171) The hardest part about being vegan isn't the lack of restaurant options, or the expensive fruit, or anything like that. It's feeling so alone as you realize that no one around you understands why veganism is so important to you and the world. Everyone laughs at me for how much I want to save animals, and it makes me cry all the time. Especially when I think about all of those suffering and being slaughtered for NO REASON. It breaks my heart, and I just wish I knew someone who understood.
Confessions of a whumper

Hey there, favourite character that I’ve just come across
You seem to be a nice and decent bloke
You’re pretty when you smile and you are lovely when you’re cross
I wonder what you look like when you choke

I want to see you crumble and I want to see you break
I want you to be beaten, bleeding, sick
I want to see you feverish, I want to see you quake
Screaming or in silence – take your pick

I hate the ones who hurt you (but I’m thankful that they do)
There’s probably an error in my brain
My heart is bleeding for you; for the things that you go through
But how I love to see you writhe in pain

The reason why I watch the show is basically you
Tell me all your dreams and all your fears
So I can crush the former and then bring the latter true
Because your face looks empty with no tears


It’s late, I need to sleep and I already counted all the sheep in my head
In order to fall asleep somehow, I showered again
I keep drawing your face out on the ceiling and when I close my eyes,
A book with the story of our ended love opens

Even after you left, you torture me like this
How did I become this miserable?
What did I do wrong?
Why did we even break up? I don’t know

Cause you’re like caffeine, I can’t fall asleep all night
My heart keeps racing and again, I hate you
Like caffeine, I try to stay away
I try to forget about you but I can’t do it, I can’t help it

I feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in heart break and how much it hurts and then everyone is like oh why don’t you just get over him since he hurt you so bad… But before the heart break everything felt so right you know?? There’s a reason I fell in love in the first place. It felt right. It felt like he could’ve been my entire universe. That’s why it hurts so much, because when you meet someone you could see yourself with for the rest of your life, it hurts like hell when you find out they don’t want the same thing, when they’ve convinced you that they feel the same way. You still have that sliver of hope, and that’s what kills you.

I have a 500 word assignment that’s due on Monday and I could probably do it in like an hour but I would rather write 100,000 words on why I need Shaw to come back

Why I watch the Walking Dead

The gq asked a very genuine question of me today: “Why would you ever watch that show?!”

And at first I was like, “I like it. It’s good!”  But I’ve been thinking about it more.

This show is 99% fear/death/disappointment/distrust.  You can’t get attached to characters because they always die.  Hell, there are only 5 characters left from the first season!

So why would I want to watch a show that breaks your heart again and again?

Because it distracts me from the heartbreak irl.  While I’m worrying about Glen or Carol I’m NOT worrying about bills/money/relationships.  While I’m crying over someone dying I’m NOT crying over my current situation.

Anyone feel this about WD or other shows?

anonymous asked:

(2/2) and now I hate them both. I have literally NEVER in my life hated anyone before. I used to feel so pathetic and helpless when we were dating but I thought I was so happy and he dumped me out of the blue just two days after he was thanking me for the day we spent together. I'm only 14 and we were eachothers first loves and he said "why even date if we're not getting married?". I'm so mad at myself for giving my body and sharing everything w/ him. I have never felt this angry. idk what to do

I’m so sorry for this, your first heart break is horrible. Your ex boyfriend seems very immature to break up with you just because his friend told you to. Also two days before he thanks you for the time you spent together and then breaks up with you later? Like who the fuck does that. I would just try to get over him and just move on and try to be happy. It was your first love but you’re of course going to have another

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↕ - a memory that may or may not have happened, Maglynn

Darkness. Words. She saw darkness, she heard words. Talking? That’s it, yes, talking. Heard talking. …Why?

“…love you very much. Oh, I love you so much, dear, do remember that.”

Yes, yes, I know. ..I do? I do, I know. Don’t stop now. Don’t stop talking.

“I’m sorry. Love, I am so sorry. I never wanted to…”

Wanted to what? Can’t hear her. ‘Her’, oh, yes… It’s a woman’s voice. Who are you? Keep talking.

“…can take care of you. Right capable, he is, and it breaks my heart fierce to think about my own on the street, here, this rotten place, but…”

I don’t know. I’m so confused. Am I asleep? Am I dead? No, I’m too young right now to be dead. …What? Keep talking!

“We can’t afford to let our beloved ones, our only two, you two… Oh, I-I just can’t let this happen to you. A plague, my love, and you’re too young to know about it now, but…”

‘Too young’. I thought so, but in reality… I already know, ma, I’m living through it now— 

It couldn’t be.

“Maybe, hopefully, I can see you again some day, my darling baby girl. Maybe you can hear me right now, so I’ll say it. Goodbye, M—”

The pitch darkness was broken by a lighter one, the dark of night, that filled the inn’s room from the windows. Her eyes adjusted, and she yawned, as she always did after waking up, even this early in the morning. Chills raced through her limbs, despite the layers of warm blankets and pillows she kept on her and her bed.

Just a dream, she thought in defeat, Just a dream. I never knew her.

…I never knew her, but she knew me. Yes, just a dream…

It’s just.. nobody’s ever looked at me the way you just did.
—  I miss you

"My mind tells me that you wish to see your home again, and yet there is a part of you which calls for adventure. A wanderlust."
"Yes. Well, we’ll all go home someday."


Sansa Stark meme || (1/10) Scenes
He speaks more gently than Joffrey, she thought, but the queen spoke to me gently too. He is still a Lannister, her brother and Joff’s uncle, and no friend. Once she had loved Prince Joffrey with all her heart, and admired and trusted his mother, the queen. They had repaid that love and trust with her father’s head. Sansa would never make that mistake again.”

I loved real, real hard once. But the love wasn’t returned. Found out the man I’d die for, he wasn’t even concerned. I tried and I tried to keep him in my life. I cried and I cried, but I couldn’t make it right. But I loved the young man, and if you ever been in love.., then you’d understand.
—  Lauryn Hill

This episode really hit me near the end.I knew it though,I bloody knew they were gonna pull a heart wrenching Winchester moment and they just had to show Dean praying to Cas.Just that whole scene and Dean’s face.I honestly expected Cas to somehow pop up behind Dean when he looked back……

I’m gonna go lay down and think over this episode now.

I lied. You leaving me wasn’t okay and it will never be okay. But you lied to me too. You made promises to me that will never be kept. Those promises vanished into thin air just like how our forever did. When you left me, you took everything…
They call me foolish for still loving you. For letting those three blissful words slip through my lips and into the dark lonely air longing to reach you.
But how can I move on when you still have my heart and your voice still resonates throughout my body and your smile still lives in my eyes and every time my mind wanders it goes directly back to you.
I still remember everything and my god I wish I could forget because maybe I wouldn’t hurt this bad. I still remember the sound of my crying breaking the unbearable silence as we sat there. I remember the way your hands felt on my cheeks as you wiped away my tears. I remember that look in your eyes and the way your voice sounded as you said you loved me for the last time…
I miss you more than anything and it’s killing me…
But if loving you kills me tonight, then I was ready for death the moment you said hello.
—  and suddenly all the love songs were about you