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Touken where they kiss and one of them starts to bite their neck and it starts to leave marks --

“Ouch! Kaneki! What the hell — ”, Touka hiss, touching her neck, furrowing her eyebrows.

“S—sorry. I’m really sorry, Touka-chan.”, his face slowly turns red when he realize what he just did.

“Why did you bite me? It hurts.”

“Err—I just—you smell so delicious and—I didn’t know what I’m doing. I’m really sorry.”

Touka stare at him, and slowly leans closer to him. Kaneki almost choke when he feel her hands pulling his shirt down, exposing his shoulder, “W—what are you doing, Touka-chan—”

“Payback.”, a small groans slips out from his mouth as her teeth sank on his shoulder, bruising his skin with bite marks.

They tried to avoid Nishiki the next day when he ask why both of them have a bandage on their neck.

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Jayln, I'm so- why did you point out Zayn's hand in that Zilo gif? Now I can't stop staring ;-;

rere let’s sob together.

not only does zayn seem to have his fingers at liam’s bum crack but he’s moving, um caressing… uh. and the look liam’s face? like he’s confused yet pleased? and i’m sorry but zayn knows exactly what he’s doing look at the tongue and eyebrow action there.

the real magic breaks down in the 5th slide of the gif:

i outlined liam’s bum to back-of-thigh line to demonstrate… yes zayn is indeed getting wild on camera. good bye cruel world.

You Are In Love- chapter 10

Taylor’s POV

“Tay?” I heard his voice call out as I was trying to get out of bed but everything hurt. “Do you need help?”

“Yes.” I groaned and I heard his footsteps coming towards my room. I could barely do anything without his help these. My arm was broken and I had surgery on my left side right below my lung so basically I was like a kid, I needed help with having a bath, help with eating. Everything.

“Hey.” He smiled, moving closer as I put my hand on his shoulder to balance myself. He wrapped his a securely around my waist, on the side that wasn’t cut open. “Did you sleep well?” He questioned as we slowly walked down the hall to the living room.

“Why didn’t you sleep here?” I asked him. I had gone to bed earlier than him and when I woke up he wasn’t there.

“I didn’t think you’d want that.” He replied, a little confused.

“But I did. It feels weird to not have you next to me now after those two weeks.” I told him, smiling softly at him. It gave me comfort to know he was beside me the whole night, even if I hadn’t said anything, when we were in Scotland, I would always get closer to him and now that was something I didn’t want to change.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind tonight, love.” He said and he helped me sit on the couch. It hurt to do that, it was like something was punching me repeatedly and my skin was burning. I whimpered and winced. “I’m sorry.” He murmured, kissing my head once we were settled on the couch. I put my legs on his lap and turned on the TV.

“I’m fine. Stop staring.” I giggled as I noticed his worried look and he shook his head. “When are you going back to college?” I questioned after a few minutes.

“When you’re okay.” He answered simply and I rolled my eyes at him. “Don’t look at me like that. It’s normal to worry about you. In case you forgot, you almost died. I almost lost you so please let me worry.” He sighed. He had been like this ever since the accident. Always worrying about me, almost never leaving my side. I didn’t mind too much, it was sweet to be honest.

“A…” I started but he cut me off as I placed hand on his.

“No, it’s fine. I just…you make it seem like it was no big deal but it was. I can’t think about losing you for good, ever, Taylor.” He told me and I wrapped my arm around him as well as I could. He rested his head on my chest. I stroked his hair as we stayed in silence.

“I love you.” I whispered softly, a small smile on my face. This was the first time I ever told him that. We didn’t have the chance to talk about everything. Including me telling him my true feelings.

He looked up at, a surprised look on his face as he looked into my eyes. A huge smile spread across his face as we looked at each other.

“You’re not kidding, are you?” He breathed out, his face closer to mine.

