How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>

Ouma Kokichi: Chapter 3 vs. Chapter 5

Tells people to stop lying to themselves, then does it to himself anyway.

BIRD LAW (for birds)

I’m required to do a (lengthy, publishable) paper for my Scholarly Writing law school course, and I just got clearance from my prof to do it on pigeons! Pigeons are completely unprotected by laws here in the US–there’s nothing regulating what you can and can’t do to a pidge

(Those birds aren’t pigeons. They’re my ringneck doves, Arson&Anarchy, and they’re here because I love them.)

Currently the plan is to do a brief overview on the history of pigeons (both generally and in the US specifically), debunk a few common misconceptions (”rats with wings” anybody?), then explain the position of modern pigeons, focusing on city ferals, fancy breeds, and meat birds. I’ll draw some comparisons to other domesticated animals like chickens and dogs, and how and why they’re similar.

 Then, because this is a law article, I’ll do some examples of laws that protect domesticated and feral animals, laws that regulate breeding, laws that protect other meat birds, and conclude with why there should be comparable laws for pidges. And maybe I’ll toss in some alternative conduct as well, like coop projects for city birds and more humane farming and breeding practices. I dunno, this is probably going to be a long paper. 

If anyone knows of someone (or IS someone) who has cite-able academic credentials in these areas–not just pigeons, but other domestic animals in a similar position–who would be willing to talk to me about these topics, please let me know! There doesn’t seem to be any law articles out there on pigeons, so this is a new topic, which means it’s very publishable. I’m also keeping an eye out on other publications (possibly non-legal) that might want an article like this. 

If you guys could help this post circulate, I’d really appreciate it! 

Few words by & about the 'ungrateful' and 'arrogant' Harry Styles:

“It’s your birthday today? Gonna go get some tickets. Bring some friends.”

“If you cry, I’ll cry to”.

“Hi Scott, heard you were going through some stuff. Sorry about that. Stay strong”.

“They sang a song he wrote together, her fave… “If I could Fly”. It was such blessing for her to have this moment with him - and from what he shared, it was just as amazing for him”.

What’s the most amazing thing a fan has ever done for you? :
“For my birthday this year some fans gave money to a charity.”

“I’m thinking of you and sending you all the love in the world. That’s a lot of love”.

“Harry decided to go to the Lalela project all by himself and really impressed everyone there. He offered all the students concert tickets and spoke to them at length about their lives”.

“An unknown number I answered and for it to only be Harry Styles ringing from USA!! He wanted to do a FaceTime or video recording for Jessica”.

“Harry was one of the celebrities who donated to ‘Jeans for refugees’, signing the jeans with 'All the love, Harry”.

“Harry knows the name of every waiter and waitresses at Cafe Habana, he also gives them a hug every time he goes there”.

Harry Styles, after a brief pause when asked why the boobs on his mermaid tattoo were saggy - “Because everyone should love themselves, and they shouldn’t strive for perfection”.

“He was emphatic that he did not do this for publicity. He truly just wanted to meet Cam. I would not want anyone to get the wrong idea”.

“The hair and make-up team love him too because he’s very polite. One time he even made the effort to thank the catering department for making what he called ‘fantastic food’. He’s such a gent”.

“If I see someone acting like they’re something special it shocks me into not doing it even more. And I have seen a lot of people do it, both famous and non-famous. I don’t understand why you cant just be nice to people, whether you’re in the public eye or not.”

"He broke through the barrier to get to me and just hugged and hugged me and he calmed me down to the point where I could breathe again”.

“We just want to keep getting better and better for them”.

“What the fans have done for us is so important, and we have to keep giving them good music”.

“The manager of the restaurant just came up and told us that Harry Styles paid for us”.

“Harry Styles is a fucking angel I was stuck in the pap mob and he said ‘hold on and walk’ cause I tripped over”.

“He was so nice. Honestly, he walked up to me out of nowhere at Billboard awards, and no one does that”.

“Because that’s what Harry does; spreading the love, kindness and humor - to everyone”.

“We thank you with everything that we are. All the love, Harry”.

