookie

    “What’s with the face?” you questioned as you saw Yixing making faces at his phone.

    “The fans found your Instagram and they’ve been commenting on the photos that you’re makeup is always…’on fleek’,” he replied.

    “So why are you making a face like you smelled something horrible?” you asked, crossing your arms.

    “Because they’re also saying that you should date someone fashionably fierce like Tao….I can be fierce to,” he said before trying to be a fierce face.

    “So fierce honey….so fierce.”

    Originally posted by getlayd

    He’s most likely to make a joke out of the whole situation when you start getting shipped with Jongin.

    “Hey Y/N, here comes your boyfriend,” Baek joked, as Jongin walked into the living room of the dorm.

    “It’s not that funny, Baek….” you said.

    “It kinda is actually,” he said, “Look…look…look at this photoshopped picture.”

    Originally posted by tipannies

    Jongdae is also likely to make jokes to try and lighten the mood of the situation. “Well at least it’s Minseok….”

    “What do you mean ‘at least it’s Minseok’?” you questioned.

    “He’s the only acceptable choice for you to be shipped with besides me…anyone else and I might have to start questioning people.”

    Originally posted by iyeolie

    This cinnamon bun might get a little self conscious at the fact that you were being shipped with Kris. He might start internally questioning why the fans might think you two would look better together and start to over think the situation.

    “Channie, I got food, are you hungry?” you asked, walking into your apartment only to receive no response, “Channie?”

    “Hmm?” he questioned, staring at his phone with a pained look on his face.

    “Would you give me that,” you said as you took his phone away from him, “Now you listen to me Park Chanyeol, I don’t care what the fans say…the only man I love and have ever truly loved is you and no fan based shipping is going to change that, got it?”

    He looked at you a small frown still on his face. “I love you too…and I got it.”

    Originally posted by porkdo-bi

    He was actually trying to answer fan questions on live TV when he first saw anything about you being shipped with Yixing. “D.O. what do you think about the recent outbreak of hashtags #Y/N&Lay?”

    He froze, the smile disappearing from his face. What did he think about it? He didn’t know what to think about it, this was the first time he was actually hearing about it. But he was definitely going to be doing some digging later.

    “I find it rather amusing actually….” he started, trying to come up with a lie.

    Originally posted by jonginssoo

    “They shipped you with Luhan?” Jongin questioned, when you warned him that after his interview the fans had let their imaginations run wild.

    “Yeah…for some reason they think I would look good with Luhan and I just wanted to warn you that-” 

    “This is not…that…no….you would not look good with Luhan,” he said, giving a disgusted look.

    Even the squad disagrees with the ship

    Originally posted by sehunsyixing

    “What??” he questioned.

    “Did you know that I was shipped with Baek?” you questioned.

    “You most certainly are not shipped with him,” he said before taking your phone from your hands, “Let me see that….#Y/N&Baekhyun, what in the world? Seriously, someone came up with fan art in less than five hours?”

    “Can I have my phone back?” you questioned.

    “Someone just tweeted that they found your instagram and you have ‘amazingly cute photos of you and the other members of EXO at the beach SQUEAL you should see her and Baek.’“

    “Would you give me my phone,” you said snatching it back, “At least they don’t have access to my private photos.”

    “You kept those?” he questioned.

    “Of course…I have my own ship to worry about.”

    Originally posted by chensoomyun

    He would probably find the whole thing of you being shipped with Suho weird and he would try and over think it. “But he’s like the mom of the group….how does that even happen when I’m me…”

    “It’s just the fans being the fans,” you replied.

    “But….” he started.

    “Let it go Luhan.”

    Originally posted by parkchny

    If you were shipped with anyone but him he would probably be annoyed about it and you would hear about it. “I go on TV, they ask about the person I’ve been seen with, I tell them that it’s my girlfriend and we’ve been dating for a year and we’re in a happy and stable relationship and next thing I know she’s being shipped with half the members.”

    “Are you still-”

    “Like how in the world did you manage to get shipped with Tao????” he questioned.

    “Hard work and perseverance,” you said, starting to get annoyed that you were going to be late to dinner due to his griping.

    “…………….Now I can understand you getting shipped with Sehun with your sassy ass….”

    “Oh my god, can we go to dinner!”

    Originally posted by yourejustmystylee


    Seeing or hearing about the fact that you were shipped with Chanyeol would probably annoy him because he would’ve have talked about how close you two were in the recent interview.

    “I don’t really know how to express my potato….” he said after reading the comments on twitter.

    “Um…babe I think you meant-”

    “I know what I meant and I meant what I said!”