“Not at all, Adam. I love you and I might have been scared that things would change but I’m not scared now.” I spoke as he laced our hands together. “You made me fall in love with you, you asshole.” I giggled and he joined me. “I can’t waste our chance. The accident made realize I can’t lose the opportunity we have to get it right. So yeah, Adam Richard Wiles, I’m in love with you.” I grinned at him and I’ve never seen a smile as big as that on his face.

“Taylor, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.” He told me, his hand covering my cheek as a leaned into his touch. I leaned closer to him and he smirked. He pressed his lips against mine, I smiled into the kiss, the feeling of kissing the person I loved bringing those stupid teenage butterflies to my stomach. Our lips molded together, my hand on his face, as he brought me closer by the neck, his soft warm tongue gliding across my own.

I pulled away to look him in the eye, his green eyes piercing into my blue ones as we smiled at each other.

“We’re so fucking lame.” I laughed when he said that. “You’re still my best friend on top of everything, you know that?” He rubbed my cheek and I nodded my head. We were best friends but with kisses and I love you’s.

“Of course I do. You’re still my idiot of a best friend but you’re also my boyfriend.” I told him, my hand on his arm as he looked me curiously.

“Boyfriend? Is this your way of asking me, Swifty?” He smirked, raising an eyebrow. “If so the answer’s yes.” He pecked my lips.

“Boyfriend.” I said, testing the word out on my lips with a smile. “I like it. Boyfriend.” I giggled.

“Girlfriend. It has a nice ring to it.” He said and I nodded my head. In just a week everything changed and yet it stayed the same. He was still my best friend, who I had all those memories with since high school but now he was my lover who I would share new memories with. I couldn’t wait. This was the start of something beautiful. “Can I tell you a secret?” He smirked. I nodded my head, furrowing my eyebrows wondering what he was going to tell me. “The only reason we have a movie night is because you always end up getting closer to me and I loved it and the only reason we practiced kissing was because I needed an excuse to kiss you.” He laughed as I shook my head. “It’s innocent.” He shrugged and pressed his lips to my cheek.

“You’re an idiot.” I shook my head, unable to stop smiling. “I already knew that but you really are.” I laughed.

“You’re mean, Tay Bear.” He pouted his lips making me kiss them. “You’re a great kisser, though.” He winked at me and I rolled my eyes.

“Wait until we have sex. I’m better at that.” I murmured, smirking to myself as he shifted uncomfortably. I was glad I had that effect on him.

“Are you saying we are going to?” He asked, his eyes on mine making me blush.

“Maybe but that would only happen on a third or fourth date.” I replied to him making him laugh.

“We haven’t even had a first date and we’ve slept on the same bed.” He told me, pressing his lips to my forehead.

“We’re kind of doing it backwards then.” A smirk made its way onto my face making him grin widely. I’m in love.


I did a post the other day about body language, how Nathan appears to be rather “cuppy” on his crotch, which the way he sits, isn’t natural.. It’s done as a way of feeling safe/protected because males do it when they feel threatened/scared pretty much)

Both of the times he did this with his hands, he was near/in the same room as Jefferson.

He also had Rachel’s head positioned almost on his crotch, he may have remembered tiny bits of what happened, like seeing Jefferson photograph him

As others have also pointed out, that drawing is of Jefferson with a camera up to his eye with the word “Fucker” above it, also “Rachel” is written there too..

But, I have 3 thoughts as to why he does the thing with his hands..

1. He was trained to sit that way by his father (unlikely, it’s not normal to sit there like that being conscious of it in a way of just..sitting…in public)
2. He does it because he feels scared/out of control/anxious
3. It’s because when the stuff went down with Jefferson, he positioned Rachel near his crotch and he may have subconsciously remembered Jefferson and it would contribute to him being afraid/traumatised ect. Also with the drawing of him with the camera up to his eye..(of Jefferson)

Our bodies don’t just go like that, when men do that, most of the time they don’t notice, but it’s not a creepy thing or a normal “resting” way of sitting.. It’s not “normal” to cup your crotch like that..

why do straight couples put each other’s fingers in their mouths like i always see photosets of a girl w some boy’s fingers in her mouth like why is he doing that? do straight girls have like a mouth g spot or smthing & also did he even wash his hands first? do straight people know what soap is

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Awww, I can imagine that Jay covers his mouth when he smiles or laughs. His s/o is like, "Jay, why do you hide your smile all the time?" Then they try to make him laugh, and when he goes to do the thing again, they gently hold his hands until they see his real smile. They're like, "See, Jay? You don't have to hide anything. Your smile is beautiful," and he blushes as red as his helmet.


“don’t get the wrong ideas idiot”

“I guess we can call you…”

“hoe dont do it..”


I am actually going to finish this one. Someone hold me to it.

I love this scene from Beauty and the Beast, so much. I felt the need to do a similar scene with werewolf!au ButterflyBog.
I do actually have a thing written out, kinda, for this. Someone hold me to finishing that too.

T-Shirt (3/4)




“Have you seen my ACDC shirt?” Ashton yelled, coming close to your shared room.

You quickly covered yourself with the blanket.

He walked inside and asked you again, “Did you?”

“No.” You shaked your head.

“Oh, okay, why are you wrapped in the blanket, are you sick? Do you feel cold?” He walked closer to you and sat down on the bed. He placed his hand on your neck and your forehead. “You’re not hot. Aren’t you sweating in there?”

“I feel really cold.”



“You have my shirt on, don’t you?”


“HAH. I knew it, give it back to me.”

“FINE.” You removed the blanket and removed the shirt too and throwing it at him leaving you in your bra.

“Well,” he stood up and continuing his sentence on the way out, “what a nice day today is, I got to have my shirt back and see my girlfriend in her nice little bra.”

You just shaked your head and looked for a new shirt to put on.


“Mikey, this place is so nice, how’d you find about this?”

“Well, I have my connections.” He said smirking.

Michael brought you to a place where it overviews the city and the stars looks like they’re just there and can be reached.

“So what did you plan on doing here?”

He opened the trunk of his car and picked up the picnic basket. “TA DA.”

“Why am I not surprised.” You said in a sarcastic tone but giggled.

You ate and talked all night which what you always do but in a different venue. You just finished eating and was now looking at the city, it was very pretty. You felt a breeze of wind and made you shudder. You didn’t know where you were going and forgot to bring a sweater.

Michael took off his and put it on you.

You smiled. “Thanks. I’ll just give it back after.”

“No, keep it, it looks better on you.”

You planted a kiss on his cheek and rested your head on his shoulder. Michael was very sweet to think about this and you’ve just been dating for 5 months and it just melts your heart. You just felt very lucky to be with this boy and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


You were shopping with Calum because apparently he’s in need of new clothes.

“Hey Cal, get this one! This would look good on me.” You squealed.

He frowned at you. “Y/N, we’re shopping for ME, ME, ME. Calum.” He pointed at himself.

“Fine. Okay. I was just saying.”

“OKAY, you win, I’ll get it.”

“Thanks, love youuuu.”

“Next time we go shopping, we’re gonna be YOU some new clothes so you don’t have to steal mine.”

“Well, if you want, you can steal my clothes too.”

“Aw, really?!” Calum faked but you laughed at him.

“YES. Now buy more clothes that I can wear, Hood!”

this is the rest of the t-shirt thing, i’m sorry cal’s sucked. i ran out of ideas lol but requests here.

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I actually think the hand theory could be right. You've said troye doesn't get to choose who's in his music video, so it won't be a Joey hraceffa kind of thing, but maybe Troye wanted Connor to be in iron a small way.

Actually, from an interview Troye did we now know that he gets significant input throughout the whole process. I think he would have been able to put Connor in as Joe if he was determined to, but I don’t think either of them wanted that in the first place which is why he didn’t do it. But the hands would be a really sweet way to low key include Connor, and since we know Laurelle was one pair of hands it’s not insane to think Connor might have been part of that as well.