“To you who support us, in any way, thank you. We wouldn’t be here without you. You did this, and we thank you for having us. All the love”.

good afternoon everyone, this is your daily reminder that you should do your research before adopting any kind of pet INCLUDING fish, small animals, and birds, and that if you feel you cannot afford or accomodate a proper enclosure for the pet, you should not get said pet

Seventeen Reactions ~ One Of The Members Walking In While They’re Having Sex

Request: Can you please do a seventeen reaction to one of the members walking in on them have really rough sex ,I’m sorry 😂.(ps. I love your blog, your amazing 😘)

A/N: I’m back from the dead, I feel dead wow… anyway like sorry this is late @ the requester anyway hope u enjoy


“Why cant anyone in this place learn how to knock, aigoo” *Shoos Jisoo out by throwing something nearby in his direction”


“Could you please politely fuck off Mingyu, thanks.” *Glares at Mingyu until he’s running out, most likely telling the other members what he witnessed.*


“Oh shit, we’ve been discovered…” *Slowly hides you both under the blankets*


*Literally has nothing to say but the other member knows he’s suddenly irritated that they stepped in on very intimate moment*

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“Run along and play with your toys, Chan.” *just continues whether poor mind corrupted Lee Chan is still standing at the door or not*

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“It’s not what it looks like, I’m just teaching y/n how to body roll in bed… now gtfo so I can continue without distractions”

“then why are you both naked?”





“Care to Join, Wonu?” *Resting bitch face* “No? Okay then get fuck out.”


“Oh my god~ Can you not see I am busy.”


“Kim Mingyu I’m giving you 5 seconds to stop staring at my girlfriend and get out of here before I beat your perverted ass.”


“Bitch what the fuck do you need from me…”


“What the fuck, first you take my lines then you take away my sex life… smh” 



~ Admin Kai

have you ever finished a book or show and just had the strongest longing to be a part of that universe, where you have special abilities like them and friendships like them, and sure life is hard there but you know you’re special, you’re valuable, and that everything will be okay in the end

i know ive already gotten into this many times before but arya isnt too damaged to live and love. that opinion is fucked up and stupid. like honestly pull your head out of your ass. arya is traumatized but that doesnt mean she’s not “”a normal person”” anymore than she’s “”a fantasy terminator”” (forget d&d’s hackjob) she is a real person - so to speak. thats the point. she’s a child and like so many others who have been exposed to this kind of violence she’s struggling. also just like literally every other pov btw. grrm is using many aspects of the child solider with her character. which is a situation that is all too real in war - even the ones going on today. these kids are the ones who are left homeless and starving and scared. they have their childhood torn from them and are forced to commit violence. thats arya. but she’s a not monster. she’s not too far gone either. she’s still a human being who deserve a life. because arya hasn’t lost her humanity. she is still driven by a desire to be with her pack - whether thats her friends or family. she loves deeper than any character in this series. and there are those who love her in return and will continue to do so no matter what. like gendry. 

gendry and arya share very similar experiences. he’s her companion for two books. they both suffered and fought alongside each other in the war. they saw their friends die and dug graves and witnessed atrocities. they are both child soldiers who have killed in battle. gendry knows that arya instigated weasel soup and he’s angry - but not scared. he saw her hands covered in blood after she silt the harrenhal guards throat but he never recoils from arya. while they’re on the run he still makes sure arya sleeps and eats first. he doesnt see her as a monster. she’s a little girl who tries to be brave but has been through a lot. after all the death and trauma he still teases and play wrestles with her. when she punches him he just laughs. with gendry she’s able to just be arya from winterfell again. she can let down her guard and drop the aliases. he thinks her hands are soft even though he knows what theyve done. gendry only smiles with her. he’s clearly harboring a deep affection for her. and arya cares about him too. he’s her “pack” and her “true friend”

gendry has no reason to fear arya. she would never hurt him. their entire relationship is built on trust. he’s also in no position to judge her since he’s working for an undead zombie who casually hangs people. which, again, is an experience not unlike what arya is going through with the faceless men. she’s not too damaged for him. she’s not too dark or scary either. they are kindred spirits who are going through many of the same struggles. they’re feeling the same grief and fear and anger. if anyone can understand what arya’s gone through its gendry. 


at the 1:52 timestamp this dude does the thing where white gay men imitate Sassy Black Women™ except it sounds like hes never met a real black person in his life bc im not sure what the fuck that is

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner