Joshua & Vernon reading/translating live comments for SVT members:

VERNON: they’re saying that woozi hyung is cute…
JOSHUA: they say that they love us~
VERNON: *starts reading an english comment* mingyu makes my ova– (the comment was most likely “mingyu makes my ovaries explode” HAHAHA)
JOSHUA: *cuts off vernon jUST IN TIME* NOOOOO!!!
VERNON: ?! oh sorry sorry

*Feyre, Rhys, Aelin, and Rowan sit at the dining room table.*

Feyre: *leans toward Aelin* You know, Rhys and his men are always comparing wing spans. They say it suggests the size of *cough cough* other parts.

Aelin: *spits out wine*

Rowan: *blushes and slams fists on table* That’s so not true!

Rhysand: *hands up in surrender*

I just keep thinking about this whole wing span thing. Then I thought about Rhys’ giant wings compared to Rowan in his hawk form and I was cackling so hard I couldn’t breathe.


Makoto texts Sousuke to ask him if Haru and Rin can stay over for a while. Sousuke reluctantly agrees but then finds out that Haru is in charge of the stove for the time being… poor Sou! XD

I’m sorry if I made Haru OOC in the last photo but I felt like that had to be done


I love the fact that Sanji imagines himself as a prince riding a unicorn

with the way he acts and his willingness to kick people in the face you’d think he’d have manlier daydreams

but no

he wants to spin around in a field of flowers under a pink sky with a woman who isn’t wearing anything revealing at all


I hate myself {Chrish}

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