Part one of three(maybe four)


Summary: Lucy couldn’t stand her neighbors. neither could her husband, Natsu. This wasn’t even a mutual hate anymore, it was all out war.( Idea by mavisthecursedgirl )

Lucy quietly hummed a sweet tune. She washed her hands and slipped on her oven mitts. Mumbling a few words to her song, she pulled a lasagna out of the oven.


“Oh no.” She sighed, freezing in place. She knew what this meant. And it wasn’t good.


Oh god. Why did he always do this?

“Luc- oh there you are.” He slowed down as he entered the kitchen. His eyes darted to the pan in her hands.

“And great you have ammo.” He grabbed the scalding pan out of her hands and ran out just as quickly as he came in. Lucy stood there in shock; something she realized happened a lot lately. She started out the window to see Natsu smash the lasagna into the side of their neighbors face.

“Nashi!” Lucy called and almost immediately a small, coral haired girl came rushing in.

“Yes mama?” she ran over to the blond, grabbing her pants leg.

“Go get mommy her phone, sweetie, we’re having pizza tonight. “  Lucy kept staring out the window to see her husband get a punch to the face and start to climb over the fence. That’s where she had to draw the line. She opened the window and stuck her head out.

“Natsu if you don’t get inside right now you can forget about dinner and you’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight!” she knew that would get to him, he hated sleeping alone and missing dinner even more.

“Later shitface!” he yelled at the raven haired man, who was still clutching the side of his face. Lucy swore that had to be at least a second degree burn.

“You’ll pay for this freak!” He shook his fist and started walking back into his house as well. “And we’re keeping the pan!”

“Here mommy.” A small voice said. The six year old handed her mother the cell phone.

“Thanks Nashi.”

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I respect that you support a band. I respect that you may be upset you lost. However, when you insult aSHTON IRWIN THAT'S WHEN I DRAW THE LINE. What the actual fuck did that ray of sunshine do to you? Did he drum a beat that was too intense for you, or was he just part of a bigger band than 5h? Was their close to 5 years of work paying off by winning a well deserved award what hurt you? Or was it the fact that this all mighty girl group who had their fame handed to them lost? Please, fuck off.

you guys i cant stop laughing at this

“did he drum a beat that was too intense for you?”

i literally do not give a fuck about the award. ashton’s ugly ass self shouldn’t have shaded 5h when they have been nothing but sweet to his band. there is a difference between a fandom and a band so i dont know why he came for them like???

also 5h had their fame handed to them??? please tell me how because i see all of you uglies saying that they did but y’all aint backing yourselves up. unlike us who can say that 5sos got their fame handed to them because of one direction so shut the fuck up

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Hi, beautiful~ Let's have babies together?

Send my muse “Let’s have babies together” to see how they’d react.

“Is that even possible?” Yuuichirou asked, before he could stop himself. Before the words had even finished leaving his mouth, his cheeks started to heat up and his stomach felt fluttery. “I mean…?” 

What do I mean?

He did not have an answer for this that didn’t end in a very questionable, awkward scenario. Having dropped himself in it already, he figured the only way to go then, was onwards. “I mean- wait, did you call me beautiful?

Backtrack; mayday, mayday, mayday!

There was no onwards from that. 

Covering his face with his hands, he stumbled over his feet (standing still to make it worse) and cried out, “damn it, Mika! Why do you always have to say such things to me, it’s so embarrassing!”

His true, hidden answer, had he been honest as per usual, would have been, ‘yes, Mika. Yes please, let’s have babies’.

Road trip - usuk

England sat beside America staring out the window as the trees passed him by. He didn’t mind a road trip, but to sit in car for even an hour side by side with America…

“Hey England, wanna hear a joke?”

England groaned as he slid his hand across his hair. “Bloody hell… did you get a new joke book again…?”

“What do you call an alligator that can read maps?”