    Originally posted by stopdropandfeels


    prince of cats

    chapter four: my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand

    on ao3 || on ffnet
    1 | 2 | 3 | 4

    hey how is everyone? if you follow me on tumblr, you’ll know i wrote like 8k for this fic in one day, and hopefully i’ll be doing a lot more writing for it this week, so it looks like posting will be constant all the way through which is pretty nice!

    thanks for reading! enjoy~

    Marinette pulls her hair up into a messy bun as she makes herself a hot chocolate. It’s almost noon, and she slept far too late, but yesterday was a day. She had sat in Adrien’s kitchen for longer than she had ever imagined, familiarizing herself with the swoop of his hair and the way the corners of his eyes crinkle when he smiles.

    And then she had gone over Alya and Nino’s and had screamed about it for almost an hour over dinner.

    Marinette glances over to the window by the sink, where the window is cracked open. For some reason, she half expects Plagg to appear, purring and demanding something to eat. If she thought she had it bad before, after spending a few hours with Adrien, it’s infinitely worse.

    She is totally and completely screwed.

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    anonymous asked:

    Mind if I ask you about your shading process and how you pick colours for shading? Because it's mindblowing and I remember reading that you didn't like to use multiply. So I'm really curious.

    This is a great question!! I’m sorry it took so long to answer. I was trying to think of the best way to go about showing you! That being said, here is a very long post with a lot of gifs.

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    Block Your Shot - Zach Werenski #9

    Originally posted by phillymyers

    about/request: Can you possibly do something where werenski does something that really hurts you (find out he cheated/ your relationship started as a bet) and you end up crying and he has to make it up to you

    warnings: none

    authors note: super cliche but i haven’t written anything close to a ‘relationship as a bet’ thing in a while so i tried my hand at it again. i hope you like it!! i’m also sorry there isn’t much of a him making it up to you part because i got really into my strong, independent woman feelings woops

    word count: 1372

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    anonymous asked:

    I'm currently having a dilemma were I feel like I'm "too late" to cosplay. As if, everyone who is already cosplaying has mastered it and become presentable, where as I'm just starting out and don't even light a candle to most of the crowd. I really adore everyones craftsmanship, and it's an incredible hobby to be apart of. But no matter how many tutorials I see I feel like I simply don't have the skill/talent to put together a cosplay, or as if I can't be a beginner. Has anyone been thru this?

    Hello there!

    Sorry that you feel that way about cosplay. It should be something fun, but if you feel inadequate, that can take away from it.

    Know that it’s perfectly okay to be a beginner. Cosplay is a growing hobby, and people are getting into it all the time. There’s no shame in being new! I’d guess that the cosplayers who are relatively new at a con probably vastly outnumber those who have been doing it for 5+ years (who outnumber those of us who have been doing it 10+ years, etc.). Just remember that there’s a reason why you see so many “cosplay 101″ panels at cons, and why help sites like this one can exist: because so many people are getting into the hobby or looking for ways to get into the hobby that this kind of thing can be sustained.

    The thing about skill is that it’s something that comes with practice. No one is amazing at something on their first try. It takes time and experience to get good at something, and it’s hard work. You can’t compare yourself to someone who has been cosplaying for a number of years and has more skills and more resources than you. Only compare yourself to your previous self. Did you learn how to make a new type of clothing, even if it’s not perfect? Great! Your next version will be better. Did you have a problem with something and it didn’t turn out? That can be discouraging, but you learned something from it, and now you can apply that knowledge to future projects. Reading tutorials will only get you so far. You have to actually do things.

    Also, there’s no shame in starting small. You want to get into cosplay but can only do minimal sewing? Modify pre-made garments. This can also help you learn how things are constructed. Make simple outfits to begin with. Most complex costumes are just lots of simpler sewing techniques put together, and while this takes time to do, it can help to think of a more complex outfit as smaller pieces rather than as a big complex whole. Your first cosplay doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be!) a super elaborate hand-beaded Sakizou design, for example, or a full suit of armor. Learning how to make simple things so that they fit well and have clean construction will be much more useful and much more impressive in terms of construction than trying to tackle something far outside your skill level.

    It also helps to take things slowly and set reasonable goals. Say you want to make a whole costume in a year. Set a goal so that you make the skirt one month, the bloomers another month, the top another month, and the accessories another month. Take your time with the items, and remake them if needed. Break down each piece into even smaller pieces – make your goal for that week to learn to sew a zipper, or learn to sew elastic, and then work your way up to the more complex princess seams on the top, and then the more complex boning in the top, and then the most complex item, such as a small bit of embroidery. Make mockups and practice pieces (I /still/ make practice pieces for new techniques) so that you can do the technique a few times before doing the final piece. Learning skills in small, manageable chunks will make it less overwhelming, and you’ll learn how to put things together in a practical way that can then be applied to a more complex outfit next time.

    You can also enter a contest that has a beginner skill division. Ask for advice from the judges on how to improve. Attend a con in normal clothes or a storebought costume and see how you feel about that. Take some of the pressure off, and refocus a bit on other aspects of cosplay before tackling a project.

    Also, keep in mind that a lot of what you see online and the viral images you see of cosplays are the “best” images – the most impressive construction, the best photography, and any “flaws” are often hidden in creative photography or photoshopped out, etc. (Of course, “best” is super subjective here, and there is no “best” way to cosplay, hence the quotes, but I think my meaning is clear.) The average cosplay at a con doesn’t look like that, certainly not while walking around the floor, and there are a lot of beginners around, or people who cosplay for reasons other than the construction, and there is nothing wrong with that. I’d actually recommend looking at con coverage photos and videos, or digging through the tags for local cons. You’ll often see photos here that are hall shots (not staged photoshoots), usually taken by fans of the series because they like the character, not because the cosplayer looks like they just stepped off a movie set. Look at photos and videos of crowds and gatherings. You’ll see a lot of cosplayers there of all skill levels – you’ll fit right in no matter what your costume looks like. 

    And hey, a lot of attendees will see your costume and be amazed by it even if you only see flaws! People are often just excited to see their favorite characters, or don’t notice all of the tiny things that went “wrong” that you might.  

    It can be hard to deal with feeling of inadequacy, but you’ll get to the level of skill you want to be at faster than you think if you continue to work at it. Here’s the secret: a lot of artists (cosplayers included) are hardest on their own work. Even someone like me, who has been cosplaying for nearly 15 years, deals with these feelings. The secret to overcoming it is not to look at other people’s work (”this person is at a way higher level than I am and they just started!” or “I’ll never make anything that amazing!”), but to look at how far you’ve come, and what you are proud of in your own work. I’m a pretty practical person, so if I ever do feel that kind of inadequacy, I usually stop, identify where I can improve, and set out to do those specific things. Even then, you will see your flaws, while others will see your strengths. Learn to identify your strengths and appreciate them, and work on the things that you see as flaws. Know that no one can do everything perfectly, and learn to embrace that.

    I mention my own experiences here because you sound like the kind of cosplayer I am. I’m the type who has the most fun with the construction aspect of it, and has fun trying to plan out and problem solve a cosplay, and then showing off all my hard work. Not everyone places as much personal importance on those aspects of the hobby, so this kind of advice doesn’t really apply to those who have different versions of fun. This answer isn’t meant to be a “you have to have good construction to be a good cosplayer” response, but since you specifically want advice on construction skill, I would guess that you’re the type who likes to make things.  

    You’ll get there, but remember that you are always allowed to be at the skill level you are at. Always.  

    Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

    Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge

    I just reached 16,000 followers! Yay! 

    Originally posted by thecynicalcrayon

    I have decided to host another writing challenge to celebrate.

    I love me a good romantic comedy (aka the romcom). Love them. I also love some good fluff fics, the fluffier the better. I decided to combine the two and the end result is Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge!

    Below, you will find a list of some of my favorite romantic comedies, along with quotes from those movies. Your challenge, should you accept it, is to write a fluffy fic including the quote from the movie.

    The Rules and Regulations:

    Female reader inserts with Sam, Dean, or John Winchester only. No ships (no hate meant, it’s just easier this way).

    Your fic can be as many words as you want; I do ask that you please try to make it at least 500 words. Please add a “keep reading” for fics over 500 words. If it doesn’t have a “keep reading” I will not reblog it.

    Please make it a one shot or the first part of a series. AU’s are also okay.

    Please tag me, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog and use the hashtag #mimi’s romcom fluff challenge. Make sure the hashtag is in the first 5 tags. If I don’t like it within in 48 hours, I didn’t see it. If that happens, please send me a message.

    Please mention somewhere in your author’s notes that it is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog RomCom Fluff Challenge and which prompt you had.

    The most important rule, it MUST contain fluff. No angst (side-eyes a couple of my writer friends - you know who you are). I want the fluff. It can have smut, but it doesn’t have to. But, there must be fluff.

    How to sign up:

    Send me an ASK. Not a reply, reblog or IM, it needs to be an ask. Also, don’t send it on anon, I need to know who is participating. If it’s from your side blog, please mention the name of your side blog.

    In the ask please tell me:

    • The number you want and whether you will be writing Sam, Dean or John Winchester. Please send at least one alternative in case your first choice is taken.
    • If you are writing from your sideblog, please give me the name of the blog.
    • One prompt per writer (for now).

    Fics are due by Saturday, September 2nd. That is about two and a half months. If you can’t make the due date, send me a message to ask for an extension. I won’t be mad or upset. Life happens, I get it. I do ask that if you sign up and can’t finish the fic for whatever reason, please let me know. I may be able to find someone who would like to take your place.

    Movies and quotes are below the cut:

    Keep reading