“Do I have to…” 

A short silence engulfed the car as America waited for England to reply.

“A navigator.”

America laughed loudly at his own joke as England merely smacked his hand on his face with a groan. Minutes passed and America turned to England once again with a grin on his face.

“Why did a scarecrow win an award?”

England slouched down in his seat with a deep sigh. “…Why?”

“Because he was outstanding in his field.”

America burst out laughing again as England merely shifted his view to look out the window with yet another sigh. The welcomed silence crept back in but not for long as America glance at England again beaming.

“What did the buffalo say to his son when he dropped him off at school?”

“Please stop you bloody idiot!” England moaned, leaning down hard onto the chair, his hand covering his face.


America started snickering at the joke, his hand slamming down on the wheel. England hear his own voice as he chuckled at the joke. His hand flew down from his face, a look of shock on it. Looks like Alfred’s lame jokes are finally getting to him.

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one thing i do wanna know is why (well, from the screenshot he took anyway) was why gerard was shopping for cardigans at nearly 9PM in the evening. did he just get a sudden urge to do this. how much time does this man have on his hands.

if i was a millionaire ex-rockstar who made my own hours i’d probably shop for $1000 cardigans late at night too

how many animals does formaggio keep in bottles around la squadra’s hq? do they HAVE an hq after sorbet n gelato’s death? did all of them really like sorbet and gelato? are pesci and prosciutto related? why does prosci have a magatama? can baby face be made with male/female/etc blood or just male? what else can melone find out by licking peoples hands? why do only he n ghiaccio call each other? trans ghiaccio? whats risotto’s relationship to the rest of his squad? please

Neville/Hannah Headcanons | Comfort

The screams. All he could hear were the screams. The screams of his parents, begging the woman who cursed their minds to dust not to hurt their son. Every moment of that night came rushing back to him when he saw that poor creature tortured.

I shouldn’t have raised my hand. I should have just kept my head down like always. Why? Why is Moody doing this? 

He thought those horrible memories would tear him apart, but before they could he heard Hermione’s voice, shouting at Professor Moody to stop. Thanks to her, he did. His parents shouts faded, their torturer’s laughter gone. But the pain he felt stayed. 

Class was over and Professor Moody talked to him. They had tea and he gave him a Herbology text. Neville started to feel a little better, but he still couldn’t think straight. His parents voices were gone, but their faces started to appear. They looked so worried, so hurt. He couldn’t save them. He couldn’t- 


The voice nearly gave him heart failure. When he turned around, however, he saw someone he hadn’t spoken to in quite some time. "Hannah.”

Suddenly his parents faces disappeared from his mind as the pink-faced blonde approached him. 

“S-sorry if I ruined your train of thought. I was just wondering if you were okay." 

Usually if someone asked him this, Neville would think it was out of pity. But this was Hannah, the Hufflepuff he used to tutor in Herbology. They may not have been close, but he knew her nature all the same. She was kind, understanding, and it wouldn’t hurt to reassure her. 

"I-I’m okay. I-It was just th-that curse…" 

He tried his best to keep it from her. No one could know about his parents, not yet anyway. It wasn’t that he was embarrassed by them, but it just wasn’t the right time.

One day, he thought, one day I’ll tell her. I’ll tell everyone. 

Before he could continue, Hannah put a hand on his shoulder. Her touch felt warm, soft. He could feel his face turning red. 

"Moody shouldn’t have done that. I wanted to say something but the words just wouldn’t come out and-" 

"It’s alright, really. Moody already apologized." 

Hannah’s blue eyes filled with relief, "As he should. He had no right to demonstrate those curses. Especially on a defenseless creature." 

Neville couldn’t help but smile. Hannah was one of the most caring people he’d ever met. It didn’t matter if something had eight legs and or two, she wouldn’t stand for innocent beings to be hurt. 

"I know. But I’m fine now, honest." 

Hannah smiled, messing his hair up, "We should catch up, shouldn’t we?"